Dom Joly's Complainers

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2008 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

A clamper gets a taste of his own medicine, people are shown to buy anything if there is a health tag attached to it and a tolerance test shows how much it takes to get people to start complaining.

Dom tries to find out how effective CCTV is in decreasing the crime rate in Coventry, where they even have cameras with speakers so the operators can shout at people.

Richard takes on one of the most annoying of species: the clamper. He parks his car illegally, waits for the clamper to come around and when the clamper is busy clamping Richard's car, he clamps the clamper's car in turn.

Dom shows the most ludicrous health scam he could think of: selling miracle weightloss donuts. By convincing people they lose weight just by eating these donuts, he sells 200 pounds worth of donuts.

Then it's ladies' payback time with sweet innocent Jenni. She passes by a building site with builders that whistle and shout at passing girls. She sends in her friend Vic, dressed as a woman, to give the builders a hefty dose of comeuppance.

Back to CCTV. In sleepy Devon, Dom investigates the effect of CCTV on the crime rate. He also finds out that the watchers themselves are being watched by cameras.

In the tolerance test the public's patience is tested. Jenni and her boyfriend see how far they have to go at a restaurant to annoy people sitting nearby.

Mr. Angry takes on the next best cold caller he gets, just because his girlfriend left him. He keeps the cold caller on the line, but instead of letting the caller sell him something, he talks to him about his own breakup.

CCTV again. Dom visits the Mayor of Dawlish to find out the reasons of installing CCTV in a peaceful town. He also wants to find the control room where the town cameras are monitored, but he can't seem to find it. In the next step. he tries to enforce his right to claim his videos from a surveillance camera.