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  • Original and interesting with awesome actors and characters!

    I loved this show from the first episode. With this show, Joss can make the characters do all sorts of things with all sorts of different story lines with that computer tech stuff they do.

    Eliza Dushku is also one of my favorite actresses. She was a favorite on Buffy & Angel and I even loved Tru Calling (sort of) until that got cancelled. I just hope this show doesn't.

    Should tune in and give it a try. If people give it a bad name or whatever, well see for yourself, preferably from episode one, and you should love it as much as I do. =]
  • Dollhouse is a very unique, serious, sexy and dramatic show.

    I found it very interesting and different and all people around me are watching it. and i am always waiting for the next episode because of the excitement and the suspense that the show makes me feel every time. it is a fact that every show has a good and bad sides and dollhouse definitely needs some critics but the over all image is unique! some times i believe the idea of the dollhouse because of its great impact on people. please dont cut the show like tru calling .. we love Eliza Dushku and we like 2 c her playing such a roles !! keep hard working guys!!
  • Started off a bit slow but improving week after week...if only it wasn't on FOX i think it would well be worth getting into but we all know that FOX is the channel that genre shows that could be great go to die (especially Joss Whedon shows)

    Started off a bit slow but improving week after week...if only it wasn't on FOX i think it would well be worth getting into but we all know that FOX is the channel that genre shows that could be great go to die (especially Joss Whedon shows). The only hope i have is that the credit crisis forces FOX to develop the shows that they already have running than incur the costs of developing replacements that they would almost certainly cancel anyway unless they get monster ratings straight out of the gate,unfortunately it's happened to many times for them to change their ways now,but here's hoping that this show slips under the radar and has a chance to become the great show it started showing glimpses of.
  • Welcome back to television Miss Dushku.

    I know things didn't work out too well on you last attempt at a staring role (Tru Calling, I liked it but thats niether here nor there) but I think it's safe to say we are going to see you stay a lot longer this time.
    Let's just hope we can keep guest spots to a minimum and focus on the characters we have now. I can handle to appearance of past Angel cast (Amy Acker) but if you start throwing favor spots to old co-workers I may be forced to stop watching. Last thing I need to see is some Firefly or Buffy reunion.
    Keep up the good work and don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry
  • Great show, and only getting better!

    When I first started watching Dollhouse it was OK. The first two episodes were great, but when the third episode aired it nearly ruined my opinion of this show. I tuned out after that episode; until out of getting a minor procedure done I watched the episode entitled, "Man on the Street," as I recovered. It was great so I went back, and watched the episodes I had missed, and realized what a great show it was. And if Joss Whedon keeps his promise about the rest of the season being as great as the current episode; It could be a hit! All I have left to say is tune in!
  • This show is really great. the flow is good and the storyline is just fantastic. i love the thought of the show where you can be whatever others want you to be.

    Dollhouse is so great. it gives me the thought of everyday being - you can be whoever others wants you to be, being able to help and see life in different perspectives each episode. the storyline is very good, just what i've always had in mind. every episode is becoming intensely interesting. dollhouse is a very great show and if you want to find out who you are and who you can possibly become tune in to this and you will see for yourself everything is possible. I also love Echo, she's the best. She makes every episode so good. hope the shows continues to its success...and be televised in the Philippines as well.
  • This show has a good premise, though a little firmiliar- (Alias 2001-2006) though from this date i have only ever tuned in because of boredom, I may one day actually make the time to watch it, maybe..

    I must admit, i had no intentions of even tuning into this show; primarily because it was a Joss Whedon show, i expect a whole combination of Buffy-firefly and all the other 'ok' shows he had done. I watched it the first week and regreted it, it was fine-but that was classie Joss Whedon-'fine'.. The only great show he ever had was 'Angel', and most of the work that went into that was David Greenwalt... but enough about that. 3 episodes later i tuned in again. It was the episode where she is robbing something.. and is wiped or something..(Only watching 2 episodes you dont get the lingo yet).. And i must admit- i liked it, and then i saw the episode a this week, this one, was actually really good. And Joss Wheadon wrote it. Though i havent watched all the episodes and i guessed that Mellie was an 'active'- but that's not the show, that's me and how much TV i have watched in my life time.. Though the only thing that i dont like would have to be the like-ness it has to the show Alias.. it might just be me, but worlds like.. 'Handler', and the fact she does actually get a new 'Alias' each episode... I dont want to go on forever about this so i'll leave it at that. I am not yet completely gone on this show, but if they keep delivering episodes like the one this week- it's only a matter of time:)
  • Great show

    I have no idea what the guy below is talking about. This show is great. Give it a chance people. It makes you think. Its creative, inciting, and something that should stay on the air. If you like shows like Lost , Heroes, than you will enjoy this one. Joss Whedon creates intricate characters and plots that are very entertaining. This show will develop as time goes on.. that's how shows are. The story will build and the actors will get more comfortable in their characters. So please give it a chance so it stays on the air. You won't be disappointed.
  • It is SO bad...

    Maybe some kind of demon, or an alien, a body invader, took Joss Whedon, and so it is explained why we are watching this.

    From the beginning the Ripper idea sounded better, but one could not imagine that Dollhouse would be so weak. In fact, I do not have even 100 words to use when talking about this show (and this is important, because it is the minimum allowed to publish a review here), and that is because the show is one of the worse I ever saw.

    Anyway, I believe that I need to say it somewhere, so it is done.
  • Dollhouse is about a bunch of people walking around with no conscience or personalities. They are "imprinted" with these kinds of things. Echo and others are special, and some are trying to uncover the Dollhouse.

    I love this show. The characters all have their own fine traits and make them shine. I love all the characters. The plot gets thicker and thicker. The Dolls are all different, but Eliza's character, Echo, is the best. She has her own mind. Anyone can tell you that she is special. There aren't any visible shippers, but I can make some predictions between some of the characters. My personal favorite thing about the show is the dialogue. Weird huh? But I love the dialogue. Some lines are funny and some are chilling. The action scenes are also fantastic. It is packed with precision and effects. Fantastic show people! Help Joss and me out by watching the show!
  • The lead can't carry the show, and the rest are barely in it.

    This is a show based almost entirely around Eliza Dushku's ability to portray completely different characters, and the reality is she can't. Every personality she seems to take on is either a Faith double, or Faith struggling to be someone else. Even her mannerisms are the same. In one of the most recent episodes, Echo takes on the personality of a sweet, blind girl (unlike her usual hot badass 1, 2 or 3). Quite frankly, it was painful to watch. Both Dushku and the writers forgot who she was playing by the end of the episode; she had revered right back to her true character. "Move your ass," she says. It's something that's hard to ignore, when Echo is the centre of every episode.

    The other characters are so dull that I don't even notice whether they can act or not. Judging by what I've seen of them in other shows, most of their talent is being wasted. There's not one person in Dollhouse that I can bring myself to care about, and that's a huge problem. This only makes it that much easier to notice the gaping plots holes, and the lack of anything resembling fun.
  • For the last few weeks i have been drawn into Joss Whedons new creation the Dollhouse. It is very easy to get into, acting is superb, and each situation so far has been believable and well done. Whether your after action, drama, girls..

    For the last few weeks i have been drawn into Joss Whedons new creation the Dollhouse. It is very easy to get into, acting is superb, and each situation so far has been believable and well done.

    Whether your after action, drama, girls or any number of bad situations then this is the show to check out, one of the most appealing aspects for me particularly because of the storyline is that they are able to do a large range of things each episode and isn't always full on. I have high hopes for this show, and cannot wait to see what they can pull off through-out the series. Though i would put high marks on this show.. like everything, it is not perfect. One of the flaws this early on in the series is that it is hard to connect with the blank dolls of the Dollhouse as they have no personalities and change every episode, they are however slowly building characters and i expect them to bloom :)
  • Very formula: A hot young chick is thrown into a series of adventures where she is able to demonstrate here kick-assness and hot body. Older actors who can't find anything better to do guest star.

    Oh come on.... just because I watched it doesn't mean it's good. Is it a guilty pleasure? I watch too much in general to give it that moniker.

    In watching the first few episodes, I was at least happy to see that there were no apparent product placements (like Heroes). However, there could have been a shred more plot. The psycho in the Stage Fright episode was poorly conceived, yet that episode probably did the most thus far to inspire a spunkyness in the lead's character. I don't know how excited I am supposed to get over the hidden clandestine-ness of the "Dollhouse" but apparently this is really cool secret stuff. Let us be frank though: this show is frighteningly similar to that of the recently canceled "My Own Worst Enemy" with one key difference; no Christian Slater. Even if one didn't care for the campy nature of that show, I have to say it was a fair degree better.
  • Dollhouse is a secret organization that utilizes advanced technology to "wipe" personalities from willing individuals. They then "imprint" new personalities based on paying customers and their needs or whims.

    I began watching Dollhouse with great excitement; I've been a Joss fan since Buffy, and was anticipating this show for some time. The show began well, though a little faster-paced than I'm used to for Joss. He normally takes as long as seasons to weave his complex webs and relationships, but I think he may be afraid of the same thing I'm afraid of: early cancellation (and this is a reasonable fear, given the show's terrible time slot on Friday night). The show has been steadily declining in the ratings, but I think each episode has been getting better and better. I must admit that I may be guilty of some bias, but I have great respect for and faith in Joss's directorial prowess. The choice of Eliza Dushku for the main character may have been a mistake; she tends to be a weak actor, but she has been growing on me for the first several episodes. I do hope, however, that we get to see more of Sierra and Victor-their characters are quite charismatic. We are beginning to see, fairly early, some of those complex webs and relationships that I mentioned earlier. We see the budding love between active and handler, with perhaps a little over-the-top emotional and poignant moments (such as when Boyd carries the faint Echo out of the burning building in Episode 1.5, "True Believer"). And of course, we see the growing connections between wiped actives, which should not be happening-but the fact that it is happening on a very basic, subconscious level is truly thrilling. They are flocking, naturally, and Joss leaves you wanting more, which he seems to be a master at. At the end of every episode, we see a tiny hint that lets us know that Echo is retaining some of her memory, some of her engagements, even after wipes. A sideways glance, a mundane decision, a hesitation…and that leaves us wondering whether she will end up like some sort of psychotic super-assassin (like the infamous Alpha, the debauched and escaped first active) or whether she will become something great, and powerful (giving Joss's penchant for strong-supernaturally strong-female leads, I'm guessing the latter). In the end, despite its occasional confusing moments and weak acting, I now look forward to quiet nights in on Friday night, and I hope Fox gives it a fighting chance.
  • Confusing. Where are the interesting parts. How will the dolls prevent world annihilation? Who put an insane vampire slayer as lead actress? Where is River?!?

    I have to agree with Mafia1976. Why did he (Whedon) decide to pick one of the least interesting characters from the buffy/angel series as a lead for a show that SHOULD starr someone with the qualities of Summer Glau ("River" in Firefly)? Character selection aside, am I the only one not really getting the script? Why should I as a viewer feel anything for these 'dolls'? The meta story is ... what .. that they are a secret organisation evading the FBI and a psycopathic super killer dude (alpha)? O.K. Pretty lame. I GUESS later episodes of the show will reveal why I should be interested. Something concerning world dominion and Alias type villains no doubt; but right now I have trouble seeing why i should care. Compare this show to Firefly - another Whedon series without a clear greater scheme (in Angel and Buffy it was clear cut - they saved the world from total doom every other day) - that show didnt actually need a greater story behind it all because the characters and ambiance was enough.

    Whedon better up Sierras importance or find an excuse to off Echo as early as possible (finding another lead), or this show is headed for disaster.
  • Trying to find its groove, but has the potential to be one of the best shows on television.

    Dollhouse is slowly building to hit its stride. I will admit that I am a big Joss Whedon fan, but that doesn't keep me from saying that the first few episodes do have some flaws. Mostly I think it comes from trying to balance the load of exposition the show needs to explain what is going on with the fast pace that is necessary to keep the average TV view hooked in and the Fox Execs happy.

    Eliza Dushku is absolutely stunning and I'm so glad we get to see her play a variety of roles. I was worried about the actress that plays Sierra for the first couple of episodes, but now that she's had some bigger parts and we've gotten to see more than her doll face and her grim assassin face I'm starting to like her.

    I predict that if Fox allows this show to get beyond episode 13 then they will have a true hit on their hands and Joss will have another 5+ season show which just gets better as it goes.
  • Improving...

    It started off slowly with that first episode, but I think it's improving with each new episode. The idea of being anybody you want is intriguing even if the people involved don't actually get to choose themselves. Why is Echo there to begin with? We are teased with the knowledge that she FEELS she didn't have choice because of something she did. The arc with Alpha has the potential to be very interesting. His connection with Echo (Eliza Dushku)comes across as personal begging the question, why? I also like the interaction between the Dollhouse employees. The actor playing Topher comes across as a bit of a nutty scientist, which he is. Harry Lennix is a good actor and I think he does a good job with his character as well. He goes from feeling like a sane man in an insane asylum to connecting with his charge, Echo. I like the twist with Victor (another Dollhouse character) and agent Ballard, though I don't actually like the Ballard character. I don't understand his obsession with finding the Dollhouse and proving its existence. Still, the use of Victor to mislead him was an interesting development, though maybe too early in the series. Overall, the series is growing on me and I think it has great potential. Hopefully, as the underlying stories unravel.
  • Started off slow...

    During the Pilot, I found myself wondering what Whedon was thinkin when he decided to make this one...

    But then I remembered the Pilots to all his other shows... none of which wowed me from the get-go... Heck, it took years after Buffy's run to give it another shot after watching only the first few epis.

    And as Dollhouse progresses, and more and more little things start adding up, I find myself getting into the show and world it takes place in more...

    And THAT is where Whedon's strength really lies... in World-building and myth-making... This brings me to one of the most interesting things in this show: not the main plot (Echo/Alpha), or even many of the sub-plots (The detective searching for clues about the Dollhouse's existence)... But the slow character-building of Echo as a "Tabla-Rasa". As others pointed out, in the beginning, she was annoying in her blank, vapid state... but as the show progresses, you see more and more of her underlying personality fighting through... subtly portrayed in small ways, like sly nods to other agents... I get the feeling, this show has really only just started.
  • Finally, television has a new Original series!!

    Dollhouse is a very ambitious show. It has two facts on its side; it is new and very unique. Dollhouse is not a typical show you would get on television, which means its original and gives its viewers something new to look at. The only thing it lacks is development. We are introduced to Echo; a walking emptiness, which the writers give us no time to appreciate.

    I like the idea of the secret organization, however warped, creates the perfect person. Wiping memories with the use of technology.
    Overtime the liner "Did I fall asleep?" would become a bit redundant and aggravating. Each episode is supposed to reveal a new element to the story, but I do not really find myself relating to anyone in the show, maybe it is because I don't really know who they are.

    Dollhouse shows great potential for a good series, but the writers need to smooth out some rough edges. I need to know more about Echo or that person before Echo, more about how this Dollhouse operation is so secretive and how they get their clients. The Officer that keeps poking around seems to be more on the outskirts of the show. I need to know why is he so committed to finding Dollhouse. I feel that the script needs someone to be poking around, like a for and against, rather than this Cop actually having some compassion for the manipulation of people by the Dollhouse. Why did they use the name Dollhouse to begin with; walking dolls in one location. Too many unanswered questions.

    There are many pieces which do not fit together. there is nothing really wrong with the acting, it is just the writing which needs a bit of elaboration if viewers are to understand any bit of where the show wants to go.
  • Josh Whedon bet on the WRONG horse. The show's fine and quite original, the lead character (Echo) though is non-charismatic, pretty plain and generally uninteresting. While the Co-Star (Sierra) fares much better.

    Now Josh Whedon is a fairly interesting director, he produced pure art (Firefly) and pure crap (Buffy/Angel), this show revolve somewhere in between. The story's good and interesting (except for the good cop cliche which is after the Dollhouse) but what really takes away from the show is the Star, Echo (Dushku) is one of the most UNINTERESTING actress I have ever seen, unable to portray even the simplest of emotions, the co-star instead, the oriental girl codenamed Sierra really knows how to play this serie, she is blank when she is supposed to and she is what she needs to be when imprinted, I wish she was the star of the show...
  • Yes, why did I spend time on this?

    Nice looking people (Eliza Dushku hot grrrr), some nice camera work, great idea. But the show is too silly for me.

    Maybe it's made for the younf generation I don't know. Maybe it becomes better after some episodes like some shows do (Heroes season 3 for example).

    Still I find it hard. The acting is not the best I don't know if they can make it more mature and not so simple and silly?

    It's sad. I do like Eliza Dushku. She is the only good thing about this show. I might watch it again, just to look at her hehehe.

    Oh well, I give it 2 of 5 points.
  • The Dollhouse is a ecret, and illegal, place where wishes come true. Clients with the right connections and enough money can hire "Actives", people who have been programmed to perfectly fulfill the needs, and desires of their clients.

    I love this show! I think it's great. For the first maybe half hour of the first episode I was a little confused, but it didn't take long to catch on to what was going on.

    I find the story compelling and the plot only thickens with each episode. Not to mention the cast is excellent.

    I've heard to wait it out until after the sixth episode. Joss Whedon has a tendency to do that with all his shows. I like the show already but I know it will only get better from here, which excites me greatly.

    Definitely give this show a chance... don't let it end up canceled like Firefly!! Please don't screw this up, FOX!
  • I am a big fan of Joss Whedon, which is why I am so disappointed in this show.

    When I heard that there was a new Joss Whedon project in the works I was so excited. I was a fan of Angel, Buffy, I cried when Firefly was canceled and I even enjoyed Dr. Horrible. I couldn't wait for Dollhouse. I was disheartened with the pilot episode. I found all of the characters hollow and bland. The connection and the interaction between the characters that were the hallmark of a Whedon project. Even the distinctness/quirkyness of the characters were missing. There was no humor, no charm, no real depth. I realize that the premise of the show is that there is a company that controls human vessels who have no personality until one is implanted in them. Once implanted with a persona they are able to enter into a situation and be whoever the client needs them to be. Got it. What I don't get is why there isn't any depth to any of the characters. Echo - without a personality she is supposed to be innocent, guileless and childlike. She could at least be sweet and endearing, but instead Echo is more airheaded and hollow not to mention vapid. Adelle DeWitt is supposed to be the boss - or at least the immediate head of the program. Instead she appears to be a glorified sales representative. The part could have been played with a canniness, an intelligence with an alternate motive like Nina Sharp on Fringe. Topher as the tech geek at least has some vaguely humorous lines, but it feels too forced to be really funny. Laurence is the least believable as head of security or whatever his role is. With Paul Ballard as the cop supposedly on their tail, he seems rather passionless about his obsession with the Dollhouse.
    I tried to get into the show, I really did. I kept watching, but by the fourth episode, when I turned the channel during a commercial break, I didn't turn it back. The story arc involving Echo and Alpha were intriguing, but not enough to keep watching.
    Sorry, but I don't see myself tuning in again which is something I hate to say about a Joss Whedon show, but my heart isn't in this one.
  • It took me a few weeks to get into Firefly, too, but perseverance paid off. This show has a lot of potential. I certainly want more!

    I've just finished ep. 3 and feel that i'm beginning to get a feel for the characters. ...and the little teaser at the end of 3 has me very intrigued -- the head shake. There was something at the end of 2 that was similar. What does Echo remember that she's not revealing? And what's with the FBI guy? He's so sure that there IS a Dollhouse...and did you see that guy fight the Borodins? That wasn't FBI, but something...more. I'm suspecting that he's somehow Dollhouse, himself!

    I'm ready for 4, then a lot more!
  • It lacks what made every Whedon show good. Chemistry between the characters.

    I liked Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. There is nothing here that made those good. What made these shows so good, was the team chemistry. They had a team of quirky often lovable characters, that had strong, growing chemistry.

    This show is anti-chemistry. Since the "dolls" don't have growth, don't develop bonds with who they work with, that opportunity is lost.

    The operatives are about as compelling as robots largely because of the premise. But also lead actress Dushku just isn't that good. I roll my eyes every time Dusku opens here mouth or emotes in downtime, it is cringe worthy.

    I really think this is not compelling material for a series and a terrible mismatch with Whedons work so far. Poor premise, mismatched with Whedon, poorly acted, (especially by Dushku).

    Not worth your time.
  • I enjoyed this one; people are being too hard on this show.

    Everybody wants instant gratification; probably because that's what we get all the time in this consumer country. This show isn't as genius as Firefly, not as immediately charming, but it's obviously not the same show, and can't be judged accordingly. Dollhouse is a little more serious, and deals with some pretty deep, long term specific issues, which I think are developing tantalizing slowly, but surely. I like that things take time to happen, as they do in real life, and despite the sci-fi element, the characters are legitimate and are slowly being reveals to us. This show is getting on its feet. I can think of a bunch of TV shows with mediocre first episodes, the ones where things were still being felt out. I have high hopes for the eventual course of this one.
  • I wish they had a clasification " Absolute CRAP" because I would have chosen it..

    I have never ever ever sign-up for any Review, but this show was so so bad, may anger toward this absolute sh#t meant i couldn't help myself. I know who josh is, and I watch alot, Firefly, TSCC, Sanctuary, Eureka, etc.. but i really want to bill Josh for wasting my time. This show will end fast. Summary: wait for Caprica. Dollhouse is history before it even began. I hope my review is helpful to those who can use there time watching something they will actually enjoy..100 word filler.100 word filler.100 word filler.100 word filler.100 word filler.100 word filler.100 word filler
  • Despite the failed pilot it gets better and better with every episode if you didn't like the first few episodes stick with it and I guarantee you'll like it.

    Initially after watching the pilot I felt disappointed to say the least, I kept watching only because of my loyalty to Joss and a faint hope of improvement. Well, everything seems to be coming together and the show has really picked up despite needing a little fine tuning.

    My first impressions were slow, confusing, badly put together and uninteresting however this show is definitely improving each episode. It follows the story of a girl called Echo and other "Dolls", she is what they refer to as a blank slate and each episode they download a new identity into her for a various task at the request of a very wealthy paying customer.

    The side story follows an FBI agent trying to uncover the truth behind the Dollhouse all the while mystery surrounds a horrible foe from Echo's past.
  • Sorry Josh, I just gave up on your new series

    I dunno, I'm an avid buffy/angel/firefly/dr horrible fanboi but Dollhouse just doesn't do it for me. Basically it's just too 'silly' to waste my time on. From wondering why the dollhouse people don't mass market their technology instead of all this secret agent for hire bs (wouldn't you pay zillions to be able to play chess like a grand master, be an expert on this or that? I would) to beginning to wish that agent whateverhisnameis would shut the flip up when he yells, yet again, "Tell me about Dollhouse!" to my casual disinterest in the light weight and very episodic storylines.... meh it's all lose.

    It's not a 'bad' show as such, it's just so bland it's not worth thinking about. Too 'average'.

    Sorry guys I love you and that and I can see you've made a noble effort here but hmmmm ... see you on the flip side.
  • If you only saw the pilot you need to revisit this series.

    While the pilot episode of this show was not that great the episodes that follow are phenomenal. It get's better with each episode that's aired. People really need to give this series a chance. Like every other show created by Joss Whedon it grows with time as the characters settle into their roles and the writing staff gets into the series a bit more. This show has great potential and much more depth than most of the shows on television today. If you want a show that has episodes that can stand alone while still forming a continuous plot line from episode to episode with characters that actually develop as people during the series you should give Dollhouse a chance.
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