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Sine Deo Nihil

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Alex and Noma set out to kill Duma in Riesen's body, but Claire gets there first and tries to get through to her father. Meanwhile, Arika and David try to escape Vega. In Mallory, Michael pleads with the Prophet--and his master Lucifer--to heal Gabriel.

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Oct 25, 2015
Desperate much Jamie? Pleading for people to read a general overview of a couple of episodes does not make good reading. More spoilers for thise that haven't caught up with your downloading yet.
Oct 02, 2015
Please read my entire season 2 review below, you will find it VERY entertaining and intriguing read i promise you that much i can assure you!
Oct 02, 2015
This is one of the BEST shows to come from syfy in a very long while, I in my own opinion, think its better than 12 monkeys, as much as I love that show, an WAYYY better than Dark Matter. I never really got in to Defiance past season 2, but I keep up with soo many tv shows that with life intervening all the time, its kind of hard to keep track of all the ones that I download because hell i dont even watch live tv, nor my dvr anymore, i don't even know why i still pay for directv's service lol Dominion has awesome writing, the season finale with michael and gabriel coming to brotherly terms and forming an alliance that i saw coming several episodes back as soon as Micheal mentioned Lucifer, on Alex's new markings, i just KNEW that it would be Alex leading the charge and Michael AND Gabriel having his back til death do they all 3 part baby!!! I cannot wait for season 3. A showdown between Lucifer an Alex an the 2 Archangels at Alex's disposal. Now I'm really interested and verryyy intrigued as to how the Noma storyline will play out, we all know that Lucifer's name means Lightbringer, so I'm making the assumption that's why her wings were white when she popped those beautiful babies open! Which me as a male, makes me absolutely have an awesome an vivid as hell flashback of the moment when Julian the dyad was trying to break Gabrielan had the girls in that room making Gabriel think he was in a love chamber, huge bed, red sheets an making love to Noma, Claire, and Helena's queen simultaneously, man I would loved to have just had a quick topless shot of all three, that would have instantly added another million viewers the second the first person tweeted that shit! LoL But for real, I want to see what ELSE Alex is truly capable of, mass evictions, that was inspirational, an so now I'm very curious as to what he can really do at full power because he turned the emphora to ash because his markings helped him close an ancient device of wrath made by GOD himself that only an archangel was supposed to be able to close...Michael was shocked, had NO CLUE how the hell Alex did it, Nomes was just as surprised. So with the huge cliffhanger set up them showing Lucifer nearly complete in his corporeal form, I am sure it will be renewed for season 3, I would almost bet my life they've already presented the whole season 3 plan to the network an its been greenlit behind closed doors just teasing us by waiting a lil longer I'd say about 30 days, we'll get a network confirmation, it's just how they do things. But with Michael an Gabriel at Alex's Back, noone knows where Noma will be in all this with her an hew newly reformed WHITE an gorgeous wings, pitted against Lucifer, his dozens of false prophets an who knows how many towns like Mallory he has making sacrifices all around the globe that he has up and running with the sacred fires protecting their small towns. It's just a truly epic storyline, an cannot wait to see how it ends, because I know an truly feel in my heart that there will be a season 3, an that Alex will have new an amazing powers that will be unveiled because if not, he will be NO match for Lucifer, even with both archangels at his back because it took all 4 archangles, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphiel to defeat Lucifer, an even then they didn't have the power to destroy his body when they laid waste to his was up to yet another act of power to do that deed, an Michael felt it wasn't deserved because he was teh first of them, their older brother, the best, brightest light, the one of them that was MOST touched by gods which was Michaels words I'm just paraphrasing here, and the most powerful of them all an that made him deserving of a proper burial at sea. Apparently, something awakened him enough to be able to speak to certain people, the so called prophets liek hte black man of instructed them how to make their towns safe IF they only sacrificed one person each an every 5 years, an IF that on eperson took on all the secrets and sin of each an every person of the town, they'd be protected from the outside influence of 8balls always at their borders just waiting to the fires to go out. All in all, a truly great an inspirational storyline and I cannot wait to see it unfold and to see Alex fulfill his full potential an see what the writers of the show have in store for him an how they choose to play out an give him the power necessary to defeat someone that even Michael himself could not defeat alone....that will be veryyyy exciting!moreless

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