Dom Joly's Complainers

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on Channel Five

Episode Recap

Dom takes on Exeter's bin police and their army of informers, who are in the guise of normal bin men. Dom rides with them to learn more about their job. Then he rides with Peter Delaney, a Recycling Enforcement Officer, the "Bin Buster", and finds out that he threatens to fine, but never actually fines.

In another scene, Dom annoys people by talking loudly on his mobile phone to see how long it takes people to start complaining.

After that, Dom starts a war on junk mail by returning the products to their senders.

Things the don't want you to know: Just because you got a parking ticket, doesn't mean you have to pay it. Richard shows how to fight them with a law book in his hands and the help of Barrie Segal, the "Ticket Terminator".

Back to recycling. In Oxford, bin bags are only collected every fortnight. Dom talks to Annie Skinner, co-founder of the Collect Refuse in Oxford Weekly, and other people in Oxford. Dom prepares a 11 day old bag of rubbish, that really stinks, to confront a member of the city council with it.

Tolerance test - "Bad Cabbie": Ben mimics a mini cab driver and finds out how far he can push his passengers, before they complain.

Cold call revenge: Mr. Angry steals time from a cold caller by keeping them busy with no effort, because he has recorded his half of the conversation.

Back to the recycling topic, Dom interviews some more people on the streets in Barnet about it. He checks the Barnet councilors' bins to see if they recycle correctly.

Finally, Dom goes to find out if recycling is really worth it. Together with Mike Trim, Cleansing Services Manager, he finds out, where the rubbish ends up.