Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2009 on FOX

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  • "Wait, it'll bet better. Wait, it'll get better." Still waiting...

    When Dollhouse debuted, I was excited for the next great Whedon show. But then it ended up sucking. But I stayed with it, because everyone insisted it would get better. Waited all through the beginning of the year. And all through the middle. And by the finale, improvements were minor at best, and I realized I had just wasted a season of my life. Now going into year 2, my opinion of the show hasn't changed. In fact, not only was it NOT an impressive return, it was the most boring premiere of the 2009 season. And I've seen EVERYTHING- from Flash Forward to The Good Wife, to even the f'ing Vampire Diaries!) I didn't care about anything that happened. I didn't care about Whiskey's "am I real?" issues. In fact, I was extremely annoyed by her behavior and whining. This is a horrible turn for the composed character. The show has always been desperate to show viewers they are deep, but now that desperation is starting to show. Echo is finally glitching but we knew this would inevitably happen the moment the very premise of Dollhouse was announced, so this was neither interesting nor exciting. There were a couple sprinkles of interesting scenes that woke me up (the confrontation about the desk) but it wasn't enough. I see now that I don't like this show very much, and so I shall stop watching. Oh well. I've put in my time as a fan. No need punishing myself further. maybe Whendon's next show will be better.