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  • Season 2
    • Dogfights of the Future
      Follow the fifth generation aircraft in a hypothetical combat featuring F-22 Raptors, F-35 Lightning II and the seldom meantioned B-1R bomb truck. Military experts discuss the conflict aided by computer animation.
    • Secret Weapons
      Episode 18
      November 20, 1944. The USS Mississinewa, a massive oil tanker, sits off the coast of the island of Ulithi. At 5:45am, an explosion rips apart the vessel. This is the work of the Kaiten--a manned, suicide submarine.
    • Operation Bodenplatte was a daring plan to destroy American forward air bases all over Holland, Belgium, and the Netherlands during World War ll. On January l, 1945, 17 of these airbases were attacked. One of the greatest dogfights in history will take place as the Americans make a stand at a Y-29 forwards airbase in northeast Belgium. At 9am a massive formation of German aircraft is headed for Y-29. Eight P-47 Thunderbolts ambush the Germans, derailing the initial attack. 20 American aircraft get off the runway at Y-29 to engage nearly 70 German planes. Ultimately, over two dozen German planes are shot down to the loss of just one P-47 Thunderbolt. The failure at Y-29 embodies the failure of Operation Bodenplatte and helped to facilitate the death of the Luftwaffe.moreless
    • Supersonic
      Episode 15
      Travel back to three conflicts, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. See that for a fighter pilot, speed is your friend. And if the circumstances are right, speed kills. Your in the cockpit of a F4-U Corsair, a DH.98 Mosquito and a F-4 Phantom as you learn just what an advantage speed is.moreless
    • 12/7/07
      At the end of the Vietnam War the USS Midway's pilots and airmen engaged in some of the most thrilling and intense air combat. Six F-4 Phantoms launch from the deck of the USS Midway, engaging North Vietnamese MiGs in some of the most historic dogfights of all time.
    • Tuskegee Airmen
      Episode 13
      Relive the air combat of the first all African American fighter pilot squadron in World War II.
    • 12/5/07
      January 1991: a generational leap in technology and strategy is put to the ultimate test over enemy airspace in Iraq. The air combat of the future begins with America's first large scale air offensive since the Vietnam War. Watch as American pilots go against pilots of the Iraqi Air Force flying French and Russian built fighters during Operation Desert Storm.moreless
    • P-51 Mustang
      Episode 11
      In the aerial battleground of World War II, the P-51 Mustang proved itself to be the most famous war bird in history. Take a look at three of its most memorable battles
    • The Bloodiest Day
      Episode 10
      May 10, 1972 was the biggest day of air combat in the Vietnam War. In addition to great turn & burn battles, the dogfights involve some remarkable electronic warfare.
    • Night Fighters
      Episode 9
      In pitch-black skies, brave pilots put their lives on the line in an effort to gain the ultimate advantage.
    • 8/24/07
      It's where a pilot can ill afford to make a mistake...but where dogfights are so often drawn. Down to the deck, at treetop level, where the margin for error is zero. Witness first hand the grim and grisly reality of low-level dogfighting
    • 8/17/07
      World War I saw the birth of a new type of combat: the dogfight.
    • Desert Aces
      Episode 6
      The Israeli air force mastered the use of the Mirage III over decades of intense air combat with its neighbors.
    • 8/3/07
      The missile age has dawned over the skies of Vietnam and the era of conventional dogfighting is thought to be over.
    • Thunderbolt
      Episode 4
      Over occupied Europe, the P-47 Thunderbolt blazed a reputation as the most rugged fighter of WWII.
    • Jet vs Jet
      Episode 3
      Famous battles are recreated.
    • 8/23/07
      The chronicles of the German Luftwaffe's Zondercommando Elbe.
    • Kamikaze
      Episode 1
      It was a weapon conceived in desperation yet horrifying in its destructive power--young Japanese pilots willing to turn themselves into human bombs to attack the US fleet in the Pacific. From Leyte Gulf to Okinawa, the Japanese are about to show the Americans that they are willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the enemy.moreless
  • Season 1