Season 2 Episode 2

Mouth of the Damned

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2015 on Syfy

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  • Michael lets someone die to protect his secret.

    Michael lets someone die to protect his secret. There is an assassination attempt on Claire.
  • Badass

    I think this pretty much describes every character we've seen thus far. The creator and his team have upped the stakes its so frikken intense. Loving the direction of the show. The scope feels bigger and the characters are given room to breathe. Need more.
  • Action and intruigue

    Episode 2 picks up right where the season opener left off, introducing the city of New Delphi and its charismatic, mercurial leader, Julian. Alex and Noma must convince Julian that they have something to offer him in trade and that he should ally with them against Gabriel. Meanwhile, in Mallory, Michael continues to be drawn to Laurel and the faith (and redemption) that she represents but is forced to take steps to conceal his identity when Harper (the young woman who saw him on the beach in episode 1) returns to the town... but convincing her to keep his secret has unintended, and devastating, consequences. Back in Vega, after a failed assassination attempt on Claire, she and Arika work together to discredit David Whele.

    This episode answers some questions whilst raising many more - Who exactly is Julian and what is his history with Gabriel? How are the 8Balls in New Delhi able to be so "domesticated"? Who or what is protecting Mallory and why is it so important that every citizen confess their sins? What are Arika's plans in Vega, and what will happen to Whele? The storylines are tightly plotted and gripping, and the episode gives time to develop each of the three storylines.

    This episode also shows us the characters at their most uncompromising... willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want... from Michael dragging an 8Ball to its death to test Mallory's defences, to Claire using a "trained" 8Ball to discredit Whele, to Arika executing the 8Ball once its served her purpose, this episode shows us a bleak world where morality has to take a back seat to expediency.