Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

MTV - Music Television (ended 2003)


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  • Hysterically funny.

    This show sadly aired only in 2003. It's a crying shame it didn't get renewed, because it was one of the funniest shows ever made. Who would have ever thought that rapper Snoop Dogg could be a really funny writer and actor? The off-kilter sketches featured Snoop as a budget pimp, a misguided teacher who tells kids to do something terrible, a stunt double, a police officer and anything else that popped into his mind. All this crazy stuff would clearly be an influence on the Dave Chapelle Show and others to come. I sincerely hope they bring it out on DVD, because we need to laugh, and I don't just want to have to tell my grandkids about it-- I want them to know for themselves.
  • Absolutely Classic

    Finally, the Doggfather went into TV comedy, and created a fantastic blend of sketches, magazine aand interview.

    I remember laughing my ass off to 'Blackass' where they had steve-o hit that cup out of the police officers (sorry, PO-lice) officers hand. yup, doggy fizzle was legendary.

    I dont think that they'll ever bring this show back, though, because the MTV following just wasnt quite enough, and if we're honest this is because most people arent interested in watching snoop (coz hes a rapper) and they'd rather sit mindlessly watching kerrang.

    Well NUTS to them!! doggy fizzle rulez,. and thats the end of that!!!
  • hillarious

    did anyone expect this to last? how many episodes were there? i used to catch the same one on late at night. snoop dogg is a funny guy. they sat he quit smoking dope, but i find that hared to believe. i would not mind trying some of what he is smoking.
  • Bring back the show! It was hillarious. Bring back Nicole Pano on it too. She was funny on it.

    Snoop dog is always hillarious. He does not even need to try. I love the low budget feel of the show. I wonder if it really was low budget, or if they just make it look like that. Let\'s route for a DVD release. Or, even better, lets route to bring it back for another season. I like the actress Nicole Pano. She had a small part in it. I hope they bring her back too.
  • Doggy fizzle televizzle

    Why snoop why snoop did you decide to cancel such great a show. Honestly this show was better then chappelles. he did everytrhing that was funny.It was the snoop d-o doublle g. with out snoop the would\'nt be a chappelles show. this was the show we called doggy fizzle televizzle.
  • Basically a music/sketch comedy show starring Snoop Dogg and his friends.

    This was a tremendous show! MTV2 still airs an episode here and there. Many people have a negative view of Snoop Dogg (much of it deserved) but this program showcases his unique sense of humor. I am not a huge fan of his music, but I really enjoy his work as an actor. He makes a wonderful comedic actor. If you like the Friday movies or The Wash, you will love this show! I wish I knew why this show was cancelled. MTV had a great night of comedy when this show aired. The New Tom Green show aired after Doggy Fizzle and it was my favorite night of TV. How about a DVD release? That would be great!
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