Syfy (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sine Deo Nihil
      Episode 13

      Alex and Noma set out to kill Duma in Riesen's body, but Claire gets there first and tries to get through to her father. Meanwhile, Arika and David try to escape Vega. In Mallory, Michael pleads with the Prophet--and his master Lucifer--to heal Gabriel.

    • Day of Wrath
      Episode 12

      While Gabriel attacks Michael, Alex finds Claire and they race to defend Vega from the invading eight-balls. Meanwhile, David tries to activate the city's wall cannons, and Arika prepares for her return to Helena.

    • 9/17/15

      The Amphora of Darkness casts its spell, shrouding each of the Vega's citizens in visions driving them to madness and suicide. David faces his inner self; Arika is tormented by the eight-ball Rose that she killed, Claire loses her child yet again; and William is left with nothing when he is told the truth about what happened to him in the desert.

    • House of Sacrifice
      Episode 10

      While Michael's body lies in a coma, the Prophet summons the archangel's soul to Mallory so that he can fulfill his promise. Meanwhile, Alex and Gates join forces to save Vega from a nuclear meltdown, and David tries to convince William to leave Vega with him.

    • The Seed of Evil
      Episode 9

      Julian's eight-ball army approaches Vega, and Alex and Claire are finally reunited. Meanwhile, David meets the new William.

    • 8/27/15

      Michael rescues Alex and Noma from Julian's eight-balls, and the reunited trio head for Vega. Meanwhile, Claire and Gates discover the traitor who warned the rebels, and William returns to Vega. In New Delphi, Julian takes a new approach in torturing Gabriel.

    • 8/20/15

      Rather than further divide Vega, Claire asks for a parley with Zoe. Meanwhile, Julian tortures Gabriel and Michael, and Alex and Noma search for supplies after Noma meets with the Prophet.

    • 8/13/15

      In New Delphi, Alex realizes what Julian is up to and tried to evict the angel Lyrae from the ruler's body. Meanwhile, Gates goes on a suicide mission despite Claire's orders, while David coordinates Zoe's revolution.

    • 8/6/15

      Alex and Julian work together to capture Michael in the hopes of using him as bait to catch Gabriel. Meanwhile, David makes common cause with the Vega rebels to split Vega in two and bring down Claire.

    • A Bitter Truth
      Episode 4

      While Alex and Noma try to learn the secret behind Julian's power, Gabriel meets with Michael and proposes an alliance. Meanwhile, Briathos tracks Claire to Gates' workshop, and David meets the rebels.

    • The Narrow Gate
      Episode 3

      Alex searches for Julian's key in the hopes of recovering it and establishing an alliance with the ruler of New Delphi. Meanwhile, Michael realizes what Laurel must do for the sake of the town's celebration, and Claire asks the city engineer for help when Zoe escapes captivity.

    • 7/16/15

      While Alex, Noma, and Pete are taken to New Delphi as prisoners, Claire turns to Arika for help to discredit David. Meanwhile, Michael realizes that the faith of Mallory comes at a high cost.

    • 7/9/15

      Claire orders the bombing of Gabriel's eyrie, despite the knowledge that Alex is being held captive inside. He and Noma escape the devastation and make their way to New Delphi. Meanwhile, Michael is intrigued to find a small town apparently protected by the power of faith.

  • Season 1