Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2014 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Several years before the war, Jeep and a young Alex are playing basketball at home when Jeep spots two angels crawling across the barn toward them. He sends his son inside, draws his guns, and opens fire on them, but one of them gets close enough to attack him. Inside, Alex hears his father calling for help and opens the door. A third angel charges in after impersonating Jeep's voice and attacks the boy. A wounded Jeep comes in behind it and shoots it dead, then hugs his son and tells him that he'll never leave him.

In the present, Alex watches from a distance as the priests light Jeep's body on fire and give him a hero's funeral pyre.

The full council gathers and Senator Romero tells the senators that they will have the reactor up in a few days. David is worried about Vega's defenses, and Becca reminds everyone that it was David bringing an angel into the city that put them all at risk in the first place. Senator Robert Frost agrees and calls for an audit of House Whele. David and Romero both object, and Edward intervenes to say that David has already been chastised and that should be sufficient. He then abruptly walks out, ending the meeting.

Alex goes to his quarters and drinks heavily, and looks at himself in the mirror. He then goes to the Riesen penthouse and tries to brush past Noma to get to Claire. Noma subdues him but Claire comes out and orders her to let Alex go. Once he goes into her room, Alex says that they should leave Vega immediately. Claire refuses, saying that they have to stay now that they know he is the Chosen One. Drunk and angry, Alex reminds her that he was a V-1 and would have starved in the streets if he hadn't joined the military. Claire refuses to go, insisting that the people need them, and Alex calls her a spoiled princess with no idea what is going on below.  Disgusted, Claire tells Alex to get out.

Edward goes to see David at his penthouse and says that he knows he's lying about finding the angel within the walls. However, he admits that he can't afford to have David in jail, which is why he defended him at the meeting. They both agree that they can't afford an outburst of religious fervor over the revelation of the Chosen One, given the instability in Vega. Edward wonders if the technicians in the command center will speak about what they saw, and David assures him that they've been handled.

One of David's security guards takes the head technician to the Whele penthouse. He then kills the man and feeds him to David's lion as David looks on.

In Boulder, Gabriel and his angels are celebrating the death of the two Powers who attacked Vega with Furiad. As Gabriel covers them in amber, he gets a mental message from Gabriel and tells his angels to celebrate their new bodies. He then flies to wear Michael is waiting by the ocean. Michael wonders why he's attacking after the war is over, and Gabriel assures him that they may have lost the battles but the war is just beginning. He wonders why Michael is siding with the humans when they have made a pit of the paradise that God gave them, and warns that the humans would kill Michael if they knew he was consorting with the enemy. Michael tells his fellow archangel that his quarrel is with God, who abandoned them, but Gabriel figures that once the humans are wiped out, God will return when the angels do the job he didn't have the heart to finish. With that, Michael tells Gabriel that he knows who the Chosen One is and flies off.

In Vega, Anika and her handmaidens sit in a cell, stripped of their raiments. Coral complains that Anika was too distracted by David to pay attention to the fact that Roan was a Power in disguise, and Anika tell Coral to mind her place. The guards take Anika to David's office and he talks about how he's admired her ever since she outbid him for oil by sleeping with the person in charge, and then killed him a few weeks later. Anika denies it and points out that Evelyn, who worships a female divinity, would never consent to ally with Gabriel despite the accusations against Anika. David says that he needs Helena's air force and is willing to kill Anika to force Evelyn to turn it over. Anika calmly tells him that Evelyn will wipe out Vega if she is killed and David returns her to her cell.

Claire and Bixby are having breakfast when Felicia, the servant, brings them more food. Edward comes in and Claire sends Bixby off with Felicia, and then confronts her father about forcing her to marry William without her knowledge. The general insists that Vega needs strong leadership and she can't just think of herself, and Claire reminds him that their people are trapped in the "temporary" caste system that he created. However, despite the fact he is the city's ruler, he can't change anything because of David and the others. Edward knows that Claire is in love with Alex and tells his daughter that she has no idea what the Chosen One really is or what he means for the war. Claire walks out, furious, and Edward clutches at his chest in sudden pain.

In the barracks, Noma confronts Alex about his relationship with Claire. He swears her to secrecy, just as he receives new orders that he has been reassigned to House Whele. As Alex goes to his new post, Michael finds him and says that they need to talk. When Alex refuses, Michael picks him up and flies Alex to his tower. The archangel warns him that Gabriel now knows who he is, but Alex figures that as the Chosen One he is powerful enough to take on the angels. When Michael asks Alex to trust him, Alex points out that the archangel had him whipped and says that the tattoos warned him to beware those closest to him. Disgusted, Alex tells Michael to stay away from him and leaves.

Later, Alex goes to David's office and tells his friend Ethan that he's been reassigned. Once he is alone with Alex, David tells him that before the war he was a televangelist and claimed that he was a conduit between God and Man. Since the war, David has learned better and warns Alex that the people will tear each other apart because of their faith. Alex assures him that he doesn't believe in the legends and asks why he was reassigned, and David tells him to ask Edward because he gave the order. William comes in and, surprised at Alex's presence, bows to him. David tells him to get up and explains that Alex is assigned to them now.

William takes Alex for a walk through the city. The soldier is surprised when William gives ration cards to several citizens, and William admits that his father frowns on such charity. He then invites Alex to come to him any time if he has concerns about his new position or what it means.

Becca visits Edward as his physician and warns him that he can't keep his heart condition a secret for much longer. She suggests that he trust his daughter with his secret, and Claire will then understand why Edward is eager to marry her to House Whele. Edward refuses, saying that he doesn't want Claire to think that he's weak, but Becca warns him that's not the only secret he's keeping. She knows that he's traveling outside of Vega despite the law and asks why, but Edward dismisses her from his presence.

In the cell, Anika and her handmaidens are scratching off their fingernails on the concrete floor, leaving the concealed poison behind. Anika explains that she will convince David to see her again and then use the poison to kill him. Coral smiles in satisfaction that her mistress is focusing on the task at hand.

That night, Alex slips into the Riesen penthouse and bumps into Felicia, knocking her tray out of her hands. He helps her pick it up and she notices the tattoos on his arm. Once Felicia is alone, she concentrates and grows a pair of angel wings.

Michael meets with Edward, who complains that Michael didn't tell him about the Powers. The archangel admits that he didn't think that they would take sides. He believes that Alex will prove critical in the way, but warns Edward that the soldier's destiny isn't set in stone and he could choose some paths that would be bad for them all. Michael asks Edward for advice since he has a child, but the general admits that he can't reach his own daughter. He says that all a parent can do is let a child go their own way and wish them godspeed.

Alex makes his way to Claire's room and apologizes for his earlier comments. She admits that he was right and she is a spoiled princess, and Alex says that he's staying in Vega with her to work things out. They make love and afterward, Claire says that his tattoos are a beautiful gift. Alex doesn't consider them that way and says that he would burn them off if he could.

As Claire leads Alex out, Bixby runs to Alex and hugs her friend. As Claire takes Bixby back to bed, Felicia approaches Alex, extends her wings, and attacks him. As they fight, another soldier comes running out and Felicia easily kills him. Claire runs back with Bixby and the angel slashes Bixby across the stomach and throws Claire across the hallway. Furious, Alex leaps at her and shoves her into an elevator. They drop to the next floor and Felicia shoves Alex away into a kitchen. He yanks a gas line free and when Felicia approaches, throws a lit cigarette lighter at her. Her wings burst into flames and Alex kicks her through a window. The angel flies off and Alex runs back upstairs to make sure that Bixby and Claire are alive but in need of medical treatment.

At the Whele penthouse, David is summoned to the cells and discovers that all of the handmaidens are dead. Anika is sitting among the corpses and tells him that he can either clear her of involvement with Roan's attack and blame it on the handmaidens. If he does, Anika will make sure that Evelyn doesn't attack Vega. If he refuses then it will seem that David went berserk and killed Anika and the handmaidens, and Evelyn will destroy Vega.

Alex goes back to his bunk and starts packing. Claire, nursing a sprained wrist, comes to find him and realizes that he's leaving. Alex explains that he's a target now that he's the Chosen One and everyone around him is in danger, particularly Claire. Claire wants to go with him but Alex tells his love that he couldn't bear it if she was harmed. He says that it's goodbye between them for now and leaves.

Felicia flies to Boulder and reports to Gabriel that Alex is indeed the Chosen One. She warns that the soldier is stronger than they anticipated, and Gabriel has Furiad take her away to treat her wounded wings while he ponders what to do next.

Alex drives away from Vega. The tattoos on his body move and he quickly covers them over.

Edward slips out of Vega and goes to the Luxor Hotel. A female angel welcomes back, saying that she missed him, and they kiss.