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  • The Dolly Show was a show consiting of Country Queen Dolly Parton is a mix of skits music and guests.

    The Dolly Show was a variety series which aired on ABC in 1987-1988. It was a ratings hit for the first two episodes and then quickly took a deep ratings dive. In her bio Dolly even said the show sucked so I guess I don't feel as bad downing the show. It was a mix of things it was a un organized and really had no things in it that would last on TV today. It was really just a mix up of Dolly sing with guests and sometimes very unfunny sketches. It is easy to se why the show slowly faded away. Dolly tried her best to make the show better but by that time it had lost it's viewers. I bought these on DVD on a website that sells rare shows and O enjoyed it for the most part but Dolly just was not getting through to her audience. In no way am I saying the show was no good I am just saying the show was weird. But it had it's good time.