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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2014 on Syfy
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After a apocalyptic war between Angels and Man, humanity takes refuge in fortified cities and survive with the help of the archangel Michael, who sides with them against his former comrades. As the angels prepare a new assault, Michael must seek out the Chosen One, the one human destined to lead humanity and end the devastating war with the angels once and for all.


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  • I found the storyline a little scattered and confusing at first

    I found the storyline a little scattered and confusing at first, but things became clearer and more interesting towards the end.
  • For The Back Story....

    Watch the movie LEGION.. Fairly decent as mindless entertainment goes.. But it give the whole back story for Dominion...

    I kinda liked Dominion.. We'll see how it goes...

    To answer ddstephens, there are no "good angels".. Michael was the only angel who fought with humankind....

    What I want to know is why does it always seem that Gabriel is the heel??

    The only show I can remember that put Gabriel in a good light was SUPERNATURAL...moreless
  • Drawingly strange

    I really didn't hate this. I was drawn to it in a strange way. The plot is really silly but fantasy is sometimes like that. I was hoping the angels would do more angel stuff, after all aren't they suppose to be supernatural and powerful. The bad angels were creepy. Michael on the other hand was will kind of a wimp. Where are all the good angels? Have they all been killed off except Michael? Maybe I missed that part. The acting isn't the greatest but it isn't the worst either. I don't see a great further for this series, unless it surprises me and gets better. I plan on watching a few more episodes because I am curious about this show. Oh and a word for Michael the arc angel, stop using a sword and get yourself a bazooka to protect the chosen I am not going to dump on this show it is just getting a rough start...moreless
  • Give it a chance...

    Saw similar review after the 1st episode of walking dead and look how it's done.
Langley Kirkwood

Langley Kirkwood


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Betsy Wilke

Betsy Wilke


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Luam Staples

Luam Staples


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Carl Beukes

Carl Beukes


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Kim Engelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht

Sgt Noma Walker

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Anton David Jeftha

Anton David Jeftha


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    • Officer at the Gate: Lannon! What the hell were you doing outside the city without authorization?
      Alex: It was two-for-one buffet at the Flamingo. I just couldn't miss it.

    • Sr. Officer John: Exiting the city with a vehicle is a realigning offense. You're going to get purged down to V-0 for this. An untouchable.
      Alex: It's better than making a hole in Michael's ass to be a V-3 like you.

    • Claire: I'll tell him about us, and I will get his permission to marry. But you still have to do the knee and the ring thing.
      Alex: It just so happens I have a knee and a ring.

    • Claire: (formally) Principate.
      William: Please, Claire, not you. I'm still the same William you played marbles with in this room.
      Claire: Yes, and always beat.

    • Noma: Hey, Ethan, can you weasel your way into a bottle of Scotch for me tonight?
      Ethan: "Weasel"? Really?
      Alex: She means charm your way.
      Noma: Nooo, I meant "weasel."

    • David: A derringer. One of these killed Abraham Lincoln. A thoughtful gift. You obviously learned a lot about me on your last visit.
      Arika: A passion for weapons is hard to forget.
      David: I would prefer you remember me for something more... inspiring.
      Arika: And what would that be?
      David: Hope.

    • Michael: It's been fifteen years. I thought you were dead.
      Jeep: Fourteen and a half, but who's counting?

    • Claire: We have worked so hard to build this city into what it is. You can't just give up.
      Riesen: I'm not giving up. I'm moving forward.

    • David: You're as paranoid as ever.
      Arika: If that were true, you'd be dead.

    • Jeep: Yeah. I'm alive.
      David: How?
      Jeep: Thick-headedness.

    • David: Michael may not be a mystery to you, Madam Consul, but he is to me. What were you planning on doing? Find some random child, and tell us he's the baby? What proof do we have? How do we measure him, on your word alone?
      Michael: You have faith.
      David: Oh, that died a long time ago, Archangel, when your kind laid waste to my planet.

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