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  • Offensive

    Dog with a Blog is a good show other than the fact that it makes fun of cats. Alot of people really love cats and hate to see them getting so much disrespect. This is not acceptable for any cat lover, although i'd love to rage at this show, im trying to be reasonable.

    Other things to say: Really? A blogging dog that talks? Surely they can come up with something better than that. I would have picked something based off Warrior cats, not real but very close. Also, dog starts SCREAMING RIGHT AS PARENT GOES INTO THE KITCHEN. They dont have sound proof walls or doors! Pretty stupid, Disney.
  • Love it :)

    Dog With A Blog is such an amazing show and I absolutely love it. The actors are all very talented and the concept of the show is so cute. it really frustrates me when people say that the new Disney is stupid and all the shows are dumb. I grew up watching shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Phil of the Future. Modern Disney has shows that are just as goofy and funny as those shows. Shows like Dog With A Blog are just as cute and people need to give them a chance.
  • I love this show!

    At the age of 59, I have found the best but most unsual addiction in this hysterically funny "children's show" in Disney's DogWith A Blog! My family & friends know better than to disturb me when this show is on, and I've even recruited some additional fans of the show! I can't wait to hear that its been renewed

  • Love This Show!

    With all the junk shows on TV right now don't know how anyone can honestly criticize this show. I absolutely love it. Stan is adorable and the voice for him is great. I think the actors are talented and add to the show's attraction for me. The people who have posted negative reviews for this show really need to take a good look at what is on the other networks now.
  • CANCEL THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    This is one of the stupidest shows that I have EVER seen. Seriously, a dog that talks and has a blog? That has been done before in some shows and movies, mostly CARTOONS. Why is this on a kids channel?

    The whole plot is just about the kids- Tyler, Avery, and Chloe and they try to keep Stan's secret. The parents should at least know about it.


    Tyler- a dumb teenager and all he cares about is looking cool. He has a math talent, but he never shows it around his friends because he is afraid of being made fun of.

    Avery- stuck up blonde who thinks she is so smart. But she isn't as smart in math as Tyler.

    Chloe- spoiled brat

    Carl- the neighbor that spies on Tyler, Avery, and Chloe

    Parents- are clueless about everything, including Stan talking

    Stan- the dog. He is NOT FUNNY and he has all the lines that are supposed to make people laugh




    Not funny and a result of poor writing.


    How do the parents not know about the blog? Can't they check their history and see that there is a blog there?


    UPDATE 2-1-14 Hopejohnson, this show is meant for people my age, and I don't like it. Just saying lots of kids don't like it.

    UPDATE 10-22-14. Ok, I saw this PATHETIC episode about how Avery had this carnival at her school and all she wanted was to go with this guy named Wes, who is apparently her boyfriend (and nobody should even date at that age). So when he isn't talking to her, she goes into his LOCKER and tries to talk to him then. That is stalking. But of course, he ends up having to move away, and it's a "sad" breakup. And Avery was pushing her friends away when she dated Wes, and she has a reunion with them. That's such a great lesson. You can now go into somebodies locker and think it's ok. They need to cancel this.

  • Dog with a happened???

    OMG!!!what happened to this show it started out funny at turned gross and the famliy is a bunch of judgmental bathroom humor and the dog talking about eat while watching this crap will never let the little girl i baby sit watch puke talk and peeing in the kitchen and the parents being judgemental snobs and the kids are just as used to like this any up the lanuage and stop being so mean to treat her like she stupid if Bennett was my husband he wouldnt be for but all Disney shows need to clean up the puke talk
  • That dog just posted that he hated this show

    I hate this show. The actors are bad and the dialogue is terrible. Disney has been making a turnaround they are doing better but whoever is pitching these ideas needs to be fired. For every single good show Disney makes they make another bad show. My hope is that the bad shows will eventually die out. This show is generic it doesn't really do anything new. Nor does it do anything of quality it doesn't make me angry. It is disappointing from a network that was having a turnaround. Not much to say because everything I could say I have said in my reviews of other terrible Disney shows. The only difference is a talking dog which has been done to death and isn't being done any better.
  • What?!

    @ wadewiltfong1

    For a 21 year old who claims to know what's good TV, you certainly contradict yourself perfectly with your review to this show. Dog with a Bog flat out sucks; just as bad as Shake it Up, Austin & Ally, & ANT Farm. If you think this show is good then you must also believe Wild Grinders is the best animated show in 10 years.
  • Disney needs to stop making this crap!

    What happened to quality kidcoms like Even Stevens, That's So Raven, and Phil of The Future?
  • Rip off of Brady Bunch and Scooby Doo

    This is easily one of the worst shows on Disney. The only ones actually worse are Shake it up and Austin and Ally. The Dog with A Blog idea is the stupidest one ever. This show, along with Shake it up and A&A, is living proof that kids will watch just about anything. Don't say I'm too old to be commenting on a kid's channel, because I'm 14 and I hate modern Disney.

    They also ripped off Brady Bunch with the basis that the mom had kids and married the dad who had a kid. Scooby Doo was ripped off with the talking dog. COME ON! Classic shows ripped off and turned into this utter garbage.
  • Fourth Season??

    Is Dog With a Blog gonna have a fourth season I really enjoy the show It better have a fourth season because its good and G Hannelius ( Avery) Is cute

    they try to force emotional moments in the show but we're all just thinking no.. they have terrible chemistry and bad acting -_- but the mom that seems as if shes on drugs is HA-lerious. thats right disney encourages drugs xD

    it probably took them two seconds to name this
  • Good...

    At first I thought it was hilarious me and my brother always watched it and laughed... But then they brought, what do you know, DATING into it. Not every show on disney channel has to be about boys and being sad because you can't get the guy. And the Tyler kid drives me crazy thinking he's all that.
  • Review of reviews.

    I've read some of the reviews here on this site and I have to say it is my opinion that the authors are complete nincompoops that have foweled the site up. Firstly, it's a Disney show and most of you have cursed in your review, so obviously Disney isn't your thing anyway, so bug off! I am a 21 year old male. I'm not perfect. I swear, drink, and am sometimes quite rude, but I love TV and I know what's good. Disney shows are corny, but along with ABC shows are worked on by the best of the best. Dog with a Blog is brilliant. The acting is really good for a bunch of nobody's and the theme is silly, but I laugh more watching this than I do Family Guy or American Dad! The world needs more awesomeness like this. It actually astounds me that people would say what they have on this site about this show. You all must be really stuck up. I hate to judge people, but you all stink!
  • Kill it With Fire!

    Just another shitty Disney channel show. I'm sure the producers only spent about five mins coming up with the theme of this show. A talking dog that blogs. Wow. So exciting. Woooo. Disney and Nick are slowly slipping into my Book of Fuckery. This show isn't nearly as bad as some of the crap on Disney but it's pretty bad. I'm surprised this show has so many good reviews.
  • Dog With a Blog is such a great show that everyone loves... (NOT)

    Dog with a Blog is about the Jennings/James family which consists of Bennett, the dad who is a great therapist, Ellen, the mom who is great at giving advice, Tyler, the cool boy who's always got success with girls, Avery, the smart artist, Chloe, the girl with an imagination and Stan, the lovable talking dog.

    Sounds like one of Disney's most awesome shows, right? Well if you thought that then you're wrong.

    Dog with a Blog is another of Disney's abominations that should've been cancelled after the first season. Why, you ask? Let me explain here:


    As usual we have another of Disney's unoriginal plots which the creators spent less than 5 minutes making.

    We start off with the step-siblings Tyler and Avery who are arguing as usual and they end up finding Stan. They discover one thing about him that their parents don't know. He can talk! (Exciting, right? No) So anyway, Chloe finds out and she is about to tell their (clueless) parents but Tyler and Avery stop this from happening. After that, they agree to keep this a secret and things go from there...

    Really interesting, right? That's only the beginning of this sad excuse of a sitcom.


    Now, I move onto the characters who are well, you've guessed it: stereotypical and boring! So here's the characters of this crap:

    Avery Jennings (played by G. Hannelius):

    As usual, she is the stereotypical smart girl who's afraid of taking risks. She's also an artist and she's basically the only character I can tolerate 50% of the time. She is quite crazy at times and in one episode she tried way too hard to get rid of her cookie cutter goody two shoes image. Seeing G. Hannelius act as a good girl character is weird and new to me because she's usually acting as someone who's evil and I think she's better off as an evil character.

    Tyler James (played by Blake Michael):

    Avery's step-brother who's basically the bad boy trying to hit on girls. He's obsessed with girls and looks and to me he's a male version of Lexi from ANT Farm and Emma from Jessie put together.

    Chloe James (played by Francesca Capaldi):

    She's basically the annoying little kid with a weird imagination. She's a cross between Flynn from Shake it Up and Nelson from Austin and Ally and she's way too hyper.

    Ellen Jennings (played by Beth Littleford):

    Her character doesn't qualify as a mother. She always seems like she's on drugs or alcohol or whatever she's taking to make herself hyper and mental. She doesn't like Stan and she has this fear of animals. That's all I can say about her.

    Bennett James (played by Regan Burns):

    The psychologist dad who goes on about his therapy techniques and stupid books that nobody cares about. That's all I can say about him.

    Stan: He's a character that makes no sense. He's basically a talking dog that writes a blog on the internet that nobody cares about.


    The so called jokes in this crap are not even funny. I only got one laugh from Avery and that's it. I will not say anything about the god awful laugh track because I'm sure all of you will know how much it annoys me.

    Moral values:

    There's none at all.


    This piece of crap gets a 2.0 from me since I can tolerate Avery.

  • Really kids.

    This just proves what kids will watch. This show is really bad. Kids will think anything is entertainment. It is a talking dog people who has three weird kids. The acting is bad and the only good thing about the show is that it is only 30 minutes. DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW.
  • Dog with no life

    Such a bad show comedy my butt, so bad cartoons for 2 year olds are better I have laughed harder at barney than this show
  • Dog with a Blog

    I like the kids on this show, they are pretty cool. Maybe it should be Dog with a Blog Without the Dog, and with a less annoying mom.
  • Dog is a hog!

    Well,well,well... So this is my third review now, and I've been focusing on really bad shows, but I actually think this show is good... NOT!!!!!!!! This show, oh man, is probably my least favorite show of ALL TIME! ( or at least on Disney) it's rips off plenty of shows, even scooby doo, and that came out 40 years ago! But enough of this introduction! It's review time!

    Actors: one word:SHIT!


    Avery: typical nerd! Stuck up, Kia, etc

    Tyler: absolutely pathetic PATHETIC rip off of Pj Duncan from glc

    Chloe: pretty much a white Zuri (not trying to be racist. Be honest it's true)

    Parents: weird stupid bland useless pointless why even on the show?

    Stan: the dog is really cute but the voice acting is BAADDD! And the animated parts are as

    Cheesy as Swiss cheese!

    Setting: monotonous unexciting

    Plot: anyone got a pillow?

    Overall rating: -1000000 out of 100000000

    Therefore, all Disney now officially sucks!

    UPDATE: @the_dog_with_a_blog how about you and your 7 year old friends go harass someone else?
  • Dog with a blog::: SO FUNNY!

    The mom and dad make me laugh! I love watching this show with my 8 year old. I even catch my husband watching it and laughing. All my sons friends know of the show and like it as well. It's sooo much better than the obnoxious nickelodeon shows. This is the only kid sitcom I actually enjoy watching with my son. Great cast! Ps: all these preteens and "teenagers" giving this show horrible reviews... Go watch your mind garbage and dumb yourself down a little more... Your reviews are unintelligent and pointless.
  • dog def is not a hog Mr. Muppetmen, if that is your real name (doubt it)

    this show is the shit tbh. 10 out of 10. 100%. A+.
  • this better be the last season

    what has disney channel come to? a talking dog? no. just no. and get this- he has a blog. a fucking blog. i'm not going to waste my time writing about this garbage. just know that i would rate this 0 stars if that were an option.
  • Old Disney: Streets of Gold. New Disney (like this and Shake it Up): Streets of Mold!

    How the heck did this show get a 7 when Victorious only has a 6.9? When I say old Disney was Streets of Gold it's because the stuff they made was stuff like Oliver & Company (that's the name of one of the songs in it. It has the BEST Disney soundtrack ever!) But now it's stuff like this which is Streets of Mold. Seriously, this show is not funny at all, it's boring, stupid, pointless, does anyone even bother watching it? The parents are Disney Channel's worst excuse for a pair of parents yet, they're even worse than Austin's parents on Austin & Ally! And that's saying something, because his parents are dorks who own a mattress business AND they gave him the middle name Monica! The show also seems to rip-off Good Luck Charlie, and the oldest kid Taylor is just a complete copycat of P. J. Duncan from GLC. Not only that, but the idea that Stan can talk but only the kids can hear him is ripped off from the extremely underrated 1995 film Gordy about an adorable piglet who can also talk to kids. This show should have been cancelled, but I've heard it's getting a second season. I don't even know why!

    UPDATE ON AUGUST 20 (originally posted on July 16) Today they replayed the episode The Fast and the Furriest , which is a rip-off of the Full House episode Honey, I Broke the House (which was also on today).

    UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER 15: Liv and Maddie looks like a much needed ray of hope and I will be watching it tonight. Also, 3 days age, it was announced that Nick's stupid show Sanjay and Craig is also getting a second season soon! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    UPDATE ON JANUARY 17: Why does this get 6.6 if Liv and Maddie is 6.4? Liv and Maddie so far is near-perfect. This show on the other hand is just plain bad. The only decent episode I've seen is Stan Talks to Gran.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: You're right lootlimo. This show is not meant for babies. What, you think this is Barney & Friends or Dora the Explorer? It's a sitcom for teens and tweens. In fact, it's supposed to be a sitcom for the whole family. Unfortunately, unlike Good Luck Charlie or Liv and Maddie (don't have me for liking that show, it actually has a lower rating then this show like I mentioned in my last update), this show is not well done, it's boring, corny, cheesy, and lame. The acting is really bad, the jokes are bad (almost all Disney and Nick shows these days relay on potty humor, including this one), even the premise is a bad idea. In fact, just the name of the show is corny. One last note. Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • I actually like it quite a bit!

    It serves as a nice refreshment compared to Shake It Up!. However, compared to other Disney Channel shows like Jessie, ANT Farm and Austin and Ally, well, it's just not as good - but it sure is better than Liv and Maddie. Let's see why.

    Plot - The plot is just a tad overused. The thing with the talking dog and the kids trying to hide it is nothing new, but I generally like how they endorse it. The only thing I don't understand is where the hell is Avery's dad and Tyler and Chloe's mom. They completely forgot about them and just settled for Bennett and Ellen as if they were their real parents.

    Acting - The parents are very good actors. Blake Michael is rather mediocre, Francesca Capaldi is a really good actress for her age, and G Hannelius is an amazing actress - but for some reason, I can't stand her. She's just so unlikable to me. She tries to be way too much like the rest of the Disney Stars.

    Characters - The parents are really fun and at the same time caring about their children, not much to say here. Tyler is the goofy, dumb older brother, and while he's not an original character, he's really likable. Avery is a know-it-all and can be pretty annoying. Chloe is an irritating spoiled brat who serves no purpose to the show at all.

    Romance - I love the relationship between the parents, they're very loving and caring of each other. Tyler is a typical player who eventually settles down for Emily and I like their relationship, it's cute. Avery is way too young to date so much. First there was the Dustin guy who was obsessed with Tyler and only dated her to be close to him, then there was the Kevin guy who called her weirder than her mother and now she's dating the Wes guy and apparently it's "true love". The girl is 13 years old and is already pretty much a slut.

    Drama - There's some drama included into every episode, which I like. Not much to say here.

    Humor - The jokes aren't that funny at all. The only time I laughed was when Avery was coming down the stairs for her date with Dustin and kept on falling over, that was pretty funny. But that's about as far as it goes.

    Overall - My main problem with this show is G Hannelius/Avery Jennings. I really can't stand either. There are a couple of other flaws, but I do enjoy watching this show.
  • Dog with a blog?

    I like this show! I think that all the characters are funny!! I think that they picked a good cast! The parents are funny and so are the kids!!!! Also the dog! Is cute and funny!!!:)

    Keep it up dog with a blog:)
  • What are you doing Disney?

    Dog with a blog is another disappointment from Disney. Look at how good their past shows were like That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, those shows weren't about teenagers trying to become famous like Austin and Ally and Shake it up. The plot of Dog with a blog is so unbelievable it doesn't make sense, surely the parents would notice something was going on and check their browser history? If Dog with a blog is good for little kids why doesn't Disney move it to Disney Junior instead of making older kids sit through it?
  • Grow Up Or Grow Down

    OK remember what Disney Channel is. A channel for CHILDREN. Are you expecting car chases, F-bombs, zombies, sex scenes, drinking and death? Even though children need educational programming and activities, guess also need stuff a little lighter, a little goofy, etc. Everything does not have to be rich, thought-provoking, educational, meaningful subject matter. I mean, come not parking them in front of the TV for 9 hours a day to do nothing but watch DWAB or the 30 minutes of a silly, lighthearted family comedy is not detrimental to their upbringing. As for the acting, I seriously doubt a bunch of kindergarteners are going to stand around the playground going, "Oh, isn't G Hannelius just ATROCIOUS? Blake Michael can't act his way out of a paper bag!" They are going to be giggling at Stan's antics. Remember who these shows were made for in the first place. It's cute, silly, easy you're feeling your intelligence is being insulted, run back to the grownup world but don't ruin it for the kids.
  • Awful

    This show is another horrible Disney show. Tyler is a copy of PJ from Good Luck Charlie because he is dumb and a teenager. Chloe is a spoiled brat. Avery is way too much of an hardworker, so much that she is bossy. Carl is too nosy. The parents are too dumb.

    Stan is the dog of the family that for some reason talk. If there is a talking dog with a live action show, it proves Disney is running out of ideas for shows. Martha Speaks is a cartoon talking dog, at least that show teaches something. Hasn't there been enough talking animals in other movies and shows?

    The writers are lazy and the jokes are poor written and not funny. The actors are AWFUL!!!!!! At least shows like Good Luck Charlie have ok actors.

    The whole plot is for them to keep Stans secret. But they should at LEAST tell their parents.

    So now most of the shows on Disney are awful, with the exception of Good Luck Charlie and Phineas and Ferb. Disney, GET GOOD WRITERS AND GET GOOD ACTORS!

    And erikawhetstone12, we can write whatever we want. We can share our opinions here, that's why this website was created.

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