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  • Great Show. Need a second season. And, too many negative comments in forums online. I know there's more positive Americans.

    Excellent show. Please bring the show back for another season. I don't understand the negative reviews if they were fans of angel and buffy. Also, I find there's too much negativity in online forums. The show had elusiveness, which gets me involved in the story. I like the challenge. As for as the dolls lacking personality, it's the whole premise of the show. It would diminish the fantasy effect of the imprinted characters. Fantasy and adventure are some of the qualities I enjoy in SciFi.

    Moreover, I caught the show in the middle of the season. Afterwards, I was hooked. Also, revealing Alpha blew me away. Brings back everything I loved about Angel. I loved the Winifred character from Angel, and I love the actress in this show.
  • awesome

    i love this is smart to keep it...i was on the edge of my seat ..i really just thought this show was going to suck..but i gave it a chance and it was so addicting..i hope there is a secound season i wanna know where alpha went..and the detective was is he a doll now? when is eliza going to get out! i wonder what she did to get in there..anyways ponit is i really liked the show..i hated eliza as faith but as echo shes pretty right no i supose..i really love the show..and thats my point..
  • Brilliant premise, excellent challenge to the actors and the writers. I don't know where they can take it, but it's an incredible show to watch.

    This show took me by surprise as soon as I got through the first 10 minutes. The idea of the show is outstanding and it puts the actors to the test, meaning it has to be good acting. There's very little type-casting that can be done. There were enough twists early on to keep me interested and I'm waiting for the next level to be uncovered for the show to keep going in a direction. It could become quite a basic "let's watch to see how this business (the Dollhouse) is going" with a bit of character development, but effectively nothing to shake the boat too dramatically.

    It could be said that they have pulled too many cards out too early, leaving little to work with, or it could just be that they're working with a bigger pack of cards than I anticipated.

    This remains a 10 for me because each episode is enjoyable to watch, with actors playing different characters every week, and each of them having characteristics that are just fun to see how they interact. Overall a very enjoyable show.
  • Intersting idea from Joss but he should definately change cast and script writers

    Sorry to all fans of this show but I must say that the show is really bad, I dont know why some saying it becomes better and better beacuse I cant realize any improvement. But unfortunately there will be second season. The idea is interesting actually but writers couldnt so successful and the story line sucks.
    I totally dislike Eliza's acting, I think she cant act as the leading actress, she has no talent at all. She is taking her clothes off every episode for some irrevelant reasons.
    I cant believe how a great actor like Tahmoh accept such series after the phenomenal "Battlestar Galactica".
    And other supporting chrachters are boring. No need to say anything about them.
    Maybe they should change the cast and script writers.
  • a rocky start but lets not forget buffy's first season "i robot, you jane" or "the puppet show" Angel also had a week 1st season.

    Yes Dollhouse had some poor epsiodes but lets not forget buffy's first season "i robot, you jane" or "the puppet show" Angel also had a week 1st season. The point is that Joss seems to need a slow beginning to really make you get to know the characters. The biggest problem for the show is at the moment Friday nights, I haven't heard if it will continue to play Fridays if it gets picked up again. I'll definitally be buying the DVD asap. So anyways, Dollhouse=amazing and shouldn't be canceled FOX makes their decision tomorrow so lets all keep our fingers crossed.
  • Like the show. Loose story line in the beginning but it's gotten a whole lot better over the season and I think it's hitting the right chord. I sincerely hope this show goes to air for a few more seasons until we see what Joss has in store for us!

    It's a show that makes you think about what's possible (scientifically) and how we may abuse advanced technologies. Throw in a beautiful heroin and plausible story line that some people in this world may choose to be a 'doll' or an active, and you got a good premise for a fantastic story telling.

    Joss has done a great job of creating characters that are believable and congruent. Early story lines were a little loose and some technological bases may be a bit lacking in detail and hence unbelievable. If you accept the technology side, then the show is really watchable as there is a tightness in story telling and good character development.

    This show has a great potential to be a hit. Knowing Joss there is more in that vast store of his creative brain for us to enjoy the show even more. I give it 9.5/10 . Just a few more great episodes and it will become 10/10 in my mind. Looking forward to the next season! Fox don't let us down.
  • I really like this show. It's exciting, it's got a lot of good characters and even though the dollhouse it self is quite disgusting and scary to think about the show always gives us some sense of hope that one day it will be brought to it's knees.

    I am a huge fan of everything Josh Whedon so, of course, as soon as I heard of the Dollhouse I got excited. Many here seem to have been disappointed with this series but I was not. There are so many interesting characters in this series and interesting characters is the most important thing to me. I really like the character of Echo even though she is a different character every show. I love Eliza and think she is doing a wonderful job in this show. She is believable in every role she takes on in this show - and they are not few.
    I also really like the FBI agent. He is far from perfect and that is what I like the most about him. He is on a mission to save the lost little girl and is taking all kinds of detours on the way.
    Boyd Langton is the only one we really trust in the Dollhouse and still I am not quite sure why he is there in the first place. He has to have an interesting story hidden somewhere and I am anxious to find out more about him.
    The nerdy and wonderful Topher is amazing. He is so smart and yet so stupid. I really like him and I think he also has a hidden story we have yet to discover.
    Adelle is a very good character as well. She is the hard business woman who fancies herself stronger than anyone and capable of doing anything. Yet she is lonely and in search of companionship. I believe we have also something to learn about her. Alfa, when we finally met him interested me a lot to. I loved seeing him for the first time, even before we knew who he was. The Doctor has a big story as well and I am really looking forward to find out more about her. I do believe that Topher likes her more than he lets on and I am very interested in seeing how that works out. All in all a wonderful show with a lot of exciting characters and an interesting plot. Can't wait for a new season!!!
  • Dollhouse most interesting show

    I didn't start watching this show from the beginning, but caught it one night and have been hooked ever since.
    It is so different from any other show, just imagine if this could be a preview of what could happen in real life in the future.

    The story lines that they come up with are interesting.

    Echo is such a intriguing character, and finding out more about her with each episode. Eliza is a great actress, I have enjoy her in everything she has been in, from Buffy, Tru Calling and now. This show shows off her acting ability, which has only made me appreciate her more
  • Dollhouse was a very okay show. I think people expected a lot from it and when they got average they decided to drop it. I like the story but then again most of the episodes were too weird to understand.

    Dollhouse was a great add up to the sci-fi series of Joss Whedon that started off great with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. As soon as this show was announced people were expecting it to be very big and very good but when it came down to was just plain average. The storyline is interesting but hard to comprehend, the characters and plot are also the same. Eliza made a good choice because she was another reason people wanted to watch this. As a sci-fi veteran people were expecting her to bring the same thing she brought as Faith on Buffy and Angel, and she did but they rest brought her down with it. If this show gets a second season, I hope it will be great.
  • ýts a nice story but it took them too long to decide how to tell it, and there is a big mistake inside that caused it to struggle this much

    The mistake is Echo. the story is told like echo is the antologist of the story, but actually she is not cos she isnt aware of everything, which makes it too hard for us to connect with her,almost impossible. so they give us just a word or a move at the end of every episode so we think that she will finally have her own consciousness and be a character. she does at the season finale. finally, we have a character called echo. but it doesnt stick, they just wipe it and it turns back to normal.

    thats ok in a story basis but not when she is supposed to be the main character. if they've told the story more from the agent's perspective,making him the main guy, having him in opening credits maybe, than we'd enjoy this great story way more and it wouldnt even be struggling to have a second season now, it'd be a closed deal.

    i hope someone tells these very basic facts to whedon so he makes echo a doll with awareness, so making her a character, in the next season, so we can finally have the show that suits whedon. in short words, nice season, so much potential, kinda gone to waste, but not really gone, just not realised and taken action yet.

    if its not back, it's ok. this way it cant hold on too much anyways. if its back, i'd watch. but how many more of echo's missions episodes with character getting ereased in the end and echo saying something from the supposedly ereased memories as the last frame of the episode i can take, i don't know.
  • Bland, predictable, and disappointing.

    Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" was just a concept for several years. Now that we've seen the actual series, the question we have to ask is "Should this series have ever progressed past the concept stage?"

    Here's the problem. I came into this series as a big fan of Whedon's "Firefly." "Firefly" worked because it was a world full of interesting characters, played by actors passionate about their roles. The writing was excellent. Even amoral mercenary Jayne Cobb was a complex character with occasional bursts of humanity. In short, "Firefly" was -- like many popular and successful television series -- character driven.

    This is the total opposite of "Dollhouse." By design, none of the "Dolls" -- including the main character, Echo -- have personalities. In their natural state, they wander around inside of the Dollhouse in yoga pants and tank tops, engaging in banal small talk that, to them, seems fascinating and engaging. This is actually a decent analogy for the show itself, where the characters wander around in circumstances critically important to themselves, but completely uninteresting to anyone on the outside looking in.

    Since the personalities of the Dolls vary from imprint to imprint, it's difficult to care for them very much. This is especially true considering that the writers seem to believe that all "strong women" need to be brash and/or scantily-clad, two characteristics which were seldom shown by the women of Whedon's "Firefly." This makes the cast of supporting characters even more important.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the supporting characters are unlikeable: or, at best, just plain boring. The supporting characters are flat, uninteresting stereotypes: the driven renegade government agent...the protective father figure...the cold and calculating woman in control...the too-good-to-be-true girl next door...the socially awkward genius. There's simply no one to root for, be sympathetic of, or to identify with.

    Without characters, one would expect plotlines to pull in viewers, but this is yet another failing of the series: "Dollhouse" plots are frequently absurd and illogical. For example, in one episode, a Doll is able to successfully infiltrate the NSA -- arguably the most secretive intelligence agency in the United States -- simply by being Asian and changing her clothing. Throughout the series, serious resources are invested by the Dollhouse in tracking and providing disinformation to a federal agent who has no respect or support, instead of dealing with him in a more direct manner. The writers have discarded logic and common sense for what is most convenient to them dramatically.

    So, with uninteresting characters aimlessly wandering around in ridiculous and contrived plots, what seems to be the purpose? SEX. The Dolls -- male and female alike -- shower together, and are frequently prostituted out in their assignments. There seems to be no end of excuses for Eliza Dushku to strip off clothing, even when pursued by a crazed survivalist nutjob intent on killing her. However, even with its excessive need for semi-nudity, the sexuality of "Dollhouse" is juvenile and immature. More often than not, the presentation of sexual themes is a poor attempt at comic relief, and the treatment of sexual assault is disturbingly understated and uncaring. In short, the sexuality of "Dollhouse" seems like an intentional gimmick to attract viewers, instead of relying on the interesting characters or compelling plotlines one might otherwise expect from a project from Joss Whedon.

    This series is a tremendous disappointment.
  • This show is one of the best sci fi shows on this season. It is good but not as great as Fringe.

    I am very intrigued by this show every time I watch it but I become bored with the episodes where nothing happens with the main plot of Alpha and agent Ballard. I really don't care about the times when Echo was a backup singer or a player for some guy. I want the show to get right the main plot. At least the last episode proved to be very good. I want to know the story of Alpha and how his mind got into the environmentalists body. That would prove to be very interesting. I cant wait until Dollhouse and Fringe next week.
  • This show is great and it will just get better. If Buffy had ended in its first season, we would never have watched "Becoming 1&2" "Hush" "The Body" or "Once More With Feeling" (the musical), to name a few.

    This show has an unlimited array of possibilities. It's by Joss Whedon, who thus far has never made anything I didn't like. Not only that, his crew are all Buffy and Angel Alumni: Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, David Fury, and Steven DeKnight to name a few... Briar Rose was the best episode to date and I can't wait for Omega! If Fox really gives up on this show they better option it off to another network. I'm sick of losing shows I like like Firefly, Tru Calling, Kyle XY... just because networks can't track their viewers properly. If Neilson says we only have 2.5 million viewers I say double it, at least!! Most people don't watch TV by themselves, I watch Dollhouse every week with my roommate and we both love it. And we watch it recorded on my DVR off my computer-- god knows if they can even keep track of those properly. I know if I skip too many commercials it doesn't count... so screw it I watch the commercials! Keep the Dollhouse alive people!
  • Favorite show out there!!

    This is one of my favorite shows out there. I love it and can't get enough of it. I loved the main character in Tru Calling and this show is perfect for her! Can't wait for other episodes!! How cool but scarry would it be to have an actual Dollhouse out there in the world, I actually wouldn't put it past anyone to actually do that. I hope the show keeps up the good work and keeps the story line as good as it has been. What's next for Echo??? What happens when she is with Alpha? Who knows and I can't wait to find out!!!
  • In the past I've loved Buffy. Angel and Firefly. I can watch all of them 10 times over. It would be criminal if Dollhouse didn't get a second series. The lastest episode Briar Rose had me jumping up and down. I love this show.

    The show Dollhouse has kept me on the edge of my seat since the very first episode. I love the way that all the story lines can change on the click of a computer key. The main character Echo played by Buffy/Angel allumnia Eliza Dushku is inspired. The emotional range is only now being seen. Joss Whedon has created potentially created one of the greatest 'sci fi ' show every to be shown on television. This show if allowed to continue could rival the popularity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Please do not make the mistake that was made with Firefly, this show deserves a chance.
  • Dollhouse is one of the best new shows on t.v.. The scifi show is one of the most well written scripts to date and should be recognized for its genius.

    Dollhouse is one of those shows that can intrigue you with its very original plot and also capture you with the interesting character development. Every episode puts you further into the story realizing that there are so many layers within it. So far within any Joss Whedon show you find that whats on the surface doesn't give you a clue about the bigger picture. The acting of some older actors and also new show that an amateur cast can definitely make a show worth watching. Dollhouse has so far great stories and even better conclusions. The show hasn't met is peak development and definitely deserves the chance to. Dollhouse's writing is much more cohesive then some the most popular shows on t.v.(Heroes,Lost... Drag-on) Trust me this show with great writing,and a great cast it deserves more it deserves a better timeslot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!John Spartan OUT
  • I love it what can i say, i cant get ennough of it.

    This show is a bit out there and for me it has me thinking what if something like this really exist. It would be so cool. freaky but at the same time cool. Walk into the world in which things arent always what they seem or rather people aren't really who we believe. Journey with Echo while she has the opertunity to be who ever people need her to be, with help from science and technology. She real name is Coroline and she has a past. She wants to save the world from everything. People are tyring to get her. Alpha who himself is or was a doll his intentions are precieved to be thhat he wants to kill her and Agent Ballard who wants to save her from the unknown explainable.
  • Whedonite still hanging in there...

    I admit, I'm an affirmed Whedonite. I was a passionate Buffy fan, watched Angel even through the weird parts, panted through Firefly, and exulted over Dr. Horrible. I wasn't wild about the whole concept of Dollhouse, but I stuck with it from episode one and I'm still sticking with it.

    But that's what makes me so uneasy. I'm still... sticking with it. I don't have the same type of fun that I had while watching Buffy or the other shows. I'm not as engrossed in it. Even through the episodes have been getting better (now that Joss is doing what he wanted to do in the first place), I'm still not necessarily hooked. I watch it because I'm a Whedonite, not because I enjoy it.

    One problem is I don't really feel sympahty for any of the characters. It's horrible, but there it is. The people who run or work for the Dollhouse are morally detestable to me, including Boyd, who has problems with the Dollhouse but only enough to complain. The dolls, including Echo, just can't be sympathetic enough because they're... dolls. And Mr. FBI agent? Honestly, could they have gotten a worse actor? The fact he was on BG does squat for his likeability factor. I've always been a fan of Joss's casting, but a Fillion or a Marsters he ain't.

    There's just no moral center in the show. There's no Buffy, or Angel, or Mal, or even a Billy (in a weird way). Not yet, anyway. I can tell Joss is trying to make Echo into a sort of Buffy, but it's not possible unless she gets out of the Dollhouse's power.

    I also severely miss the humor of the previous shows. I know that's not the only strength of Whedon's writing, but I find most of the episodes, for the most part, dead depressing. It's like he's making every episode like it came from 6th season Buffy... and even then Buffy had some funny going on.

    I hate to feel like this. I wish Whedon had given me a show that I would actually, genuinely like for its own merits. I almost wish the show would get cancelled so he can make a better show... or even get into movies.
  • Slow to start but Fox are to blame

    Fox had a major hand in the incredibly mediocre start to this series. They wanted Joss to water down his original pilot because they thought no one would get it. Hence a dramatic change in the entire feeling of the show in and after episode 6. The show wasn't rating and fox had committed to a season, so they said "Do what you want kiddo, coz something dramatic has to change". Such genius insight can only make you wonder how these major corporations actually function at all. So he did. And its awesome.

    The implications of having a "shell" if you will, that can be filled with a soul, is a an incredibly inventive concept. I thought it was a fairly lame idea when I first heard the Dollhouse whispers. But the more I watch, the more I realise that Joss will keep digging deeper and deeper, into an ethically challenging and morally boundless pandoras box. Biggest surprise in my opinion is Dichen Lachman (Siera) whom i absolutely hated in the australia soap 'Neighbours'. Given that I had only seen short sections of her acting due to my obvious dislike for the show. Put on an american accent, and omg! the girl has presence, ability and an odd attraction. Not just another pretty face. 'Cmon aussie', I say.

    This has alot of potential. I hope Joss can prove me right.
  • It was destined to fail from the first 10 minutes. Another "what might have been" for us Whedonites.

    Dollhouse is the living example of how Joss Whedon's creative mind works. It has the worst and best of him, more plainly exhibited than in any of his previous projects.

    On the surface, the idea of a secret underground brainwashing facility for "Dolls" seems tame at best. It's not that the idea isn't original, because by and large it is; it's just that it's not that interesting a concept (at least, not until you reach episode 6 or so). As we have come to expect from Whedon, however, he turns a fairly uninteresting concept into something gripping.

    Unfortunately, it was destined to fail. I predict, rather glumly, that it will be cancelled - as the infinitely more masterful Firefly was - before it even has a chance to really get going. Why was it destined to fail? Why did I predict that from the first episode? I'll tell you...

    1) As I said, despite Whedon's excellent storytelling and character crafting abilities, the synopsis isn't that great. From the get-go the show lost a ton of possible spectators simply because the potential of the show seemed slim at best.

    2) Television has long since moved beyond the weekly formulaic adventure-of-the-week strategy, and yet Dollhouse promised exactly that. Consider some of TV's most popular and acclaimed shows of the past ten years. 24, Lost, Heroes and Prison Break all have concurrent stories that keep the viewers hooked and coming back for more. This archaic idea that a show should start with week-by-week storylines to get viewers interested is no longer applicable, as can be evidenced by any statistical ratings chart in the hands of any idiot TV producer (except Fox, apparently, who always push this very thing on Whedon).

    3) Although theme songs aren't considered mandatory now, to insist on using one that is dull, grates on the nerves, and doesn't get you into the 'mood' of the show is just a plain bad move. And let's face it, Dollhouse could have done much better with its choice of theme song. When you consider some of the little shows that survived longer than they actually might have, it didn't hurt that their theme was usually very cool. Veronica Mars, for example, or Chuck, or The Office, or Scrubs. I'm not saying that having a good theme tune might save Dollhouse, but having one that doesn't make you want to turn over during the opening sequence certainly wouldn't have hurt its cause.

    4) Although it's a brilliantly told over-arching plot, Dollhouse contains certain elements that have been done too many times. For example, the police officer searching for the truth (replace with reporter, as needed) has been an overused plot element for more shows and movies than I can count. The twist, of course, is that if you tune in and actually watch every episode, you see that THIS particular officer is one of the most interesting and complicated characters in the entire thing. Some of the other overused plot elements seem to have been 'inspired' by Dark Angel or Alias.

    5) I love Elisha. I really do. She's an amazing actress, and she was very pretty back in the Faith days, but I'm not entirely sure she's right for the part of Echo. A fresh-faced, breath-takingly beautiful protagonist would have helped the ratings a whole lot, and although it does little to increase the enjoyment factor for the truly discerning of audiences, it might have kept it alive for a little more than 13 episodes, maybe? Also, Elisha is great in certain parts, but as a jack of all personalities part, you sometimes feel as though you're seeing one of two characters (naughty or nice).

    Of course, those of use who stuck with Dollhouse had our faith in Whendon affirmed. We knew it would happen, and it did. The mark of a truly great storyteller is one who can take a fairly unspectacular basic plot and turn it into something magic, which is exactly what Joss is currently doing. The characters come alive, the relationships start to form deep layers and the actors really start to fit into their roles in earnest. And then there is the plot itself, which is slowly changing from a role-of-the-week show into a complex mystery, filled with betrayals, plot twists, imperfect character pasts, and much more. It's just such a bloody big shame that the audience, by this point, has been put off either by the lacklustre synopsis or the first few introductory episodes which were catered to the brain-dead masses of old, who don't even watch this kind of show. Had it survived, Dollhouse could have been a masterpiece that Topher himself would have been proud to place in our memories.

    Our only hope; that some philanthropic Whedon fan will pick Dollhouse up when Fox drop it.
  • Very illegal,very secret and somewhere where dreams come true,for the right price."Actives" are just like everyone else,except one thing.They can be programmed to become anyone.They all have had a dramatic experience sometime and the Dollhouse "fixs it."

    Dollhouses' are secret, illegal organizations wher if you have enough money and they right connections can give you your dreams. There to fullfill them are "actives", humans who can be programmed to be anyone you desire.
    At one of these Dollhouses' is a young active named Echo. She has a strong will and can almost at times fight the programming they gave her. Although some fear she may go rouge like an active named Alpha did.
    Echo was once a student at university and through a plan to help and make people aware of tests, ended up getting her boyfriend killed. Her disappearance after sparks the interest of Agent Ballard, who believes in the Dollhouse and plans to take the place down.
    Although other agents think Ballard is nuts, he can't stop looking and in return the Dollhouse keeps a close eye on him.
  • It's almost there... not quite there yet

    This show has so much potential, some of the eps aired so far have been brilliant others so, so.

    We need FOX it let it grow though, give it a chance as it is a show different from the others.

    I'm a little worried atm that I want it to suceed as it is a Joss Whedon show and we don't want another firefly that would have been an unbelievable series if allowed a few more seasons. So no biased there :)

    The cast are great and it is not a one woman show. However Eliza's character character is definetly the show running the other characters are interesting and it will be great to watch the characters and relationships grow.
  • awsome!!!

    The show is awsome! each episode makes me curious for what is gonna happen in the story. it seems to be different from other shows in which anything is ever explained, so far, it seems that every mistery has an explanation so, you get curious and you want to watch the next episode because you know you'll get a little bit of an explanation. there are some things that haven't been explained since the begginig, but that is just the thing of series. but, anyway, a point to be remembered is that the cast is great, because all the "dolls" act perfectly doesn't matter the imprint. it got me amazed how many different things they can do. anyway, i just love the show, and i just don't see a reason why so many people don't like it.
  • After episode 6 the show is AMAZING. I'm enthralled with all of the characters and am glad that the other "dolls" are getting more action in the show.

    When I first saw the trailers for this show I have to admit that I thought it would be a LOT different then it is. I watched the first episodes when they aired on tv but unfortunately a 8 pm time slot on a friday night is hard for me when I'd rather spend my time getting ready to go to the club. I ended up watching all of the episodes online about a week ago and I have to say, its pretty bumpy until about episode 6. But, after episode 6 the show is AMAZING. I'm enthralled with all of the characters and am glad that the other "dolls" are getting more action in the show. Its a psychological thriller about the human psyche. It is completely different then anything Joss has done before and I feel that it should only pick up from here. Its just sad that it got put on the friday night wasteland which is an equivalent of death to any show starting out.
  • Dollhouse is based around a facility that wipes the minds of people claimed to be volunteers, and inserts new personalities (and skill sets) for jobs, where they are hired out to the rich and paranoid for various jobs.

    First and foremost, this show is a serious drama, looking to explore the human psyche, and the philosophical ideas about free will and existensialism. This show has received alot of negative attention, because people expected Firefly 2.0. This show is NOT Firely, it is NOT Angel, and it is definitely not Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whedon set out to make a new type of show, not more of the same. This show does have some of his characteristic charm, with interesting characters, and unique brand of humor (usually in the form of Topher, the brain child behind the Dollhouse process). However, this is meant to be a serious show, and not the more light hearted fare we usually see from Whedon. Keeping this in mind, Dollhouse is a very unique show, with a very interesting concept, that Whedon seeks to explore to the fullest. Every episode we find Echo, the show's main character (played by Eliza Dushku) in some sort of new situation, playing an entirely different character. The show revolves mostly around her, as we see her slowly change over time. Gradually she picks up on things she shouldn't, remembers things she couldn't. In her tabula rasa state (the state where dolls are "clean, having no personality at all), we find Echo gathering pieces of her past life, or of the personalities she has portrayed on her jobs. This looks to be Whedon's way of having a character we can relate to over time, as he literally wills her character out of nothing, and looks to be one of the main focal points of the show for the foreseeable future. The other major plotline to the show revolves around FBI agent John Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett, of BSG fame) who is obsessed with uncovering the location, and purpose, of the Dollhouse, to the point of losing his marriage, and risking his entire career, over it. Each episode draws him closer to the Dollhouse, and it is largely through him that we (the viewers) get to understand the true purpose of its existence. All in all, this is a great show if you can leave your preconceptions of Whedon at the door. Many have watched, and, expecting more of the same, have left disappointed. But if you can take the show simply for what it is, its a very interesting concept, and can leave you thinking about what it truly is that makes us human, and what it is that makes us who we are. A great watch.
  • Dollhouse is a drama that pushes the envelope. The characters are rich and the plot is thick. The show is hard to explain in a brief summary, which I feel is a great strength, as there are too many shows which can be summarized in but a few words.

    The show is unique and fresh. After just finishing the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, I didn't think that there would be something as compelling to watch on TV. Luckily, I was wrong. Like other Joss Whedon shows, Dollhouse took a couple of episodes to get going, but now it is making huge strides in both character development and plot. It is definitely a show that makes you want more each week. Although the viewership has not been what Fox was hoping, I feel it is important to look beyond the number of viewers watching right away. There are countless people recording this show to DVR and/or watching it online. I strongly believe that there would be much higher ratings if the show had a better timeslot. I personally on never home on Friday evenings, so I always record Dollhouse on my DVR and watch it later. Should the show be penalized just because I'm busy? i don't think so.
  • I couldn't decide between Cutting Edge and Daily Fix for this show because I truly have a great time watching it!

    I don't keep up with many shows at college but Dollhouse is one of the few I've actually picked up since I've been in school. Not only is the acting fantastic but the story line is exciting and mind bending. I keep up with the story and have even rewatched episodes while waiting for the next one. The show doesn't get old. Its humor, intelligence, action and romance is packed into a wonderful mix that reminds me why I love Joss.
    The story is easy to pick up and hard to put down. With the complexities of a book and the spine tingling excitment of a TV show, Dollhouse packs a punch in all arenas. Character development is fluid and never feels forced while also keeping up with new and ever-more interesting events. Its never too far-reaching nor does it take the action off course. Its balanced but keeps me on the edge of my seat. All anyone needs to do is take the time to watch to become a fan. I cannot wait to see where this show takes us and I know all other viewers are waiting for the time of their lives as well.
  • An innovative concept that's cleverly done.

    Admittedly, Dollhouse did start off kind of slow. A fascinating concept was at its core, to be sure, but perhaps it wasn't executed for the cheap excitement that usually draws in viewers these days. This slow start is probably to blame for the low ratings, because as anyone who has kept up with the series (watching each episode get better and better) knows, this show does not deserve ratings that low. Beyond the fascinating concept, Dollhouse has been accompanied by some incredible acting - watching the actors playing dolls pull off their imprints perfectly week by week (especially Victor) and then watching them forget it all, replacing their characters with the blank, innocent minds of the natural doll state - incredible. The writing is possibly even better - the plot forwarding episodes are incredibly well written - they are surprising, twisting episodes that throw the audience for a loop time and time again.

    A fantastic concept, fantastic attention to detail (all the technology in the show is incredible), fantastic acting and fantastic writing. The only problem with Dollhouse is that it may just be too far ahead of its time for today's audience - and it's for that reason that I wouldn't be surprised to see it canceled. That's an incredible shame because Dollhouse is probably one of the most fresh and innovative shows I will ever come across.
  • Wonderful show that keeps getting better and better.

    I love this show. It was a little slow in the beginning but it picked up very quick now I can't get enough of the show. It is very interesting seeing the Dolls interact in all the different settings. The show is very unique and is a fresh new concept. The acting and the plot is good. So far there have been twists and turns that have left me thinking "I didn't see that coming". Also, you have to wonder what if this is really happening? I have heard mixed reviews about the show but am certain that if you give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • The is basically about a group of people who for some reason or another decided to join this program called "Dollhouse" and now the people are starting to remember, their pasts, blah blah blah.

    This show started off kind of slow, but I gave it a chance, it's a decent show. More of a slow to warm type show. I'll keep watching it, maybe catch some re-runs. It's not a show for every one, but I'm sure the people who do watch it love it. It does need a little fine tuning-a lot of it could be better, they focus to much one "Echo" I understand they do that for viewer reasons, but still they could add a little more spunk to it. I'm sure it will get better with the last few episodes. It does deserve a second season though, so we can at least so where it is going.
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