Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

(ended 1982)




Episode Guide

    • November 10, 1979: Heatwave / Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Irv Burton / Videos by Hall & Oates, Nicolette Larson

      --Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - "All I Want Is Everything," "Living In The Real World" and "Vertigo."
      --Heatwave - "Always And Forever," "Razzle Dazzle," "Eyeballin'" and "Raise A Blaze."
      --Nicolette Larson (music videos w/Andrew Gold in band) - "Back In My Arms Again" and "Dancin' Jones."
      --Hall & Oates (music videos) - "Wait For Me," "Bebop Drop," "The Woman Comes And Goes" and "Intravino."
      --Irv Burton (stand-up comedy) - sings "Ain't To Pround To Beg" and talks about movies & TV shows.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Teacher meeting with nerdy student & his family. (2) Sammy Davis parody.

    • February 15, 1975: Fancy (on film), Fanny, Raspberries, Tim Weisberg

      --Fanny - "Rock and Roll Survivors," "Get Out of the Jungle" and one other song.
      --The Raspberries - "Overnight Sensation," "Go All The Way," "Let's Pretend," "Starting Over," "All Through The Night" and "Play On."
      --Tim Weisberg - "Invisible Messenger," "Scrabble Z" and two other songs.
      --Fancy (promo video) - "Touch Me."

    • December 7, 1974: Focus, New Birth, UFO

      Focus - "Hocus Pocus," "Birth" and 2 other songs.
      UFO - "Space Child," "Doctor Doctor," "Rock Bottom" and 2 other songs.
      New Birth - "Wildflower" and "I Can Understand It."

    • September 28, 1973: Premiere Episode
      The guests are The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, and Cross Country. The show also features music videos by The Rolling Stones.
      Live Performances:
      The Doobie Brothers - instrumental jam, "China Grove," "Long Train Runnin'," "Clear As the Driven Snow" and "Without Love."
      Earth, Wind and Fire - "Head to the Sky" and "Evil."
      Cross Country - "In The Midnight Hour," "City Lights," "Tastes So Good To Me" and "Cross Country."
      Music Videos: The Rolling Stones (from London) - "Angie" (video #1), "Silver Train," "Dancing with Mr. D" and "Angie" (video #2).
    • March 8, 1975: Fania All-Stars, Jay Gruska, Honk, Roger McGuinn

      Guest host: Doug Weston, owner of The Troubadour Club in Los Angeles.
      --Roger McGuinn (formerly of the Byrds) - Lover of The Bayou," "I'm So Restless," "Wasn't Born To Follow," "Do What You Want To Do," "So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star," "Mr. Spaceman" and "Eight Miles High."
      --Fania All-Stars - "Soul Makossa" and one other song.
      --Jay Gruska - "Every Time I Try" and two other songs.
      --Honk - "Hesitation," "Oh Daddy Blues," "Home" and "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave."

    • October 16, 1976: Starbuck / Walter Murphy Band / Franklyn Ajaye / Gary Mule Deer / Frankie Valli (video)

      --Starbuck - "Moonlight Feels Right," "I Got To Know," "Rock 'N Roll Rocket," "Lucky Man" and "Holy Smoke."
      --Walter Murphy - "A Fifth of Beethoven," "Nightfall," "Flight of The Bumblebee" and "Moonlight Serenade."
      --Frankie Valli (music video) - "Swearin' To God."
      --Franklyn Ajaye (stand-up comedian).
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - does a Bicentennial comedy moment and a 6-part "Radio News" sketch.
      --Gary Mule Deer also appears in five "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles than on actual plot line): "Where's Poppa?" "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" "Wait Until Dark" "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "Where's Poppa?"

    • October 5, 1973: Saturday Night in Macon with The Allman Brothers Band
      The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, The Marshall Tucker Band and comedian Martin Mull perform at the Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia.
      Songs Performed:
      The Allman Brothers Band - "Done Somebody Wrong," "Southbound," "Midnight Rider," "Ain't Wastin' Time No More," "Statesboro Blues," and "Ramblin' Man."
      Wet Willie - "That's All Right," "Grits Ain't Groceries" and "Country Side Of Life."
      The Marshall Tucker Band - "Take the Highway," "Can't You See?" and "Ramblin'."
      Martin Mull plays "Ukulele Blues" during a stand-up comedy monologue.
    • November 21, 1975: Kool & The Gang / The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Gino Vannelli

      --Kool And The Gang - "Spirit of The Boogie," "The Penguin," "Mother Earth" and "Winter Sadness."
      --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Rocky Top," "Ripplin' Waters," "Bayou Jubilee," "Diggy Liggy Lo," (5th song title unknown), "Fish Song" and "Moon Just Turned Blue."
      --Gino Vannelli - "People Gotta Move," "Keep On Walking" and "Powerful People."

    • The Sylvers / Dwight Twilley Band / Robert Aguayo / Ricky Jay / Kansas (video) / The Sex Pistols (on tape)

      --The Sylvers - "Boogie Fever," "Hot Line," "New Horizons," "Party Maker" and "Take A Hand."
      --Dwight Twilley Band - "Twilley Don't Mind," "Trying To Find My Baby," "TV" and "Chance To Get Away."
      --Kansas (music video) - "Point of No Return."
      --The Sex Pistols (on tape, performing at the Longhorn Ballroom In Dallas, Texas) - "Anarchy in the U.K.," "No Feelings," "Holidays In The Sun," "Pretty Vacant" and "No Fun."
      Also appearing:
      --Ricky Jay (magician)
      --Robert Aguayo (stand-up comedian)

    • April 1, 1978: Player / Phoebe Snow / Tony Delia / Bill Kirchenbauer / Murray Langston / Kansas (video)

      --Phoebe Snow - "Poetry Man," "Love Makes A Woman," "No Regrets," "Never Letting Go" and "Good Times (Let The Good Times Roll)."
      --Player - "Baby Come Back," "Movin' Up," "Come On Out," "Cancellation" and "Melanie."
      --Kansas (music video) - "Dust In The Wind."
      --Murray Langston (stand-up comedian)
      --Tony Delia (stand-up comedy) - does a pantomime about a man and his new sports car.
      --Bill Kirchenbauer (stand-up comedian) - does two routines during show.
      --Gary Mule Deer as Howdy Doody interviewed by Victor Dunlop Jr.

    • October 1, 1977: Parliament / John Klemmer / David Letterman / Al Alan Peterson / Roger Daltrey (video)

      --Parliament - "Funkentelechy" and "Mothership Connection (Star Child)" medley.
      --John Klemmer - "Life(Living & Loving)," “Caress,” “Touch,” “Quiet Afternoon" and "Waterfalls."
      --Roger Daltrey (music video) - "One Of The Boys."
      --Emerson, Lake & Palmer (music video, filmed in Olympic Stadium, Montreal) - "Fanfare For The Common Man."
      --David Letterman (stand-up comedian)
      --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - sings "You're Gonna Hear From Me."
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Farrah Fawcett Majors parody; (2) Siamese Twins sketch; (3) Talk show with Fairy Tale characters as guests.

    • May 21, 1977: The Babys / Bay City Rollers / Chubby Checker / Al Stewart / Rick Podell

      Music includes:
      --Al Stewart (performing live) - "On The Border," "Year of The Cat" and "Roads To Moscow."
      --Chubby Checker - "Pony Time," "Peppermint Twist" and "The Rub."
      --Bay City Rollers - "Yesterday's Hero."
      --Blondie (music video) - "X Offender" (and possibly "In The Sun" and "In the Flesh").
      --Queen (probably a music video).
      Rick Podell (comedian)
      The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars)

    • Greg Kihn Band / Videos by ABBA, Adam & The Ants, Lindsey Buckingham, Little River Band, The Sylvers

      Live performance:
      --Greg Kihn Band - "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)," "The Girl Most Likely" and "Can't Stop Hurtin' Myself."

      Music videos:
      --ABBA - "One Of Us" and "When All Is Said And Done."
      --Adam & The Ants - "Ant Rap," "Prince Charming," "Stand And Deliver," "Antmusic" and "Dog Eat Dog."
      --Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble" and "It Was I."
      --Little River Band - "Take It Easy On Me" and "The Night Owls."
      --The Sylvers - "Come Back Lover, Come Back" and "Just When I Thought It Was Over."

    • Van Halen (video & concert performances) / David Lee Roth (interview) / Videos by David Bowie, Queen, Ultravox

      --Van Halen (music video) - "(Oh) Pretty Woman."
      --Van Halen (performing live) - "So This Is Love?" "Hear About It Later" and "Unchained."
      --David Bowie (music videos) - "Wild Is The Wind," "Fashion," "Ashes To Ashes" and "DJ."
      --Queen & David Bowie (music video) - "Under Pressure."
      --Ultravox (music videos) - "The Thin Wall," "The Voice," "Vienna" and "Sleepwalk."
      --David Lee Roth is interviewed by Jim Ladd (in five segments throughout the show).

    • October 28, 1978: Exile / The Trammps / Chris Rea / Charlie Hill / Carole Bayer Sager (videos) / UFO (video)

      --Exile (lip-sync performance) - "Kiss You All Over" "Never Gonna Stop" "Stay With Me" and "One Step At A Time."
      --The Trammps - "Disco Inferno" "That's Where The Happy People Go" and "The Night The Lights Went Out."
      --Chris Rea (lip-sync) - "Fool (If You Think It's Over)"
      --Carole Bayer Sager (music video) - "It's The Falling In Love" and "I Don't Wanna Dance No More."
      --UFO (music video, live performance) - "Only You Can Rock Me."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps
      --Charlie Hill (Native American comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - perform three "Rock Rap" (music news) sketches and a parody of the American Express commercials.

    • November 4, 1978: A Taste of Honey / REO Speedwagon / Jay Leno / Climax Blues Band (video)

      --A Taste of Honey (performing live) - "Disco Dancin'," "World Spin," "Boogie Oogie Oogie," "This Love of Ours" and "Distant."
      --REO Speedwagon (performing live) - "Roll With The Changes," "Time For Me To Fly," "Keep Pushin'" and "Ridin' The Storm Out."
      --Climax Blues Band (music video) - "Mistress Moonshine."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to a Disco version of the "Star Wars" theme.
      --Jay Leno (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: "Fantasy Island" parody (part one); Spelling Bee sketch; "Rock Rap" (music news); "Fantasy Island" parody (part two); and a WWII movie parody.

    • November 11, 1978: The Emotions / Lenny Williams / David Letterman / Videos by Blondie, Alice Cooper, and Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

      --The Emotions (performing live) - "Whole Lot of Shakin'," "Walking The Line," "Best of My Love," "Smile" and "Flowers."
      --Lenny Williams - "You Got Me Running" and "Cause I Love You."
      --Blondie (music video) - "Denis."
      --Alice Cooper (music video) - "How You Gonna See Me Now?"
      --Richie Blackmore's Rainbow (music videos) - "Long Live Rock N Roll" and "Gates of Babylon."
      --David Letterman (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - perform two "Rock Rap" music news sketches.

    • October 21, 1978: War / Jean-Luc Ponty / Stormin' Norman and Suzy / Dale Gonyea / Rick Podell

      --War - "Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)," "Why Can't We Be Friends?" and "Cisco Kid."
      --Jean-Luc Ponty - "Enigmatic Ocean," "Mirage" and "Wandering On The Milky Way."
      --Stormin' Norman & Suzy - "Oceans of Love" and one other song.
      --Rick Podell, (stand-up comedy)
      --Dale Gonyea (pianist-comedian) performs "Nobody Knows My Mom."
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sinking Ship & Bon Voyage sketches.

    • Nick Gilder / The Sylvers / Mike Preminger / Electric Light Orchestra (videos) / Walter Murphy Band (videos)

      --Nick Gilder (performing live) - "Hot Child In The City," "Got To Get Out," "Here Comes The Night" and "Frustration."
      --The Sylvers (lip-sync performance) - "Boogie Fever," "Come Dance with Me" and "Swept For You Baby."
      --Electric Light Orchestra (music videos) - "Sweet Talkin' Woman," "Turn To Stone," "Wild West Hero" and "Mr. Blue Sky."
      --Walter Murphy Band (music videos) - "The Music Will Not End" and "Gentle Explosion."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (series regulars) dance to the Village People's record "Macho Man."
      --Mike Preminger (comedian) - stand-up routine.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in three sketches: a cheerleader skit, Playboy Club, and a Kitty Ball commercial parody.

    • October 7, 1978: Tony Orlando / Linda Clifford / Tom Dreeson / Dave Mason (videos)

      --Tony Orlando (performing live) - "That's Rock'n Roll," "Save the Last Dance for Me," "Since I Met You Baby," "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Don't Let Go."
      --Linda Clifford (performing live) - "If My Friends Could See Me Now, " "Runaway Love," "Keep Smiling" and "Gypsy Lady."
      --Dave Mason (music videos) - "Don't It Make You Wonder?" "Share Your Love" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to Frankie Valli's record "Grease."
      --Tom Dreeson (stand-up comedian)

    • September 30, 1978: Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 / Ram Jam / Marty Cohen / Joe Restivo / Journey (videos) / Meat Loaf (video)

      --Sergio Mendes & The New Brasil '77 - "The Real Thing," "Mas Que Nada," "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" and "Fool On The Hill."
      --Ram Jam - "Black Betty," "All For The Love of Rock & Roll," "Keep Your Hands On The Wheel" and "Too Bad On Your Birthday."
      --Meat Loaf (music video) - "Paradise by The Dashboard Light."
      --Journey (music videos) - "Feeling That Way" and "Lights."
      --Plus, scenes from the movie "Grease" with Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta.
      --Joe Restivo (stand-up comedian) - imitates male singers.
      --Marty Cohen (stand-up monologue)

    • September 23, 1978: Cheryl Ladd / Con Funk Shun / David Sayh / Jethro Tull (video)

      --Cheryl Ladd - "Think It Over," "The Rose Nobody Knows" and "Lady Gray."
      --Con Funk Shun (performing live in Houston, Texas) - songs include "Confunkshunizeya," "So Easy," "Make It Last" and "Ffun."
      --Jethro Tull (music video) - "Heavy Horses."
      Also appearing:
      --David Sayh (stand-up comedian) - monologue topics include TV commercials and pets.
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (series regulars) dance to "Salsation."

    • November 18, 1978: Harry Chapin / Tom Chapin / Steve Chapin / Bob Dubac / Tim Thomerson

      --Harry Chapin - "Dancin' Boy," "Jenny," "Mr. Tanner," "Flowers Are Red," "A Better Place To Be" and "Poor Damned Fool."
      --Tom Chapin - "In the City of Mercy" and one other song.
      --Steve Chapin - "Love Is Not In Season."
      --Bob Dubac (comic magician)
      --Tim Thomerson (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Western saloon bit with Gary Mule Deer; (2) "Rock Rap" music news; and (3) Hillbilly courting bit.

    • Pat Benatar / Ian Hunter / Franklyn Ajaye

      Music includes:
      --Pat Benatar (music video?) - "Fire and Ice."
      --Ian Hunter - "Gun Control" and "Once Bitten Twice Shy."
      Also appearing:
      Franklyn Ajaye (comedian)

    • December 2, 1978: Evelyn 'Champagne' King / Thin Lizzy / Art Metrano / The Moody Blues (videos) / City Boy (video)

      --Evelyn "Champagne" King - "Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'," "Shame" and "I Don't Know If It's Right."
      --Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town," "Emerald," "Dancin' In The Moonlight," "Genocide (The Killing of The Buffalo)," "Are You Ready?" and "Sha La La."
      --The Moody Blues (music videos) - "Steppin' In A Slide Zone" and "Had To Fall In Love."
      --City Boy (music videos) - "What A Night" and "5-7-0-5."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to Andy Gibb's record "Shadow Dancing."
      --Art Metrano (comic magician)

    • Jimmy Castor Bunch / Burton Cummings / Maureen Murphy / Bad Company / The Doors (on film) /Videos by Kate Bush, Uriah Heep

      --Burton Cummings - "Break It To Them Gently," "Draggin' Em Down The Line" and "Your Backyard."
      --Jimmy Castor Bunch - "Space Age," "Bertha Butt Boogie" and "E Man Boogie."
      --Bad Company (live performances, possibly on film) - "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy" and "Can't Get Enough."
      --The Doors (B&W performances from the 1968 Granada TV special 'The Doors Are Open') - "Light My Fire" and "Unknown Soldier."
      --Uriah Heep (music videos) - "One More Night" and "Falling In Love."
      --Kate Bush (music videos) - "Wuthering Heights" and "The Man With The Child In His Eyes."
      --Maureen Murphy (stand-up comedian) - monologue includes jokes about dating.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Mr. Roger's Neighborhood parody & a caveman sketch.

    • May 12, 1979: Black Sabbath / The Outlaws / The Temptations / Switch / April Kelly / Williams & Ree / Alicia Bridges (videos)

      --Outlaws - Take It Anyway You Want It" and "Cry Some More."
      --Switch (lip-sync) - There'll Never Be" and "I Wanna Be Closer."
      --The Temptations - "There Is No Stopping (Til We Set The Whole World Rockin')," "Who Are You (And What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life)?" and "Ever Ready Love."
      --The Temptations - medley of hits: "The Way You Do The Things You Do," "Girl (Why You Wanna Make Blue)," "My Girl," "Get Ready," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep," "Cloud Nine," "I Can't Get Next To You," "Just My Imagination" and "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone."
      --Black Sabbath (live performance, possibly a music video) - "Never Say Die."
      --Alicia Bridges (music video) - "I Love The Nightlife" and "Body Heat."
      --Williams & Ree (comedy team) - tell a comic Native American story and perform the song "Running Bear."
      --April Kelly (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Drug Education; (2) "Rock Rap" music news with fake Bob Dylan interview.

    • May 5, 1979: Herbie Mann / Jan & Dean / Village People / Elayne Boosler

      --The Village People (performing live) - "Macho Man" and "YMCA."
      --Herbie Mann - "Superman" and an unknown jazz instrumental song.
      --Jan & Dean (lip-sync) - "Surf City" and "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena."
      --Barry Mann (music video) - "Almost Gone."
      --Leo Sayer (music video) - "How Much Love?"
      --Dan Hill (music video) - "Sometimes When We Touch."
      --Gentle Giant (music videos) - "Giant For A Day" and "Words from the Wise."
      --Joan Armatrading (music video) - "Baby I" and "Bottom To The Top."
      --Elayne Boosler (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - "Rock Rap" music news: a female hippie and punk rock at a slumber party.

    • March 17, 1979: Bob Dubac (guest host) / Sarah Dash / Joe Cocker / Byron Allen / The Unknown Comic

      Guest host: Bob Dubac (comedian-magician) appears throughout the show.
      --Sarah Dash - "Sinner Man" (lip-sync, with series regulars The Disco Dance Dimensions).
      --Joe Cocker - "Lady Put The Light Out."
      --Rod Stewart (music videos) - "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Ain't Love A Bitch?"
      --Olivia Newton John (music video) - "A Little More Love."
      --Mike Nesmith (music video) - "Rio."
      --Klaatu (music video, animated) - "A Routine Day."
      --Byron Allen (stand-up).
      --The Unknown Comic (stand-up routine).
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches feature Tony "Hot Wax" Gianelli (in three segments) and "Beach Party Hall of Fame" (also three segments).
      Also appearing:
      --Larry Wilson (magic act) - card trick with volunteer from audience.
      --Kevin Dole films: (1) stop-motion film with banana (runs approx. 2.5 minutes); (2) "Once Upon A Time" - a look at college life (runs approx. 4 min. - 45 sec).

    • March 3, 1979: Jimmie Walker / The Dudek, Finnigan, Krueger Band (videos) / Videos by Dan Hartman, Janis Ian, Queen

      --Dan Hartman (music videos) - "Instant Replay" and "This Is It."
      --Queen (music videos) - "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Bicycle Race."
      --Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band (music videos) - "Run For Cover" "Just One Minute More" and "Gonna Move."
      --Janis Ian (music videos, w/live vocals) - "That Grand Illusion," "The Bridge," "I Need To Live Alone Again," "Tonight Will Last Forever" and "Silly Habits."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to "If My Friends Could See Me Now"
      --Jimmie Walker (stand-up comedy)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - "Rock Rap" music news & a Disco music sketch.

    • February 24, 1979: Seals and Crofts / Glen Campbell / Maureen McGovern / Doug Kershaw / The Seals Brothers

      --Seals & Crofts - "Magnolia Moon," "Summer Breeze," "Hummingbird," "We May Never Pass This Way (Again)," "Get Closer," "Diamond Girl," "You're The Love," "Forever Like The Rose" and an instrumental jam.
      --Glen Campbell - "Love's for Love" and "If This Was The Last Song."
      --Maureen McGovern - "You Loved Me Too Late"
      --The Seals Brothers (Jim, Eddie, and "England" Dan) - "Ashes In The Snow."
      --Doug Kershaw, Glen Campbell, Seals & Crofts - "Louisiana Man."
      --Dash Crofts - "One More Time."

    • February 17, 1979: Jimmy Cliff and Oneness / Van Morrison / Rose Royce / Ronnie Schell

      --Van Morrison (performing live) - "Wavelength," "Brown Eyed Girl," "Checkin' It Out," "Kingdom Hall" and "Caravan."
      --Rose Royce (lip-sync) - "Do It, Do It."
      --Jimmy Cliff and Oneness (performing live) - "The Harder They Come," "Universal Love (Beyond The Boundaries)," "Many Rivers To Cross" and "Stand Up & Fight."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to "Boogie Oogie Oogie."
      --Ronnie Schell (comedian, from "Gomer Pyle USMC") - stand-up monologue.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) A Vaudeville-performance of "Me & My Shadow"; (2) Clown Family sketch.

    • February 10, 1979: Rick James & The Stone City Band / Bobby Kelton / Music videos by Devo, The Jacksons, David Johansen, and Santana

      --Rick James and the Stone City Band (lip-sync) - "Mary Jane," "Sexy Lady" and "Hollywood."
      --The Jacksons (music video) - "Blame It On The Boogie."
      --Devo (music videos) - "We Are Devo" and "Come Back Jonee."
      --David Johansen Group (music videos, live performances) - "Funky But Chic" and "Girls."
      --Santana (music videos, live performances) - "Well All Right," "Open Invitation" and "One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to Sarah Dash's record "Sinner Man."
      --Bobby Kelton (stand-up comedian)

    • February 3, 1979: Sylvester / Sarah Dash / Franklyn Ajaye / David Bowie (concert film) / Heatwave (video)

      --Sylvester - "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" and "Dance (Disco Heat)."
      --Sarah Dash (lip-sync performance) - "Sinner Man," "(Come And Take This) Candy From Your Baby" and "You."
      --David Bowie (on film, live concert performance)- "Hang On To Yourself," "Ziggy Stardust," "What In The World?" "Blackout" and an instrumental song.
      --Heatwave (music videos) - "Mind Blowing Decisions" and "Party Poops."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - perform to a Disco version of the "Close Encounters of The Third Kind" theme.
      --Franklyn Ajaye (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in two "Rock Rap" (music news parody) sketches.

    • November 25, 1978: Best of Season Five (1977-78)

      Highlights from Season 5 (1977-78)
      --The Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23."
      --Andy Gibb - "I Just Want To Be Your Everything."
      --Frankie Valli - "Swearin' To God."
      --The Spinners - "Rubberband Man."
      --Rod Stewart (music video) - "Hot Legs"
      --Kansas (music video) - "Dust In The Wind"
      --The Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster."
      --Stephen Bishop - "On And On."
      --Chuck Berry - "Roll Over Beethoven."
      --Peter Allen - "I Go To Rio."
      --Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Exodus."
      --The Unknown Comic (stand-up comedian)
      --Steve Landesberg (stand-up comedian)

    • Maze featuring Frankie Beverly / Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. / Richard Belzer / George Miller / Wings (music video)

      --Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. - "You Don't Have to Be a Star," "Shine On Silver Moon," "Carry Me" and "I Thank You."
      --Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - "Workin' Together," Golden Time of Day," "Travelin' Man," "You're Not the Same."
      --Paul McCartney & Wings (music video) - "I've Had Enough."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (series regulars) - dance to Donna Summer's record "Last Dance."
      --Richard Belzer (stand-up comedian) - routine includes imitations of Jack Nicholson, lounge singers, Mick Jagger, Nixon singing, etc.
      --George Miller (stand-up comedian) - routine includes jokes about his childhood, dieting, etc.

    • December 10, 1977: Chuck Berry / Peter Allen / Elayne Boosler / The Babys (videos)

      --Chuck Berry - "Roll Over Beethoven," "School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)," "Let It Rock," "Carol," "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Nadine."
      --Peter Allen - "Love Crazy," "She Loves To Hear The Music," "I Honestly Love You," "Don't Cry Out Loud," "I Go To Rio" and "Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage."
      --The Babys (music videos) - "Isn't It Time?" "I'm Falling" and "And If You Could See Me Fly."
      --Elayne Boosler (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in two football-themed sketches.

    • December 3, 1977: Elvin Bishop Group / The Unknown Comic / Heatwave (video)

      --Elvin Bishop Group - "Fooled Around And Fell In Love," "Little Brown Bird," "Travelin' Shoes," "Juke Joint Jump," "Rock My Soul," "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "Bring It On Home To Me."
      --Heatwave (music video) - "Boogie Nights."
      --On film: John Travolta in a scene from "Saturday Night Fever."
      --The Unknown Comic (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Roller Derby locker room; (2) Rock & Roll Retirement Home; (3) Space Alien; and (4) French restaurant.

    • Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes / Jim Stafford / Jimmie Walker / Jay Leno / Debby Boone (video) / Styx (videos)

      --Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - "I Don't Want To Go Home," "This Time It's For Real," "She Got Me Where She Wants Me," "Love On The Wrong Side of Town," "Without Love" and "Little By Little."
      --Jim Stafford - songs include "Classical Gas," "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms," "Down Yonder," "Mr. Bojangles," "Spiders And Snakes" and "Johnny B. Goode."
      --Debby Boone (music video) - "You Light Up My Light."
      --Styx (music videos) - "Come Sail Away," "Miss America" and "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)."
      --Jimmie Walker & The Comedy Crusaders - Bank sketch with Jay Leno.

    • November 19, 1977: Crown Heights Affair / Rod Stewart (promo videos) / Jay Leno / Michael Marlin

      --Crown Heights Affair - "Searching For Love," "Dreaming A Dream," "Foxy Lady," "Sexy Ways," "Far Out" and "Dancin'."
      --Rod Stewart (music videos) - "Hot Legs," "I Was Only Joking," "You're in My Heart" and "You're Insane."
      --Jay Leno (stand-up monologue)
      --Michael Marlin (comedy juggler & fire eater)

    • November 12, 1977: Pure Prairie League / Jimmie Walker & The Comedy Crusaders / Jeff Altman / Rush (videos)

      --Pure Prairie League - "Two Lane Highway," "Love Will Grow," "I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle," "Sun Shone Lightly," "Louise (What I Did)," "Amie," "Heart of Her Own" and "Dance."
      --Rush (music videos) - "A Farewell To Kings," "Closer To The Heart" and "Xanadu."
      --Jeff Altman (stand-up comedian)
      --Jimmie Walker & The Comedy Crusaders - 5-part "Soul Bus" sketch, a parody of "Soul Train" with dumb teens trying to complete the show's Scramble Board puzzle.

    • November 5, 1977: Rose Royce / Tower of Power / David Sayh / Shaun Cassidy (video)

      --Rose Royce - "Car Wash" "Ooh Boy" "Do Your Dance" and "It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'."
      --Tower of Power - "You Ought To Be Havin' Fun" "What Is Hip?" "You're Still A Young Man" "Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now" and "Yin Yang Thang."
      --Shaun Cassidy (music video) - "That's Rock 'N Roll."
      --David Sayh (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots comedy troupe) - sketches: (1) Old West Saloon skit; (2) "Celebrity Hostage" game show w/impersonations of Henry Kissinger, Patti Hearst, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    • October 29, 1977: The Little River Band / Bob Marley and The Wailers (on tape) / George Miller

      --Little River Band - "Help Is On Its Way," "It's A Long Way There," "Happy Anniversary" and "Days On The Road."
      --Bob Marley & The Wailers (live performance, taped in England) - "No Woman, No Cry" "Jammin'," "Get Up, Stand Up," "Exodus," "Crazy Baldhead" and "Running Away."
      --George Miller (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketch: "When Johnny Comes Munching Home," a WWII movie parody in five parts.

    • October 15, 1977: The Floaters / Andrew Gold / Ed Bluestone

      --The Floaters - "Float On," "Float On" (instrumental version), "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and two more songs.
      --Andrew Gold - "Lonely Boy," "You're Free," "One of Them Is Me," "A Note from You," "Endless Flight" and "That's Why I Love You."
      --Ed Bluestone (stand-up comedy)
      --The Village Idiots (series regulars, comedy troupe with Janis Fisher, Mark Ganzel, Robin Hunt, Peter Jersick)

    • October 8, 1977: Andy Gibb / R.E.O. Speedwagon / Skip Stephenson

      --Andy Gibb - "Flowing Rivers" "Starlight" "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" and "Too Many Looks In Your Eyes."
      --REO Speedwagon - "Keep Pushin'" "Like You Do" "Ridin' The Storm Out" "Golden Country" and "157 Riverside Avenue."
      --Skip Stephenson (stand-up comedy)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) "Boogie Fever" Disco disease (2) a Captain & Tennille spoof; (3) parody of "Let's Make A Deal" model Carol Merrill; and (4) Henry Kissinger and the Detentes sing "Stop In The Name of Love."

    • Brick / Starbuck / Joey Camen / Tom Dreesen / Grateful Dead (on film)

      --Brick - "Dazz," "Dusic" and "Hello."
      --Starbuck - "Moonlight Feels Right," "Little Bird," "One Of These Mornings" and an instrumental song.
      --The Grateful Dead (on film, performances from "The Grateful Dead Movie") - "U.S. Blues" and "One More Saturday Night."
      --Tom Dreesen (stand-up comedy routine)
      --Joey Camen (stand-up comedian)
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian, series regular) - "How To Pick Up Women" bar sketch.

    • Lake / Frankie Valli / Jimmie Aleck / Joey Camen / Jacksons (video) / Alan Parsons Project (video)

      --Frankie Valli - "My Eyes Adored You," "Swearin' To God," "I Need You," "With You" and "Native New Yorker."
      --Lake - "Lost By The Wayside," "Chasing Colours," "Time Bomb," "Do I Love You" and "On The Run."
      --The Jacksons (music video) - "Goin' Places."
      --The Alan Parsons Project (music video) - "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You."
      --James Aleck (stand-up comedian) - various topics.
      --Joey Camen (stand-up comedian) - preacher routine.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe) - sketches: (1) cheerleader & coach, (2) Women in prison, (3) Donnie & Marie Osmond parody, (4) Sonny & Cher spoof.

    • May 27, 1978: Fifth Anniversary Show

      Fifth Anniversary Show
      Live performances:
      --The Allman Brothers Band - "Midnight Rider."
      --The Commodres - "Machine Gun."
      --Barry Manilow - "Beautiful Music."
      --George Benson - "Breezin'."
      --Billy Joel - "Captain Jack."
      --Natalie Cole - "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)."
      --K.C. And The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight."
      Music videos:
      --Rod Stewart - "You're In My Heart."
      --Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way."
      --Kansas - "Dust In The Wind."
      --Elton John - "Ego."
      --Steve Martin (stand-up comedy act)
      --George Carlin (stand-up comedian)
      --Jimmie Walker (stand-up comedian)
      --Billy Crystal (stand-up comedian)
      --Robert Klein (stand-up act, with harmonica)

    • Bay City Rollers / New Riders of the Purple Sage / Glenn Super / Videos by The Brothers Johnson, Alice Cooper, Dion

      --The Bay City Rollers (lip-sync performances) - "The Way I Feel Tonight," "It's A Game" and "Rebel Rebel."
      --New Riders of the Purple Sage (performing live) - "Love Has Strange Ways" and "Red Hot Women And Ice Cold Beer."
      --The Brothers Johnson (music videos) - "Ain't We Funkin' Now?" and "Blam."
      --Alice Cooper (music videos) - "Hello Hooray," "Elected" and "School's Out."
      --Dion (music videos) - "Lookin' For The Heart Of Saturday Night" and "Midtown American Main Street Gang."
      --Glenn Super (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (series regulars, comedy troupe)

    • April 8, 1978: Robert Gordon & Link Wray / Patti Labelle / Ricci Martin / Gary Wright (videos)

      --Patti LaBelle - "Isn't It a Shame?" "Funky Music," "You Are My Friend."
      --Link Wray & Robert Gordon - "Boppin' The Blues," "Five Days, Five Days" and "I Sure Miss You."
      --Ricci Martin - "Moonbeams," "Belle of The Ball," "Stop, Look Around" and "Streets of Love."
      --Gary Wright - "Dream Weaver," "Touch And Gone," "Sky Eyes," "Something Very Special" and "Night Ride."
      --Ellis Levinson (stand-up comedian)

    • SOLAR Records Tribute with Lakeside, Carrie Lucas, Midnight Star, Shalamar, The Whispers, Dick Griffey

      SOLAR Records Tribute
      Performances (from The Aquarius Theatre in Hollywood):
      --The Whispers - "And The Beat Goes On" and "It's A Love Thing."
      --Shalamar - "Second Time Around" and "Right In The Socket."
      --Lakeside - "Your Wish Is My Command"
      --Carrie Lucas - "Dance with You"
      --Midnight Star - "Tuff."
      --Dynasty - "I've Just Begun To Love You."
      --Lakeside - "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Something About That Woman."
      Music videos:
      --Shalamar - "A Night To Remember."
      --The Whispers - "In The Raw"
      Lou O'Neill Jr. talks with Solar Records president Dick Griffey (in a five-part interview).

    • March 18, 1978: The Brothers Johnson / Cheap Trick / Glenn Falkenstein / Wings (video)

      --The Brothers Johnson - "I'll Be Good To You," "Runnin' For Your Lovin'," "Strawberry Letter 23" and "Get The Funk Out Ma Face."
      --Cheap Trick - "Hello There," "Come On, Come On," "ELO Kiddies," "Southern Girls," "Downed," "Clock Strikes Ten" and "Goodnight."
      --Paul McCartney & Wings (music video) - "Mull of Kintyre."
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe) - "The Infants" Punk Rock parody.
      --Glenn Falkenstein (magician)

    • March 11, 1978: Stephen Bishop / Yvonne Elliman / Gallagher / Alice Cooper (videos) / Rock Music Awards highlights

      --Stephen Bishop - "On And On," "Sinking In An Ocean of Tears," "Save It For A Rainy Day," "Never Letting Go," "Little Italy," "Vagabond From Heaven (Thank You Mom)" and "One More Night."
      --Yvonne Elliman - "Baby, Don't Let It Mess Your Mind" and "Up To The Man In You."
      --Alice Cooper (music videos) - "The Black Widow" and "Only Women Bleed."
      --Gallagher (performance comedy) - routine includes pumpkin smashing, and a card trick with audience member.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches (1) parody of the Starland Vocal Band; (2) romantic movie set on ocean liner.
      On film:
      --Rock Music Awards back-stage footage. Don Kirshner talks with Olivia Newton-John & Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Fleetwood Mac (Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie), the band Boston, Hall & Oates, and the band Kansas. Other award attendees on film: Dennis Wilson and Karen Lamm, Andy Gibb, Al Stewart, Daryl Hall with Marcia Strassman, Mary McDonough (of "The Waltons") with Leif Garrett, Mary Kay Place, and Martin Mull with Debralee Scott.

    • March 4, 1978: Mink DeVille / The Spinners / Dean Friedman / Chris Chalen / Bobby Kelton

      --Mink DeVille - "Cadillac Walk" and "Gunslinger."
      --Dean Friedman - "Ariel," "Woman of Mine," "Solitaire" and one other song.
      --The Spinners - "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?" "Easy Come, Easy Go" "Baby I Need Your Love (You're The Only One)" "I'll Be Around" "Mighty Love" and "The Rubberband Man."
      Also appearing:
      --Chris Chalen (magician) - does two escape tricks.
      --Bobby Kelton (stand-up comedian)

    • February 25, 1978: Chuck Mangione and his Quartet / Richard Belzer

      --Chuck Mangione and his Quartet perform "Land of Make Believe," "Our First Night Together," "Bellavia," "Children Of Sanchez," "The XIth Commandment," "Feels So Good" and "Main Squeeze."

      --Richard Belzer (stand-up comedian) - parodies different singers.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe) - sketches: (1) Lifesavers commercials parody; (2) Old-fashioned romance movie set on an Ocean liner.

    • February 11, 1978: Kip Addotta / Foghat & Friends / Eddie Kirkland / Alan Price / Jimmie Walker

      --Alan Price - "O Lucky Man!," "Sell Sell," "Poor Boy," "I Wanna Dance," "Is It Right?" "I've Been Hurt" and "Life Is Good."

      Performances from Foghat & Friends "Blues Tribute" concert at the NY Palladium:
      --Foghat - "Sweet Home Chicago" and "It Hurts Me Too."
      --Eddie Kirkland & Foghat - "Done Somebody Wrong” and a 2-chord instrumental jam.
      --Foghat, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Eddie Kirkland, John Lee Hooker, and Otis Blackwell - "I Just Want To Make Love To You."

      --Jimmie Walker & The Comedy Crusaders - "Endangered Species of Urban America" comedy routine.
      --Kip Addotta (stand-up comedy routine)

    • Bar-Kays / Dire Straits / Marianne Faithfull (videos) / The Police (video)

      Music includes:
      --The Police (video) - "Demolition Man."
      --Marianne Faithfull (music videos) - "Truth, Bitter Truth" and "Sweetheart."

    • September 15, 1979: Nick Gilder / Nancy Parker / David Bowie (videos) / Carly Simon (videos)

      --Nick Gilder (performing live) - "(You Really) Rock Me," "Electric Love," "Into The 80s," "Watcher Of The Night," "Metro Jets" and "Hold On Me Tonight."
      --David Bowie (music videos) - "D.J.," "Look Back In Anger" and "Boys Keep Swinging."
      --Carly Simon (music videos) - "Vengeance" and "We're So Close."
      --Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) - roller disco routine.
      --Nancy Parker (stand-up comedy)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in 3 sketches: a student arriving late for school; "Romance For Siamese Twins" record offer; and a "Rock Rap" music news report.

    • Joan Armatrading / Devo (live performances & videos) / Andrew 'Dice' Clay / Elvis Costello (videos) / Graham Parker (videos)

      --Joan Armatrading - "Me, Myself, I," "All The Way From America," "Love and Affection," "When You Kisses Me," "He Wants Her" and "Show Some Emotion."
      --Devo (live performances) - "Whip It," "Snowball" and "Gates Of Steel."
      --Devo (music videos) - "Girl U Want" and "Freedom of Choice."
      --Elvis Costello (music videos) - "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" and "High Fidelity."
      --Graham Parker & the Rumour (music videos) - "Stupefaction" and "Love Without Greed."
      Andrew Dice Clay (stand-up comedian) - routine includes imitations of John Travolta dancing and Sylvester Stallone as "Rocky."

    • Irene Cara / Rick James & The Stone City Band / Glenn Super / Genesis (videos) / Paul McCartney (videos)

      --Rick James & The Stone City Band - "Big Time," "Come Into My Life" "Love Gun," "Summer Love" and "Mary-Go-Round."
      --Irene Cara - "Fame" and "Out Here On My Own."
      --Paul McCartney (music videos) - "Coming Up" and "Waterfalls."
      --Genesis (music videos) - "Turn It On Again" and "Misunderstanding."
      --Don's Rock Dancers (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to the Pretenders' record "Brass In Pocket."
      --Glenn Super (musical-comedy act)
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches: (1) "Lubbock," a parody of the TV series "Dallas" (2) "Love Theme For Flashers" record album ad.

    • The Manhattans / Robert Palmer / The Tremblers (featuring Peter Noone) / Arsenio Hall / Pete Townshend (videos)

      --The Tremblers (featuring Peter Noone) - "You Can't Do That," "She Was Something Else" and "Don't Say It."
      --The Manhattans - "Shining Star," "Kiss And Say Goodbye," "New York City" and "Girl Of My Dream."
      --Robert Palmer - "Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)," "Not A Second Time," "Johnny & Mary" and "Sulky Girl."
      --Pete Townshend (music videos) - "Let My Love Open The Door" and "Rough Boys."
      --Don's Rock Dancers (series regulars) - dance to Billy's Joel's record "It's Still Rock & Roll To Me."
      --Arsenio Hall (stand-up comedy monologue).
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: "Lubbock" (a parody of the TV series "Dallas") and a Trappist Monk Choir audition.

    • Al Di Meola / Ian Hunter / Jay Ferguson / The Unknown Comic / Queen (video)

      Performances and videos by Al Di Meola, Ian Hunter, Jay Ferguson and Queen.
      Comedy by The Unknown Comic.

    • The Crusaders / Randy Crawford / Robert Guillaume / Franklyn Ajaye / Huey Lewis & The News (videos) / The Pretenders (videos)

      --Randy Crawford - "Street Life" (backed up by The Crusaders) and "One Day I'll Fly Away."
      --Robert Guillaume & The Crusaders - "Soul Shadows."
      --The Crusaders also perform three instrumental songs.
      --The Pretenders (music videos) - "Talk Of The Town," "Brass In Pocket" and "Kid."
      --Huey Lewis & The News (music videos) - "Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)" and "Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me."
      --Don's Rock Dancers (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to Pete Townshend's record "Let My Love Open The Door."
      --Franklyn Ajaye (stand-up comedian).
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches: (1) "Instant Thanksgiving Dinner" sketch. (2) "Love Themes" record album parody. (3) A sketch about "The Sixth Beatle."

    • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Billy Preston & Syreeta / Kip Addotta / Jackson Browne (on film) / Bruce Springsteen (on film)

      --Billy Preston & Syreeta - "With You I'm Born Again" and "Please Stay."
      --Billy Preston - "Nothing From Nothing," "You Are So Beautiful" and "Outa Space."
      --Syreeta - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours."
      --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Make A Little Magic," "Anxious Heart" and "An American Dream."
      --John McEuen (of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) performs a banjo instrumental.
      --Al Garth & John McEuen (of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) perform an instrumental song.
      --Bruce Springsteen (on film) - "Thunder Road" (from the concert film "No Nukes").
      --Jackson Browne (on film) - "Running On Empty" (from the concert film "No Nukes").
      --Kip Addotta (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches: (1) Decaf Coffee skit. (2) "Rock Rap" music news.

    • The Bar-Kays / Molly Hatchet / Goldfinger & Dove / Jerry Winnick / Videos by The Motors, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, XTC

      --The Bar-Kays - "Move Your Boogie Body," "Today Is The Day" and "Shake Your Rump To The Funk."
      --Molly Hatchet - "Flirtin' With Disaster," "Gator Country" and "Dreams I'll Never See."
      --Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (music video) - "Refugee."
      --The Motors (music video) - "Love And Loneliness."
      --XTC (music videos) - "Making Plans For Nigel" and "Life Begins At The Hop."
      --Jerry Winnick (stand-up comedian).
      --Neil Challahan (comedian) - does a dog food parody titled "Last Of The Wild Mustangs."
      Also appearing:
      --Goldfinger & Dove (magic act) - appear in two segments.

    • May 17, 1980: The Police / Gary Yudman / Goldfinger & Dove / Videos by Fleetwood Mac, Nazareth, Linda Ronstadt, The Specials

      --The Police (performing live) - "Roxanne," "Message In A Bottle," "Can't Stand Losing You," "Next To You," "Walking On The Moon," "The Bed's Too Big Without You" and "Deathwish."
      --Fleetwood Mac (music video, concert film) - "Sara."
      --Linda Ronstadt (videos taped in recording studio, with live vocals) - "How Do I Make You?" and "Hurt So Bad."
      --The Specials (music videos) - "Gangsters" and "Message To You Rudy."
      --Nazareth (music video) - "Holiday."
      Also appearing:
      --Gary Yudman (stand-up comedian)
      --Goldfinger & Dove (magic act)

    • May 3, 1980: Cindy Bullens / Steve Forbert / Bobby Kelton / The Commodores (videos) / Fleetwood Mac (video)

      --Cindy Bullens - "Survivor," "Too Close To Home," "Steal The Night Away" and "Holding Me Crazy."
      --Steve Forbert - "Romeo's Tune," "Say Goodbye To Little Jo" and "Sweet Love That You Give Me (Sure Goes A Long, Long Way)."
      --Fleetwood Mac (music video) - "Tusk."
      --The Commodores (music videos) - "Still," "Sail On," "Midnight Magic" and "Wonderland."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to Denise Williams' record "I've Got The Next Dance."
      --Bobby Kelton (stand-up comedian) - talks about the energy crisis, beauty salons, and weight loss clinics.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches: (1) "Love Themes For The Nuclear Age" record offer parody and (2) a game show parody with Tony "Hot Wax" Gianelli.

    • Larry Graham / John Klemmer / David Sayh / Rolling Stones (videos) / Split Enz (videos)

      --Larry Graham - One In A Million You," "Can You Handle That?" "When We Get Married" and one other song.
      --John Klemmer - "Adventures In Paradise" and two other songs.
      --Rolling Stones (music videos) - "Emotional Rescue" and "She's So Cold."
      --Split Enz (music videos) - "I Got You" and "I Hope I Never."
      --David Sayh (stand-up comedian) - routine includes drug jokes.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Toupee sketch and a skit about a "New Wave" barbershop quartet.

    • Ambrosia / Maze / Paul Rodriguez / Angel City (video) / Ted Nugent (video)

      --Ambrosia - "Biggest Part Of Me," "No Big Deal," "You're The Only Woman," "Kamikaze" and "Rock N' A Hard Place."
      --Maze - "Southern Girl," "Changing Times" and "Joy And Pain."
      --Angel City (music video) - "No Secrets."
      --Ted Nugent (music video, live performance) - "Wango Tango."
      --Paul Rodriguez (stand-up comedian).
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Correspondence course commercial sketch.

    • The Commodores / The Gap Band / Yarbrough & Peoples / Skyy (videos) / Luther Vandross (video)

      --The Commodores (performing live) - "Sail On," "Easy (Like Sunday Morning)," "Celebrate" and "Tear It Down" (correct song title?).
      --The Gap Band (live) - "Shake" and "Grand Illusion" (correct song title?).
      --Yarbrough & Peoples (live) - "You're My Song."
      --Yarbrough & Peoples (music video) - "Don't Stop The Music."
      --Luther Vandross (music video) - "Never Too Much."
      --Skyy (music videos) - "Call Me," "Here's To You" and one more song.
      --Lou O'Neill Jr. (rock journalist & series regular) interviews music agent Norby Walters (in six segments broadcast throughout the episode).

    • Rick James and The Stone City Band / Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (video)

      --Rick James and The Stone City Band
      --Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty with the Heartbreakers (music video) - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"
      Also appearing:
      --Lou O'Neill (rock music reporter, series regular)

    • Third World / Dennis Blair / The Rolling Stones (video) / The Tubes (video)

      --Third World - "Satta Massagana," "96 Degrees In The Shade," "Dancing on the Floor (Hooked on Love)," "Cold Sweat," "Now That We Found Love," "Irie Ites," "Shine Like A Blazing Fire" and "Talk To Me."
      --The Rolling Stones (music video) - "Start Me Up."
      --The Tubes (music videos) - "Talk To Ya Later" and "Don't Want To Wait Anymore."
      Also appearing:
      --Dennis Blair (stand-up comedian) - musical-comedy routine.
      --Lou O'Neill Jr. (rock journalist & series regular) talks about The Who.

    • Cher / Meatloaf / Franklyn Ajaye
      Cher / Meatloaf / Franklyn Ajaye
      Season 9 - Episode 1
    • Black Sabbath / Blue Oyster Cult / Lois Bromfield / Pat Benatar (videos) / Billy Burnette (videos)

      --Black Sabbath (post-Ozzy Osbourne) - "Heaven & Hell," "Die Young" and "Neon Knights."
      --Blue Oyster Cult - "Born To Be Wild" (live), "The Marshall Plan" (music video w/cameo by Don Kirshner), and "Godzilla" (live concert film).
      --Pat Benatar (music videos) - "You Better Run" and "I'm Gonna Follow You."
      --Billy Burnette (music videos) - "Don't Say No" and "In Just A Heartbeat."
      --Don's Rock Dancers (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to George Benson's record "Give Me The Night."
      --Lois Bromfield (stand-up monologue)

    • Ashford & Simpson / Cameo / Dennis Blair / Videos by AC/DC, David Bowie

      --Ashford & Simpson - "Nobody Knows," "Found A Cure," "Love Don't Make It Right," "Rushing To" and "Happy Endings."
      --Cameo - "Cameosis," "On The One," "I Just Want To Be" and "Shake Your Pants."
      --David Bowie (music video) - "Ashes To Ashes."
      --AC/DC (music videos) - "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "What Do You Do For Money Honey?"
      --Dennis Blair (stand-up routine) plays guitar and imitates various singers and politicians.

    • Lou Reed / Rocky Burnette / Jay Johnson / Roger Daltrey (video) / Judas Priest (videos)

      --Lou Reed (performing live) - "So Alone," "Standing On Ceremony," "Walk On The Wild Side," "Keep Away," "The Kids," "Street Hassle" and "My Old Man."
      --Rocky Burnette - "Tired Of Toein' The Line," "Fallin' In Love" (lip-sync) and "Rock Billy Boogie."
      --Roger Daltrey (music video) - "Free Me."
      --Judas Priest (music videos) - "Breaking The Law" and "Living After Midnight."
      --Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) dance to "Fame."
      --Jay Johnson (comedian) - does a ventriloquist act with a plant as his "dummy."

    • Stanley Clark / Pure Prairie League / Kelley Rodgers / The Cars (videos) / James Taylor and Carly Simon (on film) / Joey Wilson (videos)

      --Pure Prairie League - "I'm Almost Ready," "Let Me Love You Tonight," "I'll Be Damned," "Two Lane Highway" and "Too Many Heartaches In Paradise."
      --Stanley Clarke - "Danger Street," "We Supply" and an instrumental song.
      --James Taylor & Carly Simon (on film) - Mockingbird" (from the movie "No Nukes")
      --The Cars (music videos) - "Touch And Go" and "Panorama."
      --Joey Wilson (music videos) - "If You Don't Want My Love" and "Underground."
      --Kelley Rodgers (stand-up comedian) - routine includes imitations of Johnny Cash and Neil Young.
      The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: "Rock Rap" music news (two-part sketch) and a spoof of specialty record albums sold on TV.

    • John Cougar Mellencamp / The Spinners / Jim Stafford / Daryl Hall and John Oates (videos)

      --John Cougar Mellencamp & The Zone - "This Time," "Ain't Even Done With The Night," "Hot Night In A Cold Town," "I Need A Lover" and "To M.G. (Wherever She May Be)."
      --The Spinners - "Cupid/I've Loved You For A Long Time," "Now That You're Mine Again," "I Just Want To Fall In Love," "Pipedream," "I Just Want To Be With You" and "Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl."
      --Jim Stafford performs "Spiders And Snakes," "Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother," "Hurricane Laverne," a "Dueling Banjos" comedy routine, a blues parody, and "Disco Fungus."
      --Hall & Oates (music videos) - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and "How Does It Feel To Be Back?"

    • Slave / Gary Yudman / Kool & The Gang (videos) / Rod Stewart (videos)

      --Slave - "Watching You," "Just A Touch Of Love," "Spice Of Life (Oh Yes, You're The Best)," "Slide," "Wait For Me," "Snap Shot" and "For The Love Of U."
      --Rod Stewart (music videos) - "Tonight I'm Yours" and "Young Turks."
      --Kool & The Gang (music videos) - "No Show," "Get Down On It," "Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)" and "Steppin' Out."
      Also appearing:
      --Gary Yudman (stand-up comedian)
      --Lou O'Neill Jr. (rock journalist & series regular) talks about Bruce Springsteen.

    • April 26, 1980: Rick Derringer / Le Roux / Peter Pit / Cheap Trick (videos) / Lene Lovich (videos)

      --Rick Derringer - "Don't Ever Say Goodbye," "Guitars and Women," "Teenage Love Affair," "Hang On Sloopy" and "Jump, Jump, Jump."
      --Le Roux - "It Could Be The Fever," "New Orleans Ladies" and "Mystery."
      --Dennis Frederiksen (of Le Roux, aka David London) - performs a song from the "Can't Stop The Music" soundtrack.
      --Cheap Trick (music videos) - "The Dream Police," "Way Of The World" and "Voices."
      --Lene Lovich (music videos) - "Bird Song" and "Angels."
      --Peter Pit (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - do a sketch about Summer campers.

    • Kool & The Gang / Lou Rawls / Bobby Kosser / O'Brien and Severa / Captain & Tennille (video) / Rose Royce (videos)

      --Kool & The Gang - "Hangin' Out," "Too Hot," "Ladies Night" and "Got You Into My Life."
      --Lou Rawls - "Heartache (Just When You Think You're Loved)," "Old Times," "Sit Down And Talk To Me" and "Ain't That Loving You (For More Reason Than One)?"
      --Captain & Tennille (music video) - "Do That To Me One More Time."
      --Rose Royce (music videos) - "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" and "Is It Love You're After?"
      -- O'Brien and Severa (comedy team)
      --Bobby Kosser (stand-up comedian)

    • November 3, 1979: John Cougar Mellencamp / Gloria Gaynor / Roger and Roger / KISS (videos) / New England (videos)

      --Gloria Gaynor sings "Never Can Say Goodbye," "I Will Survive" (in English and Spanish) and "Let Me Know (I Have A Right)."
      --John Cougar Mellencamp - "A Little Night Dancin'," "Small Paradise," "I Need A Lover" and "Miami."
      --KISS (music videos) - "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and "Sure Know Something."
      --New England (music videos) - "P.U.N.K. (Puny Undernourished Kid)" and "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya."
      --Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to "Get Up And Boogie."
      --Roger and Roger (comedy team) - impersonate Archie & Edith Bunker and imitate various singers.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) people playing "Spin The Bottle." (2) A "Love Themes For Stupid People" record offer.

    • May 10, 1980: Pat Benatar / Richard Robinson / Diane Nichols / Videos by Gary Numan, Pink Floyd, Prince, Toto

      --Pat Benatar (performing live) - "Heartbreaker," "I Need A Lover," "We Live for Love" and "No You Don't."
      --Gary Numan (music videos) - "Cars" and "Down in the Park."
      --Pink Floyd (music video) - "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)."
      --Prince (music videos) - "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?"
      --Toto (music videos) - "99" and "All Us Boys."
      Also appearing:
      --Richard Robinson (vampire magician act) - appears in four segments during show.
      --Diane Nichols (stand-up comedian).

    • October 27, 1979: Devo (live performances & music videos) / The Ritchie Family / Tasha Thomas / Kelley Rodgers

      --Devo (live performances) - "Secret Agent Man," "Blockhead," "Uncontrollable Urge" and "Mongoloid."
      --The Ritchie Family - "The Best Disco In Town," "It's A Man's World," "Where Are The Men?" "Put Your Feet To The Beat" and "Bad Reputation."
      --Tasha Thomas - "You're The One I Love (From Day To Day)," "Hot Buttered Boogie" and "You Put The Music In Me."
      --Devo (music videos) - "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise" and "Devo Corporate Anthem."
      --Kelley Rodgers (stand-up comedian)
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars)

    • Shelly West & David Frizzell /Rush (concert footage) / Joan Armatrading (videos) / Hall & Oates (videos)

      --Rush (filmed live in Canada) - "Tom Sawyer," "Red Barchetta" and "Closer To The Heart."
      --Shelly West & David Frizzell - "I've Just Seen A Face," "A Lesson In Leavin'," "If You Got The Money, I've Got The Time," "A Texas State Of Mind," "Husbands And Wives" and "You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma."
      --Al and David Frizzell - "Lefty" (possibly a tribute to Lefty Frizzell).
      --Hall & Oates (music videos) - "Private Eyes," "You Make My Dreams" and "Kiss On My List."
      --Joan Armatrading (music videos) - "The Weakness In Me" and "When I Get It Right."
      --Joan Armatrading (on tape, possibly performances from episode 8.06) - "Me, Myself, I" and "When You Kisses Me."
      --Rock Journalist Lou O'Neill, Jr (rock journalist & series regular) - discusses the legacy of Jim Morrison and The Doors.

    • Maxine Nightingale / Denny Johnston / America (concert videos) / Bob Welch (music videos, live performances)

      --Maxine Nightingale - "Lead Me On," "(Bringing Out) The Girl In Me," "Love Me Like You Mean It" and "Hideaway."
      --Bob Welch (music videos, live performances) - "China," "Church," "Precious Love" and "Three Hearts."
      --America (on film, performance from Central Park) - "Only Game In Town," "All Around" and "Foolin'."
      --Denny Johnston (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) "Rock Rap" music news (includes joke about Linda Ronstadt dating Jerry Brown); (2) cooking show spoof.

    • October 13, 1979 (Chicago airdate): Dr. Hook / Dixie Dregs / Larry Wilson / Blondie (videos) / Desmond Child & Rouge (videos)

      --Dixie Dregs (live performance) - "Punk Sandwich," "Gina Lola Breakdown" and "Cruise Control."
      --Dr. Hook (lip-synch performance) - "Clyde," "Sharing The Night Together" and "You Make My Pants Want To Get Up & Dance."
      --Dr. Hook (music video) - "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman."
      --Blondie (music videos) - "Dreaming" and "Die Young, Stay Pretty."
      --Desmond Child & Rouge (videos) - "Westside Pow Wow" and "Our Love Is Insane."
      --Larry Wilson (comic magician) - appears twice during show.

    • October 6, 1979: War (10th Anniversary celebration) / Murray Langston / Natalie Cole (videos)

      --War performs "Galaxy," "I'm The One Who Understands," "Spill The Wine," "All Day Music," "Slippin' Into Darkness," "Cisco Kid," "Gypsy Man" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?"
      --Lee Oskar & Pat Rizzo (both from War) - perform a harmonica piece.
      --Lonnie Jordan & Alice Tweed Smith (both from War) - "Grey Rainy Days."
      --War (music video) - "Low Rider."
      --Natalie Cole (music videos) - "Your Lonely Heart" and "Stand by."
      --Murray Langston (stand-up comedian)

    • September 29, 1979: A Taste Of Honey / John Pate / ELO (videos) / Poco (videos)

      --A Taste Of Honey - "Dance," "Take The Boogie Or Leave It," "I Love You," "Do It Good" and "Boogie Oogie Oogie."
      --Electric Light Orchestra (music videos) - "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Last Train To London."
      --Poco (music videos) - "Heart Of The Night" and "Crazy Love."
      --"Walt Disney Disco" (music videos, Disco songs synched up to excerpts from vintage cartoons) - (1) unknown Disco song (w/Mickey Mouse footage); (2) "Macho Duck" (w/Donald Duck footage).
      --John Pate (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Teenage couple necking on sofa; (2) "Rock Rap" music news.

    • Smokey Robinson / Keith & Darrell / Chris Rush / Heart (on tape) / Olivia Newton-John (video)

      --Smokey Robinson - "Ooo Baby Baby," "Share It," "Get Ready" and "Cruisin'."
      --Keith and Darryl (Smokey's nephews) perform "Kickin' It Around."
      --On tape: Heart on tour (3-part report). Segment includes interviews with Ann and Nancy Wilson, rehearsal and recording studio footage.
      Heart is shown performing "Cook with Fire," "High Time," "Crazy On You" and "Straight On."
      --Olivia Newton John (music video) - "Totally Hot."
      --Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) dance to the Jacksons' "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground."
      --Chris Rush (comedian) - talks about UFO's.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: unruly students in classroom; "Rock Rap."

    • Al Di Meola / Billy Squier / Al Romero / Jose Feliciano (videos) / Prince (videos)

      --Billy Squier (performing live) - "My Kind Of Lover," "The Stroke" and "In The Dark."
      --Al Di Meola - performs three instrumental songs.
      --Prince (music videos) - "Sexuality" and "Controversy."
      --Jose Feliciano (music videos) - "Everybody Loves Me" and "Ain't That Peculiar?"
      --Al Romero (stand-up comedian).
      --Lou O'Neill Jr (rock journalist & series regular) - does a report on the rock band Journey.

    • November 17, 1979: Bonnie Pointer / Billy Preston / Bram Tchaikovsky / Andy Huggins / Ian Hunter (live music videos)

      --Billy Preston - "I Come To Rest In You," "It Will Come In Time, "That's The Way God Planned It" and "Nothing From Nothing."
      --Bonnie Pointer - "Heaven Must Have Sent You," "More And More" and "Free Me From My Freedom."
      --Bram Tchaikovsky - "Strange Man, Changed Man," "Lonely Dancer," "Girl Of My Dreams" and "Lady From The USA."
      --Ian Hunter (live music videos w/Mick Ronson on guitar & Ellen Foley on backing vocals) - "Just Another Night" and "Cleveland Rocks."
      --Andy Huggins (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in two sketches set in a classroom.

    • March 1, 1980: The Oak Ridge Boys / Peaches & Herb / Rick and Ruby / The Sports (videos) / UK (video)

      --Peaches & Herb - "Roller Skatin' Mate," "I Pledge My Love," "Gypsy Lady" and "Howzabout Some Love?"
      --The Oak Ridge Boys - "Dancing The Night Away," "Sail Away," "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight" and "Dream On."
      --Con Funk Shun - "Chase Me" and "(Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind."
      --The Sports (music videos) - "Who Listens To The Radio?" and "Don't Throw Stones."
      --UK (music video) - "Nothing To Lose."
      --Rick and Ruby (musical-comedy team of Brian Seff and Monica Ganas) - imitate various singers.

    • February 23, 1980: Bob Grill / The O'Jays / Paul Mooney / Janis Ian (video) / Roxy Music (video)

      --Rob Grill - "Rock Sugar," "Feel The Heat," "Strangers" and "Where Were You When I Needed You?"
      --The O'Jays (lip-sync) - "Forever Mine," "Get On Out and Party," "Sing A Happy Song," "I Want You Here With Me" and "Use Ta Be My Girl."
      --Janis Ian (music video) - "Fly Too High."
      --Roxy Music (music video) - "Angel Eyes."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to "Greased Lightning" from the 'Grease' soundtrack.
      --Paul Mooney (stand-up comedian)
      --The Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) & (2) 2-part Summer camp sketch; (3) "Love Songs For Short People" record offer.

    • Chic / REO Speedwagon / Jay Leno / Videos by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, David Johansen, The Village People

      --Chic - "My Feet Keep Dancing," "Le Freak" and "I Want Your Love."
      --REO Speedwagon - "Roll With The Changes," "Only The Strong Survive," "Easy Money," "Back On The Road Again" and "Keep Pushin'."
      --Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (music video) - "Here Comes My Girl."
      --David Johansen (music videos) - "Melody" and "Swaheto Woman."
      --Village People (music videos) - "Ready For The 80s" and "Sleazy."
      --Jay Leno (stand-up comedian)

    • February 9, 1980: Rupert Holmes / Tanya Tucker / Jimmie Walker / Dick Lord / Rufus and Chaka Khan (videos) / Squeeze (video)

      --Tanya Tucker - "Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone," "Crossfire Of Desire," "Blind Love," "Tear Me Apart" and "Somebody Must Have Loved You Right Last Night."
      --Rupert Holmes - "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)," "Partners In Crime" and "Him."
      --Rufus & Chaka Khan (music videos) - "Do You Love What You Feel?" and "Masterjam."
      --Squeeze (music video) - "Cool For Cats."
      --Jimmie Walker (stand-up monologue) - talks about drug use, McDonalds, and how African-Americans are represented on TV commercials.
      --Dick Lord (stand-up comedy) - routine about jogging.

    • February 2, 1980: Jim Messina / The Spinners / Rick and Ruby / Mike Nesmith (video)

      --Jim Messina (performing live) - "The Magic Of Love," "New And Different Way," "You Need A Man," "Do You Want To Dance?" "Seeing You (For The First Time)" and "Nobody But You."
      --The Spinners (lip-sync) - "Body Language," "Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl," "Let's Boogie, Let's Dance" and "Are You Ready For Love?"
      --Mike Nesmith (music video) - "Cruisin' (Lucy & Ramona & Sunset Sam)."
      ---Rick and Ruby (musical-comedy team of Brian Seff and Monica Ganas) - sing "Duke Of Earl" and do imitations of the Eagles, Neil Diamond, Cher, Patty Smith, and Debby Boone.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - Sketches: (1) "Love Themes For The Really Fat" record offer; (2) "Torn Between Two Lovers" skit.

    • Alabama / Skip Stephenson / The Police (music videos)

      --Alabama (performing live) - "Love In The First Degree," "Mountain Music," "Why Lady Why?" "My Home's In Alabama," "Feels So Right," "Tennessee River," "Gonna Have A Party," "Green River," "Old Flame" and "Can't You See?"
      --The Police (music videos) - "Spirits In The Material World" and "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic."
      Also appearing:
      --Skip Stephenson (stand-up comedy)
      --Lou O'Neill Jr. (rock journalist & series regular) talks about REO Speedwagon.

    • December 1, 1979: Tavares / Glenn Super / The Who (on film) / Videos by ABBA, The Boomtown Rats, Ellen Foley, Triumph

      --Tavares - "Positive Forces," "More Than A Woman" and "Never Had A Love Like This Before."
      --The Who (on film) - "Won't Get Fooled Again" (from the movie "The Kids Are All Right").
      --ABBA (music videos) - "Does Your Mother Know?" and "Voulez Vous."
      --Ellen Foley (music videos) - "What's A Matter Baby?" "Stupid Girl" and "We Belong To The Night."
      --The Boomtown Rats (music video) - "I Don't Like Mondays."
      --Triumph (music video) - "Lay It On The Line."
      --Glenn Super ( stand-up comedian) - routine includes Elvis Presley parody.
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - "Record Reviewer" sketch.

    • November 24, 1979: Rick James / LTD / Mike Binder / Videos by Kim Carnes, Journey, Graham Parker, and Van Halen

      --Rick James (lip-sync performance)- "Fire It Up," "Love Gun" and "Fool On The Street."
      --LTD - "Holding On (When Love Is Gone)" and "Dance 'N' Sing 'N'."
      --Graham Parker (music videos) - "Local Girls" and "Protection."
      --Van Halen (live music videos) - "Dance The Night Away" and "You're No Good."
      --Kim Carnes (music videos) - "Stay Away" and "What Am I Gonna Do?"
      --Journey (music videos) - "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" and "Loving You Is Easy."
      --Disco Dance Dimensions (dance troupe, series regulars) perform to a Disco version of the "Star Wars" theme.
      --Mike Binder (stand-up comedian) - topics include drugs, Disneyland.

    • Nazareth / The Spinners / Bob Dubak / Billy Joel (video) / 'Concerts for the People of Kampuchea' highlights

      --The Spinners - "Can't Shake This Feelin'," "You Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine)," "Love Connection (Raise The Window Down)," "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)?" "They Just Can't Stop It (Games People Play)" and "I'll Be Around."
      --Nazareth - "Shapes Of Things" and "Hair Of The Dog."
      --Billy Joel (music video) - "Say Goodbye To Hollywood."
      --"Concerts for the People of Kampuchea" highlights: Rockpile & Robert Plant ("Little Sister"), The Who ("Sister Disco") and Paul McCartney & Rockestra ("Lucille").
      Also appearing:
      --Bob Dubak (stand-up comedy)
      --Lou O'Neill Jr. (rock journalist & series regular) - comments on the break-up of Led Zeppelin.

    • Brooklyn Dreams / Stephanie Mills / Garry Shandling / Videos featuring Ashford and Simpson, Michael Jackson, Kansas

      --Brooklyn Dreams - "Your Love's So Good To Me," "Street Man" and "Love Love's Desire."
      --Stephanie Mills - "What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'?" and "Put Your Body in It."
      --Michael Jackson (music video) - "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough."
      --Kansas (music videos) - "On The Other Side," "People Of The South Wind," "Reason To Be" and "Away From You."
      --Ashford & Simpson (music videos) - "Found A Cure" and "Stay Free."
      --The Disco Dance Dimensions perform to Donna Summer's record "Bad Girls."
      --Garry Shandling (stand-up comedian)
      --Village Idiots (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Unruly students (including one student imitating James Dean); (2) TV Game show spoof.

    • September 24, 1977: The Average White Band featuring Ben E. King / Pablo Cruise / Bait Brothers / Steve Landesberg / Al Alan Peterson

      --Pablo Cruise performs "Place In The Sun," "Whatcha Gonna Do?" and an instrumental song.
      --The Average White Band featuring Ben E. King (performing at the The Montreaux Jazz Festival) - "Keepin' It To Myself," "A Star In The Ghetto," "The Message," "Fool For You Anyway," "Spanish Harlem" and "Don't Play That Song (You Lied)."
      --The Bait Brothers (comedy team) - play musical Siamese twins.
      --Steve Landesberg (stand-up comedian)
      --Al Alan Peterson (comedian) - construction worker sings "I Gotta Be Me" while stripping down to a woman's bathing suit.

    • January 11, 1975 (LA air date): The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Redbone, Roy Wood's Wizzard

      --Redbone - "Witch Queen of New Orleans," "One More Time" and "Motivation."
      --Atlanta Rhythm Section - "Redneck," "Long Tall Sally," "Angel (What In The World's Come Over Us)" and "Help Yourself."
      --Roy Wood's Wizzard - "But She’ll Be Gone," "Angel Fingers," "Forever," "Goin’ Down The Road," "This Is The Story Of My Love" and an instrumental swing-jazz tune.

    • January 4, 1975: Bloodstone, Golden Earring, Jo Jo Gunne

      --Golden Earring - "Radar Love," "Big Tree, Blue Sea," "Vanilla Queen," "Candy's Going Bad" and a reprise of "Radar Love."
      --Jo Jo Gunne - "99 Days," "She Said Allright," "Run Run Run" and one other song.
      --Bloodstone - "Let Me Ride" and "That's Not How It Goes" (and possibly "I Need Time").

    • December 14, 1974: Blue Swede, Fleetwood Mac, Weather Report

      --Fleetwood Mac - "The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)," "Spare Me A Little Of Your Love," "Bermuda Triangle," "Rattlesnake Shake," "Shake Your Moneymaker" and "Black Magic Woman."
      --Blue Swede - "Hooked On A Feeling," "I Didn't Sing (In The New York Subway)," "Never My Love" and "Rock & Roll."
      --Weather Report - "Boogie Woogie Waltz."

    • November 30, 1974: Foghat, The Edgar Winter Group (with Dan Hartman and Rick Derringer)

      --Edgar Winter Group - "Free Ride" (Dan Hartman, lead vocals), "Easy Street," "All American Boy" (Rick Derringer, lead vocals), "River's Rising" (Dan Hartman, lead vocals), "Do Like Me," "Teenage Love Affair" (Rick Derringer, lead vocals) and "Do Like Me."
      --Foghat - "Hate To See You Go," "Eight Days On The Road," ""Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie," "Dreamer," and "Maybelline."
      --Edgar Winter Group - "Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo" (Rick Derringer, lead vocals) and a reprise of "Free Ride."

    • November 23, 1974: Felix Cavaliere, Donovan, Michael Murphey

      --Donovan - "Sunshine Superman" (with announcer's voice over), unknown song, "Ride-A-Mile," "Rock 'n' Roll with Me," "Catch The Wind," "Your Broken Heart" and "Bye, Bye Girl."
      --Felix Cavaliere (with Elliot Randall on guitar) - "Future Train," "Everlasting Love," "I Am A Gambler" and "Funky Friday."
      --Michael Murphey (aka Michael Martin Murphey) - "You Can Only Say So Much," "Southwestern Pilgrimage," "Geronimo's Cadillac" and a reprise of "You Can Only Say so Much."

    • November 16, 1974: Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show, The Ohio Players, John Sebastian

      --John Sebastian - "Dixie Chicken," "Stories We Could Tell" and 2 unknown songs.
      --Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show - "Queen of The Silver Dollar," "Yodel Song (I Need A Little This-A Little That)" (featuring Ray Sawyer's yodeling), "Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me" and "Insane Asylum."
      --The Ohio Players - "Jive Turkey," "Heaven Must Be Like This" and "Skin Tight."
      --John Sebastian - "Sportin' Life Blues," unknown song, "Friends Again," "Black Satin Kid" and "Rainbows All Over Your Blues."

    • November 9, 1974: New York Dolls, Rufus, Uriah Heep

      --Rufus - "Tell Me Something Good."
      --Uriah Heep - "Easy Road," "So Tired" and "I Won't Mind."
      --The New York Dolls (taped July 24, 1974) - "(There's Gonna Be a) Showdown," "Stranded in the Jungle," "Trash," "Milkman" (a.k.a. "Chatterbox"), "Don't Start Me Talking" and "Personality Crisis."

    • November 2, 1974: Electric Flag, Robert Klein, Rory Gallagher, Steeleye Span

      --Rory Gallagher - "Cradle Rock," "They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore," and "Who's That Coming?"
      --Electric Flag (with Mike Bloomfieid and Buddy Miles) - "The One You Are," "Every Now and Then," "The Band Kept Playing" and 1 other song.
      --Robert Klein (comedian) - does a comedy routine with harmonica, pokes fun at commercials.
      --Steeleye Span - "Gaudete," "Gamble Gold," "Two Magicians" and 1 other song.
      --Rory Gallagher - "Million Miles Away" and a reprise of "They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore."

    • October 26, 1974: Ashford and Simpson, Dave Mason, Jim Stafford

      --Dave Mason - "Gimme Some Lovin'," "Baby...Please" and "The Lonely One."
      --Jim Stafford performs "Wildwood Weed," "Swamp Witch," "Garbage Can Blues (One Man Band)" and a Flamenco guitar bit.
      --Ashford & Simpson sing "Everybody's Got To Give It Up," "I Need Your Light" and a medley of songs they wrote ("Let's Go Get Stoned," "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing," "You're All I Need To Get By," "Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)," "Ain't No Mountain High Enough").
      --Dave Mason - "Every Woman," "World In Changes," "All Along The Watchtower," "Misty Morning Stranger," and a reprise of "Gimme Some Lovin'."

    • January 11, 1975 (NYC air date): Linda Ronstadt / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Vassar Clements / John Hartford / Steve Martin

      --Linda Ronstadt - "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," "When Will I Be Loved?" "Heart Like A Wheel," "You're No Good," "You Can Close Your Eyes," "Faithless Love" and "Silver Threads and Golden Needles."
      --Linda Ronstadt & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Hey Good Lookin'."
      --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Battle Of New Orleans," "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" and "Cosmic Cowboy."
      --Vassar Clements and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Young Love," "Teardrops In My Eyes" and an instrumental jam.
      --John Hartford - "Turn Your Radio On" and two more songs (possibly "Hey Babe You Wanna Boogie" and "Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie").
      --Steve Martin (stand-up routine).

    • January 18, 1975: B.T. Express, Hot Tuna, R.E.O. Speedwagon, ABBA (video)

      --Hot Tuna - "Come Back Baby," "Serpent Of Dreams," "Police Dog Blues," "I See The Light" and one other song.
      --REO Speedwagon - "Down By The Dam," "Son Of A Poor Man," "Lost In A Dream" and "Do Your Best."
      --B.T. Express - "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)," "That's What I Want For You Baby" and "Express."
      --ABBA (music video) - "Waterloo."

    • January 25, 1975: Roy Buchanan / Chick Corea & Return To Forever / Ozark Mountain Daredevils

      --Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "You Made It Right," "If You Wanna Get To Heaven," "Road To Glory," "Chicken Train," "Spaceship Orion," "Standin' On The Rock," "Black Sky" and a harmonica rave-up.
      --Roy Buchanan - "In The Beginning" and "Train Blues."
      --Chick Corea & Return To Forever - "Vulcan Worlds," "Beyond the Seventh Galaxy" and one more song.

    • October 3, 1975: The Amazing Rhythm Aces / Buddy Miles and The Earth Rockers / Roger Daltrey (videos/film)

      --Amazing Rhythm Aces - "Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights," "Hit The Nail On The Head," "Why Can't I Be Satisfied?" "Ella B" and "Third Rate Romance."
      --Buddy Miles & The Earth Rockers - "Rockin' & Rollin' On The Streets of Hollywood" "No Time For Sorrow" "Blues City," "Do It To Me" and "My Last Words of Love."
      --Roger Daltrey (music videos) - "Milk Train," "Oceans Away," "Proud" "Near To Surrender," "Walking The Dog" and "Come & Get Your Love."
      --Roger Daltrey (on film, clip from "Tommy") - "Listening To You."

    • September 26, 1975: The Commodores / Rare Earth / Spanky and Our Gang / Bad Company (videos)

      --The Commodores - "Machine Gun," "Slippery When Wet," "I Feel Sanctified" and "Wide Open."
      --Spanky & Our Gang - "L.A. Freeway," "When I Wanna," "Standing Room Only," "Since You've Gone" and one other song.
      --Rare Earth - "Keeping Me Out of The Storm" "Boogie With Me Children" and "(I Know) I'm Losing You."
      --Bad Company (music videos) - "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" and "Feel Like Makin' Love."

    • September 19, 1975: Chuck Berry, ingrid Berry, Johnny Rivers, Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost

      --Chuck Berry - "Johnny B. Goode" and "Reelin' & Rockin'."
      --Billy Peek - "It Came Out Of The Sky."
      --Chuck Berry & Ingrid Berry - "Baby, What You Want Me To Do."
      --Chuck Berry - "Nadine (Is It You?)," "My Ding-A-Ling" and "House Lights."
      --Johnny Rivers - "Wild Night," "Summer Rain," "The Tracks Of My Tears," "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" and "Poor Side Of Town."
      --Grey Ghost & Ruby Starr - "Burnin' Whiskey," "Sweet, Sweet, Sweet," "Long Wait" and "Living Proof."
      --Johnny Rivers - "Help Me, Rhonda."

    • March 29, 1975: Brian Cadd, David Essex, Jimi Hendrix (on film), Rush, Yes

      Songs include:
      --Brian Cadd - "Ginger Man."
      --David Essex - "Stardust" and "Gonna Make You a Star."
      --Jimi Hendrix (vintage performances) - "Hey, Joe" and "Purple Haze."
      --Rush - "In The Mood," "Best I Can" and "Finding My Way."

    • March 22, 1975: Second Anniversary Show

      Highlights from past shows:
      --The Rolling Stones (music videos) - "Silver Train," "Dancing with Mr. D" and "Angie."
      --Jim Croce (music video) - "Photographs And Memories."
      --Seals & Crofts - "Paper Airplanes" and "Diamond Girl."
      --Linda Ronstadt - "You're No Good."
      --Linda Ronstadt & The Eagles - "Desperado."
      --Ike & Tina Turner - "Proud Mary."
      --Maria Muldaur - "Midnight at the Oasis" and "I'm A Woman."
      --Billy Preston - "Will It Go Round In Circles?"
      --Johnny Winter - "Jumpin' Jack Flash."
      ---Black Oak Arkansas - "Jim Dandy."
      --The Eagles - "Doolin Dalton."

    • March 15, 1975: Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Pulse, Steppenwolf

      Songs include:
      --Steppenwolf - "Born to Be Wild," "Magic Carpet Ride," "Get into The Wind," and "Fool's Fantasy."
      --Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - "Compared to What" and "Freedom Jazz Dance."

    • March 1, 1975: Ross (Alan Ross Band), Isis, T-Rex

      --T. Rex - "Jeepster," "Zip Gun Boogie," "Token Of My Love" and "Bang A Gong (Get It On)."
      --Ross - "Changes," "Alright by Me" and one other song.
      --Isis - "Do The Football" and "Rubber Boy."

    • February 22, 1975: Average White Band, The Guess Who, Labelle

      --Average White Band - "Pick Up The Pieces," "Work To Do," "I Just Can't Give You Up" and "Got The Love."
      --The Guess Who - "No Time," "Dancin' Fool," "Long Gone," "Straighten Out" and "Glamour Boy."
      --Labelle - "Are You Lonely?" "What Can I Do For You?" "You Turn Me On" and "Somebody Somewhere."

    • February 8, 1975: Sparks / Stampeders / Bill Wyman / Arrows (videos)

      --Sparks - "Something For The Girl With Everything" "Talent Is An Asset" "Hasta Mañana Monsieur" "Thank God it's Not Christmas," "B.C." and "Here In Heaven."
      --Bill Wyman (lip-synch) - "White Lightnin'," "Mighty Fine Time," 3rd song (title unknown), and "Monkey Grip Glue."
      --Stampeders - songs include "In the Shadows," "Marigold" and "Wild Eyes."
      --Arrows (music videos) - "Touch Too Much" and "Tough Enough."

    • October 19, 1974: The Rolling Stones (on tape/film), Waylon Jennings, Kool and the Gang
      The Rolling Stones (music videos) - "Till the Next Goodbye," "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."
      The Rolling Stones (clips from the movie 'Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones') - "All Down the Line," "Bye Bye Johnnie" and "Love in Vain."
      Waylon Jennings - "Ain't No God In Mexico," "You Can Have Her," "Honky Tonk Heroes," "Waymore's Blues," "This Time" and "Slow Rollin' Low."
      Kool and the Gang - "Hollywood Swinging," "Jungle Boogie" and "Funky Stuff."
    • October 12, 1974: Bad Company, Rare Earth, Renaissance
      Bad Company - "Bad Company," "Ready for Love," "Little Miss Fortune," "Rock Steady" and "Can't Get Enough."
      Rare Earth - "Get Ready"
      Renaissance - "Can You Understand?" and "Black Flame."
      Bad Company - "The Stealer" and "Can't Get Enough" (reprise).
    • October 5, 1974: Curtis Mayfield, The Stylistics, The Natural Four
      Curtis Mayfield - "Kung Fu," "Love Me (Right In The Pocket)," "Sweet Exorcist" and "Ain't Got Time."
      The Stylistics - "Rockin' Roll Baby," "Let's Put It All Together," 3rd song (unknown title), and "You Make Me Feel Brand New."
      The Natural Four - 1st song (unknown title), "Things Will Be Better Tomorrow," "Try Love Again" and "Can This Be Real?"
      The Natural Four - "You Bring Out the Best in Me."
      The Stylistics - "Betcha by Golly, Wow" and "You Are Everything."
    • February 2, 1974: Billy Preston, Al Wilson, Brownsville Station
      Billy Preston - "We're Gonna Make It," "Struttin'," "Will It Go Round in Circles?" "I Wrote a Simple Song," "Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music," "You're So Unique," "Outa-Space" and "Space Race" (instrumental).
      Brownsville Station - "Smokin' In The Boy's Room," "Barefootin'" and "Sweet Jane."
      Al Wilson - "My Song," "Touch And Go," "A Song For You," "Queen Of The Ghetto," "Show and Tell," "Broken Home" and "I Can't Turn You Loose."
    • January 19, 1974: Rod Stewart and Faces (on tape), Livingston Taylor, Osibisa
      Rod Stewart and Faces are shown performing in England. Osibisa and Livingston Taylor also appear.
      Rod Stewart and Faces (on tape) - "Maggie May," "Borstal Boys" and "Twisting the Night Away."
      Livingston Taylor - "Carolina Day," "Hallelujah, I Love Her So," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "In My Reply," "Good Friends" and "Cornbread and Buttermilk."
      Osibisa - "Dawn," "Music for Gong Gong," "Survival" and "Osibirock."
      Rod Stewart and Faces (on tape) - "Memphis" and "Twisting the Night Away" (reprise)
    • January 5, 1974: The Isley Brothers, The Stories, Atlee Yeager, Slade
      Live performances by The Isley Brothers, The Stories and Atlee Yeager. Plus, music videos by Slade.
      Stories - "Brother Louie," "Please, Please," "Bridges" and "Mammy Blue."
      The Isley Brothers - "Ohio," "Listen to the Music" and "It's Too Late."
      Slade (music videos) - "Skweeze Me Pleeze Me," "Get Down With It" and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now."
      Atlee Yeager - "Electric Rock and Roll" and "Shake, Rattle and Roll."
    • From New York's Palace Theatre: Johnny Winter and Argent
      Johnny Winter and Argent perform at New York's Palace Theatre.
      Johnny Winter (band) - "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo," "Stone County," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Johnny B. Goode" and "Silver Train."
      Argent - "God Gave Rock and Roll to You," "I Am the Dance of Ages," "I Don't Believe in Miracles," "It's Only Money" and "Hold Your Head Up."
    • From New York's Palace Theatre: The Isley Brothers, Poco, Billy Joel, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.
      The Isley Brothers - "That Lady," "Summer Breeze," "Sunshine (Go Away Today)" and "Listen To The Music."
      The Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Sister Andrea" and "Dream."
      Poco - "Keeper of the Fire," "Here We Go Again," "C'Mon" (and possibly "Fools Gold").
      Billy Joel - "Piano Man."
    • January 12, 1974: The Steve Miller Band, The Raspberries
      The Steve Miller Band - "Living in the U.S.A."
      The Raspberries - "Go All the Way," "Tonight," "I Can Remember," "Drivin' Around," "I'm a Rocker" and "Last Dance."
      The Steve Miller Band - "Space Cowboy," "Mary Lou," "Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma," "Gangster of Love," "The Joker," "Come On in My Kitchen," "Seasons" and "Fly Like an Eagle."
    • Dave Mason, Mark-Almond Band, Jesse Colin Young. Jim Croce Tribute.
      Performances by Dave Mason, The Mark-Almond Band, and Jesse Colin Young. Plus, a tribute to the late Jim Croce.
      Dave Mason - "Feelin' Alright," "Baby...Please" and "Look At You Look At Me."
      The Mark-Almond Band - "What Am I Living For?" "The Neighborhood Man" and "The City."
      Jesse Colin Young - "Song for Juli," "Morning Sun" and "T-Bone Shuffle."
      Jim Croce (on tape) - "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" and "Roller Derby Queen."moreless
    • November 16, 1973: Seals and Crofts, Tower of Power
      This show features performances by Seals & Crofts and Tower of Power.
      Seals and Crofts - "We May Never Pass This Way (Again)," "Summer Breeze," "Standin' On A Mountain Top" and "Hummingbird."
      Seals and Crofts (later in show) - "Ruby Jean and Billie Lee," "Paper Airplanes," "Diamond Girl," "Unborn Child" and a fiddle breakdown.
      Tower of Power - "Get Yo' Feet Back on the Ground," "Soul Vaccination," "This Time It's Real," "What Is Hip?" and "Knock Yourself Out."
    • November 2, 1973: Van Morrison, Fresh Flavor with Richie Havens, Mott the Hoople
      The guests are Van Morrison, Fresh Flavor with Richie Havens, and Mott the Hoople.
      Songs Include:
      Van Morrison - "I've Been Working," "Caravan," "Gloria," "Flamingos Fly" and "Cyprus Avenue."
      Fresh Flavor, with Richie Havens, perform "In My House," "(Can't You Hear) Zeus's Anger Roar" and three other songs.
      Mott the Hoople (with Ian Hunter) - "Drivin' Sister," "All the Young Dudes," "All the Way From Memphis" and "Sweet Angeline."
    • February 9, 1974: Eric Burdon, Foghat, Mandrill
      Eric Burdon - "She Stole My Heart Away" (aka "First Sight"), "Dragon Lady," "Jim Crow" and "River of Blood."
      Foghat - "Road Fever," "Home in My Hand," "Honey Hush" and "I Just Want To Make Love To You."
      Mandrill - "Fat City Strut" and "Get It All."
    • Jim Croce 1943-73 (A Tribute)
      Jim Croce 1943-73 (A Tribute)
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      A tribute to singer-songwriter Jim Croce, who died in a plane crash on September 20, 1973.
      Jim Croce is seen in TV appearances and music videos for "Photographs and Memories" (video), "Hard Way Every Time," "You Don't Mess Around with Jim," "Workin' At The Car Wash Blues" (video), "Speedball Tucker" (video), "Rapid Roy (the Stock Car Boy)" (video), "Time in a Bottle" (video with footage of Croce with his wife and child), "Roller Derby Queen" (video), "Lover's Cross" (video), and "I Got A Name."
      Photo montages accompany Croce's songs "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," "Salon and Saloon" and "The Hard Way Every Time."
      Loggins and Messina, Tommy West and Terry Cashman, The Carpenters, and Randy Newman also appear. Loggins and Messina talk about Croce, and present the video for their song "Watching the River Run." Record producers Tommy West and Terry Cashman introduce Croce's song "Dreamin' Again." Richard and Karen Carpenter share their thoughts on Croce. Randy Newman sings "God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)" and "I Think It's Going To Rain Today," and remembers the late musician.
      A clip is shown of Burt Sugarman (producer of NBC-TV's "The Midnight Special") presenting Jim Croce with a gold record for "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown."
    • February 16, 1974: Dr. John, Climax Blues Band, The Chambers Brothers, Byron MacGregor
      Dr. John - "Right Place, Wrong Time," "Quitters Never Win," "Oh La-De-Dah" (correct title?) and "(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away."
      Dr. John (later in show) - "Can't Git Enuff" and "New Orleans Street March" (correct title?).
      The Climax Blues Band - "Shake Your Love," "Seventh Son" and "Mesopotmania."
      The Chambers Brothers - "The Weight," "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (Thrill Upon The Hill)" and "If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)."
      Byron MacGregor - "The Americans" (spoken word).
    • September 28, 1974: Dr. John, Johnny Nash, Graham Central Station
      Dr. John - "Peace Brother Peace," "Tipitina," "Such A Night," "Quitters Never Win," 5th song - unknown title, and "Didn't He Ramble?"
      Johnny Nash - "I Can See Clearly Now," 2nd song - unknown title, and "My Merry-Go-Round."
      Graham Central Station - "Feel The Need," "I Believe In You" and "Release Yourself."
      Johnny Nash - "You Can't Go Halfway."
      Dr. John - "Qualified" and "Didn't He Ramble?"
    • September 21, 1974: The O'Jays, The Hues Corporation, The Commodores, The Impressions
      The O'Jays - "Back Stabbers," "Put Your Hands Together" and "For the Love of Money."
      The Hues Corporation - "All Goin' Down Together," "Love Train" (cover of The O'Jays hit), "Freedom for the Stallion" and "Rock the Boat."
      The Commodores - "Machine Gun," "I Feel Sanctified" and "Something's Mighty Mighty Wrong."
      The Impressions - "People Get Ready," "It's All Right," "Talking About My Baby"/"Woman's Got Soul" medley, and "Finally Got Myself Together."
      The O'Jays - "When the World's at Peace."
    • April 13, 1974: The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne
      The Eagles - "Peaceful, Easy Feelin'," "Already Gone" and "Good Day in Hell."
      Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles - "Silver Threads and Golden Needles," "Desperado" and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore."
      The Eagles - "Midnight Flyer," "Twenty-One" and "Ol' '55."
      Jackson Browne - "Your Bright Baby Blues" and "Looking Into You."
      The Eagles - "James Dean," "Doolin-Daltin" and "Desperado."
      The Eagles, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt - "Take It Easy."
    • March 23, 1974: Martha Reeves, Kansas, Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers, Leo Kottke
      Martha Reeves - "Wild Night," "I've Got to Use My Imagination," "Storm in My Mind," "Ain't That Peculiar?" "Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)" and "Power Of Love."
      Kansas - "Can I Tell You?" "Death of Mother Nature Suite" and "Journey From Mariabronn."
      Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers - "Rock 'N' Roll Warning," "Dixie Diner" and 1 other song.
      Leo Kottke - "Pamela Brown," "Hear the Wind Howl" and "Cripple Creek."
    • March 16, 1974: Ike and Tina Turner Revue, Redbone, Michael Stanley's Super Session
      Ike and Tina Turner Revue - "Come Together," "Nutbrush City Limits" and "Proud Mary (Rollin' on the River)."
      Michael Stanley's Super Session (featuring David Sanborn, Dan Fogelberg, and Joe Walsh) - "Help" and three other songs.
      Redbone performs "Come and Get Your Love" and "Maggie."
      Ike and Tina Turner Revue - "Honky Tonk Woman," "Respect" and an "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"/"Who's Makin' Love (To Your Old Lady)?"/"Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home Is)" medley.
      Michael Stanley's Super Session - "Rosewood Bitters."
    • March 2, 1974: Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Wishbone Ash, Graham Central Station
      Todd Rundgren and Utopia - "Never Never Land," "I Saw the Light," "Heavy Metal Kids" and "Utopia."
      Wishbone Ash - "Warrior," "Blowin' Free" and 1 other song.
      Graham Central Station - "Can You Handle It?" and an "It Ain't No Fun To Me"/"Release Yourself" medley.
      Todd Rundgren and Utopia - "Sunset Boulevard."
    • February 23, 1974: Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, The James Gang, Maria Muldaur
      Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band - "My Babe," "Someone To Love," "She Belongs to Me" and "Honky Tonk Woman."
      The James Gang - "Walk Away," "The Devil Is Singing Our Song," "Ride the Wind," "Funk #49" and "Standing In The Rain."
      Maria Muldaur - interview, "Midnight at the Oasis," "If You Haven't Any Hay," "Don't Ya Feel My Leg?" "The Work Song" and "I'm A Woman."
      Rick Nelson interview. Rick introduces members of the Stone Canyon Band.
      Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band - "Windfall," "Garden Party," "Lonesome Town," "Believe What You Say" and "One Night Stand" (with closing credits).moreless
    • April 20, 1974: Manfred Mann, Mike Oldfield, David Essex, Electric Light Orchestra, Bloodstone

      Manfred Mann - "Father of Day, Father of Night."
      Mike Oldfield - "Tubular Bells" (theme from "The Exorcist").
      David Essex - "Rock On."
      Electric Light Orchestra - "Daybreaker" and "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle."
      Manfred Mann - unknown title (lyrics: "back in '65").
      Bloodstone - "Let Me Ride," "Natural High" and "Outside Woman."

    • April 27, 1974: REO Speedwagon, 10cc (on tape) , Billy Joel, Dobie Gray
      REO Speedwagon - "157 Riverside Avenue," "Without Expression (Don't Be The Man)" and "Ridin' the Storm Out."
      10cc (on tape) - "Sand In My Face," "The Dean and I," "Fresh Air for My Mama," "Headline Hustler" and "Rubber Bullets."
      Billy Joel - "Piano Man," "Somewhere Along The Line" and "Captain Jack."
      Dobie Gray – "Drift Away," "Loving Arms," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," "Rockin' Chair" and "Cado Queen."
    • October 10, 1975: Eddie Kendricks, Mirabai, Uriah Heep

      --Uriah Heep - "Prima Donna," "Return To Fantasy," "Easy Livin'," "Stealin'" and "Shady Lady."
      --Eddie Kendricks - "Happy," "Skippin' Work Today," "Get The Cream Off The Top" and "Boogie Down."
      --Eddie Kendricks - Temptations medley: "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)," "The Way You Do The Things You Do," "The Girl's Alright With Me," "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" and "Get Ready."
      --Mirabai - "Exactly What You Are," "To Be Young" and "Determination."

    • October 17, 1975: Black Sabbath, Mahogany Rush, New Birth

      Songs include:
      --Black Sabbath - "Paranoid," "Killing Yourself to Live" and "War Pigs."
      --Mahogany Rush - "Strange Universe."
      --New Birth - "Dream Merchant" and "Grandaddy."

    • October 24, 1975: B.T. Express, Natalie Cole, Barry Manilow

      Songs include:
      --B.T. Express - "Give It What You Got" and "Close to You."
      --Natalie Cole - "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" and "Your Face Stays in My Mind."
      --Barry Manilow - "Could It Be Magic?" and "It's a Miracle."

    • February 5, 1977: Be-Bop Deluxe / Natalie Cole / David Letterman / Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen

      --Natalie Cole - "Keep Smiling," "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)," "I Can't Say No," "Something's Got A Hold On Me," "Sophisticated Lady," "No Plans For The Future" and "Your Face Stays In My Mind."
      --Be Bop Deluxe - "Bring Back The Spark," "Twilight Capers," "Dancing In The Moonlight" and "Modern Music."
      --On film: Scenes from "All This And World War II," a documentary with WWII footage set to Beatles' songs performed by various musicians.
      --David Letterman (stand-up comedian)
      --Samuels and Cohen (comedy team of Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen) - David Bowie funeral sketch.
      --Gary Mule Deer - Rock Concert Mini Movie: "Born Free."
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - A Frenchman creates art with food.

    • December 18, 1976: Wild Cherry / Al Wilson / Ed Bluestone / Victor Dunlop Jr. / Gary Mule Deer

      --Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music," "I Feel Sanctified," "Nowhere To Run," "What In The Funk Do You See" and an instrumental jam session.
      --Al Wilson - "La La Peace Song," "I've Got A Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again)," "Show And Tell," "The Snake," "Passport" and "You Did It For Me."
      --Ed Bluestone (stand-up comedian).
      --Victor Dunlop Jr. plays Frankenstein's barber in "The Pride of Frankenstein" sketch.
      --Gary Mule Deer - 5-part stand-up comedy with guitar, sings "Folsom Prison Blues," "Peggy Sue," "Ballad of A Teenage Queen" and "Muleskinner Blues."

    • December 11, 1976: ABBA / The Ohio Players / Mike Preminger

      --ABBA - "Waterloo," "S.O.S.," "Rock Me," "Dancing Queen," "Fernando" and "Mamma Mia."
      --Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster," "Who'd She Coo" and "Fire."
      --Mike Preminger (stand-up comedian)
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Mad scientist & hunchback; (2) Homeless man panhandling; (3) Spoof of Toyota commercial; (4) Unemployment office applicants; (5) Office; (6) Barbershop; (7) Jogging.

    • December 4, 1976: LaBelle / Samuels and Cohen / Rock Music Awards footage

      --LaBelle performs "Come Into My Life" "Get You Somebody New" "Are You Lonely" "Going Down Makes Me Shiver" "Lady Marmalade" "Get You Somebody New" "A Man In A Trenchcoat (Voodoo)" "Chameleon" and "Gypsy Moths."
      --Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen (comedy team) - sketches: (1) Gerald Ford as a Disney Auto-Animatronic President; (2) Interview with a miracle drug doctor.
      --The Three Untouchables (comedy troupe) - do a parody of 1930s Warner Brothers crime movies.
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - appears in three comedy sketches.
      On film:
      --The Second Annual Rock Music Awards. Behind the scenes footage of Jeff Beck, Mackenzie Phillips & Valerie Bertinelli, Bernie Taupin, Rosey Grier, Captain and Tennille (interview), Linda Blair (interview), Gary Wright (interview), Fleetwood Mac, Tommy Mottola, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland, Keith Moon, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Sly Stone, Brian Wilson and Dr. Eugene Landy. Keith Moon sings with Alice Cooper and Mickey Dolenz. Tatum O'Neal is interviewed.

    • November 27, 1976: England Dan & John Ford Coley / Herbie Hancock & Wah-Wah Watson / George Miller

      --John Ford Coley & England Dan - "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight," "Long Way Home," "Showboat Gambler," "Nights Are Forever Without You," "What I'm Doing," "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" and "There'll Never Be Another For Me."
      --Herbie Hancock and Wah-Wah Watson perform "Hang Up Your Hang Ups," "Doin' It," and one more song.
      --George Miller (stand-up comedian)
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in seven sketches during show.

    • November 20, 1976: Harry Chapin and his brothers Tom and Steve Chapin

      --Harry Chapin - "If My Mary Were Here," "Corey's Coming," "Mayor of Candor Lied," "Bluesman" and "Taxi."
      --Tom Chapin - "Jenny, Jenny," "Moments," "Hey Mama," "Take Me Home" and "Southern Line."
      --Steve Chapin - "Let Time Go Lightly."
      --The Three Untouchables (comedy trio) - sketches: (1) Courtroom Skit; (2) Soap Opera parody.
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - does a "Jaws" spoof and four radio news parodies.

    • November 13, 1976: Chuck Mangione & Esther Satterfield / Jay Leno

      Music includes:
      --Chuck Mangione - "Bellavia," "Listen to the Wind," "New Moon" and "Hill Where the Lord Hides."
      --Esther Satterfield & Chuck Mangione - "Need To Be," "Chase The Clouds Away" and "Land of Make Believe."
      --Jay Leno (stand-up comedian)
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - plays old comedian reminiscing about his career in show business.
      --The Three Untouchables (comedy trio) - sketches: (1) Trio sings "Danny Boy" while engaging in fake slow-motion fist fight; (2) imitate "The Harmonica Rascals", (3) "I Hate The CIA" lounge tune.

    • November 6, 1976: Vicki Sue Robinson / Candi Staton / Andrea True Connection / Elaine Boosler

      --Vicki Sue Robinson - "Turn The Beat Around," "Half And Half," "Daylight" and "Can't Find No Love."
      --Candi Staton - "Young Hearts Run Free," "You Bet Your Sweet Sweet Love" and a medley (Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man"/Sly Stone's "It's Alright" and "Higher").
      --Andrea True Connection - "More, More, More" "Party Line" and "Fill Me Up (Heart To Heart)."
      --Elayne Boosler (stand-up comedy routine)
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian, series regular) - appears in sketches throughout show including a cowboy story, Burger King parody, and a history lesson.
      --Gary Mule Deer also appears in three "Rock Concert Mini Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles than on actual plot line): "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" and "The Long Goodbye."

    • October 30, 1976: Dr. Hook / Lou Rawls / Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen

      --Lou Rawls - "Groovy People" "A Natural Man" "Pure Imagination" "From Now On" "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" and "Dead End Street."
      --Dr. Hook - "A Little Bit More," "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms," "The Yodel Song" (featuring Ray Sawyer), "Only Sixteen" and a medley ("Earth Angel" "Devil Or Angel," "A Thousand Miles Away" and "What's Your Name?").
      --Samuels And Cohen (comedy team) - do three comedy bits.
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Opera spoof; (2) Ten Commandments sketch; (3) Doctor's waiting room; (4) Giant Monster-King Kong; (5) Massage Parlor bit; (6) Timex Watch commercial; (7) Palmolive commercial parody.

    • February 12, 1977: L.A. Jets / Tavares / Shields and Yarnell

      --Tavares - "Don't Take Away The Music," "Love I Never Had," "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" and "It Only Takes A Minute."
      --L.A. Jets - "Prisoner (Captured By Your Eyes)," "I'll Get Along Somehow" and two more songs.
      Also appearing:
      --Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell (mimes).
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - sketches: (1) plays "Tequila" on Kazoo; (2) does a bit based on the song "Tell Laura I Love Her"; and (3) Sports Update.
      --Gary Mule Deer also appears in four "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches: (1) "Bride of Frankenstein"; (2) "Walk On The Wild Side" (with Walter Dunlop); (3) "Once Is Not Enough" and (4) "Chinatown."

    • February 19, 1977: K.C. and The Sunshine Band / D.J. Rogers / Billy Braver

      --KC & The Sunshine Band - "Shake Your Booty," "I Get Lifted," "That's The Way I Like It," "Baby I Love You (Yes, I Do)" and "Get Down Tonight."
      --D.J. Rogers - "(It's Alright Now) Think I'll Make It Anyhow," "On The Road Again" and "Say You Love Me."
      --Billy Braver (stand-up comedian) - "Sad Sack" comedy routine.
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - sketches: (1) Man wearing Groucho Marx glasses & mustache at funeral; (2) Man in bus station waiting room being abused by fellow passengers; (3) Julia Child mountain climbing demonstration; (4) Priest confessional on CB radio; (4) & (5) Custodian in recording studio.

    • February 26, 1977: The Staple Singers / Donna Summer / The Group with No Name / Tim Thomerson / Samuels and Cohen

      --The Staple Singers - "Pass It On," "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" (featuring Mavis Staples), "The Real Thing Inside of Me" and "I'll Take You There."
      --Donna Summer - "Come with Me," "Could It Be Magic?" "The Man I Love," "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)" and "Some of These Days."
      --The Group with No Name - "Baby Love (How Could You Leave Me)?" "You Mean That Much To Me" and "It's A Wonder" (or "A Wonder What A Woman In Love Will Do").
      --Tim Thomerson (stand-up comedian)
      --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - sketches: (1) Radio News report; (2) Rock Concert Mini-Movie: "The Curse of Frankenstein."
      --Samuels & Cohen (comedy duo of Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen) - do four sketches: (1) Marlboro Man ad; (2) Horror movies; (3) Mud slinging politicians; and (4) a preacher routine.

    • October 22, 1977: The Ohio Players / The Ramones / Roger & Roger / Jim Samuels

      --The Ohio Players - "Merry Go Round," "Love Rollercoaster," "Angel," "Alone" and "O-H-I-O."
      --The Ramones - "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker," "Loudmouth," "Beat On The Brat" and "Blitzkrieg Bop."
      --The Ramones - "Listen to My Heart," "California Sun," "Judy Is a Punk" and "I Don't Wanna Walk Around with You,"
      --The Ramones - "Glad to See You Go," "Gimme, Gimme Shock Treatment," "Rockaway Beach" and "Commando."
      --Roger & Roger (comedy team of Roger Behr and Roger Peltz).
      --Jim Samuels (comedian) - plays a Consumer Reporter in comedy routines.

    • May 28, 1977: Dorothy Moore / Angel / KISS (music videos) / Judy Carter / The Graduates

      --KISS (music videos) - "I Want You," Hard Luck Woman" and "Love 'Em & Leave 'Em."
      --Dorothy Moore (performing live) - "Misty Blue," "Enough Woman Left (To Be Your Lady)," "Dark End of The Street," "Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me" and "Too Much Love."
      --Alice Cooper (music video) - "You and Me."
      --Burton Cummings (music video) - "I'm Scared."
      --Angel (music video?) - "That Magic Touch."
      --Judy Carter (comedy magician)
      --The Graduates (comedy team of Jim Fisher, Jim Stahl, Tino Insana)
      --The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars).

    • October 19, 1973: Sly and the Family Stone, Black Oak Arkansas
      The guests are Sly and the Family Stone and Black Oak Arkansas.
      Songs Performed:
      Sly and the Family Stone - "Hey Music Lover," "Life" (and/or "You're the One"), "Stand!" "If You Want Me To Stay," "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)," "Dance To The Music" and "Hey Music Lover."
      Black Oak Arkansas - "Hot and Nasty," "Hot Rod," "Jim Dandy," and "Up."moreless
    • May 14, 1977: Fourth Anniversary Show

      Fourth Anniversary Show (1976-77 season highlights)
      --Rod Stewart (music video) - "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)."
      --KISS - "I Want You."
      --Elton John & Kiki Dee (music video) - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."
      --George Benson - "Breezin'
      --John Travolta - interview and "Let Her In."
      --Led Zeppelin (on film) - "Rock And Roll" and "Black Dog."
      --Natalie Cole - "Keep Smiling."
      --Average White Band - "Person To Person
      --LaBelle - "Man In A Trenchcoat (Voodoo)."
      --Walter Murphy - "A Fifth of Beethoven."
      --Jim Stafford - "Turn Loose of My Leg."
      --KC & The Sunshine Band - "Shake Your Booty."
      --ABBA - "Dancing Queen."
      --George Carlin (stand-up comedy)
      --Jimmie Walker (stand-up comedy)
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - sketch: Spaghetti Western parody with Clint Eastwood imitation.

    • May 7, 1977: The Crusaders / Ozark Mountain Daredevils / Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes / Johnny Dark / Al Alan Peterson

      --Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "Homemade Wine," "Noah," "You Know Like I Know," "Jackie Blue," "The Red Plum," "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" and "Beauty In The River."
      --The Crusaders (with guitarist Larry Carlton) - "Feel It" and "Keep That Same Old Feeling."
      --Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - "This Time It's For Real," "Having A Party" and "The Fever."
      --Bryan Ferry (music videos) - "The Price of Love" and "Let's Stick Together."
      --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - stuffs candy in his mouth while singing "I Want Candy."
      --Johnny Dark (comedian) - sketches: imitates Peter Falk as "Colombo"; plays a back alley gun dealer; and portrays an alleyway crook.

    • April 30, 1977: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Kip Addotta / Al Alan Peterson / Steve Howe (videos) / Chris Squire (videos)

      --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Bayou Jubilee," "Honky Tonkin'," "Jaded Lover," "Jamaica Lady" and three other songs.
      --Chris Squire (music videos) - "Hold Out Your Hand" and "You By My Side."
      --Steve Howe (music videos) - "Ram," "Beginnings" and "Break Away From It All."
      --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - colors himself with crayons while singing "My Coloring Book."
      --Kip Addotta (stand-up comedian) - appears in two segments during program.
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Gay politician; (2) Eye doctor; (3) Burning Monk; (4) Suicide skit; and (5) Flasher in park.

    • April 23, 1977: Melissa Manchester / Grover Washington Jr. / James Aleck

      --Melissa Manchester - "Monkey See, Monkey Do," "Dirty Work," "Headlines," "Be Somebody" and "Sing, Sing, Sing."
      --Grover Washington Jr. - "It Feels So Good" and two other songs.
      --Jimmy Aleck (stand-up comedian)
      --L.A. Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) "Brain Washing" (2) "The Count," a Vampire spoof; (3) "The Mortician"; (4) "Lookin' For Ladies" (Two losers try to pick up women at bus stop.)

    • April 16, 1977: Brass Construction / Faith, Hope & Charity / Van McCoy / Johnny Dark / Al Alan Peterson

      --Van McCoy - "Night Walk," "African Symphony" and a medley of hits ("Party," "Get Dancin'," "Disco Baby" and "Turn This Mother Out").
      --Brass Construction - "Changin'," "Get To The Point (Summation)," "Shakit" and "Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)."
      --Faith, Hope & Charity - "Life Goes On" and "To Each His Own."
      --Van McCoy with Faith, Hope And Charity - "Soul Cha Cha" and "The Hustle."
      --Queen (music videos) - "Sweet Lady" (live concert footage) and "Somebody To Love."
      --Johnny Dark (comedian) - imitates Ted Baxter (Ted Knight's character on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show").
      --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - sings a medley of "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'," "You Always Hurt The One You Love," "Hair," "Little Things Mean A Lot," "Goldfinger," "Goin' Out of My Head," "Easter Parade," "Goin' Out of My Head," "My Funny Valentine," "MacArthur Park" and "The Game."

    • April 9, 1977: The Average White Band / Ray Barretto / David Soul / Tom Dreesen

      --Average White Band - "Person To Person," "I'm The One," "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" and "Work To Do."
      --David Soul - "Don't Give Up On Us."
      --Ray Barretto - "Vaya," "Slo Flo" and "Cocinando."
      --Tom Dreesen (stand-up comedian)
      --The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Vampire in blood bank; (2) "Side Show" pantomime; (3) "Back Stage" pantomime about ventriloquist dummy; (4) "Faith Healer" pantomime; and (5) Worker on strike.

    • October 23, 1976: Mother's Finest / Starz / Billy Crystal / Led Zeppelin (on film)

      --Mother's Finest - "Fly with Me (Feel The Love)," "Rain" and "Fire."
      --Starz - "(She's Just A) Fallen Angel," "Pull The Plug" and "Monkey Business."
      --On film: Led Zeppelin (performances from the movie "The Song Remains The Same") - "Rock and Roll," "Black Dog" and "Dazed And Confused."
      --Led Zeppelin (music videos) - "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)" and "Misty Mountain Hop."
      --Billy Crystal (stand-up comedian)
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in 6 sketches.

    • October 9, 1976: The Commodores / Cliff Richard (video) / Jim Stafford / The Sylvers

      --The Commodores - "Fancy Dancer," "Come Inside," "High On Sunshine," "Let's Get Started" and "Fancy Dancer."
      --Cliff Richard (music video) - "Devil Woman."
      --Jim Stafford - "Wildwood Weed," "Turn Loose Of My Leg" and "Spiders and Snakes."
      --The Sylvers - "Boogie Fever," "Ain't Nothin' But A Party," "It's Alright," "Feelings" and "Cotton Candy."
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars)

    • October 2, 1976: Carol Douglas / Silver Convention (on tape) / The Manhattans / John Travolta / Jimmie Walker

      --Carol Douglas - "Doctor's Orders," "Midnight Love Affair" and "In The Morning."
      --Silver Convention (clips from European "Disco" series) - "Get Up and Boogie" and "Fly, Robin, Fly."
      --The Manhattans - "Kiss and Say Goodbye," "How Can Anything So Good Be So Bad For You?" and "There's No Me without You."
      --John Travolta - "Let Her In."
      --Jimmie Walker (comedian) - stand-up routine taped at L.A. Comedy Store.
      --The New Untouchables (a.k.a. Silber, Alto, Mantia) (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in comedy sketches.
      --Don Kirshner interviews Bob Reno of Midland International Records.
      --Don Kirshner interviews John Travolta.

    • January 16, 1976: ABBA, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Esther Phillips, Gary Wright

      --ABBA - "SOS," "Hey Hey Helen," "Waterloo," "Rock Me" and "Mamma Mia."
      --The Atlanta Rhythm Section - "Dog Days," "Silent Treatment" and "Another Man's Woman."
      --Esther Phillips - "One Night Affair," "I Can Stand A Little Rain" and "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes."
      --Gary Wright - "Blind Feeling," "Dream Weaver," "Love Is Alive" and "Are You Weepin'?"

    • January 9, 1976: Jimmy Cliff / Joe Walsh & Friends

      --Joe Walsh - "Meadows," "Walk Away," "Mother Says," "Welcome To The Club," "Turn To Stone," "Rocky Mountain Way," "Get Back" and "Gimme Some Lovin'."
      --Joe Walsh & The Eagles - "Help Me Thru The Night."
      --Jimmy Cliff - "Fundamental Reggay," "I'm Gonna Live, I'm Gonna Love," "Remake The World" and "The Harder They Come."

    • December 19, 1975: Harry Chapin / Tom Chapin / Loudon Wainwright III

      Music includes:
      Harry Chapin - "Dreams Go By," "Cat's in the Cradle" and "A Better Place to Be."
      Loudon Wainwright III - "Plane, Too" and "Down Drinking at the Bar."

    • December 12, 1975: David Essex, Kansas, Millie Jackson

      --David Essex - "All The Fun of The Fair," "Rock On," "Good Old Rock And Roll," "Here It Comes Again" and "All The Fun of The Fair" (reprise).
      --Kansas - "Down The Road," "Mysteries And Mayhem," "The Pinnacle" and "Icarus - Borne On The Wings of Steel."
      --Millie Jackson - "Leftovers," "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right" and "Loving Arms."

    • December 5, 1975: Hoyt Axton / Melissa Manchester / New Riders of The Purple Sage

      --Melissa Manchester - "Just Too Many People," "Happy Endings," "Just You And I" and "Love Havin' You Around."
      --New Riders of The Purple Sage - "Strangers On A Train," "Up Against The Wall, Redneck," "Take A Letter, Maria," "La Bamba," "I Heard You Been Layin' My Old Lady" and "Mighty Time."
      --Hoyt Axton - "Where Did The Money Go," "Lion In The Winter," "Telephone Booth," "Beyond These Walls" and "Sweet Misery."

    • November 28, 1975: Janis Ian, Chuck Mangione Quartet, Pure Prairie League

      --Janis Ian - "When The Party's Over," "At Seventeen," "Water Colors," "In The Winter" and "Stars."
      --Pure Prairie League - "Two Lane Highway," "Pickin' To Beat the Devil," "Kansas City Southern," "Harvest," "Aren't You Mine?" and "Just Can't Believe It."
      --Chuck Mangione Quartet - "Land of Make Believe" and two other songs.

    • November 14, 1975: Graham Central Station, Emmylou Harris, Steppenwolf

      --Steppenwolf - "Mr. Penny Pincher," "Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)," "Just For Tonight," "Someone Told A Lie," "Hard Rock Road" and "Another's Lifetime."
      --Graham Central Station - "We've Been Waiting," "It's Alright," "Release Yourself," "Your Love" and "The Jam."
      --Emmylou Harris - "Bluebird Wine," "Wheels," "If I Could Only Win Your Love," "Amarillo," "Too Far Gone" and "Jambalaya."

    • November 7, 1975: Herbie Hancock, Labelle

      --Herbie Hancock - "Hang Up Your Hang Ups," "Bubbles" and one more song.
      --Labelle (Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx, Sarah Dash) - "Nightbird," "Black Holes In The Sky," "Good Intentions," "Lady Marmalade," "What Can I Do For You?" "Slow Burn," "(Can I Speak To You Before You Go To) Hollywood?" and "Messin' with My Mind."

    • October 31, 1975: The Captain & Tennille / Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen / Tavares / Sparks (video)

      --The Captain & Tennille - "Love Will Keep Us Together," "Mind Your Love," "The Way I Want To Touch You," "1954 Boogie Blues," "Gentle Stranger" and "Good Songs."
      --Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - "Armenian Folk Dance" (correct title?), "It's Gonna Be One of Those Nights," "The Shadow Knows" (with backing vocals by Nicolette Larson), "Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar," "Paid In Advance" and "Too Much Fun."
      --Tavares - "Free Ride," "Too Late," "She's Gone" and "It Only Takes A Minute."
      --Sparks (music video) - "Get In The Swing."

    • January 23, 1976: Flying Burrito Brothers / Sparks / The Staple Singers

      --The Staple Singers - "Funky Love," "Respect Yourself," "Let's Do It Again" and "I'll Take You There."
      --Sparks - "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us," "Without Using Hands," "Hospitality On Parade," "How Are You Getting Home?" and "In The Future" and "Looks, Looks, Looks."
      --Flying Burrito Brothers - "Dim Light, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)," "Bon Soir Blues," "Diggy Liggy Li," "Hot Burrito No. 2" and "Six Days On The Road."

    • January 30, 1976: Gloria Gaynor Revue, Jimmie Spheeris, Leslie West

      --Gloria Gaynor Revue - "Casanova Brown," "(If You Want It) Do It Yourself," "How High The Moon," "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Reach Out, I'll Be There."
      --Big Al Downing (of The Gloria Gaynor Revue) - "I Love To Love."
      --Gloria Gaynor Revue (female back-up singer) - "Smile (Though Your Heart Is Aching)."
      --Leslie West (of the rock group Mountain) - "Down by the River," "House Of The Rising Sun" and "Mississippi Queen" (featuring drum solo by Carmine Appice).
      --Jimmie Spheeris - "Sunken Skies," "Dragon Is Dancing," "Since I Fell For You" and "I Am The Mercury."

    • February 6, 1976: People's Choice / The Sensational Alex Harvey Band / Grover Washington Jr.

      --Grover Washington Jr. - "Mister Magic" and "In a Sentimental Mood."
      --Grover Washington Jr. & Darryl Washington - instrumental song/title unknown.
      --The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - "Delilah," "Hot City Symphony - Pt. 1 - Vambo" and "The Hot City Symphony - Pt. 2 - Man in the Jar."
      --People's Choice - "Party Is A Groovy Thing," "Nursery Rhymes (Part I)" and "Do It Any Way You Wanna."

    • September 25, 1976: George Benson / George Carlin / Poco

      --George Benson - "This Masquerade," "Breezin'," "Six to Four" and "So This is Love?"
      --Poco - "Sagebrush Serenade," "Starin' At The Sky," "Keep On Tryin'," "Hoe Down" and "Rose Of Cimarron."
      --George Carlin (stand-up comedian)
      --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - comedy sketches.

    • September 18, 1976: Maxine Nightingale / Richard Lewis / Elton John & Kiki Dee (video) / Rod Stewart (videos)

      --Maxine Nightingale - "Right Back Where We Started From" "Gotta Be The One," 3rd song (title unknown), "In Love We Grow," "If I Ever Lose This Heaven," and "(I Think I Wanna) Possess You."
      --Rod Stewart (music videos) - "First Cut Is The Deepest" "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)" and "The Wild Side of Life."
      --Elton John & Kiki Dee (music video) - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."
      --Richard Lewis (stand-up comedian)
      --Silber, Alto & Mantia (comedy trio, aka The New Untouchables) - perform a Robin Hood sketch.
      --Gary Mule Deer - appears in four comedy segments.
      --Gary Mule Deer also appears in three "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles instead of actual plot lines): "Greatest Story Ever Told" (Parts I & II); "Advise And Consent."

    • March 26, 1976: Highlights from the 1975-76 Season

      Special episode featuring highlights from the 1975-76 season.
      Performances by Chuck Berry, Black Sabbath, Captain & Tennille, Janis Ian, LaBelle, Barry Manilow, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Sha Na Na, and the Ike & Tina Turner Revue.
      Music videos by Bad Company and Roger Daltrey.

    • March 19, 1976: Gladys Knight & The Pips / The Undisputed Truth / The Crusaders / Doug Kershaw & Slidin' Jake

      --The Undisputed Truth - "Smiling Faces Sometimes" and "UFO's."
      --Gladys Knight & The Pips - "I've Got To Use My Imagination," "Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me," "On And On," "Midnight Train To Georgia," "Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)" and "I Heard It Through The Grapevine."
      --Doug Kershaw - "Mama's Got The Know How."
      --Slidin' Jake & Doug Kershaw - "Orange Blossom Special" and "Louisiana Man."
      --The Crusaders perform two jazz instrumental songs.
      On tape: Vintage performances by The Doors, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding (from the 1967 WPIX TV special "Murray The K In New York").

    • March 12, 1976: Coke & Vida / Lisa Hartman / C.W. McCall / Ike & Tina Turner Revue / Queen (music video)

      --Ike & Tina Turner Revue - "Oh My My," "Sexy Ida," "Baby, Get It On," "Only Women Bleed" and "I Want To Take You Higher."
      --Lisa Hartman - "He Ain't You," "Room Without A Door," "Somebody Been Lovin' Her," "Pickin' Up The Pieces" and "Kentucky Rainbows."
      --C.W. McCall - "Convoy," "Green River" and "Classified."
      --Coke & Vida - "Everything's Coming Our Way" and two other songs.
      --Queen (music video) - "Bohemian Rhapsody."

    • March 5, 1976: Andrew Gold / Sha Na Na / Betty Wright

      --Andrew Gold - "Heartaches In Heartaches," "That's Why I Love You," "Endless Flight" and "Go Back Home Again."
      --Betty Wright - "Open The Door To Your Heart," "Love Train" and "Everybody Was Rockin'."
      --Betty Wright - medley of other artists' hits: "Clean Up Woman," "Pillow Talk," "Yes I'm Ready," "I've Never Found A Man (To Love Me Like You Do)," "Me And Mrs. Jones," "Sunshine," "Let's Get Married" and "Where Is The Love (You Promised Me)?"
      --Sha Na Na - "Tears On My Pillow," "Tell Laura I Love Her," "Rockin' Robin," "Jailhouse Rock" and "Blue Moon."
      --Sha Na Na - medley of "Tequila," "Leader of The Pack" and "I Will Follow Him" (followed by a rumble dance).
      --Sha Na Na - medley: "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay," "Hound Dog," "Great Balls of Fire," "Sherry," "Surfin' USA," "My Girl," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Dance To The Music," "Pinball Wizard," "Crocodile Rock," "Little Darlin'" and "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay."
      --Sha Na Na - "Goodnight Sweetheart."

    • February 27, 1976: The Hudson Brothers / Rufus featuring Chaka Khan / Tom Snow

      --Chaka Khan & Rufus - "Once You Get Started," "You Got The Love," "I'm A Woman," "Sweet Thing" and "Have A Good Time."
      --The Hudson Brothers - "Apple Pie Hero," "Ma Ma Ma Baby," 3rd song (title unknown), "Hard On Me," 4th song (title unknown), and "Smooth Talker."
      --Tom Snow - "You," "Get Up And Live It" "Taking It All In Stride" and "Street Noise."
      --Roger Glover (music video) - "Love Is All" (animated scene from the movie "The Butterfly Ball").

    • February 20, 1976: Ramsey Lewis / Johnny Rodriguez / 10cc (videos)

      --Ramsey Lewis - "What's The Name Of This Funk (Spider Man)?" "That's The Way of The World," "Don't It Feel Good?" "Juaacklyn" and "Sun Goddess."
      --Johnny Rodriguez - "Love Put A Song In My Heart," "I Really Don't Want To Know," "Pass Me By," "Something," "That's The Way Love Goes," "Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico," "I Couldn't Be Me Without You" and "I Can't Stop Loving You."
      --10cc (music videos) - "Art For Art's Sake," "I'm Not In Love," "Don't Hang Up" and "Head Room."

    • February 13, 1976: Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart / Rory Gallagher / The Ohio Players

      --Rory Gallagher - "Let Me In," "I Take What I Want," "Ain't Too Good" and "Souped Up Ford."
      --The Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster," "Fire," "Sweet Sticky Thing" and "Honey."

      Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart segments:
      --Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart - "Last Train to Clarksville."
      --Davy Jones sings "I Wanna Be Free."
      --Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart - "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight."
      --Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart - "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone."
      --Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart - "I'm a Believer" and "I Remember The Feeling."

    • Ronnie Milsap / Loverboy / Genesis / Def Leppard / Alto & Mantia / The Rolling Stones (video)

      Performances and videos by Ronnie Milsap, Loverboy, Genesis, Def Leppard and The Rolling Stones ("Waiting on a Friend").
      Comedy by Alto & Mantia.

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