Season 2 Episode 10

The Attic

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2009 on FOX

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  • The Attic


    The good;

    Quite effective episode which explains a lot in terms of exposition but the best part of all is the bait and switch at the end, hell of a Keyser Soze, worthy of 'Enemies' and 'Not Fade Away'.

    The bad;

    Considering how omniscient Rossum are supposed to be it seems incredible that Adele is able to assemble her troops without them knowing. But maybe they do? Clyde might as well be called 'Basil Exposition'.

    Best line;

    Echo; "My real name's Echo" (so what about Caroline?)

    Packing heat; everyone fielding H&K MP5Ks and M4's. Ballards takes Boyd's revolver for his confrontation with Adele and she has acquired a Walther PPK in case Alpha plans another visit.


    Boyd; 10

    Dominic; 10

    Sierra; 7

    Victor; 7

    Ballard; 11

    November; 1

    Echo kissage; 4

    Kinky dinky;

    "Rigor mortis is the new viagra" That doesn't even bear thinking about! Adele says that the Dollhouse need's a 'strapping new Victor'.

    Capt subtext;

    When Topher claims to have tried *** and hetertopic cures for Ballard Adele puns on the words and asks who hasn't? Note Echo describes Terry Karen's family as 'hateful', her opinion of them obviously influenced by his memories. Adele states what we all thought, that Boyd is like a father to Echo. Clyde 1.0's fears are essentially what we see realised in Epitaph 1. If Adele is considering Ballard for the new Victor perhaps she wants him to play Roger from now on?

    Notches on the Dollhouse bedpost; Sierra and Victor get it on but it's not real

    Echo; 6 definite, 2 possible

    November; 1

    Ballard; 1

    Victor; 1

    Adele; 1

    Sierra 1

    Topher; 1 possible

    How'd they get away with that?

    Not only needles but Echo stabbing the Rossum tech in the forehead with them! Slit throats, severed legs, cannabalism and self-cannabalism! Jeez!

    Total number personalitites;

    Echo; 41

    Sierra; 13

    Victor; 11

    November; 3

    Total LA dolls; .

    9-Echo, Sierra, November, Victor, Mike, Tango, Alpha, Whiskey, Kilo

    Topher is a bit geeky;

    Has no idea about Ivy's sports analogy. He's wrong though, Darth Vader kills Captains, not Lieutenants.


    Sierra tied up; 2

    Ballard; 2

    Echo; 4

    Victor; 2

    Knocked out;

    Echo; 7

    November; 1

    Sierra; 2

    Victor; 3

    Topher; 3

    Ballard; 1


    Sierra; 3 kills

    Echo; 3



    Know the face? Greg Collins also played one of the thugs in the Angel ep 'Rm w/a vu'

    16-Whedon alumni-Mark Shepherd-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Amy Acker-2 (Dollhouse/Angel), walking action figure-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse), Eliza Dushku-3 (Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse), Jim Piddock-2 (Angel/Dollhouse), Gregg Henry-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Alan Tudyk-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Felicia Day-2(Dollhouse/Buffy), Alexis Denisoff-3 (Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse), Kristoffer Pohala-2 (Dollhouse/Angel), Stacey Scowley-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse) Clyde Katulas-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse), Maurissa Tanchon-2(Dollhouse/Dr Horrible), Summer Glau-3(Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse) Glenn Morshower-2(Buffy/Dollhouse), Greg Collins-2(Angel/Dollhouse)

    Missing scenes;.

    Reminds me of;

    The whole thing is very reminiscent of the Buffy ep 'Restless', right down to the monster pursuing the characters from dreamscape to dreamscape not to mention the Angel ep 'Hellbound'. .

    The twisty tree reminds me of Tom Burton's gothic masterpiece Sleepy Hollow. I don't get the Highlander reference, I don't remember Connor pursuing anyone obsessively across the centuries? Need I mention The Matrix?

    Whedon cliches;

    Maimed characters. Rich and powerful famillies who cover up the evil deeds of their wayward sons. Top security installations which aren't secure at all. Loving self-sacrificing mothers who risk all for their children. Corporate politics literally played with deadly seriousness. Monty Python quoting villains. Offices full of zombies. Strawberries.

    Breaking the programming;

    Echo can now overcome even the Attic and leads the others to safety.

    Questions and observations;

    Note the shortened title sequence, obviously too much to fit in otherwise. Topher now calls Ballard, Paul. Boyd has 'stuff going on at home'? Presumably the little girl mourning her sickly horse is Margeret from Haunted who was a keen equestrian. Echo never was a kid so presumably we're looking at little Caroline (interesting if you compare her to the girl who played little Tru in Tru Calling and young Eliza in This Boy's Life and True Lies). We also see the thug who terrorised Eleanor Penn again. Dominic very much dressing down in the attic, not a suit in sight. Adele knows about Kinnard.

    Marks out of 10; 7/10, we're getting to the heart of the conspiracy at last.

  • Echo, Sierra, and Victor are all installed in the attic per Adelle's orders. Topher is working with Ivy to figure out a way to put together Paul's brain so it can function. Langton seems to be falling apart. Echo is trying to break out of the attic.

    Another interesting episode of the Dollhouse. Like a lot of Whedon shows we are led astray time after time and are expected to accept the randomness of it all. I would have to say I have seen very interesting similarities between this plot and other Whedon shows before.

    Sometimes these plots get a little distracted by the extra junk that is thrown into the episode. Whether that is to deflect the viewer from the actual plot or to make the episode more entertaining I can't be sure. This episode would have scored higher for me without the distractions of some of the attic sequences. I found myself more interested in the end result than what was happening in the scenes. They seemed to just creep along.

    Ivy played by Liza Lapira continues to get an expanded role. She also played a role in Adelle's subterfuge of Topher. It was also interesting to see Reed played by Laurence Dominic again as it brings back connections to some early episodes. His comment about. "I'm glad I didn't kill you now." was prophetic in so many ways.

    So mostly a very interesting discovery about the attic in general. What it is and what it does. A visual of how this all started from the Rossum standpoint. An equation for how Epitaph One the unaired episode gets to become reality. Finally it seems we have reached a starting off point for the final three episodes of the second and final season.

    It will be interesting to see how people view this series in a few years. Because of the strange and in some ways repulsive subject matter a great number of people including myself were put off by the idea of the series. In the end the show has managed to create an identity separate from that vision and I'm sorry now it took so long to come to the surface. We may be sorry when this story comes to an end. Thanks for reading...
  • Echo is sent to the Attic.

    I don't really pay attention to negative reviews because everyone who hated the show, hated it from the beginning while everyone who loved the show, loved it from the start and gave this show the support it needed.

    The Second Season came on very nicely. We've seen the power struggle within the rival Dollhouses, and the big plan that the Dollhouses have which is global domination and control of the people of the world. We've seen the nasty side effects that the mind alternating side effects of the treatments on actives, and it's deadly result. We've seen a lot of nice twists. We've seen a lot nice writing and many great performance by Eliza Dushku, Tomas, and many of Whedon's former stars like Alexis Denisof The only thing we haven't seen is what actually happens to the actives once they are not used anymore i.e the Attic, so this is our first look into it.

    The way the Attic was presented was very intriguing, you'd think the way they'd kill the actives would be short and quick but it's not quite done that way. You'd also think there would be just one Attic for every active, but that's not the case either. I like this episode for it's blend of reality vs. non-reality approach to presenting what the Attic is and still using all the elements of the show that made it interesting. I did get a nice TRON like feel to this episode with the whole talk about the mainframe, and the way the Attic functions like it.

    Someone else, Entil2001, nailed this episode very well saying this Season wrapped up all the loose ends from first Season thanks to impactful but unaired Epitaph One and then all episodes from Second Season

    Also hit on the nail about the formation of a Resistance. Who better to really start delivering the blow to Rossum than Echo.

    From watching all of Season Two it's clear the writers knew what they were doing whether or you you liked the way they did it was another story. However, speaking for myself, I will congratulate the show again for delivering an entertaining psychological, sci-fi show that is typical of Joss Whedon's work. He has every bit to be happy with the show even though Fox never gave the show much rope.

    The acting has been great, the writing has been great, and the show has been great.
  • Ok so the Dollhouse is cancelled, that s*cks I Know. But I really like where the series is going. The new spin in this episode is just awesome. I Love it. I hope someone ( a network) can pick this series up

    Ok so the Dollhouse is cancelled, that s*cks I Know.
    But I really like where the series is going. The new spin in this episode is just awesome.
    I Love it.
    I hope someone ( a network) can pick this series up

    Keep the Dollhouse alive

    Or I hope the will be a great ending to this show. A nice closing.

    Ok so the Dollhouse is cancelled, that s*cks I Know.
    But I really like where the series is going. The new spin in this episode is just awesome.
    I Love it.
    I hope someone ( a network) can pick this series up

    Keep the Dollhouse alive

    Or I hope the will be a great ending to this show. A nice closing.
  • The attic.

    After two seasons of hyping the attic as this dark, mysteriously undesirable place, THIS is what the attic is? Another one of Joss Whedon's bizarre mind games?

    A lot of people on this site, on other sites, on message boards loved this episode but I have to disagree with them. It was confusing, it was pretty uneventful and it was just not what this show should be or has been about since its inception. The Dollhouse is turning into too much of a psychological thriller than the sci-fi show it should have been designed into.

    It is almost time to say goodbye to this show. While not always great, it was fun to talk about, so that aspect will be missed.
  • Amazing Episode! This is exactly why I love this show!!! It reminded me about some of the best episodes of whedon"s past like the dream episode that ended Buffy's fourths season.

    The episode begins with Echo in the Dollhouse and not only do we see the Dollhouse, but viewvers will learn some amazing thing about the company that puts everything we have seen in a different perspective. I would love to write about the amazing things that just happened on this episode, but that would be telling. Just be assured, this is high class whedonesque entertainment and it will blow your frakking mind. I just wish there would be more time to explore the consequences of this tech, it really makes the show so much more interesting. I highly recommend you give the show a second or third or fourth try. It is really worth it. trust me :)
  • All the pieces start coming together

    (Note: This review covers the second half of the two-episode event that aired on 18 December, 2009. A previous review covered the first half of the event.)

    Just when I think I know where a story is going, Joss manages to throw a curve ball that changes the game. This is one of those cases where I was right to an extent, but I just didn't see how all the pieces could fall into place. Thankfully, the writers knew what they were doing, and it's clear that they had answers to basic questions waiting in the wings.

    As it turns out, Adele was playing a dangerous game with Rossum, using her new Draconian methods to organize a resistance. She can't hope to have this movement go unnoticed for long, but it shouldn't need to linger. The damage is already done. It's just a matter of determining whether or not this resistance simply fails or brings down severe unintended consequences on the world.

    I was floored when the pieces finally started to come together. So Caroline, anti-Rossum activist, found out the names of the two people responsible for the plan to take control of the world through mind wiping. (It sounds silly put that way, but that's what it amounts to in the end.) As a result, when Caroline was captured, she was effectively forced into becoming a Doll, as seen in the first season. This was meant to eliminate the threat that Caroline posed, but they never suspected that a Doll would ever exceed programming like Echo has.

    Given Echo's nature, she has now absorbed every skill she could possibly want or need to survive what's coming. She also has a team in Paul, Victor, and Sierra. With the knowledge that the Attic "mainframe" has concluded that the future seen in "Epitaph One" has a 97% probability of coming true, all that is needed for the final mix to come together is the return of Whiskey. At that point, the stage would be fully set for the events alluded to in "Epitaph One" to take place.

    The end result must be that Adele, Topher, and most of the Dolls in the Los Angeles branch must remain intact and in operation, with Caroline/Echo and Paul escaping to find Safe Haven (and, perhaps, a changed Alpha). After all, Victor is eventually imprinted with a copy of Clive Ambrose, and at that point, Adele and Topher are still considered loyal Rossum employees (unless, of course, that scene from "Epitaph One" took place in the three-month gap seen in "Meet Jane Doe").

    It seems abundantly clear to me that while the series timeline was accelerated to hit all the high points, this is where the story was meant to go. It just would have gotten there at a slower pace, had the show been a hit. I just love the idea that the entire series is going to feel complete when it's over, thanks to the capstones of "Epitaph One" and the impending "Epitaph Two". It's now very clear that the second season was all about wrapping up loose ends, one step at a time.

    I can see the story taking two different directions, both arriving at the same point. The first is the most likely: that the circumstances of this resistance, combined with Bennett's desire for revenge, will force Adele to send Caroline/Echo and Paul out. This would explain how both Echo and Adele could see themselves as part of a resistance, yet still see each other as adversaries. This would leave Echo's conversation with Dominic in the virtual "mainframe" world as a potential plot point for resolving things in "Epitaph Two".

    The other direction would be harder to pull off with the short time remaining. It might be that Adele and Echo try to use Dominic and the revelations about the Attic to their advantage sooner rather than later. This might introduce a weakness in the Rossum system security that fails to give the resistance a path to victory, but eventually allows someone else to come in and take control of the technology. After all, we don't know how Rossum lost control of the tech, only that it happened.

    Beyond the massive continuity and mythology connections, this episode is also one of the most visually impressive episodes of "Dollhouse". The guest director (John Cassaday of comics fame, who worked with Joss on "Astonishing X-Men") had a clear sense of visual communication, and the imagery helped to communicate the familiar chaos at the heart of the Attic. On nearly every level, this was yet another triumph for this surprising second season.
  • In the Attic

    So.. this one was much better than previous episode and the huge impact it had. I loved the randomness the episode first had, those clips here and there, not first making any logic but in the end, everything came together.. even the part Adelle played in all this. I most say - I did not saw that.. and the way you were, in the end, ready for anykind of surprise. It was amazing, the atmosphere they created and I loved that some of the topics risen in "Epitaph One" were re-visited and I am really waiting for something more like this or "Epitaph One".

    Overall, quite good.
  • Classic Whedon. Dollhouse at it's best. Similar to Angel season finale so far, but nonethelesse a great watching experience.

    This episode was a classic whedon. Every single thing about it. The portrayal of fears, the fooling of the audience, the deep characters with their own motivations etc etc. Only thing to remark is that the ending was really similar to the season final of Angel. Where Angel appeared to had been compromised by the big bads of Wolfram & Hart. At the end it turned out he was still on the good side but had to keep up appearances for W&H to be able to work on a plan to defeat them.

    This is almost identical, with Adelle as Angel and Rossum as W&H. But hey it worked again. And it was great to watch, and that's what counts.
  • After this double dose of Dollhouse, I must admit that I would have appreciated the Series more if they went with this approach in Season One.

    I might not be a great fan of the series, but I loved the story type and I would not have minded another Season had the writers not really screw with the cherry of the story.

    I felt as though they cheated time away from us, especially when it came to character development and suspense. The moment they received a possible thrilled idea, they would ruin the recipe by adding a cheesy-mess. Had the writers taken the approach to develop Echo, as opposed to crowding her with character development which frankly felt rushed for these last episodes, they could have held on to a few fans and a possible more seasons.

    Sierra and Victor have the potential onscreen favorite couple, but the spark between them just isn't there for me. The writers held all the cards and the played all the wrong ones. Season one should have focused on the changes in Victor, giving us a brief introduction into his past, however small. Sierra herself could have revealed some Pria qualities.

    Dewitt has now begun to annoy me to the point where I really couldn't tolerate any scene with her. The end scene in attic, where Echo sort of formed a truce with DeWitt, would have been more clever, if that was the sole purpose she brought Caroline in, as opposed to them making the pact before she sent her off to the attic.

    I really tried, I mean there were points I literally zoned in and out and felt as though a fifteen minute snack break could have been accomplished even while the show was going on, but I blame it on the writers. Eliza Dushku showed some real talent as an actress, especially with what she had to work with. Had the storyline taken a different approach... oh well no use there.

    The only scene I possibly found interest in was the return of that Dominic character from Season one, as we learnt he was sent to the attic then, and Summer Glau, but she was in the earlier double dose Fridays and hasn't returned since. Some things just go so far off to the point of no return, I really hoped Dollhouse would get back on track and renew a season or two. All weren't completely horrible, maybe Echo and Serena should have had more scenes together in their doll states, and maybe some more animosity between Adelle and Topher. There is only so much that could be done now.

    Lexa Reviews


    Three Stars

    Grade C-
  • This show is turning platinum.

    Second half of Dollhouse season two is fantastic! The first half was boring. But Joss got it back on track. And I think this is one of the best shows on TV today. Why couldn't it be better sooner? Because it got cancelled and now I want more. I'm fan of the intense and intelligent thriller it turned to be. Please renew the show! Make a season three with the pace of the latest episodes. It will be platinum! The fans are growing. And the latest episodes will be cult classics. It is disappointing when this ends like this. And it's disappointing that Joss didn't see this. He's one of the greatest minds in TV and should see this coming. But also thank you for the final episodes. It's been a thrill! If you haven't seen Dollhouse, tune in!
  • Echo, Victor, and Sierra are in The Attic and they must find a way out.

    Brilliant Episode! Joss Whedon is a genius! It was like a mix of Nightmares, Fear Itself, and Restless all mixed in one episode. I love how Adelle isn't really evil at all. I love how she had this plan to bring Rossum down, and by the end of the episode everyone knows her plan. The Attic seems like pretty scary stuff. It was like they kept changing realities. It's interesting how all their minds are like computers, and that they can like go from mind to mind. I love how they made a Paul an active to get him out the coma. I can't wait to see what happens in future episodes I give this episode a 10/10.
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