Doing Davinci

Discovery Channel (ended 2009)


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  • Team brings DaVinci designs to life.

    This is a great show. It is kinda like a cross between Mythbusters and Monster Garage. You got a team of experts given a task of each week bringing a new Leonardo DaVinci invention design to life.

    You have a professor who is an expert on DaVinci, an engineer who does the actual designing to bring the drawing to life, a carpenter who is the wood expert, a special effects expert, and a general craftsman. The craftsman is my favorite of the bunch. He looks like a cross between a mad scientist and a biker. Each week the build one of the designs. The DaVinci tank was incredible! It is amazing to see that brought to life and that it is actually completely workable. I hope that when they are finished building these things the put them up in museums on display to show the inventions brought to life.

    The designs of these things looks so cool I wish I could have miniature model replicas that worked.

    This series only aired one episode so far but I am hooked. It is truely amazing to see designs that are over 500 years old brought to life and that they actually work.
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