Season 2 Episode 11

Bewilderment of Heart

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The Amphora of Darkness casts its spell, shrouding each of the Vega's citizens in visions driving them to madness and suicide. David faces his inner self; Arika is tormented by the eight-ball Rose that she killed, Claire loses her child yet again; and William is left with nothing when he is told the truth about what happened to him in the desert.

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Sep 24, 2015
Dominion Season 2 Episode 11
Bewilderment of Heart
Sep 18, 2015
Did we just get proof or just more conflicting evidence about exactly what Alex is? I mean, he closed the Amphora which, I believe every angel and dyad character has said that only an angel can close. But, his tattoos aided in destroying it, but were they helping him close it too? Or do we think this is an end series sort of answer as to whether Alex is just something different or is a nephilim? Nephilim makes more sense with info we got this year, but you'd think Michael could have sniffed that out.

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