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  • Nice try but weird was not enough.

    Dollhouse was a weird show as Joss Whedon has admitted. I am a big sci-fi fan and open to "weird".
    I enjoy Dollhouse enough to watch it while it lasts but will not upset by it's departure, unlike some other canceled shows.
    Dollhouse just had too many things wrong with it. The name of the show was the first sign. When I mentioned "Dollhouse" to friends they had no idea what it meant. The show name was "too clever". The casting was spotty also. Eliza Dushku was much better than I thought she would be but the rest of the cast was uninspiring, except for the doctor that left the show in the second season.
    The show did improve in later episodes as they provided more background on the main characters but probably lost its fan base before then. I was surprised that Dollhouse was renewed by FOX instead of the Terminator series which was much stronger. The good news is that Dollhouse will apparently have some closure since the Network made it cancellation decision in time for reworking of the storyline.
  • I stopped watching after the first episode but then did a complete U turn.

    Ok I started watching it when it first aired but the first episode filled me with doubt about whether it was a show I would enjoy but then again I enjoy multiple styles of show from 24 to CSI to Medium and Psych so what the hell.

    After the first few episodes I was hooked, I think Eliza Dushku is what does it, her character, Echo, is perfectly adaptable to each imprint and her as an actor see,s perfectly suited to it as well.

    Topher constantly has me amused and entertained and wondering as to what gags he will come up with next episode too.

    Overall not the type of show I thought I'd like but ended up getting hooked quickly although the masses of imprinting going on later on in the series may confuse some at first but try to work around it :p
  • All in all amazing!

    I'm a complete sucker for sci fi series and movies.
    But I do have a sense of taste, whether it's a good sense of taste is to be discussed :) Nevertheless; this is what I think of Dollhouse!

    I personally was captured from episode numbero uno.
    (So if you're not, it might just not be your thing.)
    I loved it! And, even though I miss Dollhouse since it was cut, I'm not that sad about the fact that it was such a short run in the end.

    Two very brief seasons were made to a beautiful whole.
    Actually, I think it's because it was so short it gives the feeling they had the storyline all plotted out before they started shooting even the first one.

    (A bit like I had when I started watching Lost, and then after a few seasons got the feeling they exactly lost track of what their main idea was... Maybe Lost should've been cut short as well... But i'm getting sidetracked)

    If you like this kind of stuff; watch it!
    It's worth it!
  • doll house is my favorite show.

    i think its bull crap that fox took it off the air. i think they should have given it more time. i miss this show. please bring it back. i think it will get better reviews if you bring it back. there are a lot of people who are angry because its not on anymore. this was an awesome show and it deserves another chance. maybe give it some time and try again and see what happens. it really was a great show. i never missed an episode. there are other shows out there that are way worse and they are still on. come on now.
  • Bizarre in a good way.

    The idea of the show was intriguing enough that I watched even after the pilot, which I felt was rough and uncomfortable. It wasn't until the episode "The Target" that I began to like Echo. The doll/handler relationship was just one of the clever and enjoyable aspects of the show. The entire cast stepped up to fill the void left by all the mystery. Topher's ethical and moral choices and their aftermath, Sierra and Victor's love story, and Claire the Dr. Doll's self discovery were the moments that kept me watching. There are a few episodes of Dollhouse I really loved, but most I thought were filler. They just never really got to the point until forced by cancellation. All became clear in stunning display in the final episodes. I applaud them for going out with style while answering questions and tying up loose ends.
  • A good show cut short by apocalyptic events!

    Every so often you get a show that comes along that really keeps you captivated. Dollhouse was like that for a long time. Well one and a half seasons anyway. Joss Whedon who created Buffy the Vampire slayer and the show Angel really has evolved as a director/producer. All-though I wasn't keen on Buffy I did like the darker storyline on Angel.

    But Dollhouse is completely different in many ways. There was an ability to bring a different story every week. At the same time there were hints of a continuing story and in season two it just... continued.

    In this world the doll is a programmable human where you can upload personalities through a computer interface chair. Echo (Eliza Dushku) played a unique Doll who unlike the norm, where you could remove the personality seemed to be able to keep all hers.

    This eventually played out and helped save the world from the evil corporation...

    Like so many stories the end of the world is thy! I was very disappointed by the ending of the show. This was probably due to cancellation and it had to be rushed and changed. So you see the main cast getting killed and some double cross. After a fair number of well made episodes, the story changed and Whedon lost his way. Shame, as I rather liked the show.
  • Surprising

    I was very interested in the beginning.. the whole concept was really cool. But then little by little the show started to die down and the story started to dull out. Then they talked about cancelling the it. Well I was for sure it was over but it came back with a vengeance.. The show took a huge turn and surprised the hell out of me. The only episode I didn't like at all was the last one in 2010. Every epsiode from season 2 was amazing untilt he very last one. The story, action, and characters really shocked me and kept me wanting more. At least then ended it with answers unlike other shows that leave you with cliff hangers and hating the network for it. I will def buy the DVDS.
  • A show that's half great, half not so much.

    I wrote a review here after watching the first four episodes in which I said this show wasn't that great. In spite of an intriguing story arc, individual episodes were bland and Eliza seemed to lack the range to play radically different characters.

    But with episode 6, the series suddenly become a different, much better series in which the story arc took over with the dull mini-stories taking a background. Suddenly, instead of a mediocre omnibus short-drama series you had a fascinating, dramatic, story arc. For the rest of the season, Dollhouse was terrific.

    And this season? Well, I saw the first episode, which seemed okay but had gone back to the formula of the first half of the first season. So I put off watching further episodes until I heard buzz about episode 4, which was quite interesting (although I didn't think it deserved the raves it got in some quarters). After that the show started getting very good, and the last few episodes were absolutely brilliant.

    After the first season, one would have hoped Whedon would have figured out the episodic, character-or-the-week approach was a failure and that the show could only succeed by focusing on the story arc, but for some reason he made the same mistake twice (negating the theory proposed after the first season that network interference was the reason the series started so poorly). I think Dollhouse would probably have been better as a mini-series that focused on the story arc and did as little as possible with the episodic stuff. Alas, that show is not the show we wound up with. Instead, we wound up with a bunch of great episodes that make you wish the series had lasted longer, and a bunch of mediocre episodes that keep you from feeling the networks were wrong to cancel it or that people were wrong to give up on it.
  • call fox feedback line and tell them to make renew dollhouse shows have been canelled before like family guy and because dvd sales were really good they renewed comon i want dollhouse

    call fox feedback line and tell them to make renew dollhouse shows have been canelled before like family guy and because dvd sales were really good they renewed comon i want dollhouse i iiiii iiiiiiiiiii iii i i i i i ii ii i i iiii iii i i i i i i i i ii i ii i i i i ii i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i
  • I totally love this show! But I don't get why they ended it.

    Why oh why did they end this show? It is a really cool show. It is really exciting. I'm totally on the edge of my seat. Echo is finally getting behind the truth. We're finally getting answers to our questions? Who is Caroline, what is her motive, why did she became a doll? etc, etc... I still don't get it. They didn't have to end it. Echo has so much to give. But ok I give you this, it's not Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel (Btw I loved these shows, still do :) ), but this show didn't get a fair chance. A lot of people are comparing Dollhouse to Whedon's previous shows, but it isn't comparable. It's crazy but what if there actually were living's really not a stretch, because people always adjust to the situation of where they're in...well think about it, I do it and I think that you're doing it? I'm a wrong? People adjust, that's just a fact of life. Oke but fulfilling other people fantasies... There are a lot of people doing that, but actually getting a consciousness of someone else, who's dead, I think for now that's a stretch, but for in the future...I'm not so sure...That makes this show very cool and interesting, because the living doll thing actually can happen. (It's very Sci-Fi. I know) But where it all comes down to is that they didn't have to end this show. I'm really going to miss it, almost as much as Buffy and Angel. Love Eliza Dushku, she's a very good actress and I'm waiting to see what Whedon's next show's going to be.
  • Dollhouse is one of the best underrated shows to exist

    These days people are interested in shows that do not represent important issues such as war, human trafficking, violation of the human body, and the ideology of society. Dollhouse is amazing, and Eliza dushku continues to amaze and attract me. Dollhouse brings forth the argument of society vs technology vs the human brain, This show is arguing that technology will be dependable to such an extent that the human mind will be able to be literally shaped by technology, and not in the figurative sense of today's society. The concepts continue to get better and better, and I wish society would promote more shows like this. Joss digs deeper into more complex and relevant issues than other show he has been involved in.
  • Fantastic

    Wonderful show, brilliant idea. I do love the chosen actors, they all fit in their roles. Only two season, and it seems it will be all... Why do they have to end it before exploiting all the possibilities of the scenario ??? Alpha could have given us so much more in time so could have done Echo, Ciara, Victor and also November and Whisky. Too bad, will never see more than what has been done, let's hope everything will be quite as good as I hope Joss Whedon can do for us. Will buffy appear ? Will summer glow have a come back ?
  • Will I Love Dollhouse very much & I don't want it to end so soon.

    I Would not what to see this show end so soon.I know that this is a Gert Show to look at all the time I record all the Episode so I don't miss it.But the one thing I don't get is why is fox ending it.I Know a lot of people that which Dollhouse are going to be talking about this for some time & say what where thy thinking about & thy will be saying about other show that where good on other networks that should still be on till this day. Will what more can I say.Don't let this say go pleas don't end it or see it anther network will pick it up where it lift off.

    A Loving Fan of the show XOXO
  • Great potential, mediocre follow through

    This show from Joss Whedon had great potential. The show is centered around Echo, a woman who has sold her life to the Dollhouse. This organization imprints personalities on its dolls or actives like Echo to give rich clients whatever they want. The show started out strong, slowly building Echo's awakening of her original personality and the Dollhouse employees' struggle with their inner morality. The problem is that the assignment-of-the-week format focused too much on Echo's sexual escapades and too little on developing the mythology of the show. The overarching plot made minute progress in the first season but somehow still managed to throw in big character revelations without any connection to previous plot development. If given enough time the show could have developed into something epic but the low viewer count mostly due to its Friday night slot made it a hard sell for renewal. Not surprising Fox decided to pull it.
  • I thought I would wait to do this review to be fair to the series.

    I wanted to say that I don't really care all that much for dollhouse but it isn't a bad show it could be better. I did like the idea of the series at first. But it is very hard to like or love characters that are not the same from episode to episode. Also the slaves of this dollhouse they go through this willingly for some reason or another before they hand over their metaphorical souls. And the idea of that baffles me. I guess I just don't like or understand the concept. I have watched every episode and will continue on the hopes that it will get better being a Joss fan but this is his weakest series. I liked agent Paul Ballard. In season 1 how he cared so passionately about saving people from their bondage. At the same time his strong willed beliefs cost him his Job...and his sanity. He wanted to bring this modern day bondage system to the ground and burn it. In the end he joined them from the inside. I wanted it to stay firmly separate him against the dollhouse. But the dollhouse always staying on step ahead in till the end. This series has its moments and is creatively done and at times has its moments. Why would couldn't fox just realized that firefly was a good show and just keep it. Now on to Topher Brink he is a man that deep down understands that he is playing God and on some level hates himself for it but at time hides it and pretends to be a smug little prick.

    On to Echo well she wants to save the world she use to be a activist. I still can't remember why she sold herself in to slavery. They tried to explain it somewhat but it is still unclear to me.

    Sierra she wanted to get away from the man that caused her pain. He tried to rape her which is kind of funny because he buys her body on a regular bases in till she killed him. Still don't understand why she just didn't get a restraining order.

    Victor he loves Sierra that is about it even when his mind is whipped.

    So see not enough for me to go on to love the series as a whole has its moments even good for a laugh at times but isn't worth the trouble of trying to save it.

    I wanted to do this review because I was unfair to the series for awhile because of the Terminator Cancellation but I think this is a proper review could go on but what is the point. It has now been over 440 words.
  • There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so...

    When I first heard that Joss Whedon, the man behind two of my favourite shows of all time (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), was returning to television after a long absence I was so excited. Better still was that he was taking with him a whole load of Buffy alum, namely actors such as Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker -- plus Buffy/Angel writers: Tim Minear, Jane Espenson and Steve DeKnight to name but a few.

    Dollhouse is basically an illegal, underground organisation that caters to the wealthy, powerful, and connected by leasing out 'Actives'. Actives are people whose personalities have been wiped clean so they can serve whatever purpose the client demands and pays for. Echo, acted by Eliza Dushku is an Active and the first few episodes are focused upon her and her 'engagements'. When the show slowly becomes more settled within itself, around episode five, the series becomes progressively more of an ensemble piece and non-coincidentally improves hugely.

    These Actives don't just perform the role that they're hired to play; they actually become it. They are imprinted with a personality formed of many different people to create a persona suitable to the client's needs and desires. Sounds nefarious and dark? Yes it is. It's also treated as such. The morality surrounding this whole organisation and the various people who work for and against it explore the ethics involved. This series is bleak in its outlook; although, on the surface it's not always apparent what with the witty banter, the gloss and the beautiful people -- but underneath it, Dollhouse is very much a piece on what it means to be human and what it would mean for humanity if we really could be programmed like nothing more than computers and hardware.

    The Pilot episode 'Ghost' does a decent enough job of explaining what is a relatively complex idea. There are weaknesses to the Pilot episode mainly due to a lot of network tinkering but I've seen worse. The original 'Unaired Pilot' is included on this DVD set, which is much better written. Although I think 'Ghost' serves as a wholly less confusing entrance into this universe. The first four episodes are standalone-ish -- but keep at it. When 'True Believer' (penned by Tim Minear) hits the show settles down superbly with a heart-felt standalone episode that is also action packed and a sign that this show can do those kinds of episodes well. 'Man On the Street' (episode six) is when things really get going in terms of the central story arc. Agent Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) from the very first episode is striving to expose the Dollhouse, over the series we see him fall from grace a little as his obsession takes over.

    The other main characters include the Actives Sierra, November and Victor; joined by Boyd who is Echo's handler. The Dollhouse is overseen by Adelle DeWitt, played by British actress Olivia Williams. The amoral Topher, the genius behind the personality imprints that the Actives are imprinted with, fast becomes one of the most fascinating characters in the series with the small bouts of humanity as he struggles with what he's done. Dr Claire Saunders played masterfully by Amy Acker, is another character I found fascinating. Keep an eye on these two.

    I was dubious about the premise of this show at the beginning, wondered if it could really work. But I was proven wrong... There's something quite noir about Dollhouse and its inhabitance with all the characters hiding something, lying, and just generally not being what they seem. The heroes, the villains, are not clear cut. This show has something to say about humanity, about ethics and the human condition. You should have a listen.
  • "Goodness Gracious" says Terry, the serial killer, "it's good to be out of doors". "Goodness Gracious" says Echo as she recognizes the serial killer in the hospital bed as the last word of the episode. moral: We are the sum o

    This was a good episode. Last season there were hardly any glitches in the system. Topher did the imprint, the imprint for the most part worked like a charm with a few little bugs here and there where the dolls seem to have a will of their own. The only big glitches were those caused by Alpha and also by Echo's mind which, against the rules, refuses to totally forget the imprints that she is given. Episode opens with a serial killer holding several victims prisoners. After killing one, he leaves to find a replacement. He happens to be the nephew of one of the largest stock holder in the parent company of the Dollhouse. While searching for a new victim, he is hit by a car, goes into a coma and his body is brought to the Dollhouse to see if his psyche imprinted in Victor, a doll, can reveal the location of the victims.

    In this episode, Echo's imprint of a ditzy girl is exchanged with that of Victor's, a serial killer, through a massive failure of the Dollhouse's system. Of course, this happens because people are over confident in their abilities to control the environment, and when they try to manipulate it without checks and balances, things go awry.

    So Echo runs around with the imprint of a Serial Killer personality, attempts to kill his victims. However, everyone is saved because the imprinted serial killer is sublimated by Echo. The Dollhouse cleanup staff appears and, I assume, clean up all loose ends including the dead body. At the end one has to assume that Echo recognizes the person on the gurney, because she says the serial killer's favorite phrase, "goodness gracious".

    We are a sum of our experience. Who can remember all our experiences throughout life, but we continue to exist and change and we are who we are because of what we've done.
  • Could the series have just saved itself?

    Definitive "bad guy". Utilizing Ballard's FBI expertise. HUMOR in the salon (something the show has been sorely lacking). Ok, fine, the good / bad / funny trifecta is nothing more than formulaic - but it works. After dabbling in "grey" for so long, this was the move that had to happen to "get off the fence", which was just getting frustrating

    The FUNCTION of the Dollhouse itself can stay grey, as long as the characters pick either black or white, and stay there! If Whedon can stay on this path of an identifiable villain, defining the characters, and of course, the Dollhouse screwing something up every week - I think we have a life support success.
  • It's Joss Jim, but not as we know him.

    Its always funny to see a creation of Joss in Action. It is also really easy to spot his genius in it all. Why this? Well, if you have seen his former 3 capers Firefly/Buffy/Angel, you will see the reappearing moments of actors he has used in past, present, and so in future. This opens up a nice little premise. If we know the quality of factor 1, we see the explosive result, then the unknown factor x (director/producer/writer) Whedon, would be easily spotted. Yes, dream on! Joss is the possessive owner of one twisted mind, and it becomes even more creative in Dollhouse. This is not just a story about hidden desires. Soon, even as soon as episode 3 you will see the little twists that might be the start of more, and i can tell you that Joss leaves no stone unturned. And this is only Season 1!
    However, what i wrote earlier about Joss and his actors is not defining of Joss. Yes, Eliza and Amy are very visible Joss girls who are very powerful characters, however Lennix, Pennikett, Gjokaj and the heart breaking divine young lady Lachman are powerful stars here. This team starts season 1 like seasoned season 3 players, giving the entire dollhouse series a turbo boost from episode 1. I did leave out Fran Kranz and Olivia Williams. Olivia plays each episode like a live on stage event, and Kranz only looks like the genius goof. Both play outstanding and with the old Whedon cast these three groups portray a powerful 4 dimensional puzzle which will be a delight to follow for many seasons to come.
  • Dollhouse is a sc-fi drama, which operates on an interesting premise. What if you could make and unmake yourself into different people? What if there was a place, a secret and exclusive organisation that could make it happen?

    If you are a Whedonite, you don't need to be reading this. You are already sold. You love the show and everything about it. However, if you're not familiar with who Joss Whedon or the Buffy saga, you still will not be hearing anything about it.

    I am not familiar with Whedon's legacy or the big hype that surrounded Dollhouse before it aired. It's out of a little more than curiosity given the rather interesting promotional campaign that was floating about in cyber space that I watched it and I liked it. Dollhouse is a sc-fi drama, which operates on an interesting premise. What if you could make and unmake yourself into different people? What if you wnated to leave behind your life and start a whole new one full of endless possibilities? What if other people could hire such people and use them whatever purposes they want? What if there was a place, a secret and exclusive organisation that could facilitate such exchanges. The Dollhouse is such a place where actives or dolls can be wiped clean and imprinted with whatever memories and characteristics you're looking for.

    Eliza Dushku plays Echo, one of the 'actives' of the with a sketchy past that has driven her to having her memories erased and becoming a blank slate or the Tabula Rasa. She floats around in her spa like residence, swimming and doing yoga and gliding clueless by her other inmates when she's not being transformed into a K & R negotiator or a safe cracker by a narcissistic genius scientist, Topher (Franz Kranz). Throw in a Fed obsessed with finding the Dollhouse, a mysterious, Frankenstein 'active' gone wrong whose out for Echo, and a former cop with ethical dilemmas turned bodyguard to empty headed Echo who can't help being a trouble magnet even if the poor thing can't remember it and you have quite a show on your hands-Oh, also the thing about our doll- her slate is not quite so blank. She's assimilating bits and pieces from her different personalities. The plotlines are engaging and manage to throw the occasional curveball that'll have you arch your brows a bit. There is an element of mystery and the episodes are fast-paced and interesting. Dollhouse is the epitome of mainstream television: slick, shiny and very glamorous. Every week, Echo and her fellow actives Sierra and Victor get to be new and different people. When they're not being erased or imprinted, they move around like children without any idea of who they are. Dollhouse is not without its glitches. It tends to exaggerate conspiracy and then conveniently provide and explanation for it by subsuming it. Eventually, anyone who's mysterious turns out to be a doll. But on the whole Season 1 has been interesting and had ended on a highly dramatic note. Season 2 promises to be the same provided it doesn't fall into the trap of writing itself into a corner.
  • Science Fiction at its best.

    Masked as the most sophisticated brothel technology can provode, the Dollhouse is merely the means to finance a mysterious organization that enslaves its actives within their own minds, stripped of their personalities every active its as helpless as a baby and innocent as such, therefore doomed without the care of their respective handler. Trying to escape from this enslavemenet after composite event an active named Alpha tries to free fellow active Echo for most part of season 1, which creates an interesting prey/hunter, savior/rescued, girlfriend/boyfriend mix in which Echo is sometimes the victim and sometimes the savior that inspired Alpha to keep the self awareness he's now trying to provide.

    The only catch? Alpha is a psycho killer in its natural state, a fact his employers hide from their actives as well as their clients starting a rollercoaster in which anyone could get hurt whether or not works for the Dollhouse.
  • cant wait for the second series

    i admit the first few episodes are lost but thats because of fox wanting more control than joss whedon but in the other half of the series they really get good. and the unaired episode of epitah one is a real maker this series rules i heard of it being aired over in america so i thought roght lets watch it and i really enjoyed it, yes i admit it can get confusing at times and now the second series in in production and joss whedon in full control then this series is going to be really big i just hope they keep doing specials so you can learn more after epitah one
  • just my views of the series so far.

    Of the recent set of shows that have hit the tv screen in the past few years this show has to be one of the most enticing.

    The cast works well together.

    The Story is rich and complex and has so much potential and it has never failed to entertain me and make the machines in my head churn.

    it started out a little slow but it was building a world which was complex and had to make sense to the viewers. If they had simply jumped into the parts taht kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what was to happen it wouldn't have been quite as good.
  • Slow start , great season finale.

    Nowadays the audience need to be pleased with shows right away , well this show is not for them. At first this show started slow sometimes veryy slow but little by little it came back and started showing some very interesting plot lines and most of all great character development. Last three episodes specially "Omega" were packed with lots of action and twists that makes this show very exciting and worth of a second season. For instance , I particullary liked the fact that Dr. Saunders is a Doll ; we don't have a clue what is real or what's not , hell even DeWitt can be a doll. Sometimes a slow start is not such a bad thing if it helps the stories to develop correctly and not make mistakes trying to rush plots. Anyway I liked first season and I will definately watch season 2 , with Joss Whedon there is no possible failure.
  • This is a must see tv series. Full of meaning and action!!!!! We need more of these shows and less garbage shows that pollute the tv!

    Dollhouse is probably one of the most original series i have seen. Full of suspense and action! I love the concept. It keeps all viewers thinking on what is going to happen because you never know whats going to happen in the dollhouse! Josh has a done a magnificant job of creating this dollhouse and letting us know that even when things look bad there will always be good. The tv series is underestimated and does not get the enough attention that it deserves! Fox should seriously promote this show because its a gold mine waiting to be descovered and join the hall of fame in the greatest tv shows of all time!
  • People who have been wiped clean of any memory or personality and are programmed to be whatever a client desires. Quality Sci-Fi with some nice twists and turns

    I must admit that it was the premise that drew me to the show but the Joss Factor that made me hang around beyond the honestly stale first 4 eps. And after going through season one I am glad that I stuck around because it is one of the best new shows this year with some compelling characters and quality stories for them to live through.

    The show revolves around one specific doll, known as Echo, who is a pretty young thing who is apart of the Dollhouse initiative seemingly out of obligation. She has her memory wiped and made a doll, one of the most popular ones at that. She is programmed to be whatever clients want and then is wiped once more after each assignment. All the while there is an FBI on the tail of the Dollhouse but is tagged as crazy by his fellow agents and is forced to break the Dollhouse by himself.

    At first I thought the show was weak as the show's protaganist was void of any true character and it was hard to relate or feel for her situation. But as the show builds you begin to see that Echo is more than just a doll but underneath is something else in her that the wipes could not take away. Not to mention you begin to connect with the characters around her like her handler as well as fellow dolls.

    This show may have started as being very weak but in time it has become a very fascinating and engrossing show that has plenty more secrets to unravel before it is over. By all odds it was lucky to be given a second season by FOX whereas more successful shows like Pushing Daisies got cancelled on rival networks. So take it as a blessing folks and start watching this show, something tells me that FOX won't be so geneous come seasons end next year!
  • Bad reviews almost put me off this show but I really liked Joss Whedons other shows Buffy/Angel and Firefly so I gave it a chance and I loved it. If you dont like these shows don't worry Dollhouse is nothing like them.

    Okay a lot of people are saying this show doesnt really pick up till the sixth episode. Isn't that true with most shows. And its not like the first six episodes are bad because they're not in fact I thought they were really good decent storylines and a nice introduction to the kind of work the dollhouse does. Eliza Dushku has been getting a bit of stick for her lead character Echo I think she's doing a great job but I thought she was good in Buffy and Tru calling. All of the other characters are great we see a few of whedons former actors which I like. I'm also liking the character Paul Ballard played by Tahmoh Penikett who also played Helo in Battlestar Galactica. A lot of people say Enver Gjokaj who plays Victor is the best actor I'd have to agree that he's a great actor but I can't say one is better as the whole cast were great I thought. Summing up I'd have to say great show which is now tied as my favourite show along with Chuck and Eureka and I can't wait for season 2.
  • hello episode 6 - 12 wow

    this is my first joss whedon show and i was cynical because everybody raves about him like he was gods gift to television and I have never really watched Buffy or Angel because they looked rubbish whenever i turned them on. However, the concept of dollhouse was interesting and just appealed to me and although the first five episodes are slow going, not complete rubbish but not excellent either, from six onwards, wow. The characters especially Victor and Sierra are amazing, and although the lead is not the best, the supporting main cast more than make up for this. Each of Victor and Sierra's characters have been almost perfect and in their doll states, they do the innocence acting spot on especially Enver Djokaj who is great as a doll. It must be difficult acting like you have no mind, brain or personality and he carries this off perfectly.
  • This show is mediocre until the sixth episode. Then it really starts to get interesting. Minor plot hints and character traits begin to come together in episode five and it really starts rolling in the sixth (Man on the Street) episode.

    Joss Whedon had some difficulty "fine-tuning" this show. Although the official statements showed that all was happy and shiny with the network, reading between the lines you can tell that the initial few episodes were quite "formulaic" with dolls from the dollhouse going out on "missions" which were neatly wrapped up by the end of the particular episode. Meanwhile, the whole point of the series (which to me is that the Dollhouse is both good and evil) was barely explored at all until the episode entitled "Man on the Street". This is also the first episode where more of Whedon's quirky humorous sensibilities also shine through more than before.

    I truly believe that creative control was finally given back to Whedon after the first five episodes, but I guess we'll never know for sure.
  • Enjoyable show - needs a bit more humor

    Am a big Joss Whedon fan. Buffy is the only TV show I have on DVD - not much for TV shows. There are way too many reality shows and too much predictability on most shows. We enjoy this show because of the unusual premise and the potential for good drama as well as sidelines of humor. The show seems a little stiff but the storyline has a lot of opportunities. I am looking forward to watching it evolve next season. I think peoplen would relate more to the characters if they were made to be more likeable and well rounded. Add a bit of the tongue in cheek and subtle humor that is missing.
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