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Twenty-five years after the Archangel Gabriel led an army of lower angels in the "Extinction War" against humans, the survivors have retreated to fortified cities such as Vega where they struggle to exist and rebuild society among political turmoil, internal power struggles and the ever present threat of danger from the angels.

Soldier Alex Lannon, a rogue operative with a rebellious streak and a dangerously close relationship with the daughter of Vega's ruler and the Archangel Michael, the only angel to side with humans in the war, are among the only hopes humans have of surviving and perhaps winning the war.

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AIRED ON 8/7/2014

Season 1 : Episode 8

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  • Love the show. Hope we get to see another season.

    I wasn't sure I would like Dominion but ended up really being sucked in. I like that the writers are not afraid to go in unexpected directions, both in terms of character development and in terms of plot/storyline. I also think they did a good job of world building. So far, we've only seen inside Vega (the city once known as Las Vegas) and around it, but the hints of the other cities of surviving humans really whet my appetite.

    Playing with the supernatural and sci fi the show managed to examine some big questions about friendship, parenting and family, whether the greater good trumps personal happiness, redemption, obligation, loyalty and so on.moreless
  • Don't Stretch

    Interesting theme but don't forget that this is fantasy, don't try and read any religious overtones into Dominion. If you stretch and debate the whys and what for of angels, why is God on vacation and the like, then all story telling falls apart. Just go with the flow and accept the series as another break with reality in our world of fantasy and sci-fi. This is not some atheistic plot to overthrow heaven!moreless
  • Bac show but I like it

    Is Dominion a bad show ? Yes. An over complicated story, served by bland actors (Alan Dale and Anthony Head excepted) in a unoriginal monotheist religious world.

    Do I like it ? Yes. Because it's summer and nothing else is on. Because I like the good guy bad guy way of Michael's character and I want to see the evolution of that.
  • Bad-Ass Angels

    Can't get enough of this stuff, from Supernatural to Dominion. The story at first I felt was weak, but the show grew on me. I hate one dimensional cliche characters. The central character Alex was a whiney, angst-driven brat that I wanted to slap. Now he's getting much better. I put up with the show long enough to see this because of the acting of Tom Wisdom as Michael and his rival actor that plays Gabriel. Wisdom has channeled Keanu Reaves in "Constantine " combined with the wardrobe of the Matrix for this role I think. I hope this show gets picked up for a regular season as I understand they only made 10 episodes.moreless
  • So apparently being an atheist means you can't enjoy this show?

    Just skimming through the comments and apparently the fact that I'm an atheist means I can't enjoy shows with angels in them? Go figure. There goes Supernatural and Doctor Who then. Is the show amazing? Not really, but I'm finding it thoroughly enjoyable so far and actually not bad. The guy who plays Michael is fantastic, not so much the actor who plays the "chosen one". There is some weirdly stilted acting, but it really really isn't as bad as this website makes it out to be.

    @DeviousT22 This isn't Youtube, please don't try to start a religious flame war here. I disliked your comment because I found it asinine, not because I'm an "angel-lover".moreless

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