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  • Dollhouse: An intelligent and compelling idea created by Joss Whedon which was cut short from Fox. If only 'Epitaph One" had aired as the series premiere the viewers would've definitely gotten a better view of Whedon's true vision of Dollhouse

    Eliza Duhsku plays the main role Echo..whose original personality Caroline had gotten herself in too deep with the law...Adelle Dewitt approaches her with the idea of signing away her life for 5 years in comparison to life in prison...which will feel instantaneous to her one she awakens. Technology can "wipe" a person's brain and memories and make them a "doll"-basically a blank mind other than speaking a language. They can then "imprint" any combination of personality characteristics into the persons head temporarily...and sell their time to rich clients for whatever use they "need"; the perfect date, a dominatrix, an assassin, a mother, a blind woman, even a DEAD persons memories..eventually creating immortal life. What's pretty amazing about the main character though..which was also a bad thing when the show was first starting off... is that it's hard to care for Echo because of the fact that she is wiped every single episode....but the thing is, is that Echo/Caroline is very special and has something the dollhouse wants (biologically) so you get to watch as Echo builds her personality from scratch, which to me made Echo very likable.

    Now i know your thinking the show is about an underground sci-fi prostitution ring..but what you don't see or understand until episode 13 of season 1 (which originally went unAired on Fox) reveals to the viewers that in 2019, approximately 10 years after the events of the series..the world is a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland... where most of the population are wiped and pretty much just killer zombies. Halfway through season 2 it was announced that Fox was canceling the show..which promped Joss Whedon to make some last minute changes..(which were a bit obivous..but shocking nonetheless) which was basically showing us the founder of the Dollhouse/head of Rossum. I would recommend this show to anyone who wouldn't mind watching a 26 episode saga about a show that could've reached true greatness had it not've been canceled before it's time.