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They can be anyone you want. The Dollhouse is a very secret, and very illegal, place where wishes come true. Clients with the right connections and enough money can hire "Actives", people who have been programmed to perfectly fulfill the needs, and desires of their clients. The Actives are people who have chosen, for their own reasons, to surrender their bodies and minds for a five-year stay in the Dollhouse. Now they can be imprinted with any personality, skill, or even muscle memory. They can be the perfect companion, lover, spy, assassin; and when the job is done they forget everything. But something is wrong with the Active called "Echo". No longer just a blank slate waiting for her next assignment, Echo is remembering flashes of the lives that she has lived and the games she has played, and she is starting to wonder just who she really is... Dollhouse is a production of 20th Century Fox Television, Joss Whedon's "Mutant Enemy", and Eliza Dushku's "Boston Diva Productions".moreless
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  • more information....

    Hi, I live in Brazil, my name is Natalia, watched a few episodes of doll house .... I wonder if there are any website that I can download the complete series subtitled or dubbed into Portuguese?? I appreciate the attention ... : *

  • Floppy Plot

    The series started off OKAY. The plot was written pretty solidly and each episode was predictable. It was written in the style that Medium was. Echo wakes up and takes on a new personality which was pretty interesting.

    For the cons: The bad guys always changed. They changed too much. First the Dollhouse was the bad guy and the FBI agent was working to uncover it. Then it flipped, the show dropped that the Dollhouse was bad, totally ignored that part and then the bad guys became another Dollhouse. There was always an enemy and I found that the characters would hate one another at one point but then that hate would be dropped and they would magically become friends again. The series was clearly not written well. The writers obviously did not think the plot through. It started off as being written like Medium (well organized and well written) but then they flipped back and forth with this weird Apocalypse thing, bad clients, Echo becoming her own person, Catherine not mattering anymore, and the nutty corporation that was set out to ruin the world. Also some characters would agree with the enemy and the plot would get confusing because they weren't supposed to agree with the enemy.

    It could have been a fantastic series but it flopped by the end of the first season.moreless
  • Absolution delivered

    The notion of dollhouse is that we start where we dont want to be, and craves what we (and Echo, Caroline, Paul, Alpha, Topher and dewitt) are working towards.

    Its unsettling to start watching because these are the believable bad guys, and they dont get punished and taken down like they should. We need as viewers to have a good guy/girl til root for and wish well. Echo cant always be that, but the role was always there. It started with boys, to paul, to echo, to sierra, to victor, to mellie, to saunders, to topher, to dewitt, and sometimes several at the same time. Thats thinking creativily.

    Speaking of thinking creativily, this sjow makes you work for your viewing and thats great. no mindnumbing tv drama here. Figure people out, keeping track of personalities and motives. Love it !

    Also i loved the whole "zomie like" apocalypse scenarioes without the "omg, im scared and make stupid decisions" and straight to the "those people have been killed off long ago, and we are the strong thats left"

    Glad this show ended with absolution and not dragging on and killing the suspence for a few dollars more.moreless
  • Alpha lover forever! Go Alan!

    I loved that Joss Wheadon chose Alan Wray Tudyk for Alpha. He makes an amazing bad guy. Especially a criminally insane villan. Joss Wheadon is amazing when he's not killing off your favorite character! I was sad when Topher died, and he made the story really well. It could have gone without the loads of sex-scenes, but otherwise Dollhouse in really created from the best. Good job Joss!
  • Too Specific

    Before I say this, I want everyone to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffy, Angel and Firefly to death!! They are probably my favorite shows of all time. The problem with this is that Joss' BRILLIANT mind got overly specific. he backed himself into a corner. This show would've made a killing as a movie, or even a mini series. But it was too detailed to work as a show.moreless

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