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Discovery Channel (ended 2009)


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Mythbusters meets The Da Vinci Code in this Discovery Channel series in which a rocket scientist, a Hollywood special effects expert, and a run-of-the-mill inventor attempt to construct the Italian artist's designs from his 15th century journals.

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  • Doing DaVinci is a great concept. Bringing his designs to life in the modern world. It is a great concept, But......

    I disagree with other reviews about the show. I give it higher marks but I can not call it perfect.

    I love the idea, and I like building, I hate the drama, and I hate the mouth of Flash. It could be better if Flash had a muzzle. I presume that the editors have to include his attitude to make the drama interesting. But as he himself said, 'I find it Boreing'. I understand that we can n ot all get along. I understand that there is this sort of thing in life. But does it make good TV? Naw! If I want that crap i would go to work.

    The show for the most part is good. The fact that they are building DaVinci's designs is great. The fact that they are using all of the modern day tools is I guess needed. But if they were to build them using the craftsmanship of the era I am not sure if that would be better. I go back and forth on that one. I can understand the idea that they are building these using all of the technology available to us as he would have done then.

    Aside from the Craftsmen vs the Scientist sort of drama. I really like the show. The fact that the desogns seem to work make it greater. I would like to know why they were not done in DaVinci's times.moreless
  • It's like Monster Garage, except they are sloppy at building, and don't do a good job.

    It's like Monster Garage, except they are sloppy at building, and don't do a good job (most of that might be due to Flash Hopkins). That, and the people are not very likable. Also, Flash Hopkins (the old guy) is far too strange and reckless.

    As someone who constructs things on occasion, it's a little insulting to see their lack of foresight and use of tools. The latest episode, where Flash goes at all of the lumber with a chainsaw screams inaccuracy, and then his cardboard stair template quick fix and his persistent attitude of "whatever, it's close" is annoying. Bring back Junkyard Wars please.moreless

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