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  • Let's get to the point:

    Yeah, Dollhouse has been a little iffy so far, but I would stick with it if I were you--Joss Whedon (the show's creator) has a reputation for getting better with time. He tends to build up backstory slowly, creating little mysteries and intricately connected plot developments. Everything goes somewhere, and usually somewhere you would never expect. The beginning of "Buffy" was a little cringe-worthy at moments, but that show surpassed everyone's expectations. Give "Dollhouse" a chance to shine. Joss Whedon has yet to disappoint me. On that note, if you have not already, go watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" NOW.
  • I think this is a fairly good show but with a few minor issues. The concept is interesting and many of the characters are decent and the episodes have been entertaining thus far.

    There are some similarites to Firefly, though I think Firefly was a much better show. The main similarity is the evident immediate backbone of a story arch running through the show, as if we are picking up in the middle of the story. Stargate SG1 serves as a good example of what I'm talking about. It usually had four story arch driven shows for each idea driven show. The latter didnt play into the overall story, they stood alone, you could watch them by themselves. Those were always my favorite episodes because they were typically the most creative. Usually good programs start out idea driven and move more and more into a soap opera like story after the first initial seasons. Dollhouse is already there. Ok, so all of Joss Whedon's shows have been like that...that is true. Something tells me that none of these characters are compelling enough for people to care about them the way they did Buffy or Malcom Reynolds though. The lead has a different personality each week for one thing. Only time will tell. But, for now I would recommend people to check this show out. It is pretty good, definately entertaining. Oh yeah, almost forgot...My greatest annoyance so far is the use of the female model types as rambos when there is seemingly no other reason except to give a hot chick with a gun some screen time. The dollhouse is full of both men and women, and yet when anyone will do they often choose one of the hottest concubines to serve as a swat / commando (episode 1 Dichen Lachman storming the kidnappers shack for example). Just seems to me that if they were a legitimate business they wouldn't use their female employees frivolously like that, are they not worth more in another dept...and what about all of the male dolls, why are they even there?
  • Poorly written, poorly acted. Execution is terrible. It gets a 3 extra points for the hot actresses. minus that you get 1 for a crap show. Dushku might be a good looker but she no actress. The direction is crap. Need i say more?

    Its a weak reflection of the Bourne Series and a poor push to mimic Total Recall. The idea of empty shells for personalities is good but the use of the word personalities is poor - at least they could have come up with a catch phrase. Dushku is a pretty girl but completely devoid of acting ability. I'm no acting expert but she is no better than her last roll. Its like shes not even convinced of her own character. Fine, she's supposed to be clueless but at least give more into the story to back this up. Why should I care?

    The FBI agent is a waste of acting skill, he's hollow. There's no motivation for the viewer to care about his quest to find the dollhouse. Most of the other characters are just a waste of time. I gave it 3 shows but its crap. Fox won't figure that out until season 2.
  • If you're reading this, I'm sure you know what this show is about, so let's skip to the review....

    I remember back when I first heard about this show I was really excited to watch it. Then the pilot came and I wanted to throw the TV out the window. That whole negotiation gone wrong bit was horrible. Echo was hardly believable as a kidnapping negotiator.
    Still, I decided to give it another chance. The second episode was a little better, but still flawed. The third episode came and I was bored for the first half or so. It picked up the singer's intentions were shown, and the revealing of Echo's "outside the box" methods. Still, I have the same complaints I've had with it since day one:

    Eliza Dushku can't seem to manage her roles very well. Also, I don't understand why they need to add unnecessary, forced hip elements (bike racing, kayaking, pop singer, "urban speak"). Hope it gets better.
  • The Dollhouse is a very secret, and very illegal, place where wishes come true. Clients with the right connections and enough money can hire "Actives", people who have been programmed to perfectly fulfill the needs, and desires of their clients.

    I have been a fan of Joss Whedon since I say the first episode of Buffy so when I saw that he was gonna make a new show I just had to watch and I was not disappointed. I think the idea of the show seems so believable and that it is possible that this sort of thing exists in really life. Back to the show…Eliza Dushku is perfect as Echo and the rest of the cast fits well together.
    This show has everything I expected to have, great characters, great dialogue and great actors. Hopefully it will only get better and in my mind Joss Whedon has done it again.
  • There in an organization who can provide you with anyone you want or need, custom made, for a price. The only catch is that these custom made people are wiped clean after each use... in theory. One has already surpassed his programming, murderously.

    Somehow, Fox never learned from the lesson of Whedon's last series, Firefly. Once again, they jumped in on the second episode, skipping the universe-building pilot and expected the viewers to just adapt. Self-sabotage.

    Despite that, the series is very promising. The creepy set-up paints the background for a variety of interesting protagonists with conflicting agendas, the occasional plot-twist, and a number of dangerous dangling mysteries.

    As with all the best of Joss Whedon's work, the most interesting characters in the series of those who are sympathetic to the audience, but still of dubious morals. Though the motives of the "actives" thusfar remain a mystery to us, the staff of the dollhouse slowly gains depth. As the actives gain independence, audience (and character) loyalty is likely to be tugged in several directions.

    Let's hope it lives up to it's promise and (unlike Firefly) is at least given the opportunity.
  • It is goin to be really good just give it time if you don't like it already.

    I read a lot of information about the tv show before watching it. I am sitting in anticipation waiting for the next episode to piece together the story. I like the show never the less because its not only random from episode to episode but also has a very connected story line that it builds on. I do have to say I am pretty bias as I am huge Josh Whedon fan. Like he did write toy story and that is a favorite for a lot of people. But one of my favorite shows is firefly. So although dollhouse seems to have a slow start right now there will be good things to come
  • I thought the 1st ep was a bit rubbish tbh the second picked up the pace and the third was awsome!

    I can believe the teppid reviews and bad ratings sure the 1st episode wasnt great but each episode so far has been much (and i do meen much) better than the last, Joss deverves high prais indeed, cant wait to see how it all turns out (like why echo decided to "whipe the slate clean" and why the ex cop is there), loving the show so far shame about the slow start but i'd rather have a slow start than an excelent start and no follow up (like heroes whicch still hasnt manage to capture the magic of the 1st season, this epsode had a lot suprises like the reveal of a new active (not telling you who just incase u havent seen it) and the little bits of eye contact between actives when they are meant to be "whiped" superb stuff!
  • Dullhouse ?

    I gave it a try, ready to ignore the first quirks (hey, a couple episodes to get things going isn't uncommon), but I call it quit 10 minutes into the third episode : sorry but the singing was just too much.

    The only (slightly) interesting part - secret firm, killer on the loose - fades in the background. What is left is just a bad collage of existing shows (the Pretender coming first to mind).

    All in all, I'd say that Joss has lost it... Buffy and Firefly are long gone, and Dullhouse is far from coming close. Waste of time ? You bet !
  • Dolls, they can be whoever you want them to be. At the end of each "mission" their memories are wiped, a new canvas is produced and a new story is created.

    Well my anticipation for this show was second only to the return of BSG. I thought the premise of the show, the idea of the different character every episode, to be truly innovative. Put that together with a great cast and of course Whedon and surely your onto a winner? Well going by the first episode, im not entirely convinced. That is not to say that I didnt enjoy it, just that I expected more from it. It just seemed to start really slowly and it finished slowly, I know that with the first episode of new shows its neccessary to introduce us to the ideas involved, to tell us about the characters, what their stories are (or at the very least how they came to be) yet I was left with to many "whats, whos and whys?". I will be giving it another try, its not fair to judge a new show entirely on the first episode, but its going to have to get really good really quickly or my faith in innovation in TV will be dented. Lets hope I am proved wrong!
  • I have only watched the first episode so far. I found it to be good, but not great. I think the show has promise. It may just take awhile to get into the new characters (still morning over Firefly).

    I have only watched the first episode so far. I found it to be good, but not great. I think the show has promise. It may just take awhile to get into the new characters (still morning over Firefly). Glad to see Eliza back at work. She always added some intensity to Buffy episodes, was surprised to see Amy Acker as well (also of Buffy fame).
    There was a lot of drama over the direction of the show. Joss is known for quality work. He has a lot of people hoping that this will be another good show, and that the numbers will convince the network to keep it on the air.
    The first episode was a teaser, leaving a lot of questions to be answered, mainly what lead echo to become a 'doll'.
    The acting is good, the story lines are interesting. I think they just need time to develop the characters, and the actors to settle in to their roles, although playing a different person every week makes it hard to settle into a role.
  • What a GREAT new show! the premise of being able to be any "character" week after week holds alot of promise and growth for this series!

    OK, so I Tivo'ed the first 2 episodes. And I can't wait to see more live! MAN, this is a VERY different take on a pretender-like series. The drama and suspense definitely keep you captivated! The main character, Echo, grabs you right away as a sympathetic and believable character. You cheer for her, look out for her, and root for her throughout! The supporting cast is wonderful and we are getting just enough tidbits of everyone that future shows can center around them. This show is definitely a great way to spend a Friday night. You can't go wrong on a night of Eliza Dushku! :)
  • This is a great series. Characters are interesting. I just hope they don't ax this one. Maybe they should put this on a different night so that more people will be able to watch it.

    This is a great series. Characters are interesting. The storyline is fast-paced you can already feel a sense of what they are becoming. I especially love the fact that you can program people on what they need to do. If that is only possible in reality the world will be a better place to live in. I love Dollhouse, i hope the executives will choose to have show stay on air. I can't wait until Echo finally realizes what she truly is and what she will do it. All in all i look forward to every episode of Dollhouse. :)
  • This is the one that will hook you.

    I agree, the pilot was OK, but the second episode is the one that will draw the viewers in. The way it starts giving info about Dollhouse whilst making you ask questions....Like why did Alpha leave only Echo alive. Although Doc Saunders managed to live albeit scarred???? And the whole taking multiple imprints at once phenom that occurred in Alpha, and that is starting to show in echo makes me wonder what Whedon will do. Yep I'm hooked already, and cant wait for the next ones to come out. Although it is sorta looking like Alpha made an identity for himself upon escaping...
  • Not So Shiny

    "Dollhouse"/ Dustin Rowles

    I don't like butting heads with the Whedonites. They're good people - a little myopic, perhaps, and occasionally humorless. But good people. So, I decided to watch at least two "Dollhouse" episodes before offering a verdict, hoping to avoid some potential ugliness. In fact, I watched the pilot episode twice, hoping that I'd somehow missed something the first time around - something that would endear me to the show, something that had the underpinnings of a cool mythology, or at least something that distracted me from how godawful Eliza Dushku's actressin' is. The second viewing, unfortunately, only hardened my dislike. It was better, if only by a little, but it also validated Fox's decision to move "Dollhouse" to the Friday night wasteland. "Dollhouse" probably won't make it to a second season, but it's not because of Fox, and it's not because of the bad time slot. It's because it's not a very good show.

    The premise: Eliza Dushku plays Echo, one of several personality vessels in the Dollhouse. She is programmed to be whoever the client wants her to be, and after each mission/adventure, Echo's memory is wiped clean, until the next episode, when she'll be reprogrammed for another client. Essentially, she's a very high paid call girl/mission operative controlled by a mysteriously sinister corporate organization. In the first episode, she's programmed to be someone's dream date, and then as a hostage negotiator, secured by a wealthy businessman whose daughter was kidnapped. In the second episode, she's again programmed to be some guy's ideal outdoor date/lay, but that client is a little on the psycho side and decides to take her on a bow-hunting adventure, where Echo is the prey.

    Meanwhile, there's also a government agent (Tahmoh Penkiett) of some sort who is trying to uncover the secret Dollhouse, though his motivations - which seem well-intentioned - aren't exactly clear. Meanwhile, the show's mythology, shades of Jason Bourne, revolves around why Echo decided to give up her civilian life and become one of the Dolls, which is being revealed slowly through a scant few flashbacks, since Echo has no trace of her former personality left. Also, it appears that someone - either from her civilian life, or a former Doll who went HAL - is trying to kill or save her. Echo's only real ally, so far, is stoic stock black character (Harry Lennix), who is channeling the vibe of "Alias'" Carl Lumbly. All the while, Echo also seems to be recovering, albeit slowly, some of her past memories, full recovery of which would make this show even more pointless than it already is.

    So far, anyway, "Dollhouse" feels similar to the less than mediocre and cancelled Christian Slater show, "My Own Worst Enemy," only "Dollhouse" is even less compelling, as Echo has no home life to conflict with her prostitution work. When she's not programmed for one of her clients, she's vacant - she walks ethereally around the Dollhouse offices with a bored, oblivious expression. In other words: She's Eliza Dushku, the dimpled female version of Keanu Reeves. Dushku (who is also a producer) is the show's weakest element - she can barely act, and while you'd think her robotic nature would work well in the context of the premise, it's hard to tell the difference between when Echo is the listless vessel or when a programmed personality is inhabiting her. Even her "personalities" have no personality. She looks pretty, but the pebble rattling around in her head must have knocked out the light.

    Dushku is not, however, the show's only problem. The entire cast is wooden and flat. In part, it's because the characters are supposed to be sterile corporate types or government agents, but there's more to it than that. There is nothing about anyone on the show that might give you any reason to care about them. "Dollhouse," like its residents, is empty. The dialogue is clunky, and the mythology is shallow. Whedon may have been better served, in fact, to fully reveal Echo's human side at the outset, so at least there'd be something familiarly human the viewer could cling to.

    Indeed, it feels as though Whedon - who has been burned too often by the lack of commercial appeal in his shows - is overshooting now. He's trying to create a J.J. Abrams mythology and merge it with the preposterous action elements of "24." What Whedon's forgetting, however, is his greatest strength: Character development. There are no Captain Reynolds in "Dollhouse" or a Jayne Cobb or Captain Hammer or a Willow. The show has zero humor, and nothing in it resonates either cerebrally or emotionally. The show is inert, catatonic. It's a program that deserves to be on Friday nights, where maybe it can skate by unnoticed long enough for Joss Whedon to flesh it out and turn it around.

    He might want to start by getting rid of Eliza Dushku.
  • What is happening to Josh?

    Has anyone else got concern over Dollhouse? Because i do. I have been a huge Josh fan since the very beggining, even writting my dissertation on the guy. However i am really dissapointed with this new show.

    Josh is critically known for his characterisation, but these characters are flat and i really don't care what happens to them. He has used alot of the same actors from his previous shows/film, however they seem out of place as if they shouldn't be there. Don't get me wrong i like Dushku in Angel/Buffy i even seen tru calling but wasn't a fan but i just feel she is two dimensional.

    We are supposed to relate and care about the main character but quiet frankly if she had been hunted down and killed in the second episode i wouldn't have minded.

    Is it just me or have they re-used the set from Angel season five? On the whole i am so dissapointed. As soon as i watched any of the other shows i was blown away, mabey the show will get better? However if the ratings are anything to go by maybe the show is doomed before it has really begun.
  • Great series, will be BIG!

    After watchind episode one of this show i was impressed but episode 2 blew my mind, it has thrown me full force into the Dollhouse world and i don't want to get out- i want more! I fikkin love it- it's awesome! I am a huge Buffy fan and the minor quotes they throw in there is a great reminder (albeit very subtle and will not affect non-buffy fans (freaks!))I love Joss and Eliza and hope people give this show a chance- they will not be dissapointed! I do mention this to people and i think the name dollhouse gives people (esp men) the wrong impression of what the show is about. once we get passed that i feel this show will become a huge sucess!! If you were put off by the first episode, stick with it for the second- you won't be dissapointed! I can not wait for episode 3!!
  • Boooooring...

    The 1st episode barely left me intrigued to watch more. The 2nd episode forced me to surf and read a magazine while I watched... and that was even as I ffwd thru the commercials on the DVR. I've never been a fan of Joss Whedon's style or his shows/movies... he used cheap laughs in Buffy, Firefly and Serenity (I could only get thru a few episodes of Buffy and Firefly, and watched Serenity only b/c it was recommended by a friend and nothing else was on, and wished I hadn't watched it now). I'm so glad he didn't get The Dark Knight over Christopher Nolan. Nor have I ever been a fan of Eliza Dushku. I'm done with this show.
  • One of The best! It's new, farily origanol, and oh so cool! A weekly dose of excitment!

    Incredable! Brand new ideas, brand new actors (and actresses!), Divine twists and oh so exciting action sequences! Any one who disagrees with this last comment obviosly hasn't seen the lates episode! So many cliff hangers and feelings after another! One second your in this daze of understanding about the doctors scars and how Echo's "handler" came to be hers and the next, your outraged and disgusted that some one would have the guts to hunt down another person. One of the best shows on the air. I see the potential for many, many episodes to come for 'Dollhouse'! I can't wait to see more of Echo, I'm getting gittery already, and it's only Monday!
  • I absolutely love this show!!!!!! I think it's truly amazing and I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

    So I didn't much enjoy the pilot to be honest, but the second episode just blew me away. The flashbacks provide us with more information about Echo's past. The story and the acting was beautifully done. There is this misterious character they call Alpha and that's a man who have escaped the Dollhouse. I'm very impatient in finding out why he didn't kill Echo. Out of all the people he killed, Echo was the only one who survived except a woman who he scared for life. I just want to see more and more episodes. In writing this I'm hoping to get more people watching the show. Just give the show a chance and you won't be dissapointed.
  • The latest episode of Echo and the Dollhouse. *** Spoiler Alert ***

    In this episode Echo is sent out to be a companion for an adrenalin junkie. After some adventure through the woods and a roll in the hay her new hire then begins to hunt her. As she is hunted she begins to remember things from the past but can't quite grasp what they are from.

    I enjoyed this episode much better than the first and like that she is piecing together things that have happened in the past. I can see the show lasting if the episodes keep getting better or a least as good as this one. I think that fox should have used this as the pilot.
  • I have fallen in love with Dollhouse! I was already in love with Eliza Dushku becuase she is an amazing actress.Joss Whedon has done an amzing job with this show. I think everyone should watch the show becuase you will get hooked like me.

    The first episode was good but it felt like something was missing but i still really enjoyed it. When I saw the second episode i fell head over heels in love with Dollhouse and everything about it. The second epsiode gave me everything i wanted and i realized that the first epsiode was perfect too. They just came together so good and just left me wanting more. I had an adrenaline rush watching the whole second episode. It was beautifully written and so unexpected. Echo began to remember more but did not yet understand what it all meant. It was so perfect and i have to keep watching now. Im completely hooked. I hope that everyone will watch this show because you don't know what your missing if you don't. If it were to get cancelled i will be so depressed haha. Im addicted and i don't think i have the strengh to go cold turkey. So watch Dollhouse and save me from the withdrawls haha.
  • Dollhouse is basically a story of a girl who is controlled by some people who own the Dollhouse and they use her as a doll to fulfill their needs and they change her personality and memory completely for their own good.

    This show is the show we've been all waiting for by Joss whedon. Whedon is one- if not THE best- of the best TV directors. He makes stories and writes them in a way that anyone who watches his shows simply believes everything. Basically, he makes his own word and he makes us a part of it. As expected, he chose Eliza Dushku which has been one of his team for at least the last ten years. She fits into any part he wants her to. However, Dollhouse takes sometime to ingest because it is a bit scary, yet exciting and sad. Memories are being lost. Personalities are being changed.
  • Secret Organisation-Novice-Caring Handler-Arrogant Bosses-Tech Guy-Cop outside the boundaries and a good premise. Let's see what's in here! ;-)

    On the whole I'd expected more but you can only fit so much in an hour and this was a GOOD hour!
    If you've not see it-might be spoliers!
    I thought of other pilots and this made the grade in establishing what the show was about and the possible 'bumps' in the road for the characters.
    Guessing the next few epi's will flesh them out.
    Loved Eliza-Great performance. To go from 'party girl' to 'blank' to 'kick-a$$ negotiator' while conveying the horror that befell that charater but aware of the job at hand. Good stuff!
    Harry J. Lennix was spot as the Handler. He does so well the compassionate tough figure.
    Delighted to see Amy Acker and intrigued to learn her story.
    Can't wait for more on Olivia Williams and Tahmoh Penikett characters.
    Curous about Williams side-kick. He's normally cast in creepy back-stabbing roles. Ahh! My mind and its darker thoughts.
    Trusting Joss Whedon's run at this makes it to season 2!
  • This episode was much better than the first one, this one should get people hooked.

    The first episode was okay but nothing special. This second episode definitely WAS something special. It's a shame the first episode did not get the viewers hooked, because now with this second episode we can see this show can turn into something great that really deservers to life on. With this second episode a lot more elements are introduced to the story and it personally got me excited about upcoming episodes. It was interesting to see they gave a bit of history to Echo herself and the Dollhouse. We also got to see more character development of the people around Echo, which is needed of course for a good show. Now it is hoping this show will get it's chance, so spread the word if you liked this episode as well.
  • This show is about Echo who is an active and gets hires along with other actives to do the dirty instead and lives to (not) tell about it....

    This show is fantastic but FOX have yet again let down a really good show. I'm glad they struck it lucky this year with Fringe but they are taking Dollhouse for granted and this people will just tune in on a friday.... no show is THAT good

    God's Sake people (at Fox) air it on thursdays after Bones if you want viewership to increase or maybe before fringe. Terminator is not attracting anybody (after the realeas of xtian bale's movie maybe but right now not so much) so dont put a new show AFTER one the ha a decreasing number of viewers week after week, its just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need to air this jem of a show after something that is already a statement for FOX, like BONES for example.... or maybe an animated show to get guys hooked - eliza is HOT, and the action is very manly perse, so that may be a thought...if not i will repeat Air It On Thurs After Bones or else just cancel it, coz if you do a FIRE FLY or a DRIVE with this show im going to be really P|$$3D!!!
  • Who is Alpha? What is Echo's past? Who is giving Ballard information about Echo? These questions and more are... asked in this episode.

    So first episode of Dollhouse? Pretty good. Yeah, I enjoyed watching it, but for all the promise it showed, it was about as good as a decent episode of Angel. After the sheer brilliance of Firefly and the unbelievable originality of Dr. Horrible, that was enough to leave me disappointed. Needless to say my unreasonable expectations were not met. But! I felt like they could be at some point.

    Now I feel like it's getting closer to those expectations.

    It's not just that the characters are starting to talk like Joss Whedon characters, that Echo can get in trouble and doesn't need help getting out even without imprints, that the plot is twisting and turning in all the right directions, it's also the little things.

    For example, I love that the mysterious rogue Active is named Alpha. Why? Because now Echo's name isn't just a lame joke. It's military alphabet code. It didn't click for me last episode when they introduced a new active named Sierra because I didn't remember that Sierra was a part of the military alphabet code. It's such a little detail, but I think this is so cool. So far they've only used Alpha, Echo, November, Sierra, and Victor, according to IMDB and they've still got so many other names to work with. Charlie, Romeo, Juliet, Mike, Oscar...

    Anyway, I think that's cool.

    This episode is full of so many little surprises. Pretty much whenever anybody uses a gun, it's awesome.

    I like how they didn't waste time explaining Dr. Saunders' scars.

    Langdon seemed out of place at first. A little too serious I thought. But I'm really starting to like him and I also like the odd relationship he has with Echo.

    It's not perfect, though.

    Topher shows a bit of inexperience. He gets some of Joss' best lines but he isn't filling them yet.

    The "shoulder to the wheel" thing was a little... meh. Felt a bit awkward. Especially at the end.

    I hope the awkward girl who has a crush on Ballard is harboring a dark secret because otherwise she's really a waste of space. She's cute and sweet, but this show is already cluttered with enough characters, many of whom are already cluttered with characters in themselves, so if she doesn't have anything important to add other than lasagna, she should be cut. But knowing Joss, she's probably got a dark secret.

    So the show has definitely reached the point where I feel I can start actively recommending it. I hope that this isn't the high point, because it still hasn't reached that level of amazing I've come to expect from Joss, but I feel like it can get there now.
  • Awesome Show

    I watched all of Tru calling, it was a great show with Eliza Dushku. It was unfortunate but they cancelled it, now with her back in a brand new show its good to see. Very original, great actors, it really has alot of potential to be an excellent show. I agree with the others who say people arent giving it a chance. This will be one of the best this year and hopefully years to come. Too many shows dont get a chance to shine before they are taken down. Tell everyone you know to start tuning in =) Thanks Fox keep up the good work.
  • One of my new favorite shows.

    The suspense is amazing. The plot is amazing. Everything is just brilliant. One problem I'm having, is trying to understand the flashbacks and the people. I am more interested in Echo and her adventures.

    brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant
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    brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant

    ...and I'm happy to say it.
  • good start, keep it going!

    A solid start to the show, lets give it the time to become a 10/10 show, not just a 8/10. If we remember back to the Buffy premiere, that was by no means the cream of the Buffy crop - quite far from it infact.

    The show has already started setting up its plot and its definatley left me wanting more.

    Acting was good, script was good. Slightly self referential in a way, the Edward James Olmos quote, the way 'the glasses' were mentioned to overcome anyone with a wise mouth saying, 'you cant just put glasses on someone and they become someone else' You can see Joss' style coming through here. Love it!

    Keep watching!
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