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" I'm not nobody" thread :)

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    TwistedConverse wrote:
    DeadMessenger82 wrote:

    i'm from a town/city just south of perth, western australia. it's kind of a hole, but it has random bursts of rich people. think neptune from veronica mars.

    This sounds amazing. I would give anything to live in VeronicaMarsLand.

    yep, it's awesome! i solve crime in my spare time and have many murdered friends!

    i just meant the mixture of classes. it's not that bad.

    although at the campus they have this 'lockdown' whenever there's a fight or anything or riot or something like that (this sounds worse than it is) all the doors lock and no one can get in or out till the police come or something like that. i just think it's interesting a school would have that kind of system in place.

    is this super common and i'm just ignorant, or is this weird???
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    I've never heard of that before, so yeah it's a bit weird but it sounds exciting.
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