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  • Really wish they could have given the new season to Terminator instead...

    I hate this cult following behind Joss Whedon. Not because Joss produces poor quality shows, but because the fanbase will follow him everywhere simply because he is "Joss Whedon" and because they liked Buffy and firefly.

    Now I also liked Buffy and Firefly (the latter more than the former) which is why I was disappointed with Dollhouse from the start.
    It really just didn't compare with his previous work in terms of entertainment. It had the same depth and quality of story, but it was boring. sometimes you really do want small talk and big explosions.

    I remember that dollhouse was competing with Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles, earlier this year. At the time I was leaning more towards Terminator because I felt that while the first season was OK and the second season was for the most part pretty bad... in the last few episodes it was really picking up. Unlike dollhouse, which I felt was lacking from the start and really didn't have anywhere to go.

    By the start of season 2 I was enjoying it a bit more, but I found myself thinking "I really wish this was Teminator instead..."

    Sorry Joss, but this really was not your best work.
    It was good, but it was to your previous work what OZ was to HBO dramas (entertaining but weak overall)