Don Kirshner's Rock Concert - Season 4

(ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • May 28, 1977: Dorothy Moore / Angel / KISS (music videos) / Judy Carter / The Graduates

    --KISS (music videos) - "I Want You," Hard Luck Woman" and "Love 'Em & Leave 'Em."
    --Dorothy Moore (performing live) - "Misty Blue," "Enough Woman Left (To Be Your Lady)," "Dark End of The Street," "Only Time You Ever Say You Love Me" and "Too Much Love."
    --Alice Cooper (music video) - "You and Me."
    --Burton Cummings (music video) - "I'm Scared."
    --Angel (music video?) - "That Magic Touch."
    --Judy Carter (comedy magician)
    --The Graduates (comedy team of Jim Fisher, Jim Stahl, Tino Insana)
    --The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars).

  • May 21, 1977: The Babys / Bay City Rollers / Chubby Checker / Al Stewart / Rick Podell

    Music includes:
    --Al Stewart (performing live) - "On The Border," "Year of The Cat" and "Roads To Moscow."
    --Chubby Checker - "Pony Time," "Peppermint Twist" and "The Rub."
    --Bay City Rollers - "Yesterday's Hero."
    --Blondie (music video) - "X Offender" (and possibly "In The Sun" and "In the Flesh").
    --Queen (probably a music video).
    Rick Podell (comedian)
    The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars)

  • May 14, 1977: Fourth Anniversary Show

    Fourth Anniversary Show (1976-77 season highlights)
    --Rod Stewart (music video) - "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)."
    --KISS - "I Want You."
    --Elton John & Kiki Dee (music video) - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."
    --George Benson - "Breezin'
    --John Travolta - interview and "Let Her In."
    --Led Zeppelin (on film) - "Rock And Roll" and "Black Dog."
    --Natalie Cole - "Keep Smiling."
    --Average White Band - "Person To Person
    --LaBelle - "Man In A Trenchcoat (Voodoo)."
    --Walter Murphy - "A Fifth of Beethoven."
    --Jim Stafford - "Turn Loose of My Leg."
    --KC & The Sunshine Band - "Shake Your Booty."
    --ABBA - "Dancing Queen."
    --George Carlin (stand-up comedy)
    --Jimmie Walker (stand-up comedy)
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - sketch: Spaghetti Western parody with Clint Eastwood imitation.

  • May 7, 1977: The Crusaders / Ozark Mountain Daredevils / Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes / Johnny Dark / Al Alan Peterson

    --Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "Homemade Wine," "Noah," "You Know Like I Know," "Jackie Blue," "The Red Plum," "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" and "Beauty In The River."
    --The Crusaders (with guitarist Larry Carlton) - "Feel It" and "Keep That Same Old Feeling."
    --Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - "This Time It's For Real," "Having A Party" and "The Fever."
    --Bryan Ferry (music videos) - "The Price of Love" and "Let's Stick Together."
    --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - stuffs candy in his mouth while singing "I Want Candy."
    --Johnny Dark (comedian) - sketches: imitates Peter Falk as "Colombo"; plays a back alley gun dealer; and portrays an alleyway crook.

  • April 30, 1977: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Kip Addotta / Al Alan Peterson / Steve Howe (videos) / Chris Squire (videos)

    --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Bayou Jubilee," "Honky Tonkin'," "Jaded Lover," "Jamaica Lady" and three other songs.
    --Chris Squire (music videos) - "Hold Out Your Hand" and "You By My Side."
    --Steve Howe (music videos) - "Ram," "Beginnings" and "Break Away From It All."
    --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - colors himself with crayons while singing "My Coloring Book."
    --Kip Addotta (stand-up comedian) - appears in two segments during program.
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Gay politician; (2) Eye doctor; (3) Burning Monk; (4) Suicide skit; and (5) Flasher in park.

  • April 23, 1977: Melissa Manchester / Grover Washington Jr. / James Aleck

    --Melissa Manchester - "Monkey See, Monkey Do," "Dirty Work," "Headlines," "Be Somebody" and "Sing, Sing, Sing."
    --Grover Washington Jr. - "It Feels So Good" and two other songs.
    --Jimmy Aleck (stand-up comedian)
    --L.A. Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) "Brain Washing" (2) "The Count," a Vampire spoof; (3) "The Mortician"; (4) "Lookin' For Ladies" (Two losers try to pick up women at bus stop.)

  • April 16, 1977: Brass Construction / Faith, Hope & Charity / Van McCoy / Johnny Dark / Al Alan Peterson

    --Van McCoy - "Night Walk," "African Symphony" and a medley of hits ("Party," "Get Dancin'," "Disco Baby" and "Turn This Mother Out").
    --Brass Construction - "Changin'," "Get To The Point (Summation)," "Shakit" and "Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)."
    --Faith, Hope & Charity - "Life Goes On" and "To Each His Own."
    --Van McCoy with Faith, Hope And Charity - "Soul Cha Cha" and "The Hustle."
    --Queen (music videos) - "Sweet Lady" (live concert footage) and "Somebody To Love."
    --Johnny Dark (comedian) - imitates Ted Baxter (Ted Knight's character on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show").
    --Al Alan Peterson (musical comedian) - sings a medley of "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'," "You Always Hurt The One You Love," "Hair," "Little Things Mean A Lot," "Goldfinger," "Goin' Out of My Head," "Easter Parade," "Goin' Out of My Head," "My Funny Valentine," "MacArthur Park" and "The Game."

  • April 9, 1977: The Average White Band / Ray Barretto / David Soul / Tom Dreesen

    --Average White Band - "Person To Person," "I'm The One," "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" and "Work To Do."
    --David Soul - "Don't Give Up On Us."
    --Ray Barretto - "Vaya," "Slo Flo" and "Cocinando."
    --Tom Dreesen (stand-up comedian)
    --The Mime Company (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Vampire in blood bank; (2) "Side Show" pantomime; (3) "Back Stage" pantomime about ventriloquist dummy; (4) "Faith Healer" pantomime; and (5) Worker on strike.

  • February 26, 1977: The Staple Singers / Donna Summer / The Group with No Name / Tim Thomerson / Samuels and Cohen

    --The Staple Singers - "Pass It On," "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" (featuring Mavis Staples), "The Real Thing Inside of Me" and "I'll Take You There."
    --Donna Summer - "Come with Me," "Could It Be Magic?" "The Man I Love," "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)" and "Some of These Days."
    --The Group with No Name - "Baby Love (How Could You Leave Me)?" "You Mean That Much To Me" and "It's A Wonder" (or "A Wonder What A Woman In Love Will Do").
    --Tim Thomerson (stand-up comedian)
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - sketches: (1) Radio News report; (2) Rock Concert Mini-Movie: "The Curse of Frankenstein."
    --Samuels & Cohen (comedy duo of Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen) - do four sketches: (1) Marlboro Man ad; (2) Horror movies; (3) Mud slinging politicians; and (4) a preacher routine.

  • February 19, 1977: K.C. and The Sunshine Band / D.J. Rogers / Billy Braver

    --KC & The Sunshine Band - "Shake Your Booty," "I Get Lifted," "That's The Way I Like It," "Baby I Love You (Yes, I Do)" and "Get Down Tonight."
    --D.J. Rogers - "(It's Alright Now) Think I'll Make It Anyhow," "On The Road Again" and "Say You Love Me."
    --Billy Braver (stand-up comedian) - "Sad Sack" comedy routine.
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - sketches: (1) Man wearing Groucho Marx glasses & mustache at funeral; (2) Man in bus station waiting room being abused by fellow passengers; (3) Julia Child mountain climbing demonstration; (4) Priest confessional on CB radio; (4) & (5) Custodian in recording studio.

  • February 12, 1977: L.A. Jets / Tavares / Shields and Yarnell

    --Tavares - "Don't Take Away The Music," "Love I Never Had," "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" and "It Only Takes A Minute."
    --L.A. Jets - "Prisoner (Captured By Your Eyes)," "I'll Get Along Somehow" and two more songs.
    Also appearing:
    --Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell (mimes).
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - sketches: (1) plays "Tequila" on Kazoo; (2) does a bit based on the song "Tell Laura I Love Her"; and (3) Sports Update.
    --Gary Mule Deer also appears in four "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches: (1) "Bride of Frankenstein"; (2) "Walk On The Wild Side" (with Walter Dunlop); (3) "Once Is Not Enough" and (4) "Chinatown."

  • February 5, 1977: Be-Bop Deluxe / Natalie Cole / David Letterman / Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen

    --Natalie Cole - "Keep Smiling," "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)," "I Can't Say No," "Something's Got A Hold On Me," "Sophisticated Lady," "No Plans For The Future" and "Your Face Stays In My Mind."
    --Be Bop Deluxe - "Bring Back The Spark," "Twilight Capers," "Dancing In The Moonlight" and "Modern Music."
    --On film: Scenes from "All This And World War II," a documentary with WWII footage set to Beatles' songs performed by various musicians.
    --David Letterman (stand-up comedian)
    --Samuels and Cohen (comedy team of Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen) - David Bowie funeral sketch.
    --Gary Mule Deer - Rock Concert Mini Movie: "Born Free."
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe) - A Frenchman creates art with food.

  • December 18, 1976: Wild Cherry / Al Wilson / Ed Bluestone / Victor Dunlop Jr. / Gary Mule Deer

    --Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music," "I Feel Sanctified," "Nowhere To Run," "What In The Funk Do You See" and an instrumental jam session.
    --Al Wilson - "La La Peace Song," "I've Got A Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again)," "Show And Tell," "The Snake," "Passport" and "You Did It For Me."
    --Ed Bluestone (stand-up comedian).
    --Victor Dunlop Jr. plays Frankenstein's barber in "The Pride of Frankenstein" sketch.
    --Gary Mule Deer - 5-part stand-up comedy with guitar, sings "Folsom Prison Blues," "Peggy Sue," "Ballad of A Teenage Queen" and "Muleskinner Blues."

  • December 11, 1976: ABBA / The Ohio Players / Mike Preminger

    --ABBA - "Waterloo," "S.O.S.," "Rock Me," "Dancing Queen," "Fernando" and "Mamma Mia."
    --Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster," "Who'd She Coo" and "Fire."
    --Mike Preminger (stand-up comedian)
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Mad scientist & hunchback; (2) Homeless man panhandling; (3) Spoof of Toyota commercial; (4) Unemployment office applicants; (5) Office; (6) Barbershop; (7) Jogging.

  • December 4, 1976: LaBelle / Samuels and Cohen / Rock Music Awards footage

    --LaBelle performs "Come Into My Life" "Get You Somebody New" "Are You Lonely" "Going Down Makes Me Shiver" "Lady Marmalade" "Get You Somebody New" "A Man In A Trenchcoat (Voodoo)" "Chameleon" and "Gypsy Moths."
    --Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen (comedy team) - sketches: (1) Gerald Ford as a Disney Auto-Animatronic President; (2) Interview with a miracle drug doctor.
    --The Three Untouchables (comedy troupe) - do a parody of 1930s Warner Brothers crime movies.
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - appears in three comedy sketches.
    On film:
    --The Second Annual Rock Music Awards. Behind the scenes footage of Jeff Beck, Mackenzie Phillips & Valerie Bertinelli, Bernie Taupin, Rosey Grier, Captain and Tennille (interview), Linda Blair (interview), Gary Wright (interview), Fleetwood Mac, Tommy Mottola, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland, Keith Moon, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Sly Stone, Brian Wilson and Dr. Eugene Landy. Keith Moon sings with Alice Cooper and Mickey Dolenz. Tatum O'Neal is interviewed.

  • November 27, 1976: England Dan & John Ford Coley / Herbie Hancock & Wah-Wah Watson / George Miller

    --John Ford Coley & England Dan - "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight," "Long Way Home," "Showboat Gambler," "Nights Are Forever Without You," "What I'm Doing," "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" and "There'll Never Be Another For Me."
    --Herbie Hancock and Wah-Wah Watson perform "Hang Up Your Hang Ups," "Doin' It," and one more song.
    --George Miller (stand-up comedian)
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in seven sketches during show.

  • November 20, 1976: Harry Chapin and his brothers Tom and Steve Chapin

    --Harry Chapin - "If My Mary Were Here," "Corey's Coming," "Mayor of Candor Lied," "Bluesman" and "Taxi."
    --Tom Chapin - "Jenny, Jenny," "Moments," "Hey Mama," "Take Me Home" and "Southern Line."
    --Steve Chapin - "Let Time Go Lightly."
    --The Three Untouchables (comedy trio) - sketches: (1) Courtroom Skit; (2) Soap Opera parody.
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - does a "Jaws" spoof and four radio news parodies.

  • November 13, 1976: Chuck Mangione & Esther Satterfield / Jay Leno

    Music includes:
    --Chuck Mangione - "Bellavia," "Listen to the Wind," "New Moon" and "Hill Where the Lord Hides."
    --Esther Satterfield & Chuck Mangione - "Need To Be," "Chase The Clouds Away" and "Land of Make Believe."
    --Jay Leno (stand-up comedian)
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - plays old comedian reminiscing about his career in show business.
    --The Three Untouchables (comedy trio) - sketches: (1) Trio sings "Danny Boy" while engaging in fake slow-motion fist fight; (2) imitate "The Harmonica Rascals", (3) "I Hate The CIA" lounge tune.

  • November 6, 1976: Vicki Sue Robinson / Candi Staton / Andrea True Connection / Elaine Boosler

    --Vicki Sue Robinson - "Turn The Beat Around," "Half And Half," "Daylight" and "Can't Find No Love."
    --Candi Staton - "Young Hearts Run Free," "You Bet Your Sweet Sweet Love" and a medley (Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man"/Sly Stone's "It's Alright" and "Higher").
    --Andrea True Connection - "More, More, More" "Party Line" and "Fill Me Up (Heart To Heart)."
    --Elayne Boosler (stand-up comedy routine)
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian, series regular) - appears in sketches throughout show including a cowboy story, Burger King parody, and a history lesson.
    --Gary Mule Deer also appears in three "Rock Concert Mini Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles than on actual plot line): "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" and "The Long Goodbye."

  • October 30, 1976: Dr. Hook / Lou Rawls / Jim Samuels and Marty Cohen

    --Lou Rawls - "Groovy People" "A Natural Man" "Pure Imagination" "From Now On" "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" and "Dead End Street."
    --Dr. Hook - "A Little Bit More," "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms," "The Yodel Song" (featuring Ray Sawyer), "Only Sixteen" and a medley ("Earth Angel" "Devil Or Angel," "A Thousand Miles Away" and "What's Your Name?").
    --Samuels And Cohen (comedy team) - do three comedy bits.
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - sketches: (1) Opera spoof; (2) Ten Commandments sketch; (3) Doctor's waiting room; (4) Giant Monster-King Kong; (5) Massage Parlor bit; (6) Timex Watch commercial; (7) Palmolive commercial parody.

  • October 23, 1976: Mother's Finest / Starz / Billy Crystal / Led Zeppelin (on film)

    --Mother's Finest - "Fly with Me (Feel The Love)," "Rain" and "Fire."
    --Starz - "(She's Just A) Fallen Angel," "Pull The Plug" and "Monkey Business."
    --On film: Led Zeppelin (performances from the movie "The Song Remains The Same") - "Rock and Roll," "Black Dog" and "Dazed And Confused."
    --Led Zeppelin (music videos) - "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)" and "Misty Mountain Hop."
    --Billy Crystal (stand-up comedian)
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in 6 sketches.

  • October 16, 1976: Starbuck / Walter Murphy Band / Franklyn Ajaye / Gary Mule Deer / Frankie Valli (video)

    --Starbuck - "Moonlight Feels Right," "I Got To Know," "Rock 'N Roll Rocket," "Lucky Man" and "Holy Smoke."
    --Walter Murphy - "A Fifth of Beethoven," "Nightfall," "Flight of The Bumblebee" and "Moonlight Serenade."
    --Frankie Valli (music video) - "Swearin' To God."
    --Franklyn Ajaye (stand-up comedian).
    --Gary Mule Deer (comedian) - does a Bicentennial comedy moment and a 6-part "Radio News" sketch.
    --Gary Mule Deer also appears in five "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles than on actual plot line): "Where's Poppa?" "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" "Wait Until Dark" "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "Where's Poppa?"

  • October 9, 1976: The Commodores / Cliff Richard (video) / Jim Stafford / The Sylvers

    --The Commodores - "Fancy Dancer," "Come Inside," "High On Sunshine," "Let's Get Started" and "Fancy Dancer."
    --Cliff Richard (music video) - "Devil Woman."
    --Jim Stafford - "Wildwood Weed," "Turn Loose Of My Leg" and "Spiders and Snakes."
    --The Sylvers - "Boogie Fever," "Ain't Nothin' But A Party," "It's Alright," "Feelings" and "Cotton Candy."
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars)

  • October 2, 1976: Carol Douglas / Silver Convention (on tape) / The Manhattans / John Travolta / Jimmie Walker

    --Carol Douglas - "Doctor's Orders," "Midnight Love Affair" and "In The Morning."
    --Silver Convention (clips from European "Disco" series) - "Get Up and Boogie" and "Fly, Robin, Fly."
    --The Manhattans - "Kiss and Say Goodbye," "How Can Anything So Good Be So Bad For You?" and "There's No Me without You."
    --John Travolta - "Let Her In."
    --Jimmie Walker (comedian) - stand-up routine taped at L.A. Comedy Store.
    --The New Untouchables (a.k.a. Silber, Alto, Mantia) (comedy troupe, series regulars) - appear in comedy sketches.
    --Don Kirshner interviews Bob Reno of Midland International Records.
    --Don Kirshner interviews John Travolta.

  • September 25, 1976: George Benson / George Carlin / Poco

    --George Benson - "This Masquerade," "Breezin'," "Six to Four" and "So This is Love?"
    --Poco - "Sagebrush Serenade," "Starin' At The Sky," "Keep On Tryin'," "Hoe Down" and "Rose Of Cimarron."
    --George Carlin (stand-up comedian)
    --Natural Gas (comedy troupe, series regulars) - comedy sketches.

  • September 18, 1976: Maxine Nightingale / Richard Lewis / Elton John & Kiki Dee (video) / Rod Stewart (videos)

    --Maxine Nightingale - "Right Back Where We Started From" "Gotta Be The One," 3rd song (title unknown), "In Love We Grow," "If I Ever Lose This Heaven," and "(I Think I Wanna) Possess You."
    --Rod Stewart (music videos) - "First Cut Is The Deepest" "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)" and "The Wild Side of Life."
    --Elton John & Kiki Dee (music video) - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."
    --Richard Lewis (stand-up comedian)
    --Silber, Alto & Mantia (comedy trio, aka The New Untouchables) - perform a Robin Hood sketch.
    --Gary Mule Deer - appears in four comedy segments.
    --Gary Mule Deer also appears in three "Rock Concert Mini-Movie" sketches (based more on movie titles instead of actual plot lines): "Greatest Story Ever Told" (Parts I & II); "Advise And Consent."