Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • Echo must face the ghost of a memory of a Kidnap Advisor that was kidnapped when she was a little girl.

    Well to tell you the truth I wasn't very excited about this new TV show to begin with, which is odd because I'm a big fan of Joss Whedon's work but the idea of erasing people's mind and turn them into "actives" sounds like a movie of John Woo with Ben Affleck, so it seems like it would be your typically science fiction show, but the second this episode starts I realize I was completely wrong, Rich people can engage an "active" for pretty much anything they want: dates, gathering information, meet certain targets and obviously completing missions, but what makes this episode very interesting is the fact that Echo (main character / Eliza Dushku) gets to play different personas, one second she's a girl having a fun date with a rich guy, the next one she's taking a "medication" and then she's an expert advisor in kidnapping. This particular memory belonged to a real advisor that was kidnapped by the same guy, so Echo starts experience what the real person would feel, which in this case is fear but at the same time she's compelled to finish the mission and face that memory inner demons (I know it sounds confusing).
    The script was great I think Joss Whedon put a lot work not in action but more in mystery and drama, The set is beautiful it kind of remind me the "wolfram & hart" building in Angel season 5, The music is incredible is very well connected to the ambience, as for the actors they played great and at the same time gave a lot of mystery, by the way watching again Amy Acker in a Joss Whedon show is great and her character seems very intriguing. I hope the upcoming episodes show more action which I think is vital for this show to survive, and more connection with the characters, but only time will tell if this show can be creative enough to stand on both feet after Fox starts shaking things down like they always do with new shows.