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    First of all, in case any of you missed the post that I left in the OT thread, let me copy the salient part here:

    I would like to see more socializing here, not less. However, that is a basic disconnect with the Powers That Be. See, when the site first opened (as TV.com) there was so much disruptive off-topicness that CNET decided to simply outlaw it. The logic was that the forums were a sideline to the real site which was the guides. Therefore, all conversation in the forums should be about the show/person/movie that the forum is connected to. Personally, I think that the site would be better served by changing to meet the needs of the users rather than asking the users to adhere to it's own predetermined structure. However, the rules are the rules and it'll take a long time to change them, if they ever do change. Meanwhile, I want you all to feel welcome here just like everyone else. To help make that happen, there are some things I'd like your help with.

    1) Obviously be aware of the TOS and follow the rules.

    2) Be cool to each other and to everyone else. Even trolls. If you see a troll being all trolly, leave them alone and tell me about it. If you say anything to the troll you will almost certainly wind up breaking the rules and getting moderated. If you absolutely must engage the troll, treat them as if they weren't a troll at all. Don't call them out, don't even say that you are going to report them. Act as if you are having a totally civil conversation, answer their questions or whatever, and then contact me and/or report them.

    3) Try to be a little more careful about the suggestive humor. Some of it comes really close to the edge, and you just know that there will be kids and/or paranoid parents on here who will see those jokes and report them.

    4) Do. Not. ****ing censor dodge. If you use a bad word you MUST obscure it completely. MUST. For example, if the word "mint" was a curse word, then any of the following would be a violation of the TOS: m***, m1nt, m1n7, m**t, m i n t, etc. Basically, you should be able to tell what the word is by context only. Even if the word is innocent but is blocked by the censor, don't try to defeat the censor. For example, the word cock (as in "rooster") is allowed in the forum but not in the titles. So having a title "And the c0ck crowed seven times" would be a violation of the TOS.

    I wanted to put this out there again because it seems to have been missed or ignored. Let me just repeat that it is very important that the TOS be followed. Failure to do so WILL result in moderations and enough moderations WILL result in suspensions and/or banning from the site.

    I consider myself very laid-back as an editor and moderator, but it should be obvious that repeated "jokes" about rape, incest, suicide, etc. are simply not appropriate. Please recall that the entire reason for creating the new LPW threads was so that users who were not part of the chat-a-palooza would feel comfortable posting in the OT thread. I recently counted a string of over a dozen messages all talking about rape and raping each other (and each other's sigs). I have friends and family who have been through this horrific experience, and it is absolutely certain that others in the Dollhouse community have as well. They (and I) shouldn't have to deal with posts like this in a forum that is supposed to be family friendly. Remember that rape is an act of violence, not of sex, and that it is one of the most psychologically scarring things that can happen to a person. In short: NOT. COOL.

    Also remember that the end of the LPW threads came about because someone posted a totally inappropriate thread title on one of them. This brought it to general attention, and required the mods to discuss the situation (which we had turned a blind eye to for years) and the only real solution that we could agree on was to do away with them. No one wanted this, but our hands were forced.

    Now, I don't mean to say that you can't be free in what you want to say (within reason), but just remember that there are other people here and try to behave the same way you would if you were in a reasonably civil public place. Just use common sense to avoid saying things that would be sure to offend... well, EVERYONE around you, and keep in mind the TOS and everything should be fine. If you want to get a little more PG13, please move that discussion to a blog. Other users have to track you down and decide to read your blog, so we can be a little more relaxed about what goes on there (though the TOS still applies, of course).

    And no matter what, don't type words that are socially unacceptable, and if the censor stops you from using a certain word, do not pull any tricks to get around it. I'm harping on this because I've talked about it here about four times now but some people keep doing it.

    I really, truly, sincerely don't want anyone to get in trouble or, gods forbid, get banned from the site, but this forum is now on a larger radar and I really have no control over what happens at this point. You do. So just chill a bit, keep in mind the points above, follow the TOS, and generally be excellent to each other. New episodes start in no time at all, and we can expect some new faces around here. Let's give them (and ourselves) a place that is worthy of the community we are all trying to create.

    Thanks for your time.


    PS: If you need more info on the TOS or other aspects of the site, just check the links in my sig.

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