Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

(ended 1982)





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  • Great show...featured a lot of great \\\\\\\'70s artists LIVE! unlike American Bandstand, or TOTP! Along with Midnight Special, this show is the definitive U.S. music concert show. Featuring artists varying from Abba to Yes.

    This was the greatest late night rock show of the 70s. I just can\\\\\\\'t understand why this series has not been released on DVD.It showcased the best names in rock of the day.I remember when i was a kid i always tried to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch rock concert.Kirshner was the coolest announcing the bands before their performance. The show not only had the popular bands but also the underground groups as well. This made it very original a appealed to a wider audience.Again i am baffled why this is not available to the public.You will never see it on any TV station today.Although VH1 did air some back in 1996.Only problem was they butchered the shows and it was a tease but at the same time it was good to see a sneak peak of it after all those years. This Show Rocked!!!
  • BRING IT BACK! (Or at least back on dvd!) Recently, Don Kirchner's rock concert was purchased by a company called Historic Films Inc.I hope enough people petition to bring this out on DVD an make it a reality!

    Don Kirchner's rock concert! I remember this show as a teen in the early and mid seventies. Some of the greatest rock bands of all time were presented here, live without lip synch. What you saw was real rock as you would have if you had gone to a concert (but better, you did'nt have to leave home and it cost a lot less)One of the best episodes in the series featured Black Sabbath, Mahogany Rush and another band that I can't remember. This episode aired in 1975. There were many other bands too and it was all a lot of fun.I hope the information that I leave here will someday bring this epic concert series to a DVD set near you! (Don Kirchner's Rock Concert was recently purchased by a company called Historic Films Inc.Lets encourage them to bring out the complete series on dvd!)