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  • Bad first episode, with luck it'll get better...

    I could very well come back later and change my rating for the show, but the first episode was a huge disappointment. I wanted to like it, have been looking forward to it forever... but...

    The lead actress was totally unbelievable in her role as hostage negotiator. The perception was she was play-acting as one, not that she believed she was one.

    I've never been much for thing-of-the-week type shows, I like my drama serialized -- though there have been exceptions. The premise of this show lends itself to weekly storylines, but I'm hoping the underlying mystery will add the right balance.

    I think they should've opened with 2 episodes back-to-back and provided us with more of the mystery element, the acting and storyline need a boost. Hopefully, over the couple episodes, the story will unfold into something interesting and the lead actress will feel more at ease in her role.
  • GIVE IT TIME I'll rate it 10 to get the average up, cos so many people are writing it off after one episode and seem not to be giving it a chance to shine. It easily could get better with time.

    It isn't perfect. However, the fact that every episode is going to be very much different with a blank canvass for the writers makes it more likely to be a very up and down series for some people. It's not a fully continuous story like Prison Break and Lost; or even like Bones, Supernatural, House and Reaper, where there is a central thread and the storylines each week have to be similar due to the nature of the characters, their personalities, etc. It's a bit of a new concept.

    Therefore, I will give it a series and see how it goes.
  • I love a show that makes me think... this one just makes me think of killing myself it's so bad...

    I really wanted to like this show - it's Joss Whedon for heaven's sake! But I could not do it. The dialogue was boring and silly, the acting was horrible. This whole show was based around Eliza Dushku losing clothing by the scene. Hey! if that's what people want go for it on the playboy channel, or one of those quickie straight-to-DVD movies. However, I expect a lot more entertainment from Joss Whedon. He just did not deliver this time around.

    Most annoying is that this show will probably survive the cut when the far superior Firefly did not. Furthermore, I resent it piggy-backing on a good show like Terminator. Grrrrrrrrr!
  • Look for clues. This one is saying more that it seems on the surface.

    A lot of people are being critical of this show. We shouldn't just accept it because it's a Whedon. One scene though made this show for me and will be the reason that I keep tuning in.

    Echo as the hostage negotiator rescued a little girl from a freezer. The personality Echo had taken on had once been abducted by the same man, making rescuing the little girl so important to her. It was like Echo rescued herself by proxy.

    In the final scene, Echo and the other dolls, now wiped of their personalities, all went to bed. As the cover closed over Echo, it reminded me of the freezer. The show's powers that be were making a comparison without words. That kind of thoughtful subtlety, exploring moral and philosophical issues, is what I watch sci-fi for. Way to go, Dollhouse! Keep it up!
  • We meet this hot chick that owes somebody something, so she undergoes a mind bender in order to redeem herself.

    This show is not going to last. I don't get all the pre-pilot hooplah. I wouldn't say it's a complete waste of time, because Eliza Duskhu is easy on the eyes. But the production feels like a Saturday afternoon kids show. Kinda like Samurai Girl. The only redeeming scene was the motorycle race. They actually pulled some wheelies! But the acting was uneven and there were problems with the props and the plot. Like if they have mind-wiping technology, then why do they still use paper reports and manila file folders? And that atrocious monster of a tablet PC! That kind of product placement makes me not want to buy it. When did they shoot this, in 1995? Even in the relationship drama The Ex List all the characters had iPhones. How hard is it NOT to give every ultra-high tech operative a Kyocera flip phone? And is she going to hook up with the doctor lady or not? It's not like she would remember it. With this technology and chicks this hot, they're in the wrong business. Plus what's the deal with deliberately giving the character fatal flaws? She all but got herself killed. And if they're going to kill everybody in the end anyway, then why not do it when they have a sniper rifle on them? Save Ellie the trouble. And why does the boss lady have to have an accent? Pretty sloppy, Fox.
  • I've got to say this is a solid first episode. Joss Wheedon's shows are like a fine wine, they just keep gettiing better with age.

    I loved this episode. It's always very hard to explain an entire plot in the first episode and get people captivated. But I think this is definintely worth coming back for more. How many people didn't like Buffy or Angel's first episodes? Imagine what might have happened if we had gotten season 2 of Firefly.The character of Echo is tantalising - what is her background? Where is she from? Why would she agree to be put in the Dollhouse for 5 years? Frankly I want to know the answers to these questions and more and I will definitely be watching this Friday.
  • I doubt this contains any spoilers because nothing in the show is explained or even interesting enough to spoil.

    This is probably one of joss' worst shows ever if not the worst. The idea is decent but overall it is very disappointing. The motorcycle race in the beginning is moronic at best...they are using sport bikes which the fairings (term for the fiberglass outer body of a bike) are EASILY damaged yet she dumps the bike and there isnt a scratch on it...that by itself is stupid but it continues NO ONE who rides a bike has a wreck of any kind and says "f*ck this helmet for saving my life" to then throw it away on the street and that is basically what happens in the scene. WHAT THE **** are you writers doing?!?

    As for the dialouge, it is tired and cliche, dare I say it...boring as all hell. "you ever try to clean an actual slate?" are you kidding me? that made the final cut? Ok it gets worse though..."she's living the dream...whose dream?...who's next?" That was when my thumb migrated to the power button but I thought "ok Mr. Whedon change my mind" unfortunately Mr. Whedon ignored me. I began to laugh my ass off when the echo character starts to talk like a 3 year old. Ok I get it blank slate, but why does she have to have the brain of a 3 year old? When she sees the girl getting the "treatment" she looks like a retard and utters "she hurts"...I would have liked this show much more if the guys response was something like "no she's fine echo, those are happy shakes...would you like a cookie?". When they got to the ghost line I basically threw my arms up into the air and gave up on this show. "You cant fight a ghost...but he was heavy....the weight of him, ghosts aren't heavy."

    Based on the writing and well the overall show, I think Joss has gone through a few "treatment" sessions himself. What happened to the genius behind Firefly, Buffy, Dr. Horrible's, etc?

    I would have at least been amused if they used the name of the show in some clever way...such as instead of having them sleep in practically coffins in the floor they had a full size dollhouse setup with rooms for each person on one side of the building all connecting to each other but have the outer wall removed so it actually looked like a dollhouse...alas not even a obvious idea such as that is done.

    The setup of the show is also garbage. It starts with her in a room negotiating with the head of the dollhouse about joining the dollhouse because her life is so screwed up but they don't tell you why or how it was screwed up. I mean you have to at least give us some kind of backstory to even attempt to convince people why anyone in the world would consider giving up their life to be a mindless puppet.

    Towards the end there is a point where the head lady whatever her name is says to her lackey "tell me how are we going to contain this" then hands him a folder of paper which has a cover page that says "Alpha" : "Eyes Only" then he turns the page and the scene cuts...Which in turn makes me think "what the f*ck is he suppose to contain?". I think the writers are trying to add suspense but in order to do that there has to be at least some semblance of detail. I guess Alpha is referring to a prototype doll that has become rogue or something. However, if they control their memories and they are mindless puppets then how can they remember anything from their past or even recent events once they are wiped and then defeats the entire idea of a rogue doll.

    I don't see any hope of saving this show and this is actually the only tv show of Whedon's that should be canceled. Firefly should still be on the air but this though...put it out of its misery.

    The dollhouse seems to be just a creepy place for rich over endulged pricks to get their rocks off than a "secret facility that helps people" as they want you to think. The leader of the dollhouse basically has no moral compass and does whatever brings in the cash...even keeping ransom money. Echo's handler Boyd (Harry Lennix) is the closest thing to human the show has as he actually brings up morality and ethics into the show but at the end of the day he is still being paid to do what he is told.

    Maybe the show was overhyped in my head because of the return of Whedon but even if it didnt have the burden of hype I still think it would be a TERRIBLE show.

    2.5 out of 10
  • I suppose everyone wants a thriller pilot, but anyone who has read the reviews already knows this series isn't supposed to pick up until episode six... It's better than I expected...

    I suppose everyone wants a thriller pilot, but anyone who has read the reviews already knows this series isn't supposed to pick up until episode six... It's better than I expected... Many are saying they expected more from Joss Whedon, however it seems like it might be a bit early to throw a big judgement on this show. I think it's original and interesting. Sure, in some ways it seems a bit impractical, but isn' this supposed to be entertainment? Which isn't always 'realistic'.. if you want realism, watch reality TV.. Oh wait, reality TV is not realistic either now is it? Anyway, I want to see where this show is going. Episode 1 / this pilot held my interest well enough. I'm looking forward to episode 2. A sidenote: I had to watch this on HULU because the official fox site kept crashing firefox, and when I tried to use IE 7, the movie wouldn't load, no matter how long I waited. I had to go to a 3rd party site to watch this thing... that in fact is my only real annoyance about this show... and that's a FOX issue, it's got nothing to do with Joss Whedon...
  • OH Joss, what happened?!! After Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc. I was expecting something, anything, but this.

    This show is, in my opinion, horrible, and that's an understatement.
    I'm not quite sure how much Joss was involved in this, despite what the credits state, because I didn't see much of his hand in the scenes, or I could be wrong and in his time off he overthought the story and killed what he had in mind to begin with.
    All in all this show reminds me of My Own Worst Enemy, with Christian Slater taking the gold, as much as I'm shocked to say.
    Out of loyalty to Joss I would watch a few more episodes, but I see myself recording them and letting them sit on a shelf instead. Sorry Joss, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
  • This show has alot of promise.

    New shows need a few episodes to get the background of the characters established, and the storylines set up. Most people forget that. If the characters aren't our friends, or at least people we like, we will soon be bored. We have to care about what happens to them. Once that happens, the audience will be hooked. Look at other shows (eg. Star Trek), some didn't do well at all, but with time they became viewing staples. Joss hasn't let us down yet, so I'm willing to stick with the show. I think we will be rewarded. I'm looking forward to seeing what these "actives" can get themselves into.
  • Joss Whedon is brillant.

    This show I can easily admit is off to a rocky start. But never forget the fact that this is Joss Whedon and unlike most television shows has a plot. He needs to get to it quick though because we know FOX likes to kill shows all the time. I think the best question for MR. Whedon is "Why the hell do you pitch anything to fox!?! I mean seriously, they killed FIREFLY. Lets all take a moment. Back to DOLLHOUSE it did feel rushed but we all know how FOX is they want action, action, action. I mean why else have that beginning scene with the motorcycles cause I don't know about you but how unnessecary was that?
  • Maybe it get's better

    I just saw the pilot on my tivo. I expected more from a first episode. Now, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

    Bad, when the rest of the series walks the same path, or good, because it's just the first episode and it just could become better.

    Not to compare this series to The Mentalist, but I had the same feeling when I watched the pilot for that series also. But, that kept getting better and better with every episode, so I will keep following every episode, and change my review when the series are almost over. Who knows, maybe after 11 episodes, I'm completely hooked, just wanting more ;-)
  • Yikes! Is this where sci-fi has gone?

    I really wanted to like this show. Sci-fi has a big place in my family's lives when it comes to entertainment but this was awful. The cast was not "bad" and they do seem to be trying to make this show work but how good can it be when the lead character walks around dazed saying "I don't know what fell on me?" I'm betting it's not going to be an emmy. I adored the X-Files (not after Fox left though) but Joss misses the mark here. I can see this going on hiatus for a complete re-tooling (or should I say deep massage) but the changes would have to be massive.
  • Interesting idea which probably still needs tweaking in order to make it fabulous.

    Having only seen the pilot episode so far, it probably is not really fair to judge this too harshly. The pilot episode was about average although slightly disappointing in some ways. I do believe that it will grow to become a great show, the one that Joss Whedon fans have been waiting for all this time. The character of Echo certainly has lots of potential and is played very well by Eliza Dushku. I suspect comic relief will be provided by Boyd and Topher, I could see some sparks ther in the pilot. I am looking forward to seeing how this show develops.
  • I was hoping for a lot more from joss wheaton. I was also hoping Eliza could show off a little more. I don't find myself believing this world.

    I think I got more emotionally involved with the trailer than I did the actual tv pilot. I was expecting bitter-sweet comedy about a girl pulled into a science experiment or an alias meets Buffy sort of deal. This show seems as if the plot line was thinly put together especially the part where she has the brain of somebody else. How lame is that! If you want character flaws don't go with that of someone else's make it retaliation or some past in which she contributed to this ring. The audience can never truly get to know a character if the faults are other people's. Also Eliza does not play dumb well, she seems stupid. They should have gone with more creepy aspect. They kind of gave her a dumb blonde persona.
  • A solid start for Whedon's Dollhouse.

    Dollhouse has made a solid start with the first episode, so maybe Joss Whedon was right to hold back the actual pilot in favor of "Ghost", which he has chosen to air first. (I do wonder if we will ever get to see that original pilot, though...) Eliza Dushku as Echo lets us know right off the bat that her character has a lot going on beneath the surface -- something even the character herself isn't aware of in her mind-wiped state at the beginning. I find myself anxious to hear more of the back story of Amy Acker's character as well. One expects both humor and a dark turn or two from a Whedon series. The first ep has a lot of the latter and only a little of the former. We'll see how it goes...
  • I hope this goes better

    Joss Whedon i have faith in you ¡¡¡¡¡
    Really i hope the next episode will be better. I love Elisa Dushku (i dont now how to wrote it), I love Whedon, and I love battlestar Helo. But i think this first episode was really poor, not original and a little bit predictable.
    I mean i now Buffy is not coming back, but i really have faith in Joss Whedon, hope he dont desapoint me, like so many other shows these days.
    So i really hope Elisa is so sexy as always,Tahmoh Penikett is the hot hunk that he is, and Whedon please make this work.
  • Dollhouse is new, exciting and has a good storyline.

    It was all the hype that made me tune into Dollhouse and it was worth watching. I'm intrigued to see what happens in this show and as it was very entertaining and the whole concept of these Actives being anyone was really interesting. I loved how Echo started off as a fun, motorcycle racing girl who thought that she had met "the one" and then, as soon as her memory was wiped she became this innocent naive woman. Yet later on as the show progressed she became a crime fighting asthmatic which was entertaining to see. I think Joss Whedon has written a great show, I can't wait to see more episodes.
  • Has Joss Whedon sold out?

    This had too many things going on at once. The introduction of the dollhouse and what it entails is appropriate. But already having people trying to infiltrate before we even understand what they are infiltrating? Having a doll developing an awareness of her past before we know what a doll is? Having Echo relive another woman's life and her sexual abuse on the first episode? It felt more like CSI then something from the Whedonverse. It needs a lot of work and I'm not sure if this is for us or the network. It feels like it is for ratings.
  • Dollhouse Is The Best New Show Ive Seen In Years It's So Cool I Can't Get Enough Ive Seen The First Episode 10 Times Already And Its Making Me Slowly By Slowly So Addicted To It. "Echo" Is Just So Phenomenon She's Hot And Sexy And Great.

    Dollhouse Is The Best New Show Ive Seen In Years It's So Cool I Can't Get Enough Ive Seen The First Episode 10 Times Already And Its Making Me Slowly By Slowly So Addicted To It. "Echo" Is Just So Phenomenon She's Hot And Sexy And Great I Seriously Love This Show. I Give This Show The Five Star Treatment Because That's What It Deserves I Love It So Much Dollhouse Is Going Down In History And Eliza Is So Fanatastic. Dollhouse Will Be The Talk Of The Town For The Next Season's To Come I Really Hope That This Show Really Gets To See 5 Season's.
  • A girl loses herself.

    At first glance Dollhouse may seem like just another excuse to see a pretty girl kick some a$$, but once the story gets rolling you begin to truly understand how many intricate details Whedon has worked into each scene. While Whedon's past work hit you over the head with the main details right away, Dollhouse was much more subtle. Unfortunately, Fox did make Whedon reshoot the pilot and this may be the disconnect some fans are feeling. This isn't a show to have on in the background or one you can flip back and forth from, you need to sit down, watching it end to end to fully appreciate it's genius. It, like it's predecessors is brilliant and deserves everyone's full appreciation.
  • Identity crisis to the max, and a refreshingly non-government conspiracy.

    I will admit right off the bat that I love Whedon's work. But I'm gonna put aside my feelings as a Whedon fan and try to be as objective as possible.

    As far as pilots go, I liked Dollhouse a lot. It's not a revolutionary concept, but I think it has a unique twist. The focus seems to be going more towards conspiracy and questions of morality with a heavy dose of action. And of course there's a sex appeal angle as well.

    The show is trying to please all audiences, the Whedon fans with high expectations, and the general TV viewer who likes action and/or scifi. In the pilot, it doesn't fully accomplish pleasing either demographic, but whether it's due to Fox's meddling or just poor execution is anyone's guess. The pilot tries to set up a lot at once, and ended up a little uneven, but I think there is potential here and it deserves another view or two from those who doubt it. It's an ambitious show, and there have been some creative clashes between Whedon and the network execs, so I wouldn't be surprised if the next couple of episodes are a little shaky too. As a Whedon fan, I have confidence that Dollhouse will smooth out into a great show, but if you hated Buffy and Firefly, you probably won't end up a devoted Dollhouse viewer.

    To sum it up: It's not an immediately outstanding show, but it is good. Keep tuning in and give it a chance, I think it will blossom into a hit.
  • Where o where did our little josh go?

    This was made by whom? Joss who? WoW did he fall off the bus and hit his head. I always like to give a show some time to grow but this has got a long way to go before it will be watchable. And the very first show is about some Pedophile who like to kidnap kids. Yikes.
    What has been Joss's signature that have made him such a success in the past? The connectedness the characters have with each other and the witty dialogue. The former can take awhile but I think when the main character cant remember who she was from episode to episode this could be a problem. The dialogue, well maybe this just isnt part of the show.
    One thing that was really prominent in the show was the 3D mapping the camera did of Eliza Dushku body. Mystery is definitely not something they used for this aspect of the show. She is nice but I felt that understatement would have worked better here. I struggle to see this as re-watchable show. No character really seem to be likable. I felt it just didnt work.

    It was nice to see Reed Diamond. Or "mikey" as I like to call him from Homicide:Life on the streets. He deserves a regular slot on the tube. I thought journeyman would last but alas that's gone. But alas that really is enough for me to continue to watch the show.
  • Well certainly not a great pilot, but wait a sec. who the hell liked Buffy's pilot anyway?

    Yeah I must admit I had a lot of expectations from this show, most of them were not satisfied yesterday when I watched the pilot. But rethinking of about 10 years back, I watched another pilot which I thought was a waste of time(Buffy) and then I watched every other episode liking the series more and more.

    The ingredients are all there, Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon. I've never seen Firefly, but in anything else I've seen with one of this guys has been awesome.
    I also think the main hole in this pilot was that we didnt get a taste of the main story. It was "jst another episode", thats why I didnt like it.

    To conclude I think we have to at least get a taste of the main story to judge fully the show.
  • Unoriginal... I mean a hollow person without any real personality gets personalities loaded to the brain... if not needed they get erased... where is the place for character development in this?

    This show was for me very boring. I dont mean to bash it, but c'mon... our main character has no character... the stuff she dose has no consequence for her future live... so she cant grow... no characterdevelopment... so the only way to go with this is trash the personality download thing... but then they would have to trash the whole concept... I see nothing that would keep me watching this...
    the action is not really interesting, the concept is almost like that failed show about the assasin and his second personality the husband...

    I dont like this show... and I dont feel the need to give it even a 3-episode-chance... just my opinion!
  • An Interesting if slightly average pilot. But with Joss' resume, I'm willing to give it a go

    Lets be straight up front.. I have yet to forgive Fox for the cancellation of Firefly (amongst many many others; Futurama, Millenium, Harsh Realm etc etc)... In fact they are the Great Satan of TV in my world, so I could only express suprise that Joss would work with them for this project. Having not seen the 'unaired' pilot I have no idea what changes they insisted on for the opener of Dollhouse but honestly, I enjoyed it. Nothing too original or earthshaking, but with enough promises and hints of deeper mysteries that I am interested enough to give it a go. It probably has zero chance of making it past the original order of 12 eps, but I am willing to take the ride. Lets see where it takes us.
  • Joss Whedon is back, thank God

    Anyone looking for their Buffy fix should adjust their expectations, not up or down, but laterally. This show is classic Whedon, to be sure. It has the signature dialog and the attention to character that keeps you wanting more, but this show is about as different from Firefly and Buffy as Firefly was from Buffy. That fact does not make it any less compelling than either that have come before, however. The critics of the show have complained about the convoluted plot of the first episode, and how they don't see how Eliza Dushku's Echo can progress if her personality changes from episode to episode, but I see the seeds of a great series, with a rich tapestry to rival anything Mr. Whedon has done, and certainly no less worthy of our devotion. Mr. Whedon constantly stretches the boundries of what can be done on television, and while his newest series may struggle under uncertain viewership (and a ghastly time slot - thank you Fox), there is no doubt by any who have seen his work that another gem of a show is about to shine (however briefly) through the mullock.
  • Highly original, prospect for a great show

    Dollhouse is an original show whose premiere setup the innovative setting of plot. The premier was entertaining and provided a good hook, although I do miss some of the witty and comedic comments which are placed throughout Whedon's former shows (I am hoping these will come in the future with future "imprints")

    As stated by someone else the first episode was less of an introduction and more like throwing the audience in the middle of the show, but I think this will allow the show to use the currently popular method of showing a little bit of back story in each episode.
  • Fun, interesting, Joss wins again.

    I really enjoyed this first episode, what could easily be the paper thin plot of a bad porn turns into gold in Joss's hands. I am eager to see more and learn much more about the characters and this darkly twisted anti-hero organization, "Dollhouse". The show so far is Riveting, sexy and smart. The plot lines are endless, and the heart of the show will only grow more intriguing as time passes. I only hope that Joss will be able to fully explore this storyline! Joss walks a fine line between genius and perversion, regardless of where he ends up I am eager to watch.
  • I am a huge whedon fan, even though this is not his typical show

    This is proof that whedon is a true genious, his past shows have been brilliant and now he heads in a new direction and still the show is fantastic, if your looking for the same old stuff its not here, but if you like good acting, characters, plot action etc.. etc.. etc.. your gonna love this show. ok sorry not big on breaking things down so just gonna ramble till I hit my 100 words, cause I believe you get the drift, action, suspense, crime thriller, and a little scifi mixed in, oh and yes beautiful ladies and from what my g/f says they guys are'nt bad to look at either
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