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Victopher needs his own thread

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    ArlovskiFTW wrote:
    historylover20 wrote:

    And what do you mean it's a ridiculous last name? It's his last name. It's Russian in origin. It's an interesting name. And makes him fit right in, because a lot of the cast have interesting names.


    He means it not easy to read in English. He is right, too, most Russian names are quite easy to pronounce phonetically, so this actor clearly has a "weird" one.

    The he is a she.
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    I don't have too much trouble with Russian names simply because we had a clutch of Russian-born students when I undertook my first university degree and I got used to pronouncing them. Sometimes the spelling was a little bit "interesting" though, although I got used to it after writing it a couple of times. *grin*.
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