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Donkey Kong Country

TELETOON (ended 2000)


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Donkey Kong Country

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Based on a Smash-hit SNES game called: "Donkey kong Country" From Nintendo and Rare, Very deep in the jungle there is Donkey Kong, a regular ape in the jungle who found a magic coconut that gave him one wish. He wished for a lot of bananas. But they were magic bananas that gave him super powers so he could fight off the bad guys in the jungle known as Kremlings. This show features Donkey Kong, a peace-loving, hugely strong ape with a big heart but a small brain and Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's best friend who is always by Donkey Kong's side. Donkey Kong because he possesses the Crystal Coconut, a mystical sphere that can perform spells. But, in Donkey Kong country, the good guys always win out with a bit of know-how and a lot of luck. Join in the antics! There's plenty of action in this jungle! Produced By: Nelvana Limited.

Richard Yearwood

Richard Yearwood

Donkey Kong

Adrian Truss

Adrian Truss

Eddie the Mean, Old Yeti

Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Inka Dinka Doo

Joy Tanner

Joy Tanner

Candy Kong

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

Captain Skurvy/General Klump (Season 2)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Krusha (Season 2)

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  • A great cartoon!!

    This TV cartoon was completely amazing. It had computer-animation, a bunch of comedy, and clean material. I loved this show in my childhood, and i will always cherish it. I have to say this cartoon made my life complete for all of my boyhood. Being a fan for this cartoon is wonderful. I saw this show at the age of 11, and it's one fantastic show. You'll never go back again once this cartoon is on DVD and Blu-Ray. Recommend this cartoon to your kids. So, I hope this cartoon will entertain our kids in the near future. Thanks a lot.moreless
  • A Decent spin-off of the smash hit SNES game: Donkey kong country, based on the same name, With a little help of a Candanian Animation company, Nelvana. However It would be nice if they bring it back as well.moreless

    My First Ever TV show Review.

    This show is about a Ape named Donkey kong. Who found a Crystal coconut and became future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island.

    He has a Best friend known as his sidekick, Diddy Kong. Along with his other friends, Cranky Kong, Candy Kong, Dixie kong, (Which is Diddy kong's girlfriend) Funky Kong. But there's evil afoot that wants to take his hands on the crystal coconut! The Dreaded King K. Rool! Along with his kremlings such as General Klump, His general, His very Goofy Bodyguard, Krusha, and he has a whole lot more. DK protects the crystal coconut from King K. Rool to keep Kongo bongo safe and sound. So this is a decent spin-off of the video game series. So I'm gonna give shows grades like, A: Outstanding

    B: Good

    C: Okay

    D: poor

    E: Bad

    F: Terrbile

    So This show will get an A-. I will also talk about the Voice-acting, Animation, (If it's animated) Grapihcs, Dialouge, Sound, Educational value, (If it's Eductional) and Lasting Appeals, and give them grades and scores too. Here the results:

    Voice Acting: A 8.5/10.0 Great Voice-acting although it could use fine-tuning at least.

    Animation: C 6.8/10.0 Some people said about the 3-D computer animation is bad, the Animation for my Opioion is pretty Decent. Dialouge: A 8.5/10.0 They're are Funny Dialouges in some scenes and A lot of scenes are goofy at times. But Sometimes they say stupid things like Krusha Normally says.

    Grapihcs: A 7.6/10.0 The Chracthers kinda look a bit funny but the backgrounds are decent designed, They should make the grapihcs better when they bring the series back.

    Sound: B+ 7.8/10.0 Tropical Hawaiian music along with Millatry Music. It could get Abnocious watching it with People who don't like it.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.0/10.0 The series can be lots of fun to watch, so you can knock yourself out with this series.

    Overall: A- 8.2/10.0 This is a decent spin-off of the games like I said before. If you're a Nintendo fan, This will maybe be a decent show for you to watch. I am a HUGE nintendo fan of Course, so have fun watching this!moreless
  • This show is great!

    They shouldn't have taken this show off the air because it was a great show. This show was also great to learn about Donkey Kong and his family and friends and all the adventures they go on. Also the show quality was really great. Diddy was my favorite charcter on this show because he's really funny.
  • This is easily the best show ever.

    I really love this show so much. The writting is hilarious and the characters are amazing. I really do not know why people hate it. People complain how the show is not like the games. If you ask me it is the most accurate TV show based on the video game ever. So what if they changed the name? Seriously what name is better? In the games it is called "Donkey Kong Island" how original is that? But in the TV show it is called "Kongo Bongo". I really love this show and hope they bring it back because it was just wonderful :). I don't care what anyone thinks but "Donkey Kong Country" will always be my favorite show.moreless
  • I remember this

    I remember this old show its about the game Donkey Kong that gets his own CGI show this might be the 1st one i think and its about Donkey Kong and his adventures in an island base on the Donkey Kong 64 game I use to play when I was a kid but never pass it for some reason and the characters talk and Donkey kong battles bad guys and proctect some freaking powerful coconut I for got what it does i don't remember i must of been at least 10 years since i seen this the only reason I remember its becuase I was look of my childhood pictures of mean seeing thismoreless

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