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  • Absolution delivered

    The notion of dollhouse is that we start where we dont want to be, and craves what we (and Echo, Caroline, Paul, Alpha, Topher and dewitt) are working towards.

    Its unsettling to start watching because these are the believable bad guys, and they dont get punished and taken down like they should. We need as viewers to have a good guy/girl til root for and wish well. Echo cant always be that, but the role was always there. It started with boys, to paul, to echo, to sierra, to victor, to mellie, to saunders, to topher, to dewitt, and sometimes several at the same time. Thats thinking creativily.

    Speaking of thinking creativily, this sjow makes you work for your viewing and thats great. no mindnumbing tv drama here. Figure people out, keeping track of personalities and motives. Love it !

    Also i loved the whole "zomie like" apocalypse scenarioes without the "omg, im scared and make stupid decisions" and straight to the "those people have been killed off long ago, and we are the strong thats left"

    Glad this show ended with absolution and not dragging on and killing the suspence for a few dollars more.