Season 1 Episode 9

Spy in the House of Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • Second best ep of season 1


    The good;

    Exciting ep, the first I ever went back and rewatched immediately after again, Very clever mislead in the first scene, we think it's Dewitt getting wiped. The humanisation of Dewitt continues and it's beautifully written and played by all concerned. Good scene too between Ballard and Mellie, your heart bleeds for him.

    The bad;

    Echo the spycatcher wonders why Dr Saunders doesn't leave the Dollhouse? Possibly HER DISFIGURED FACE?! No commentary which is a real shame. The Sierra stuff is ok but we've seen it all before.

    Best line;

    Dominic "Sooner or later everyone get's there's" (Here's hoping!)

    also like

    Echo "I've got a good feeling about you and I've got the whip"


    Dewitt (on the idea of Victor the imprinted Doll becoming a client of the Dollhouse and hiring another Doll for his pleasure) "I think the universe might just collapse!"

    Packing heat; Dewitt pretty handy with her foil, Dominic with his Glock


    Boyd; 6

    Dominic; 7

    Sierra; 3

    Victor; 2

    Echo kissage;

    By request this new topic will be included.

    Kinky dinky;

    Ramirez wishes to be kidnapped by a pirate (I have a friend with an almost identical fantasy, differs only in that she get's tied to the mast Ulysees style and the whole of Johnny Depp's pirate crew are involved). Suprisingly Dr Saunders says that the actives aren't submissives, I'd have thought that would have been a hugely popular choice for clients (what about Sierra who begs her client to hurt her?).

    Ok I'll say it now. Dominatrix Echo is the SEXIEST THING EVER! My god she's gorgeous! Sexier than Mathilda May in Lifeforce, sexier than Athen Massey in Undercover Heat, sexier than Alyssa Milano in The Outer Limits, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, than Charisma Carpenter and Mercedes McNab in Playboy, than Ripley at the end of Alien or even ED's own bikini fashion parade in The New Guy. Needless to say it was a sequence that featured endlessly all over the internet, TV and magazines and I earnestly believe was the sole reason that Dollhouse got a second season. If only they'd tried something similar to get a third! (Echo the naughty schoolgirl/stewardess/hot cop etc, we've already had her as a nurse in Tru Calling)

    And here it lives forever in cyberspace (plus some interesting comments by ED on how she approached the role and how much she enjoyed playing it) Can't publish the urls but just search Youtube

    Now if you'll excuse me I just have to lie down for a moment!

    Notches on the Dollhouse bedpost; Victor/Adele. Not sure if Dominatrx Echo actually had sex with her client or not, some Dominatrixes do, some don't.

    Echo; 3 definite, 1 possible

    November; 1

    Ballard; 1

    Victor; 1

    Adele; 1

    How'd they get away with that?

    Dominic getting wiped is hard to watch even after all the things he's done.

    This weeks fantasy;

    Echo is a dominatrix and a spycatcher. Victor is Roger the romantic, Sierra a spy.

    Total number personalitites; 2 for Echo, 1 each for Victor and Sierra

    Echo; 16

    Sierra; 7

    Victor; 4

    November; 2

    Addy is a bit British;

    Her ideal lover is called Roger, second name Moore perhaps? She also uses the term 'Crackerjack' which will mean a lot to a Briton of a certain age but little to the rest of the world (does she have the requisite pencil?).

    Dolls injured;

    Echo roughed up by Dominic, Victor cut by Dewitt. Poor Ramirez hurt for a second time by Echo, this time with the whip (which is probably far preferrable to the fire extinguisher for her!) .

    Capt subtext;

    In the van dominatrix Echo talks of S&M being about trust and surrendering yourself completely to another. This actually is a good analogy of the handler active relationship and what Topher tells Boyd when he first meet Echo. Dr Saunders comments on the many same sex relationships the actives are called out to do. Victor comments that he wants to keep his collection of high powered businesswoman shoes. Ramirez says she'd prefer S&M Barbie Echo to suave ladykiller Victor.

    Happy hookers

    Boyd considers the Dollhouse 'pimps and killers', himself included.


    So who is we? Who is sending the messages to Ballard? Dominic and the NSA? That makes no sense and seems unlikely, is there more than one person inside trying to bring it down?

    Dominic is intent on torturing Ivy for info. Almost reassuring that the goverment want to control the Dollhouse, the NSA may have little oversight but at least it has some. The idea of the attic is just so scary


    Dominatrix Echo the most popular whipcracker since Calamity Jane.

    Reminds me off;

    Mixed segments Quentin Tarantino style. Ballard is reminiscent of season 5 Wes in his obsession whilst sleeper assassin Mellie is like season 7 Spike. Sierra at the NSA is very Mission Impossible but even more Alias.

    Breaking the programming;

    Echo not only volunteers to help Topher but comprehends the purpose of the chair. Dewitt and Toper know but allow her to continue.

    Questions and observations;

    Echo waves to Mellie who seems to know her, as Echo or as Caroline from Ballards research? Victor refers Dewitt as 'Katherine', is that her real name? (gives credence to the 'She's Caroline's mother' theory).

    The Miss-Lonely-Heart storyline has actually been mentioned a few times in previous eps. Note Topher suspects it's Boyd who has betrayed the Dollhouse but still goes to give him a chance to run before informing Dominic, he really does consider him a friend (or has his own doubts and wants to bring the Dollhouse down)

    Fan bloody-tastic, second best ep of season 1

    Marks out of 10; 9/10

  • Very strong episode with the POV of different people in the hunt for the spy.

    Very cool episode - different POVs, a skeleton in DeWitt's closet, the shocking identity of the spy and a surprise promotion.

    An unexpected side-effect of Caroline shooting Tofer's computers is that during repairs, he finds the chip which is letting someone slip messages to Ballard. Echo's paying a little too much attention to conversations which should mean nothing to her. Then not only is she aware of the tensions running through the house, she shows marked interest in it. Echo's definitely not just a 'doll' right now, when Tofer was sarcastic to her, she reacted. She figured out that Tofer makes people 'different' and volunteered, sitting in the chair! If I was Tofer, I'd be extremely alarmed!

    Ballard's taken a considerable turn for the worse since the last time we saw him, he's degenerated into complete obsession, living and breathing the Dollhouse. I loved how November gave him the message, turning his world upside down – the girl he's sort-of dating is nothing but a spy and that if he becomes a threat, she will be the one to kill him. Imagine how freaked out he must have been when she switched off again and turned back into Mellie. That would have turned my blood to ice! What's interesting is that Mellie was imprinted with the message *after* Tofer found the chip, it's obviously not the only way to do it.

    We just switched from Dollhouse… to Alias. Disguises, retina imprint contact lenses… It's impressive what a wig does, Sierra is barely recognizable.

    Speaking of unrecognizable – DeWitt isn't at some top secret meeting, she's got a hot weekend planned with Victor!! Not that I blame her… but it's just very bad timing. I'm guessing it's seriously breaking the rules for the boss to 'borrow' one of the dolls for their personal entertainment. She's obviously conflicted, there are times when Victor talks about 'their' future and she becomes despondent because she knows their entire 'relationship' is a lie. It's quite sad but I pity her too.

    Tofer's use of Echo to find the spy backfires when he becomes prime suspect. The flaw is obvious quickly – Boyd – he's her handler and she's programmed to trust him, no matter what so it would be hard for her to even suspect him. Then again, if he was the spy, he would have had no idea that Echo would be used to find the spy and that he would be able to exploit that.

    Though it is very cool that the spy is Dominic, of all people, I am upset too – I loved the guy! Not to mention the great actor who played him. Turns out the reason he tried to kill Echo is because he believes she will bring the Dollhouse down. The NSA's interest in maintaining the Dollhouse is to prevent the technology spilling into the black market where it would for sale to the highest bidder. This also means that Dominic is the one who's been throwing Ballard off the scent with the misleading messages. Explains why it appeared to be help while telling him absolutely nothing he could use.

    After Dominic's betrayal, DeWitt tells Tofer to shelve Victor's 'Roger' persona. Perhaps blaming her infatuation with Victor for her failure to see Dominic's lies. Then there's the complete non-future for this 'relationship'. She promotes Boyd to head of security, which means Echo gets a new handler. Something tells me she's not going to accept him. So sweet when she says the words but stares at Boyd.

    Really enjoyed this episode, lots of twists, a mole hunt, surprising villain… the list is long. Very good.
  • Let's hear that accent again

    I felt I had to write a review after seeing what was one of the best episodes so far. I'm working my way through Dollhouse from the start, I watched the pilot a long time ago and never bothered to watch the rest, however I gave it another go and I am now enjoying the series after a false start.

    This episode exposes the spy and it turns out to be the head of security that has shown how much he dislikes Echo in previous episodes. It also gives an insight into the process of being sent to the attic for the first time which I found interesting, that plot device had been spoken about for too long without being revealed. We also found out that Victor's lonely heart is in fact Ms de Witt which showed a more human side to her than her previous severe emotionless facade. The other episode where she is high was another favourite of mine because Olivia Williams is a very good actress with a particular sexiness all of her own. One of the best points of this episode for me was a seemingly small insignificant thing, Victor/Roger's accent. This was truly the best attempt by an American actor to actually portray an English accent as it is, compared to the Hollywood version that is often trotted out and is quite simply an insult. Enver Gjokaj should be congratulated for bothering to show us respect by completely nailing it. It was up there with Dominic West who for 2 seasons of The Wire made me think he was American before I read that he was actually English. This sort of attention to detail is why Whedon is so highly regarded and this episode is a classic example of his craft.
  • Dollhouse continues its uphill climb with this highly engaging episode.

    Dollhouse continues its uphill climb with this highly engaging episode that quickens the pace of the ongoing narrative by presenting the viewer with a number of much-anticipated confrontations. Once again, the imprint process is used in a refreshingly inventive fashion, this time to provide the facility with an internal investigation into the possibility of a mole within their midst. Dushku does a great job as detective Echo, clearly relishing the opportunity to have the upper hand in her scenes with the characters that she normally has to act like a human vegetable around. Dichen Lachman is also good as the wigged, espionage-adept Sierra, and the sequences in which she infiltrates the CIA building are deftly executed. While the viewer is obviously aware of Mr. Dominic's position as the traitor, the dramatic irony actually works to the story's advantage as it is both rewarding to see how he handles the situation, scheming and squirming his way around the problem, and engaging to watch the missteps within the investigation, particularly the accusation of Topher's ever-unfortunate assistant. Once the cat is out of the bag, we are treated to a number of delectable sequences, including a superbly choreographed fight between Echo and Dominic, and a marvellously understated two-hander involving him and DuWitt, which cleverly avoids providing any distinctly concrete answers for his behaviour, leaving the door wide open for further exploration of this angle. In the 'real world', per se, Ballard finally gets the chance to see Mellie, sorry November's, true colours when another message from inside the Dollhouse plays out through the mouth of his girlfriend. Tamoah Penikett is excellent here, conveying the character's surprise and horror without a great deal of dialogue. Only DuWitt's sub-plot with Victor really falls anywhere near under par, as it seems a trifle intrusive when one considers the exhilarating thrust of the main narrative, although it certainly adds much welcome depth to her occasionally one-note character. And Enver Gjokaj's a bit of a hottie, so any opportunity for him to remove his clothes is fine by me…
  • The Mole Written by Andrew Chambliss Directed by David Solomon

    Dominic: "The Dollhouse isn't a gift."
    Adelle: "I think the countless people we've helped would disagree."

    With the title being so obvious, it wouldn't happen to centre on someone finally realising that there was a mole in the Dollhouse, now would it? Heaven forbid, would on Earth would want to do such a thing?

    Bigger question should be – who wouldn't? The Dolls who compositing and want to regain the autonomy as well as the various staff members who have enough sense not to believe that an organisation like the Dollhouse is for the greatest good. Maybe even Adelle and Topher themselves, despite seeming to be the only two people who actually believe in the Dollhouse's work. Or Dominic perhaps.

    Yes, definitely Dominic. He's always had that sinister veneer as well as his unabashed dislike for Echo, why didn't we see it beforehand? It's amazing that when Adelle left him in charge that Topher would then discover that there was a spy in the house of love (are you kidding me?) and report it.

    What I loved was that little moment where Topher thought Boyd might have been the mole and decided to give him a head start. What motivated Topher to do that? Does he actually like/respect Boyd? If he had thought it was someone else, would he have been as kind to give them a heads up?

    The interesting part was Dominic's reaction when Topher had to tell him about the mole. We've seen him threaten and yell at Topher enough times but here in retrospect, it was to cover his own ass. Also getting Sierra imprinted to go to the NSA to discover who their spy was (a false mission) was reasonably clever.

    However the best part of this episode was Echo wanting to help. Yeah, we've seen Echo showing bits of awareness (whether it's talking about the mountains or painting houses) and asking Topher to make her better should definitely be a case of concern.

    Giving her the imprint of a spy catcher is one of the best ones they've done. I even think it's one of Eliza Dushku's best performances on the show and it's not like she's been imprinted with the most complex of roles to play.

    Spy catcher testing out everyone's reactions to the Dollhouse merited some moments of fun. I loved that Topher had to endure some questioning, Claire raised some interesting question, Boyd seemed disgusted with the work at the Dollhouse and Ivy was understandably annoyed that Topher wouldn't let her do anything interesting.

    All of this made each and everyone of them a perfect candidate. Ivy's such a tertiary character that making her the spy would've been easy and lazy in one fell swoop. Luckily even when Dominic seemingly had evidence that proved her guilt, I liked how spy catcher Echo turned the tables on him.

    We haven't had that many fight scenes on this series but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Echo and Dominic got at it with each other. Echo needed to get some much needed vengeance after he tried to kill her and beating the crap out of him was a good way of doing it. As well as exposing him as the mole of course.

    Now the confusing thing about Dominic's reveal of the mole is that it doesn't explain who's helping Paul. Dominic admitted that the NSA was trying to stop the Dollhouse from destroying itself, which means that Dominic's motives aren't that heroic. It also meant that Adelle could carry off with him being sent to the Attic.

    The Attic turned out to be something a lot scarier than I thought it would. The idea of being that powerless and stuck in a permanent mind suck seems to be a fate worse than death. I don't know why but in spite of some of the things that he's done, a little part of me actually felt a bit sorry for Dominic. Is that weird?

    I suppose Dominic did manage to get a parting shot by grazing Adelle with a bullet. I thought Adelle was a hard **** in the previous episode but she gets shot and she barely acknowledges. Maybe she's a Cylon or a Terminator in disguise because even someone as tough as Adelle would feel being shot more than she showed.

    It definitely wasn't me but Adelle did seem betrayed by Dominic's reveal. I think deep down under her tough exterior that she might have had some feelings for him. Claire tried to get her to talk about them but Adelle brushed them under the carpet. She even took the bullet as some kind of punishment she needed.

    It was also pretty obvious that with the word 'love' in this week's episode title that we'd see at least one character choosing an unorthodox way of coping with loneliness. Adelle having Victor programmed as suave British guy Roger for some weekend fencing and shagging wasn't totally unexpected.

    On one hand, what Adelle is doing with Victor could easily be compared to Hearn did with Sierra but at the same time, it was also nice to get an insight into Adelle's psyche. I like that there's a tiny part of her that has doubts about what she does for a living. Undoubtedly that's probably something that will get future exploration as the series goes on, right?

    As for November, put her back into her Mellie persona and Paul finds himself being contacted for the second time by the mystery person trying to take down the Dollhouse. Miracle Laurie is effortless in switching from sweet Mellie into November trying to warn Paul about uncovering the Dollhouse's purpose.

    Although Paul still generally bugs me at times, I did feel bad for him here. He went from his usual obsessive mantra about the Dollhouse to trying to protect Mellie to realising that the woman he cares about (because I'm not convinced he loves her, even if she is probably better for him than Caroline/Echo) is part of the same organisation that disgusts him so much. Paul, you've just become their client.

    Also in "A Spy In The House Of Love"

    At different points in the episode, the screen went to spell out when Echo, Victor, Sierra and November were being imprinted.

    Echo (to Boyd): "Don't be vanilla. You can trust me. I've already shown I trust you. I got in the van."

    Echo in her dominatrix outfit and Victor as love believer Roger really should've had some dialogue together. I'm just saying.

    Boyd: "You think I'm a spy?"
    Topher: "Not in a bad way."

    Echo (to Topher): "You make people different. You can make me help."

    Adelle is aware of Echo's compositing/remembering stuff and seems to be encouraging it. Maybe she's the mole or has an agenda of her own.

    Paul: "You didn't come back to listen to this."
    Mellie/November: "I came back to see you." Mellie/November (to Paul): "The Dollhouse deals in fantasy but it's not their purpose. Investigate their purpose."

    Echo had no names when she was both the dominatrix and the spy catcher. Sierra played a woman who stole Miss Sato's identity in scenes that were nicely reminiscent of Alias.

    Victor/Roger (to Topher, re Ivy): "Be nice. I think she likes you."

    Victor/Roger: "You are perfection. If I can make a woman, I'd make you."
    Adelle: "Really?"

    Who was the original Roger – someone that Adelle was in love with or a dead lover? Interesting how she told 'Roger' about the Dollhouse in some detail.

    Topher (to Echo): "I don't want to brag – I want to brag. I'm a genius."

    Echo: "I don't know why but I trust you."
    Boyd: "I must have one of those faces."

    Echo got a new handler called Travis at the end of the episode when Adelle gave Boyd Dominic's old job.

    Dominic (to Echo): "Is her body language telling you she's innocent?"
    Ivy: "No, her language language is telling her."

    Ivy: "Shouldn't we help?"
    Topher (re Echo): "Yeah, I helped when I imprinted her with kung fu skills, but be my guest."

    The fact that Claire doesn't leave the Dollhouse can't be good. It could mean that she's either a Doll or a prisoner but it's worrying none the less.

    Adelle: "Did you think I'd show you mercy or rage? I think you know me better than that."
    Dominic: "You're a piece of work."

    Claire: "It's okay to feel something."
    Adelle: "That would imply that I've lost something."
    Claire: "Didn't you?"
    Adelle: "Nothing I can't live without."

    Chronology: How many months has Mellie been keeping tabs on Paul?

    "A Spy In The House Of Love" shows that the show is getting better, that it can experiment as well as offer some neat characterisation and performances, especially from Reed Diamond and Olivia Williams.
  • Adventures In Imprinting. We Follow a storyline for each of the main Dolls but unlike last week its far more uneven.

    This episode creates mini adventures for the imprinted Dolls. However it doesn't quite gel because the tone shifts too abruptly at times.

    The main problem comes from Victor and Adelle's Mills and Boon adventure. I felt sorry for Adelle who imprints one of her own Dolls (victor) to sneak out (everyone else is under the impression he's playing Toyboy to an old women) just to not feel Lonely however against the cyber thriller seen in Sierra's adventure it clashed. By the way, in that wig Sierra looked seriously hot - the actress has a unique look about her anyway but with that fringe. The clever acetate had me laughing and marveling at the same time as well.

    The other two Dolls follow similar suit with November (as Ellie) going back to a ever increasingly paranoid and crazy Ballard. When in middle of kissing him she delivers a message to Ballard (as November) that creates one of the best parts of the episode. However, you are thinking 'what the F' when it happens though. The other Big thing is Echo and her increasing awareness of her surroundings (she actually asks to be imprinted). Now this is disturbing but only because of what it could become, which is another Alpha situation. Last week obviously didn't do anything for Echo's piece of mind at all. Eliza Dushku does play her imprinted self better than her abysmal Hostage Negotiator from the First episode though.

    I'm still enjoying and like where the show is heading, but it still has balancing issues. Reaper had a similar problem in it's first season until it realised that the escaped soul of the week shouldn't be the main focus. Recently, Dollhouse is realising that it shouldn't just be the imprint of the week and is benefiting because of it.
  • Enjoyable, but this episode made no sense, full of plotholes...

    First of all, I liked how the show got better, but it seems that every time there is a good episode, there is a bad one to follow it, and this episode kinda bothered me a while, mainly because there were several plotholes.

    Dominic is a spy for the NSA, he has never left any trace of his ativities even tho they are supposedly monitored, except for that bug that Topher found.

    When they found out there's a spy in the dollhouse, he is the security head, he has the capability of controlling the situation and he let's Echo, a doll he personally dislike, take charge, or at least part of the situation, and then she discover he is the double-agent without any kind of proof whatsoever, by body language? Come on, that was just bad writing.

    After that, he could just have ordered Echo to be wiped again and told she was glitching, again, but no, like a guilty person he pulls his gun, fire and manage to miss all his shots, and gets owned, like it'd be far less suspicious for him to kill Topher, his assistant and Echo, instead of just ordering Echo to be wiped.

    After he is discovered, Adelle orders him to the attic, and say when the NSA is coming looking for him they'll take him out of his box say everything is ok and then put him back on, the major problem there is considering how they are so unwilling to take out FORMER Agent Ballard of the FBI, an agency that doesn't seem to know officially they exist, how are they willing to take out a NSA Agent, considering the NSA is far more powerful, and around 7 times bigger than the CIA, and knows they exist, and as a double-agent, he would contact them to deliver reports regularly and have all kind of procedures to say when he was in danger, and he'd hardly work alone, it'd surely have a task-force.

    Also, another major hole, is that since they are supposed to keep track of every move of the dolls, considering they are very expensive 'projects', they suck at keeping track of them and apparently don't know that much about them, I mean, Victor goes on 10 dates with Adelle and nobody has any idea, how hard it is to put a gps microchip on them or even give them a watch with a gps tracker for them to use?

    Overall, bad episode, Action-wise, it was alright, but story-wise, it sucked.
  • Excellent show can get even better.

    Old time fans of Quantum Leap will partially recognise the premise here, jump into the life of someone and muddle your way through the challenges presented.

    One week Echo (the main protagonist) may be a hostage negotiator, a bank vault thief, a spy hunter or simply someone on the run from a man who hired her to simply shoot full of arrows.

    What makes this show one of the better things on television right now is that the first 5-6 episodes simply spent their time making sure you knew what was going on rather than jumping head first into an overwrought plot and this way you feel for the characters, not just the main girl but all the supporting cast from the computer techie guy, the handler to the "broken" doctor in the background.

    It is this that makes it so strong, character development has taken a front seat for once even though the mains swap and change characters so often.

    It is not for everyone, those that enjoy light television such as weekly shows will likely not be able to pick it up and go but watching from the start and following it through is certainly worthwhile.

    This is one of the better shows on television now that 24, LOST & even Smallville are starting to wind down and hopefully one which will stay on screen for many seasons to come :)

    Eliza, Joss, Amy and the rest of the cast & crew...I salute you :D
  • Very Good!

    I would have to say this is by far the best episode in the series. Better yet one of the best episodes of any series I've seen on TV(I don't watch too much TV). It's amazing to watch Echo progress beyond the norm of a regular doll and display her special abilities. Even after her mind is wiped, she displays self awareness of her pass. This episode proved it. Even after she had been wiped, Echo said to Sierra, "DeWitt was sad because of her mistake". Well, she says it in the beginning, and then the show goes 12 hours back in time. Truly Dewitt is sad because she knew that she could not secretly see Victor anymore. It is funny how Dewitt had Rogers killed for using Sierra for sex, but she also misuses Victor by being a secret client of her own administration. Also wondering what is the pretty Dr. Saunders hiding on her computer when Boyd walks in her office. Even with her scars, she is most beautiful.
  • SAVE The Dollhouse....

    I love seeing the evolution of Echo. Tonight we got to experience and even see her making her own memories. She makes her own observations leaving no one exempt from the process. I was shocked at the whole Dewitt and Victor thing. But I appreciated seeing some vulnerability in Dewitt. It also gave viewers an opportunity to learn more about her. I found Topher turning Echo into an in house spy pure genius especially when she volunteered to help. The revealation that Domenic is the spy/mole was not surprise but it did answer a lot of questions. I am curious to see how Ballard reacts now that he's aware that Melly is November an active from the Dollhouse. Echo throughout the epsiode is putting pieces of her puzzled memories together. I can't wait to see what she does with the information.
  • Another strong outing for the struggling series

    At this point, I am resigned to the likelihood that "Dollhouse" will not be renewed. FOX may be playing coy about its chances, but that is clearly a strategy meant to keep its current meager audience intact. So now I am viewing this as something of an extended miniseries, much as the first season of "Buffy" was designed.

    This episode managed to pay off the subplot regarding a mole within the Dollhouse fairly well, while also exposing more secrets in the process. The usual underlying principles remain intact: those running the Dollhouse are morally challenged and they know it, Paul is obsessed with finding the Dollhouse, Alpha is still out there lingering in the shadows, and Echo is gaining more and more agency as time passes.

    I didn't see the revelations about Dominic coming at all, and it's interesting to note that the NSA doesn't already have the Dollhouse technology. Apparently the effects of the Dollhouse have spread into the government, but not the cause. That remains with Rossum and some shadowy connections thus related.

    It's very interesting to see that DeWitt has her doubts about her choices and actions. Or rather, it's interesting to note that she only admits to this to an active that she uses sexually and can mindwipe. Dominic's betrayal seems to have hardened her even more, which only makes her decision to allow Echo to continue to "evolve" all the more confusing. Echo may have chosen to protect the Dollhouse this time, but why would DeWitt assume she would do so again?

    I also found it interesting that Paul is now aware that Mellie is an active, and he will need to play the part of the devoted boyfriend just to keep up appearances. On the one hand, it's a fairly clever way of demonstrating how easily the Dollhouse can protect its own interests: set up a threat with a sexually desirable sleeper active tailored to be a perfect match, and let matters take their natural course. On the other hand, it's yet another example of how a young woman is being sexually used against her will.

    Worse, Paul knows it, which makes this even more complicated. Paul has been putting his life in jeopardy to expose the Dollhouse and, ostensibly, save the young men and women being forced into effective slavery. Yet, he is now aware that Mellie is one of those young women. To achieve the larger goal, he must essentially turn his back on the ideals behind that larger goal and continue his relationship with Mellie.

    This is really no different than what Boyd appears to be doing. Boyd openly admits that they do highly immoral things for supposedly "philanthrophic" goals. And one might assume that his new role as head of security will allow him to give Echo more room to maneuver, once she comes to the inevitable conclusion that she must bring down the Dollhouse. Echo's continued trust in Boyd puts them both in the perfect position to strike when the opportunity presents itself.

    I also greatly enjoyed Sierra's mission within the NSA (even if it was staged to allow her to succeed), and Echo's fight with Dominic, which was frought with irony, to say the least. It was another strong episode, if one sets aside the larger issues regarding the series. This may be the greatest irony of "Dollhouse" in the end: the series itself is actually pretty good; it's the overall premise that has been its greatest drawback.
  • Dolls Are Forever

    This episode can be considered as an homage to Ian Fleming's work. First of all it was well written and even if I don't know Andrew Chambliss it's obvious he's a fan of James Bond and spy fiction in general. He did a tremendous job and can be proud because he simply wrote the best Dollhouse episode so far. Moreover beside the whole secret agent plot you could feel the Whedonness all along because the story was also a lot about the Dollhouse itself and specially its occupants. Some of them were interrogated by a profiler doll so we learned a lot about them, their feelings. So beside the action scenes there were also some very intense and psychological scenes. Of course there was the usual jokes flying around but it felt more mature and serious. In fact it's what I enjoyed the most about it, it's intellectual side.

    As usual we got a glimpse at Echo's previous assignment and I strongly recommend every Eliza Dushku fan to watch the episode just for its first minutes, even if you hate spy fiction. However I forgot all about it once the episode really began. In fact David Salomon directed it in a very creative way. Of course reversing events in time is not original but when it's so done well, you can only applaud. It made the story so much more appealing and felt like solving a puzzle. Also for once I enjoyed Paul's scene because he wasn't just the cop next door anymore but the crazy one that should go straight to the asylum. His interaction with November was one of the best moment of the season so far and I suppose the actor worked a lot to make his character grow on us. But it doesn't mean I changed my mind about Topher because I still think he's the ultimate cliché of the geek genius. Sierra played also a major role in this episode and in fact its title was probably inspired by her scenes because the few minutes we saw her were quite intense. I specially liked how the camera followed her on the ground, watching her every footsteps. Again the direction felt really dynamic and innovative. Last but not least Olivia Williams gave the strongest performance and Adelle even managed to link the fiction to the reality. So many questions were answered but new ones have emerged.

    To sum things up, this is a must see. In the one hand you have one of the best spy fiction ever aired on TV. In the other hand you have the most diamond solid Dollhouse episode. It was so entertaining and interesting that fans will probably spend hours to discuss it and even more to watch it again, and again, and again… Back and forth.
  • 10/10!

    Personally, this is the best episode by far! I knew it had to be Dominique, Cuz I seriously hated that guy. And did anyone else think he just had that look that says 'I'm evil and guilty'? There's No way it could've been Ivy. Anyway, She's definitely my favorite character now! Anyone else see the big character development between her and Topher? I Loved when Brittish accent-y imprinted Victor told Topher to be nice to Ivy because she likes him. This episode's made me a new Topher/Ivy shipper! Anyone with me? Last but not least, a little shout out to Adelle's big epiphany on the Dollhouse vs. Real life. I suddenly like her a bit more now...
  • A Mole in The Dollhouse Hole

    Spy in the House of Love-When a traitor is discovered inside the Dollhouse Ech0 and Sierra are programmed to root out the spy. Meanwhile, Paul receives surprising news from Mellie.

    Man, Dollhouse has been on a roll ever since "Man on the Street". Each each episode has grown stronger than the last with the series tapping into its full potential, especially an episode like "Spy in the House of Love" only show that Dollhouse has a whole lot of potential. This episode feels like it should be the mold for each and every episode of Dollhouse as it's full of emotion, heart, twists and development for each character involved. One thing that makes this episode stands out is its unique structure. While it isn't an original technique, but it was certainly used well throughout as we viewed the events of the episode differently through 4 actives: Ech0, November, Sierra and Victor.

    Imprint: November-We start off with Mellie, who has just been re-programmed to go back home. It was great to see Ballard and Mellie together again, getting all romantic. But it came as a surprise that Mellie was programmed with a hidden message she reveals to Ballard. It's not only an excellent scene, but it's truly heartbreaking as Ballard finds out the truth in such a cruel way. Tahmoh Penikett gives such a great performance as you watch Ballard find out the woman he's in love with is a lie. I knew it would be a sad reveal when Ballard found out the truth and I can imagine it's only gonna get worse when Mellie finds out she's a doll. It's such a sad predicament that Ballard is forced to hide the truth from Mellie and you can tell by the look on his face that it hurt him to keep the truth from her.

    Imprint: Sierra-Sierra gets a great role this week as she's turned into a spy to locate the identity of the mole in the Dollhouse while investigating a top secret facility. Sierra's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters as Dichen Lachman just seems more natural in any active role she plays than Eliza. She was awesome as a spy, especially when using the high tech equipment and fighting off guards. I hope we get to see more of Sierra in this type of action

    Imprint: Victor-Victor's storyline in this episode is probably the most shocking as we find out his most popular client, Ms. Lonely Hearts is none other than...Adelle! I just couldn't believe it, but the more the storyline, played out, the more I understood. For the first time, we actually get to find out what lies behind Adelle's cold-hearted, tough exterior. She comes off as just like any other woman desperately seeking love and finally we actually connect with Adelle for once. Olivia Williams was really brilliant when showing Adelle so fragile and it came off more convincing than when she's just shouting out orders and being just a b!%@#. I also thought Victor's English accent was pretty good and Enver Gjokaj has definitely got good range.

    Imprint: Ech0-Ech0 is becoming a more complex character as the series moves along. In this episode, she actually unknowingly asks Topher to imprint her. It's was such a cool and hilarious scene, especially Topher's line, "Did I just lose an argument to a doll?" Eliza was terrific throughout in her scenes as a spy and I love how she interrogated everyone in Dollhouse. The revelation of Dominic being the mole came as a bit of shock which caught me off guard at first. I knew Topher's assistant would be too obvious and I'm glad the writers didn't do that. I guess I'm a bit surprised cause I thought Dominic's motives seemed like he only wanted to kill Ech0 so she wouldn't end up like Alpha. Also, it was obvious that Dominic wasn't the one imprinting actives with hidden messages, so it makes me wonder if there is another mole? Anyway, the fight scene between Ech0 and Dominic was top notch, with everything from smashing through window to getting slammed through tables. I actually started to like Dominic toward the end, his message to Ech0 about her getting revenge on Dollhouse came as such a surprise after the way he treated her. I guess at that moment, he saw **** as he's only way of continuing what he started as he knows one day she's gonna become fully aware again. The Attic is finally revealed in this episode and it's quite brutal. Watching Dominic get turned into a vegetable was tragic, not to mention Adelle gets shot during the process. Though, the fact that she brushes it off like a splinter was hilarious. The episode ends on a bittersweet note as Boyd gets promoted to Dominic's old job and Ech0 is left with a new handler. It's a touching moment as Ech0's new handler tries to set up the connection yet Ech0 just looks at Boyd the whole time through the process. It's another indication that Ech0 and Boyd's relationship is much deeper than any of the other connections in Dollhouse and it will be great to see how this affects her relationship with her new handler. "Spy in the House of Love" was a truly superb episode that pushes the series forward and it would be a same if the series didn't see a second season (it will most likely get canceled *sigh*) But if we get episode more like this until the end of the series, it will end with a bang!
  • A much better episode than the previous two and really shows us where dollhouse might be going. Will contain spoilers.

    This episode was a far better episode than the previous two. First of all, it moved the Echo arc forward. I can't stand Caroline. She irks me. The whole raging activist thing is kind of annoying; however, I am a huge fan of Echo's journey towards enlightenment. Topher even stated that she was still evolving. While the past two episodes have shown us who Caroline might be, this episode just showed us a doll with minimal sense of self becoming slightly more aware. A few things I liked and disliked about this episode: I liked that Paul became aware of Mellie's status as a sleeper agent. It's going to be hard for him. Is he going to be protecting her because he cares about her or for the sake of finding the dollhouse? Both? I'm sure he's going to have a hell of a time figuring out how he feels about her. I disliked that Dominic was the spy. Dominic was the obvious choice since he was the least obvious choice. When talking to my friends, we were trying to figure out who the spy would be. Obvious choices were Ivy and Saunders, while Dominic was the least likely. As such, the whole him being a spy twist was not so exciting. On the other hand, I really liked his reasons behind being a spy. He wasn't trying to bring the place down. He was trying to make sure it didn't get out of hand. The dollhouses have the technology. No one else does. If that changed, if it became public, if governments got their hands on it... The world we live in as we know it would cease being worth living in. He even said that it was HE who had been protecting the house from Paul Ballard. Now, he may have been lying; however, it is possible that he wasn't the only spy involved. It's even possible that him being the least likely choice was a huge red herring because the spy helping Paul is an even more unlikely choice.

    I also liked how Ms. Dewitt was secretly Ms. Lonely Hearts. Gave her a little bit of humanity. On the other hand, she shrugged off being shot. Was a cold woman.
  • A surprise filled episode, centering around the Dollhouse spy.

    Wow. What an episode. It's pretty much guaranteed that Dollhouse will shoot up your list of favorite shows with this episode. The stand-out feature about the episode is how many surprises it keeps throwing your way (which is a rarity in tv these days.) Almost everything about the episode is unexpected - even things that you knew had to come in the future (like revealing to Paul that 'Mellie' is a doll) is done in such a way that is fantastically entertaining - my jaw remained dropped for the majority of the show! And let's not even talk about Miss Lonely Hearts.

    To sum up: this episode is absolutely unmissable and absolutely amazing.
  • Breath taking, I loved this was like whoa. Dominic gets what he deserved, well maybe not because i dont think the attic is a good enough punishment. DeWitt Mrs Loney Hearts, Echo in control.

    This episode was long coming.I was on the edge of my seat. It goes to show that Wheldon has done it again. Dominic was discovered to be the traitor....not a shocker. DeWitt Mrs Lonely heart that my friends was a shocker. Who would have thought Victor and DeWitt....i had bets on Topher and DeWitt...hump oh well. Echo finally gave Dominic what he deserved a good ol' fashion beat down. Sierra doing what she always does...why don't we see her in normal engagements always fighting... former detective Ballard finds out that Millie is a doll, that kind of disappointed me, i wanted to see more of there chemistry, him to fall deeply in love with her and then find out that she's a doll. (maybe I'm mean). I personally loved that Echo herself asked to be imprinted so that she could help. Cant wait to find out about Alpha so i can determine for myself if Echo is in the same path as him/her. Great Episode!!!!!!!!I want more...its an addiction
  • A spy in the Dollhouse.

    Dollhouse? More like Dull House.

    Hilarious joke aside, nothing too spectacular about this episode. The scenes with Sierra were just so bland and I find it impossible to get behind her character, no matter the personality or imprint she is given.

    This episode was mostly about giving all the characters a background check and ample time to shine, but the problem is that this cast is not equipped for that. Somebody needs to imprint these actors with some talent.

    Reports surfaced that the final episode of Dollhouse will not air on FOX. The signs for a second season are pretty much dead thus far.
  • "One day you will be the one erasing them"

    Wow I must say that last night episode was pretty good. Echo is such an amazing character, Im really loving how she is evolving, that scene where she was in the van gave me the chills. She is going to get erased but soon she will be the one erasing them. I wonder will Echo become the leader of the Dollhouse.

    I quite didnt understand the Victor part here... Is the boss really in loved with him? :S

    The scene with November and the agent was awesome I was speechless. So she is different, activated when they want. I wonder if there are other types of actives...

    Cant wait to see whats the future of the company and Echos evolution :)
  • Amazing developments

    I really think the serie is getting stronger in story as this time it was - I really liked the developments of every char. First with Mellie - that they managed to warn him before it is too late. And the whole thing with the spy.. Did the get the right one? I am not sure and I am not sure that was not just another trick on their great plan as there has to be reason behind all those unexplained behaviors by Echo.

    And the revelation about DeWitt and her "usage" of Victor. That was quite clever move and quite interesting turn too.

    But as always - Dollhouse wins.. but very exciting scenery is build.
  • The House Always Wins

    After all of the kafuffle surrounding the finale of Dollhouse, it's typical Joss luck that now, more than ever, Dollhouse's cancellation seems more and more likely, just as the series seems to be finally coming together.

    It's an hour filled with revelation: we finally get to find out what exactly happens when someone is taken to the Attic; Dewitt is actually the one who has been hiring out Victor, it's a nice touch, and we FINALLY get some characterisationy goodness behind her cold-hearted exterior; November's imprint finally tells Ballard what's the sitch, he seems to be the butt of every Dollhouse joke; and, of course, Dominic being a spy (even though we know he's not the REAL perpetrator who is sending the messages).

    In relation to Echo, this episode got me thinking. If the show does get a second season, I've a feeling it'll tackle duel identities, rather than focusing on simply Caroline. This episode, as well as fleshing out Dewitt, is an Echo central hour. I have a feeling Joss will play Echo as the Jekyll to Caroline's Hyde: it'd be a cruel fate for Caroline.

    What if Echo isn't like Alpha at all. What if instead of Glitching, she is, as Topher puts it, evolving, but into the perfect Doll - an Agent of the house. Entirely theoretical at this stage, but instances in this episode have me believing that this could very well be a possibility. Caroline, meanwhile, has to try and fight her way out of this trafficking organisation.

    It's another step in the right direction. How the hour was split into various POV made for a refreshing change of pace. Dushku looked amazing in the opening bit, and while it was entirely OTT, it served a purpose thematically: this episode was all about trust, after all (that's my rationalisation behind it and I'm sticking to it :P).

    - Dewitt: ''Maybe there'll be cake''

    - Nice action scene with Dominic. It wasn't overly stylised, which is always a good thing.

    - Sierra pulling a Sydney Bristow was oodles of fun!

    - Poor Ballard being replaced with...Travis. Echo's hesitation reinforces my theory that she'll continue to adapt to the Dollhouse.

    Probably the best episode so far, encapsulating everything that makes the show watchable - strong script, witty dialogue, a dark central storyline, character development, sex appeal and kickass action.

    Now, if only the series started out like this!
  • Topher realizes that the NSA has planted a bug in the Dollhouse. DeWitt is away "taking care of business", so Dominic is in charge. Echo and Sierra are programed to root out a spy within the Dollhouse. Echo ends up being successful in the end.

    By far the best episode so far. Using a series of flashbacks and different points of view this episode is an excellent sharp set of plots that is what I was hoping the Dollhouse would become. You have a number of plots and character developments going on so hang on for the ride. DeWitt tells Dominic she is going off for a meeting when she is really meeting the active Victor playing a spy type British character named Roger for a little R&R. In the meantime Topher discovers someone (the NSA) has planted a bug in the chair at the Dollhouse. Dominic being in charge has Sierra set up as a spy to steal the information from the NSA on what they know and who the mole is. Echo overhears and observes what is occurring and suggests to Topher that he set her up as an interrogator/spy to find the mole right there in the Dollhouse. He does this without Dominic's permission. Finally November is going back to her apartment as Millie to spy on Ballard for the Dollhouse. Unbeknownst to the Dollhouse she is imprinted with a message for Ballard warning him about her in general. Some great lines and sequences in this episode. 1) Millie, "Paul, what's wrong? Paul, "Nothing". (gulp!) Millie, "Then why aren't you kissing me'? He does so with his eyes wide open. 2) Echo knows somehow that Topher changes people and she tells him so.
    3) DeWitt and Victors exchange in bed especially as we have never seen that side of DeWitt for eight episodes. The fencing was enjoyable as well.
    4) Echo's line to Topher when she decides to interrogate him first, "you're either grossly incompetent or throwing us off your trail". Topher asks, "you think I'm incompetent?"
    5)Dominic to Echo in the van before he is sent to the attic, "sooner or later you'll be erasing them".

    Finally we understand the depth of fear being sent to the attic could really mean. You know when you are trying to think of something and it's right on the tip of your tongue? It's like that, but it happens to everything you've ever known.

    So Dominic is gone for the time being, Echo seems to be protecting the Dollhouse for some reason or maybe herself, Langton is now head of security, and Echo has a new handler, but she still seems bound to Langton.

    Wonderful episode full of lots of possibilities. Hopefully we'll get to see a lot of this play out over time.

    Thanks for reading...
  • I'M NOT BROKEN!! Excellent.

    Loved It!! Wow!! I totally didn't see that twist with Adelle & Victor. Wow. Echo interrogating the dollhouse workers - great way to see distinct personalities shining through. I am really happy to see Ivy get a few moments to sparkle. Intergrate this character more, she is needed. Spy?? Mr. D...say it ain't so. This is such a great show and improving each week. Oh I almost forgot about November/Mellie's confession to Paul. I loved her dialogue to Paul about finding out the purpose of the dollhouse. How terrific was that? Are we thinking that it was Mr. D who was imprinting the dolls with info to leak to paul? Because I personally think it's Dr. Saunders. Where is Alpha??? And finally the final scene of Dominic getting wiped. Fantastic. I can't wait to find out what's next. I can't say enough about this show. Please I need a season two!!!!
  • A Spy is found operating in the Dollhouse.

    When you watch Dollhouse you never really know what to expect. I'm not talking about what's happening on screen, I'm talking about what kind of story the show will present you with and if it's worth your time. If you start watching expecting something great you may end up being disappointed, yet if you expect the vice versa you end up getting blown away. What was I supposed to feel coming into this episode? I hope for the best as always, but for my sake as the viewer I shouldn't set my expectations too high. Dollhouse needs to break this and this week's episode could be a step to remedying this. "Spy in the House of Love" follows the story of 4 different characters throughout the day having each sub story relate to the ending. At the beginning of the episode we see Dewitt leave the Dollhouse for business handing over responsibility to Dominic. Shortly after Dewitt leaves Topher discovers that there is a snitch in the Dollhouse messing with the imprints of the actives. Remember the messages sent through Echo back in "Man on the Street"? Looks like whoever is responsible for this could be in trouble. From here we see Sierra take on a mission to trace the culprit as she is imprinted with the best spy hunting skills. Watching her story is quite entertaining as her story fills in for most of the action during this episode. Back at Ballard's place Mellie returns from her "trip" only to find Paul in a stressed state. Ballard explains how he managed to disable the bugs (from the dollhouse) that he found in his apartment. His investigation is getting even deeper now as he has linked several different clients to actives. During this scene it comes to my surprise when Mellie relays another message from the snitch to Ballard. Now that Ballard knows she's a doll things could get quite interesting with him from here on out. There's actually quite a lot of surprises in this episode, including quite an unexpected one with Dewitt. It seems she has been using Victor as her personal lover for some time. When I first saw it I was kind of thrown off. Is this really happening? She makes some good points near the end of her story as she comes to the realization that what she is doing will not last forever. The problem with this story arc is that it in my view it seemed a bit awkward. While I can believe that women of her caliber would have problems having someone to love it seems like an off-putting use of Victor's character. Near the end of the episode we get to follow Echo as she is imprinted with spy hunter skills (much like Sierra) and begins questioning the employees of the Dollhouse to find the snitch. After a few interesting scenes – such as Dr. Saunders investment in the dollhouse -- Dominic gets a call from Sierra with the Intel on the snitch. We are lead to believe that Ivey (a character that we haven't really seen much of mind you) is the snitch. Now anyone who's been watching Dollhouse faithfully since the beginning will quickly catch onto the shows style of focusing attention on one character trying to surprise the viewer by making the culprit in question someone else. So obviously it is not Ivey and who it ends up being is nothing extraordinary but will change up how the Dollhouse operates and makes sense. Watching Echo figure it out isn't revolutionary either, but she does have an enjoyable fight at the end. "Spy in the House of Love" is best classified as a character building episode as many different things are revealed through the main characters in the show. The twists are enjoyable, but the one with Dewitt may be a little off-putting (even though it does have good reason). Don't expect to be blown away by this episode, while there are several different revelations during the episode, none of them will strike you too hard. The characters haven't really grown on us enough to make a strong impact, making an episode like this have less impact then it should. Although this episode didn't reach the likes of last week's "Needs" it still manages to keep the show flowing forward and introduces some interesting baggage on some of the major characters.
  • This week Echo helps track down a spy that's in the Dollhouse.

    This is episode was very good. It was slow at first but it ended AWESOMELY. I liked how they showed the Point of View of what happened with each Active. Mellie is back at the apartments. So November is an Active called a Sleeper and her personality can change instantly. Laurence Dominic is the one screwing around with the Dollhouse. And now Paul Ballard knows that Mellie is an Active. I think it's interesting how that all played out. Sierra stole the identity of someone but I have no clue why. All I know that she looked exactly like that other women. Adelle lied to everyone about going to that place which I forget. She secretly hires Victor to be a guy named Roger. I can't believe how rough Victor got once Adelle accidentally cut his arm. Echo was awesome in this episode. It's cool how she's changing and I find interesting that she wanted to help out. I hated Laurence Dominic from the moment I saw him and I'm glad that his going to the attic. I don't like that Echo has to haev a new handler but YAY!!! for Boyd becoming Head of Security. Yay for Amy Acker in this episode too!!! I give this episode a 10/10.