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TELETOON (ended 2000)


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  • Season 2
    • Donkey Kong Country: Legend of the Crystal Coconut
      A compilation of Donkey Kong Country that's supposed to be a feature movie. From Paramount.
    • Just Kidding
      Just Kidding
      Episode 14
      It's "All Fool's Day" on the Island of Kongo Bongo and it seems Cranky is out to get everybody. Collapsing chairs, whoopie cushions, catapulting cream pies', no ape is safe from his practicle jokes. Donkey Kong, Diddy and Candy have had enough. It's time to fight fire with fire. However, the joke is still on them when they hand over the Crystal Coconut to King K. Rool…thinking he's Donkey Kong...and Krusha and Klump think Donkey Kong is King K. Rool. Confused? Seems All fools Day" is turning everyone into fools.moreless
    • It's a Wonderful Life
      Donkey Kong is having one of those days. Seem like nothing he does is right – breaking Funky's surfboard, locking up the Crystal Coconut and losing the combinations, losing Diddy's lucky autographed ball. It's all going wrong. Maybe a nap will make the bad karma go away? Unless, of course, he sleeps through the annual Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo Barbecue Banana Dinner being held in his honour! Donkey Kong begins to think that Kongo bongo would be better off without him. And that's exactly what happens when Donkey Kong wakes up from a bump on his head. No one can see or hear him! Kongo Bongo Island has gone haywire – Diddy is running an evil empire, King K. Rool is trying to protect the Papier Mache Lily Pad, AND CANDY IS MARRIED TO BLUSTER!! Something tells me that this is not a good thing.moreless
    • Best of Enemies
      Best of Enemies
      Episode 12
      What's this? Pictures of Cranky and King K. Rool, together? Laughing? Hugging? Donkey Kong and Diddy are a little confused after finding theses "happy moments" from Cranky's youth. Seems he and King K. Rool were the best of friends. Pulling pranks and running amok on the island. According to Cranky's story that all came to an end when King K. Rool cheated to win a contest. They've been sworn enemies since. Well…you know Donkey Kong and Diddy; they just can't let an opportunity to be do-gooders pass them by. They're going to get these two "best buddies" together again if it is the last thing that they do. And it just very well may be…moreless
    • 6/2/00
      What happens when you accidentally cross a balding, money-hungry, mommy's-boy monkey with a magical hair serum? You get Leo Luster, daddy-o! Leo is so cool he can put anybody in a trance, be it a mesmerized Candy or King K. Rool and his slimy henchmen. Things get a little complicated when Donkey Kong decides that he'd rather watch a baseball game on the tube than take Candy to the opening of Funky's new Bistro for a romantic dinner. Could it be that Donkey Kong is in danger of losing both his girlfriend and the Crystal Coconut in one night?moreless
    • 5/5/00
      Cranky has just put the finishing touches on a Robot to help out in Bluster's Barrel Factory and brain transfer helmets. Both inventions can be very useful…in the right hands, that is. When King K. Rool learns about the helmets he immediately sends his two henchmen out after them! By the time Klump and Krusha get to Cranky's, Donkey Kong has had a chance to "play" with these new toys and inadvertently switches his brain with that of the Robot. Now Donkey Kong can finally follow orders, but Robot-Donkey Kong is off on a banana hunt. Wait! It gets worse. While running though the forest Klump bumps into Candy sending the helmet flying through the air and landing on each other HEADS! Not noticing the change, Krusha grabs the helmets and Klump and heads for King K. Rool's lair. Oohh! Candy in Klump's body – I can't look! Now King K. Rool has to deal with a lady ape who ain't no lady.moreless
    • Follow That Coconut
      Only one day left till the annual soccer game against the lizards! Donkey Kong and Diddy begin practicing their fancy footwork, Donkey Kong mastering his "big foot kick", with a coconut they find on the beach. But this is not ordinary coconut – it's a replica of the Crystal Coconut! When the lizards see this they implement a diabolical "Switcheroo" plan that lands the real Crystal Coconut in the slimy hands of King K. Rool, making him the self proclaimed "most powerful creature alive"! Will our hero come through with the fate of Kongo Bongo Island resting in the balance? How will Donkey Kong react when he is forced to choose between the Crystal Coconut and his "little buddy"? Will Cranky remember his winning soccer play from the first Lizard vs. Apes soccer game? Eventually the Crystal Coconut returns to its rightful owner, but not without a little help from Eddie the Yeti and a good dose of "mistaken coconut identity"!moreless
    • 4/7/00
      Bluster's not so sure that Donkey Kong should automatically be the Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo and wants it put to a vote. The idol of Inka Dinka Doo thinks is a fine idea as well, and "Everyone is in the running, to make the outcome all the more stunning". And since "everyone" is in the running, King K. Rool throws his hat into the election ring. While Donkey Kong feels that he will win simply because he's the most popular, Blaster and King K. Rool start campaigning hard. Both have platforms and discuss current island issues. Everybody loves THEM! This reduces Donkey Kong to a smear campaign. Hmmm, wonder what the outcome will be?moreless
    • 3/3/00
      Bluster's constant marriage proposals get Candy wondering whether or not Donkey Kong will marry her. Not wanting to wait around for Donkey Kong to pop the question, Candy does the asking…and sends Donkey Kong into a tailspin! Could it be we've found the one thing that really frightens the future ruler of Kongo Bongo? Hoping to find a loophole", Donkey Kong and his best man, Diddy head off to visit the idol of Inca Dinka Doo. Will Donkey Kong find out what he needs to know? Will Candy marry the ape of her dreams? Or will it be Bluster's luck day? One thing's for sure, Klump and Krusha make a lovely couple and with all of these wedding day hysterics and King K. Rool on the loose, nothing is safe-especially not the Crystal Coconut!moreless
    • Monkey Seer, Monkey Do
      Cranky is excited, having completed a life sized bronzed statue, a monument of Donkey Kong the Future Ruler. He is however tired of working his opposable thumbs to the bone while all Donkey Kong seems to do is loaf around, eating bananas. Cranky decides that Donkey Kong must come up with an inscription for the statue himself…and soon! Meanwhile at Funky's place, Diddy, Donkey Kong and their trippy pal summon the Mystic Oracle of the lave lamp to read the future. Funky's gonna catch an epic wave on his surfboard, Diddy's gonna be the "smartest monkey to ever live" and Donkey Kong is gonna be "livin' lonely" all week long. Whether Donkey Kong likes it or not, the Mystic Oracle's powers he decides he needs it to help him take over Kongo Bongo Island. Chaos ensures! Luckily, King K. Rool gets what de deserves and Donkey Kong learns that the best thing he can be is "A monkey in charge of his own fate".moreless
    • Message in a Bottle Show
      While fishing with Diddy, Donkey Kong finds a bottle with a message in it. Wow! Donkey Kong has been elected as Future Ruler of All Future Rulers! As Donkey Kong says, "It was an honour to just to be nominated". Of course this means he has to leave Kongo Bongo Island. Cranky and Diddy take this opportunity to throw Donkey Kong a huge farewell banquet. All of Donkey Kong's friends turn out to bid the big guy adieu. Everyone has fond memories of Donkey Kong, though not all of them complimentary. The Lizards have a few things to say about Donkey Kong as well. Could it be they'll miss Donkey Kong just as much as everyone else?moreless
    • The Day the Island Stood Still
      It's a day like any other on the island while Donkey Kong and Diddy guard the Crystal Coconut. Diddy tries in vain to get past level three of his video game and Donkey Kong, weary from all the hard "work" settles down for a nap proclaiming that he wishes he could "sleep forever". Suddenly Kongo Bongo Island stands still! The Barrel Factory halts productions, Klump and Krusha's "fitness test" at the hands of King K. Rool seems destined to go on forever, the sun stops moving – all while the Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo snores away! Cranky, Candy, Bluster and Diddy band together trying to break the curious spell before the Crystal Coconut falls into the wrong hands. With a little help from the idol of Inka Dinka Doo and King K. Rool himself, our sleeping hero is "kissed awake" just in time to save the day!moreless
    • 1/12/00
      While cutting through the mine tunnel, Diddy overhears King K. Rool's plans to take over the island. Unfortunately, the symptoms for Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease have begun and Diddy hasn't been vaccinated. However, by the time he reaches Donkey Kong to warn him, he is at stage four of the disease and Diddy has lost his voice. Thinking that Diddy is trying to warn them that the Banana Plantations are overrun, Donkey Kong and Funky take off to eat their fill of bananas and thin out the plantation. Meanwhile, as King K. Rool is issuing orders to his army, he begins to sniff and sneeze. This time, Klump misinterprets the commands and begins plans to "blow up the island"! Could King K. Rool be coming down with Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease as well? Is there a cure? Will it come in time to save Diddy? King K. Rool? THE ISLAND?moreless
    • 1/7/00
      Everyone wants in on the act as Bluster gets ready to produce and direct his first feature film. While Bluster is in it for the money, Donkey Kong figures it's a good way to impress Candy. King K. Rool, well, he just wants to use those acting lessons he bought over the phone. Blaster's casting choices surprises everyone. Donkey Kong is cast as the villain and relies on "method acting". He becomes so evil that when the Crystal Coconut goes missing, he's the main suspect.moreless
    • The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights
      Tis the season for gift-giving and fireworks. It's also the one day of the year that there's a truce between the Apes and Lizards. The Apes sit around the Crystal Coconut and exchange gifts, while the Lizards go home to the swamps to be with their loved-ones and drink Bog-Nog. The Crystal Coconut is safe…or is it? While Donkey Kong is off trying to find really great presents for his friends he discovers that there is one Lizard left all alone. Klump doesn't have any family. They decide to team up on the gift hunt. Meanwhile, "Pure Scum" be landing on the beach. Pirates don't honour the annual truce, and Scurvy wants the Crystal Coconut, his birthright. Well, he does want something else, but it was lost to him years ago, and you can't take something that's lost.moreless
  • Season 1