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  • Dolls for your special needs any one?

    I was skeptical at first but after watching the first few eps i was hooked so i ended up buying the blu-ray series and i've only bought one other series i thought was worth it. Dollhouse and Firefly both on blu-ray.

    Love the characters and the situations they're faced with as an 'active'. Living in their abode 'Dollhouse' and summoned or activated when needed the dolls are faced with real life missions or preferred 'engagements'. Each doll has their flaws even when so called programming them with professions to be the perfect companion for clients which can sometimes land them in sticky situations.

    Plot twists are mind guessing having you thinking about whats going to happen in the next episode and to whom.

    The supporting cast all play their characters well particularly 'Echo's' faithful handler 'Boyd Langton played by Harry J. Lennix and Olivia Williams as 'Adelle DeWitt', the 'don't mess with me' underground organizations top CEO and manager.

    The Dollhouse layout its self is a little weird with the 'main dolls' or 'actives' having to rest in a safe sealed bed which looks to be centered in the main foyer in plain view of all tech crew and offices on the surrounding second floor balcony.

    As a safety precaution for themselves and as well as being a high security risk even with blank memories, the dolls need to be monitored 24/7 even when showering which has camera's littered everywhere on the premises.

    Enjoyed the series overall and it was a nice fresh idea from all the over rated crime series we're force fed. Dollhouse was sadly cut short of its time not allowing the series to grow to it's full potential.