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  • Dollhouse come back!

    I would love to see another show based on Dollhouse with many of the same characters and perhaps even Dollhouse itself! This is one of the best shows I've seen in a long, long time! It is brilliant and innovative and we need more of this kind of tv! Please, resurrect Dollhouse!!!
  • Better than most shows of the past 10 years

    Only now, in 2014, I watched this show and i can safely say that it is probably the most creative tv series of Joss Whedon. And also sits among the top 10 overall in the last decade. New on the content, new on format. Intriguing.

  • Absolutely Brilliant

    An absolutely brilliant show, loved every second of it. Surprisingly powerful at times, I felt a connection to the characters, and bawled my eyes out at the finale.
  • more information....

    Hi, I live in Brazil, my name is Natalia, watched a few episodes of doll house .... I wonder if there are any website that I can download the complete series subtitled or dubbed into Portuguese?? I appreciate the attention ... : *

  • Floppy Plot

    The series started off OKAY. The plot was written pretty solidly and each episode was predictable. It was written in the style that Medium was. Echo wakes up and takes on a new personality which was pretty interesting.

    For the cons: The bad guys always changed. They changed too much. First the Dollhouse was the bad guy and the FBI agent was working to uncover it. Then it flipped, the show dropped that the Dollhouse was bad, totally ignored that part and then the bad guys became another Dollhouse. There was always an enemy and I found that the characters would hate one another at one point but then that hate would be dropped and they would magically become friends again. The series was clearly not written well. The writers obviously did not think the plot through. It started off as being written like Medium (well organized and well written) but then they flipped back and forth with this weird Apocalypse thing, bad clients, Echo becoming her own person, Catherine not mattering anymore, and the nutty corporation that was set out to ruin the world. Also some characters would agree with the enemy and the plot would get confusing because they weren't supposed to agree with the enemy.

    It could have been a fantastic series but it flopped by the end of the first season.
  • Absolution delivered

    The notion of dollhouse is that we start where we dont want to be, and craves what we (and Echo, Caroline, Paul, Alpha, Topher and dewitt) are working towards.

    Its unsettling to start watching because these are the believable bad guys, and they dont get punished and taken down like they should. We need as viewers to have a good guy/girl til root for and wish well. Echo cant always be that, but the role was always there. It started with boys, to paul, to echo, to sierra, to victor, to mellie, to saunders, to topher, to dewitt, and sometimes several at the same time. Thats thinking creativily.

    Speaking of thinking creativily, this sjow makes you work for your viewing and thats great. no mindnumbing tv drama here. Figure people out, keeping track of personalities and motives. Love it !

    Also i loved the whole "zomie like" apocalypse scenarioes without the "omg, im scared and make stupid decisions" and straight to the "those people have been killed off long ago, and we are the strong thats left"

    Glad this show ended with absolution and not dragging on and killing the suspence for a few dollars more.
  • Alpha lover forever! Go Alan!

    I loved that Joss Wheadon chose Alan Wray Tudyk for Alpha. He makes an amazing bad guy. Especially a criminally insane villan. Joss Wheadon is amazing when he's not killing off your favorite character! I was sad when Topher died, and he made the story really well. It could have gone without the loads of sex-scenes, but otherwise Dollhouse in really created from the best. Good job Joss!
  • Too Specific

    Before I say this, I want everyone to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffy, Angel and Firefly to death!! They are probably my favorite shows of all time. The problem with this is that Joss' BRILLIANT mind got overly specific. he backed himself into a corner. This show would've made a killing as a movie, or even a mini series. But it was too detailed to work as a show.
  • Topher Brink is my hero

    I can't agree with the last review at all. Yes, the main characters that are not dolls aren't quite what you would call well-doers, but they ARE characters. Which is something you'll miss in many many other TV shows, that only display shallow pretty puppets. It might not be the best TV show, that Whedon created so far and it was certainly ok that it ended after two seasons. But that really doesn't mean, I didn't enjoy the first two seasons.

    Ok, that being said: I dearly love Fran Kranz as Topher Brink ( I also do love him in "The Cabin in the Woods" ) His immorality and beginning doubts shaking him to the bones until he becomes kinda crazy. It's awesome to watch. The same goes for Adelle DeWitt. It's wonderful to watch how unsure she becomes about everything.

    I always loved Eliza Dushku as Faith in Buffy, but she doesn't really do it for me in Dollhouse. Strangly that doesn't change my feeling for this TV show at all.
  • None of the characters are interesting enough to keep me watching.

    When I watch a show I need a character to root for. Sometimes it can be the entire main cast and sometimes just one or two but I need at least one to keep my interest. In this show all of the non-dolls are basically holding people hostage and messing with their heads, so I can't like any of them and the dolls themselves are different from week to week with the exception of when they are in their child like state but they are not interesting. Joss does great character driven stories but this is not one of them.
  • Another corner of The Whedon-Verse

    Doll House is not Joss Whedon's finest offering, but it's still a heck of a lot better than most of the drivel currently available on TV. It is thought-provoking, inventive, and a marvelous exercise into the realm of what might be. Eliza Dushku brings the world of "The Dollhouse" to life convincingly in her own unique bad-ass way. Bottom line: the brief run of "Dollhouse" is worth your time if you like to think.
  • An Absolutely Brilliant Show

    One of the best television series ever made. I am still devastated to this day that it got axed after two short seasons. It is provocative, exciting, ethically challenging, fun, brilliantly written drama that is so addictive you cannot stop watching. I made a fan video for the Dollhouse to Carina Round's For Everything A Reason, which is used in the show itself. It can be found here:
  • Love it!

    Dollhouse is yet another one of Joss Whedon's great creations. Along with Eliza Dushku he makes this show fantastic. Why on earth was it cancelled? I wanted to see more of Echo, and Topher. Topher is just amazing, I really liked him. Please Joss, start a new show fast!
  • Overall, a really great show, except for a couple of episodes.

    I really love everything Joss Whedon touches so i was really excited about Dollhouse. I would have to say that overall, it didn't disappoint except for a couple of episodes("stage fright" and "haunted"-what was up with the horses?). It seems like Joss always has a couple of bad episodes per season (like the god awful Dawn dating a vampire episode in Buffy). But when he makes a great episode, man does he ever succeed (see "once more with feelings" from Buffy" or anything from "Firefly").

    This time around, i really loved the episodes "needs" and "omega". What a joy to have Alan Tudyk join the Whedon universe once again. Like always with Whedon, you really get attached to all the characters, he has a knack for writing really good characters, one of his strongest points. That show has a lot of potential for going a long way, hopefully, we'll get to see more than one season of what could become a really great show.
  • My Favorite (I Mean That)

    This is my all time favorite science fiction show, PERIOD. I like it better than "Star Trek" (all versions combined). No bad episodes. It was INCREDIBLE. (I use caps for EMPHASIS.)
  • My patience has been rewarded. This show just gets better and better!

    As I has said in a previous review..."Give it time!". This show has taken off in a big way. I am hooked like "LOST HOOKED". This show is smart, captivating and creative. "Echoes" is my fave episode so far, and since then, I am enjoying each new episode more and more as my intrigue grows and grows. I'm glad the show started off slow, because it gave the audience a chance to acquaint themselves with the characters. So far it seems everyone has good intentions, and the conflict comes from their idea of what is right and wrong, a theme Joss Whedon has frequently used. I am now impatiently waiting weekly for another dose of my new TV addiction. Way to go Joss!
  • this is a story about a woman who can take on any personality but her owns.


    the story is mostly center on echo(eliza dushku)whos kinda ended up in a bad place. i dont want to give to much away but this woman gets into some trouble.her only way out is to join this group called dollhouse.

    once she joins this group she'll be safe and have money for almost the rest of her life but there a price.she will lose 5 years of her life working for the dollhouse and that theyll will get rid of her own personality.once her personality is gone people will pay the dollhouse for echo and other dolls services which can range from killing someone,being a perfect date,a mother,a son (etc).

    as the story goes on echo is basically a doll who has no emotions,no personality,she has no will of her own and all the dolls are kinda stupied. the difference with echo is that shes not like all the other dolls when she gets a personality put in her.and then the dollhouse take her memory away of that personality and make her a dumb doll again.echo somehow still remembers little parts when she became someone else.

    i like the story simply b/c its so intersting to see this girl go on different missions and take on different personalities. some fans dont like how eliza portays echo but i like eliza acting and thought nothing was wrong with it.i think some fans focus to much on her acting than the story. theres also some good fights on the show with eliza.eliza has really made an effort to do all her stunts and she did a good job with them in this series.

    this show only lasted 2 seasons which i hate.i could have seen this show going on for at least 4 seasons but we all kow how fox is with scifi shows. theres not that many issues with the show.i like the plot of the show and i even loves the stand alones eps.i give it a 8.5 b/c its a great show but i it alot of advice is to watch is a good show.i say watch this show it is good.

  • Hire a whatever-you-want human for a HUGE sum and then get all shirty with them 'cause you know they're not who they seem . . .

    I would say this has "potential" written all over it. I mean that in a good way, not tongue-in-cheek dissin'! The idea is solid and leaves plenty of room to play with different scenarios each week (a la Alias) and I am SO happy to see Amy Acker back in a long term role. So damned beautiful, as is Eliza. The only part that clunked a little for me was the sleeping quarters right at the end of the first episode. Why would you a build a room like that for 6 people to sleep in? WTF? I love Joss, so I am definitely along for the ride. I sleep dreaming of a white dress.
  • it looks like it was cut from 22 to 13 episodes.

    The last 3 episodes looks so rushed, it wasn't even good.. the cut scene where badly done.. it looks like the last arc of the story should have been 10 episode instead of 1. so much things are unexplain because of this.. the little Echo was useless, why put her in? how did Rossom manage to get all those people wiped? the people at FOX are really bad decision maker. so many show that got cancelled/reduced before their times... and I think Elisa Dushku (always messing up her name..) still has a lot to learn about directing. the acting in this last episode, including everyone, wasn't really the best of them.
  • Dollhouse: An intelligent and compelling idea created by Joss Whedon which was cut short from Fox. If only 'Epitaph One" had aired as the series premiere the viewers would've definitely gotten a better view of Whedon's true vision of Dollhouse

    Eliza Duhsku plays the main role Echo..whose original personality Caroline had gotten herself in too deep with the law...Adelle Dewitt approaches her with the idea of signing away her life for 5 years in comparison to life in prison...which will feel instantaneous to her one she awakens. Technology can "wipe" a person's brain and memories and make them a "doll"-basically a blank mind other than speaking a language. They can then "imprint" any combination of personality characteristics into the persons head temporarily...and sell their time to rich clients for whatever use they "need"; the perfect date, a dominatrix, an assassin, a mother, a blind woman, even a DEAD persons memories..eventually creating immortal life. What's pretty amazing about the main character though..which was also a bad thing when the show was first starting off... is that it's hard to care for Echo because of the fact that she is wiped every single episode....but the thing is, is that Echo/Caroline is very special and has something the dollhouse wants (biologically) so you get to watch as Echo builds her personality from scratch, which to me made Echo very likable.

    Now i know your thinking the show is about an underground sci-fi prostitution ring..but what you don't see or understand until episode 13 of season 1 (which originally went unAired on Fox) reveals to the viewers that in 2019, approximately 10 years after the events of the series..the world is a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland... where most of the population are wiped and pretty much just killer zombies. Halfway through season 2 it was announced that Fox was canceling the show..which promped Joss Whedon to make some last minute changes..(which were a bit obivous..but shocking nonetheless) which was basically showing us the founder of the Dollhouse/head of Rossum. I would recommend this show to anyone who wouldn't mind watching a 26 episode saga about a show that could've reached true greatness had it not've been canceled before it's time.
  • They can be anyone you want. Dollhouse is a very secret very illegal place where people are imprinted with different personalities in which they're sent on assignments called engagements but one of the actives Echo is different she's starting to remember.

    Dollhouse was pretty much doomed before it started, it was greenlighted by fox during the writer strike and put on the friday night deathslot. At first Dollhouse's episodes were...not entertaining the plots weren't compelling the characters unrelateable but during my second watch of the first season I really enjoyed all the episodes and was able to connect with the characters the second time around. The premise however manages to leave a lot of people uneasy because basically boiled down it's about trafficking (spelling) but it also addresses a lot of issues and asks some philisophical questions such as "Is it our souls that make us who we are or Our personality?" which the show through it's run answers. I recommend Dollhouse to anyone.
  • Season 1 Review

    I had heard several things about Dollhouse - a lot of good AND bad, as a result, when I did decide to bite the bullet and take a chance on the show, my expectations were sort of low…

    But I am glad I did. It did start off a little slow but I was interested enough in the premise of the show to see where Joss Whedon was going to take us. Fortunately for me I watched the seasons on Netflix which meant I got to see the "lost" episode thirteen, which to the US audience was only available on the DVD release of the show. Its placement is admittedly a mind frak in many ways but its premise and execution leaves you scratching your head but in a very good way. Watching the series as a completed body of work (knowing that the next season will be its last) also aids the viewing experience. As a result of the above mentioned DVD-finale, you know that many questions will be answered and that plot lines will likely be tied up, thus illuminating some of the pieces of the puzzle that may have otherwise escaped your comprehension.

    As for the second season, I am well into it and am looking forward to see how Whedon ties everything together.
  • Not bad acting, could have been played by more experience actors. The doll house is no were near as good as

    Not bad acting, could have been played by more experience actors. The doll house is no where near as good as these doll houses are way more refined. The acting in Doll house was almost as woody and hard as that of the above doll houses. Given the hype surrounding this screening I was left a little distasteful. When you compare this to something of the elk of Breaking Bad, it pales to insignificance. A little boring at times, the cut scenes to emotional teenagers a little boring too. Take a leaf out of breaking bad I'd say. Doll house, waste of time in my oppinion
  • Dolls for your special needs any one?

    I was skeptical at first but after watching the first few eps i was hooked so i ended up buying the blu-ray series and i've only bought one other series i thought was worth it. Dollhouse and Firefly both on blu-ray.

    Love the characters and the situations they're faced with as an 'active'. Living in their abode 'Dollhouse' and summoned or activated when needed the dolls are faced with real life missions or preferred 'engagements'. Each doll has their flaws even when so called programming them with professions to be the perfect companion for clients which can sometimes land them in sticky situations.

    Plot twists are mind guessing having you thinking about whats going to happen in the next episode and to whom.

    The supporting cast all play their characters well particularly 'Echo's' faithful handler 'Boyd Langton played by Harry J. Lennix and Olivia Williams as 'Adelle DeWitt', the 'don't mess with me' underground organizations top CEO and manager.

    The Dollhouse layout its self is a little weird with the 'main dolls' or 'actives' having to rest in a safe sealed bed which looks to be centered in the main foyer in plain view of all tech crew and offices on the surrounding second floor balcony.

    As a safety precaution for themselves and as well as being a high security risk even with blank memories, the dolls need to be monitored 24/7 even when showering which has camera's littered everywhere on the premises.

    Enjoyed the series overall and it was a nice fresh idea from all the over rated crime series we're force fed. Dollhouse was sadly cut short of its time not allowing the series to grow to it's full potential.
  • Action and mystery combined, great pilot episode on par with Lost or Fringe. Tell your friends to check it out!

    What happens when you have the capability to become anyone, with any skills, with any memories.... and what happens when that ends and you go back to being a blank slate? Completely amazing pilot episode, from start to finish. The reworked debut episode worked, and was very enthralling. Let's hope Fox gives this a chance, and enough people take note - this show is very clever with layers of mystery to uncover, and with great action! It has great writing, good characters, a lot of potential for discovery, and watching Eliza Dushku back in action is always good. What happens... is that I keep watching and hope enough people join in to keep this on the air!
  • It could've been so much more...

    but, alas, it didn't. I tried to watch the first season, but after the 3rd or 4th episoded I gave up on the show, It was truly terrible, I never saw such good concepts used that badly. Then, a ray of light, Epitaph One, which dealt directly with the most dire consequences of messing with people's identities. Thanks to the good word-of-mouth I even watched the second half of the first season, which was quite good. The start of the second season has been a disappointment, falling again in the case-of-the-week scenario. Today I watched Epitaph Two, naturally it felt a bit rushed, but at least gave some sort of ending. I hope that Joss Whedon has learned his lesson by now, Go Cable, please.
  • A different world.

    The main attractions that lead me to watch this show were Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. I've loved their work on any show they worked on previously, so naturally I was very interested in seeing how this show would develop. Of course, I was very worried at the very beginning knowing that the show will be airing on FOX (because all of Whedon's and Dushku's shows on that network failed quite quickly).

    So I gave the show a shot. And I was confused. As the first season came to the middle, I found myself getting lost, and I dropped the series from my to-watch list, but promised myself I would pick it up later. And it's a good thing I did. I guess Whedon finally got the approval to put his stamp on the show later on, and that's when things were starting to make sense. Everything was so cleverly plotted. Dollhouse was in a world of its own, and not every watcher had the time in their life to actually understand the show and watch. Sure, Whedon could have done it differently, but I guess he chose to make the show so confusing.

    By the end of the first season, Dollhouse was so good that I had to tune back for the other season. The second season made much more sense - everything was more tied together, and the ending result was better. I am glad that the show ended where it did, because it was all tied up so nicely, but if it had a chance to air on a different network, and had it been written just a little bit differently, it would have been a bigger success. This way, it will be forgotten by many just as soon as they're done watching.
  • Really wish they could have given the new season to Terminator instead...

    I hate this cult following behind Joss Whedon. Not because Joss produces poor quality shows, but because the fanbase will follow him everywhere simply because he is "Joss Whedon" and because they liked Buffy and firefly.

    Now I also liked Buffy and Firefly (the latter more than the former) which is why I was disappointed with Dollhouse from the start.
    It really just didn't compare with his previous work in terms of entertainment. It had the same depth and quality of story, but it was boring. sometimes you really do want small talk and big explosions.

    I remember that dollhouse was competing with Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles, earlier this year. At the time I was leaning more towards Terminator because I felt that while the first season was OK and the second season was for the most part pretty bad... in the last few episodes it was really picking up. Unlike dollhouse, which I felt was lacking from the start and really didn't have anywhere to go.

    By the start of season 2 I was enjoying it a bit more, but I found myself thinking "I really wish this was Teminator instead..."

    Sorry Joss, but this really was not your best work.
    It was good, but it was to your previous work what OZ was to HBO dramas (entertaining but weak overall)
  • Provocative and entertaining, whilst also being very disturbing… amazing television program, just a shame people don't seem to understand it.

    I love Dollhouse. Probably more than Buffy and Angel. Dollhouse is one of those shows that takes a while to evolve, the reason I think it has suffered so much is simply because people don't seem to understand what Whedon is trying to say with the program, and the fact that they possibly gave up after the first 2 or 3 episodes. Granted, Dollhouse wasn't its strongest when it began. However, if you stuck with it, and gave it time to grow, its almost guaranteed to intrigue the mind. It raises many questions, and tackles them in interesting ways, such as; what does it mean to be human? Are we who we are because of our memories, and if we were to download our memories onto a hard drive, could we live forever? Whilst it can also be rather disturbing ( programming the body to breast feed? ) . Many people complained that we are unable to find something to care about with the characters, but I have found it much more interesting being left in the dark about who the characters are, and learning things about them over a period of time, are actives who you think they used to be? Priya being my favourite of the original personalities so far. As the show has progressed we seem to be leading towards the greater purpose of the Dollhouse that has been hinted at, and I can't wait to find out.

    Despite the low ratings and mixed reactions from various critics, I feel confident in saying that this will go down as a classic addition to Whedon's long line of legendary television programs, Firefly was short lived, but has become one of the most popular shows of its genre. So judging things by the rating system seems outdated, considering the amount of people using various recording technology, internet and of course dvd and blu ray now, to catch their favourite TV show.

    So, dollhouse, although you have now been cancelled, I am in no doubt that you will go out with a bang.