Doli Saja Ke

Sahara One (ended 2009)




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Doli Saja Ke

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Anupama is a young woman who lives in India in a large mansion. She has nearly everything, except her father's love. When Anupama was born, her mother Kiran died and becuase of this her father Vikramjeet calls her "manhoos," meaning "cursed." He believes it was because of Anupama that Kiran died. As she grew up she also began to believe that she was cursed, and she received no love from her father. Her step-mother Maya taunts and torments her everyday and her step-sister Riddhima treats her rudely. Maya's mother also hates Anupama with a burning passion. Her step-brother Veer loves Anupama greatly and so does the mansion's servant Badri Kaka, but she still yearns for her father's love. Her only friend is Chaitanya, who is the son of Vikramjeet's deceased friend. They soon fall in love, and through a string of events they get married, but even then Anupama doesn't get her father's blessings. To make matters worse, a guru informs Chaitanya that if any union occurs between him and Anupama that should only happen after the marriage in four months, Anupama will die. Chaitanya also begins to believe this after strange occurences with Anupama, and he tells her about the guru's prophecy. However, the guru was bribed by Maya to say this to create differences in Anupama and Chaitanya. At Chaitanya's mansion Anupama receives love from her mother-in-law Sharda, but there are other problems. Chaitanya's brother, Indrijeet, dislikes him because he was adopted and Indrijeet often has affairs with other women. Indrijeet soon has his eyes on Anupama and begins to misbehave with her. Indrijeet's wife, Padmani, also hates Chaitanya because he was an orphan and she hates Anupama because Sharda gave the keys of the house to Anupama instead of her. Will Anupama overcome all of this and live happily? Will she be able to survive the destructive plans set by Maya, Indirjeet, and Padmani? Most of all, will she ever get her father's love? Translations: Title: Doli Saja Ke Translation: A Decorated Palanquin Tagline: Babul ki bitiya chali doli saja ke Translation: Father's daughter leaves in a decorated palanquin Theme Song: Doli saja ke... Babul mera angana tera Chodke jaana bhag hai mera Babul mera angana tera Chodke jaana bhag hai mera Koi paraya door sai aake Laijaiga doli saja ke Doli saja ke Doli saja ke Sapne jagake Aapna bana ke Laijaiga doli saja ke Doli saja ke... Translation: A decorated palanquin... Father, my courtyard is yours To leave you is my fate Father, my courtyard is yours To leave you is my fate A stranger comes from far away He'll take me away in a decorated palanquin A decorated palanquin A decorated palanquin Awakening dreams Making me his own He'll take me away in a decorated palanquin A decorated palanquin...moreless