Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ballard is working for the Dollhouse, per his agreement. Boyd doesn't seem to like the deal but Adelle convinces him to go along with it.
Echo has a new assignment and ends up getting married to a British business man. Turns out he is an arm's dealer and Echo suspects that she may be Ballard's undercover FBI partner. But her husband is, in fact, an arm's dealer but Ballard has been using an Echo to track him for quite some time. Adelle suggests that Ballard become Echo's handler to ensure the best protection for her possible.
But Echo's new husband finds a photo of Echo and Ballad, jumping to the conclusion that she has been having an affair. Echo's imprint is smart enough to talk her way out of the situation until she says the wrong thing and another one of her personalities surfaces. Ballard decides to fess up to Echo's husband and decides to resurface each of Echo's previous personalities until he finds the correct one.
Ballard decides to join forces with the martial artist he met in the alley once to beat down the British business man.
Echo then decides to confess to Ballard that she remembers every person she has ever been and wants to find each of the people who gave her the imprints. Ballard tells her she can totally trust him and he becomes her handler to make sure she trusts him.
Whiskey has decided to get to Topher in anyway possible by playing pranks - including setting white rats free in his office and playing with him while he's asleep.
Victor's face is pretty much back to normal after the surgeries. Whiskey does not want all of her scars healed because she is afraid that Adelle will send her back to active duty. Boyd tries to ask Whiskey out on a date but she says that she has been programmed with a number of phobias that cause her to not want to leave the Dollhouse but you can tell she enjoys Boyd's pity.
Whiskey tries to seduce Topher but he ends up confessing that she is better than him and he programmed her to be Dr. Saunders with views other than his own to make sure that the Actives were well cared for. He tells her that his contract states he can never really know an active and her decision to dislike him was her own. She then tells him that she doesn't want to leave Whiskey's body because she doesn't want to die - but she ends up leaving the Dollhouse despite all of her phobias and fears.
We also meet a politician who is an opponent of the Rossum Corporation. Ballard suspects that Boyd pointed him in that direction while Boyd thinks Ballard did it.