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  • This show is the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" for animals.

    I happened on this show one rainy afternoon, and was really grabbed by it.
    Thank goodness for this place and places like it. It makes me cringe to see the things that can and do happen to animals. And while its pleasing to see that all the animals here get a second chance at one level or another, its horrifying to know that for every animal lucky enough to make it here, there are 20 or more just like it who will never get the same chance. Still, saving a few and giving them a shot at a decent life is better than none having a chance.
    Its really gratifying to see people dedicated to improving the lives of animals, and to a network (NG) dedicated to bringing well deserved attention to it.
  • Wonderful show

    Dogtown is such a wonderful show. It follows the stories of unfortunate dogs who (luckily) find their way to Dogtown. They recieve great vet care and rehabilitation for any behavioral problems they may have. This is a very emotional show because it shows the sad stories along with the happy stories. Some dogs come in with illnesses that can't be cured. But Best Friends Animal Society does its best to find forever homes for dogs who need them. This show is great for animal lovers. It pulls at your heartstrings and really gives you an appreciation for the people who dedicate their lives to saving animals.