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  • A great cartoon!!

    This TV cartoon was completely amazing. It had computer-animation, a bunch of comedy, and clean material. I loved this show in my childhood, and i will always cherish it. I have to say this cartoon made my life complete for all of my boyhood. Being a fan for this cartoon is wonderful. I saw this show at the age of 11, and it's one fantastic show. You'll never go back again once this cartoon is on DVD and Blu-Ray. Recommend this cartoon to your kids. So, I hope this cartoon will entertain our kids in the near future. Thanks a lot.
  • A Decent spin-off of the smash hit SNES game: Donkey kong country, based on the same name, With a little help of a Candanian Animation company, Nelvana. However It would be nice if they bring it back as well.

    My First Ever TV show Review.
    This show is about a Ape named Donkey kong. Who found a Crystal coconut and became future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island.
    He has a Best friend known as his sidekick, Diddy Kong. Along with his other friends, Cranky Kong, Candy Kong, Dixie kong, (Which is Diddy kong's girlfriend) Funky Kong. But there's evil afoot that wants to take his hands on the crystal coconut! The Dreaded King K. Rool! Along with his kremlings such as General Klump, His general, His very Goofy Bodyguard, Krusha, and he has a whole lot more. DK protects the crystal coconut from King K. Rool to keep Kongo bongo safe and sound. So this is a decent spin-off of the video game series. So I'm gonna give shows grades like, A: Outstanding
    B: Good
    C: Okay
    D: poor
    E: Bad
    F: Terrbile
    So This show will get an A-. I will also talk about the Voice-acting, Animation, (If it's animated) Grapihcs, Dialouge, Sound, Educational value, (If it's Eductional) and Lasting Appeals, and give them grades and scores too. Here the results:

    Voice Acting: A 8.5/10.0 Great Voice-acting although it could use fine-tuning at least.

    Animation: C 6.8/10.0 Some people said about the 3-D computer animation is bad, the Animation for my Opioion is pretty Decent. Dialouge: A 8.5/10.0 They're are Funny Dialouges in some scenes and A lot of scenes are goofy at times. But Sometimes they say stupid things like Krusha Normally says.

    Grapihcs: A 7.6/10.0 The Chracthers kinda look a bit funny but the backgrounds are decent designed, They should make the grapihcs better when they bring the series back.

    Sound: B+ 7.8/10.0 Tropical Hawaiian music along with Millatry Music. It could get Abnocious watching it with People who don't like it.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.0/10.0 The series can be lots of fun to watch, so you can knock yourself out with this series.

    Overall: A- 8.2/10.0 This is a decent spin-off of the games like I said before. If you're a Nintendo fan, This will maybe be a decent show for you to watch. I am a HUGE nintendo fan of Course, so have fun watching this!
  • This show is great!

    They shouldn't have taken this show off the air because it was a great show. This show was also great to learn about Donkey Kong and his family and friends and all the adventures they go on. Also the show quality was really great. Diddy was my favorite charcter on this show because he's really funny.
  • This is easily the best show ever.

    I really love this show so much. The writting is hilarious and the characters are amazing. I really do not know why people hate it. People complain how the show is not like the games. If you ask me it is the most accurate TV show based on the video game ever. So what if they changed the name? Seriously what name is better? In the games it is called "Donkey Kong Island" how original is that? But in the TV show it is called "Kongo Bongo". I really love this show and hope they bring it back because it was just wonderful :). I don't care what anyone thinks but "Donkey Kong Country" will always be my favorite show.
  • I remember this

    I remember this old show its about the game Donkey Kong that gets his own CGI show this might be the 1st one i think and its about Donkey Kong and his adventures in an island base on the Donkey Kong 64 game I use to play when I was a kid but never pass it for some reason and the characters talk and Donkey kong battles bad guys and proctect some freaking powerful coconut I for got what it does i don't remember i must of been at least 10 years since i seen this the only reason I remember its becuase I was look of my childhood pictures of mean seeing this
  • This was a good show.

    I am a fan of the Donkey Kong games, and i enjoyed this show. In my mind, this show does tend to get annoying, because of all the banana talk. Of course this is natural for monkets, and apes. The humor in this show is all right. Some of the jokes are funny, but are annoying too. In my mind the funniest character is Cranky Kong, because of his lack of patience. The dialog in this show is all right. Most of events are fun to watch, although some are not. The music is good. I think that Donkey Kong sings good, and the music is pretty good. The jungle music, however does get old quickly. Overall, good show, good humor, solid music, decent dialog.
  • I'm with Super_Peter on this one.

    I watched this show when I was younger it was a little freaky cause of how the fact that that woman I forgot her name looked different and the gun guy I forgot his name was different also I enjoy playing the Donkey Kong games I just recently got this Donkey Kong game for the nintendo DS I haven't played Donkey Kong in a long time I don't have much memories of this show but I remember it playing on fox in the mourning So far right now I am with Super_Peter on this a strange series based off of a game and the characters not like what they were in the game except it doesn't scare me maybe a little I give it a 7.5.
  • Another video game based show that deserves a look see.

    This show is based on the Super Nintendo Entertainment video game series Donkey Kong. It is mainly an Adventure/Comedy with some slight hints of action woven in. Despite the fact that every single episode has a pretty annoying song, you could just leave the room for a couple of minutes and this won't bother you so much. With all the best characters from the games (Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble) like Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, Dixie Kong, and King K. Rool, this show is a lot of fun and will make you want to power up your Super Nintendo.
  • I don't hate this show, but this show creeps me out as much as Barney and such does ...

    This show creeps me out a lot! I used to have nightmares while watching this show ... the reason why ... because all the characters looked VERY creepy compared to their SNES coutnerparts. For example, Candy Kong looked like some gymnastic ape, and King K. Rool looked funny. Also, it had to do with getting a crystal coconut, which wasn't a good purpose. Also, the MAIN reason why this show freaked me out as much as Barney did ...

    Okay ... I'm gonna say it ...

    They broke into song every few minutes. It's like a scene going on and then Donkey Kong sings, then a few minutes later, a Kremling Pirate sings. By the way, I think the DKC series are awesome, but some parts of this cartoon was just a little creepy. Better than Sonic Underground.
  • A great cartoon. Why did they cancel it?

    This show is just great! It is very funny and entertaining. When I heard about this show, I went onto Youtube and watched a few episodes of this show, and it quickly became a favourite of mine. The animation was very fascinating and I really liked the characters, especially Donkey Kong. There is no show like it, it made me laugh from start to finish. It should have gone on for longer since it was such a great cartoon. A lot of people haven't seen this show, but it should be more known, it's pretty underrated from what I can see. It would be cool if they brought this show back, it is one of the best video game cartoons I've ever seen.
  • I like watching the show for one reason and one reason only, and that reason is because I liked playing the Donkey Kong video games when I was a kid.

    I like watching the show for one reason and one reason only, and that reason is because I liked playing the Donkey Kong video games when I was a kid. Although the show doesnt make to much sense, it has characters that I like. Just way to much singing in this one.
  • Best Show based off a video game franchise ever.

    Video games franchises have been trying to make the transition to tv and movies forever. Most end up being crap. But Donkey Kong Country is one of the few exceptions to the rule.

    It was a very well written show. The songs were all catchy and well performed. The character dialogue was all written very well and the stories were done perfectly.

    The voice actors did their jobs very well and helped liven up the characters. They brought these video game character to life and did a great job.

    Overall Donkey Kong Country was a very good show and shouldn't be missed by fans.
  • Should be Brought back On Air NOW!

    When I was younger, I'd watch this show with my 2 brothers and we love it. We would watch this show everyday after school.When they brought it off air I was furiated that this great show gets replaced with crappy cartoons. Now that I'm 14, I really wish that this show gets put back on its funny and entertaining. There should be no excuse why this show was cancelled. I say bring this show back on now because I can tell you that this show is better than Caillou,Whats with Andy and some others. Personally this is the best cartoon I've watch.
  • In a whole lot of episodes, the kremlings, pirates and the kongs are going after the crystal coconut! That is also on the "The legend of the crystal coconut" VHS! They have interesting adventures. DKC TV Show is now bringing out more DVD's and VHS's.

    I adore this show very much! I used to watch it all the time on Fox Family! I have a DKC TV VHS, I print out pictures of it; Boy that show was one of my favorites! My favorite characters were Candy and Diddy. Everyday, I would sit down and watch EVERY episode. I hope it'll come back on again someday.

    This show was my favourite and know what? it was only on for 2 years, whats up with that? all the good shows are on for a short time like KND, DK Country, Cardcaptors, Inspector Gadget th cartoon, Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries and oh, lets not forget about Archie's Weird Mysteries!!

    Instead, they put on the bad shows that are on every channel like George Shrinks, Caillou, CareBears, and the rest of the baby clan. the good show have got to be brought back.
  • This TV show should be put back on!

    I have a few videos of Donkey Kong country but I really want to see this show on TV! It use to be on the Family channel because obviously this is a family show!. Although Donkey Kong is based on the popular nintendo series it still appears to be the exact same. The only diffrence is that Donkey Kong does not try to fight the bad guys in the TV series. He just tries to get the crystal coconut back. Again this show is a great TV show that should really be put back on TV.
  • This is a great show with Donkey Kong. However some people may not like it.

    I love this show. It has the adventures of Donkey kong with some of his friends, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Candy Kong, Bluster Kong and all that. Candy is DK's girlfriend, Diddy's girlfriend apparaently is Dixie but she hardly ever appears in this show (unfortunatly). And this show features the Crystel Coconut (which was also featured in DK64) and King K. Rool's goal is to steal the crystel coconut.

    I really like this show, however some people may not like it, in fact some might say that it's worse than Barney because of all the songs they got on there. I don't even know what is up with the songs I mean the episode would be good until someone makes DK and the other characters sing some weird song. OK well I don't think all the songs are bad, in fact I think that DK has a nice singing voice. But let's face it, those songs should not be on there.

    Anyway I like this show, I know other people may not like it but I do.
  • How come it the Good stuff that gets canned?

    Donkey Kong Country was made before Kirby: Right Back at Ya! & Viewtiful Joe, The old Cranky Kong (DK's elderly friend) has discover a cristal coconut & King K. Rule want's his hand on it to get ulit-ment DK Powers
    (My favort charater is Diddy Kong, beauce he was on a pez)

    Donkey Kong Country is the best anime seince Hamtaro, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, case Closed, Super Milk-Chan, & Lupin the III.

    That's all I have to say
  • This is about a monkey named Donkey Kong who stumbles upon the greatest treasure of all time, the crystal coconut. D.K. must protect this awesome treasure from evil enemies like King K.rool and Kaptain Scurvey.

    This is an awesome show, I didn\'t know it would be so cool so I didn\'t watch it until about 2004 on vhs, but now I know what I missed and I don\'t want to anymore. C\'mon, 100 people are begging you to bring it back and you can! Everyone that is sane likes it\'s graphics, storyline, and comedy. If you like to make $, and want your watchers to be happy, you know what to do!

    i say it should come back it was an awsome show it still lives with me donkey kong country was great show i think they should bring it back so that DK fans today have something to love more about the muscular bound ape kids today would love this show
  • This is my favorate T.V. show they really should bring it back. Come one you people why did they cut the show off? Many people think the show is very bad but it is not at all. The charecter design makes people say the show is bad! Looks don\'t matter!

    This is my favorate T.V. show they really should bring it back. Come one you people why did they cut the show off? Many people think the show is very bad but it is not at all. The charecter design makes people say the show is bad! Looks don't matter! What makes a show good is the story.
  • Banana Slamma!

    One of my all-time personal favorites, I was first attracted to this show when a friend of mine mentioned there was a DK tv show. I originally began to watch this show because it was based off of the Donkey Kong Country games, which I still play to this very day. Then, after watching my first episode, I became hooked. I loved the songs, silly lines, and the outrageous adventures of DK and the gang. I recorded the show whenever I got the chance, and I review those tapes whenever I can. I personally enjoyed the grumblings of that irate ape, Cranky Kong, the rantings of that cruel King, K.Rool(get it?), the clueless comments from Krusha, and even Funky Kong got me. A show that goes up there with the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, this series will always have a place on my shelf.
    Banana Slamma!
  • D.K.! Donkey Kong is here.

    Why the heck did Teletoon cancel Donkey Kong? That was one of the best shows based on a videogame. I thought they did a good job making it similar to the games, even though it wasen't as good as other shows like Super Mario World. The voices were pretty good, the vissuals were great, and the episodes weren't as repeditive as some people say; I mean they didn't have K. Rool deploy the same old tatics over and over again like TV show villians (a.k.a. Pokemon's Team Rocket). I have no idea why Teletoon cancelled it, but I do know that they should bring it back.
  • Donkey and his sidekick Diddy try and protect the Crystel Coconut from K Krool. And other bad guys.

    This Show used to be the best. Now the fact that it is cancelled makes me mad. This show must come back. Every day I used to watch this. I am pretty sure all Donkey Kong fans did also. My favorite caracter was Diddy he was just always very funny.
  • This show needs to make a return. Although the animations were bad the show wasn't.

    This show was really good and needs to be back on the air. It was about the video game character Donkey Kong and all his friends. It was cool to see the monkeys take down King K. Rool in this cool animated series. The show was very funny. Why did they have to cancel it and keep shows like Winx club and Avitar on the air.
  • A great show that has ended but is stil alive in the memories of many Donkey Kong fans.

    If you like Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong or any other of those crazy monkeys, you'll love the show (mostly) based on the video games by Rare and Nintendo. The show features Donkey Kong, Diddy, Trixie, Candy, Funky, Cranky, Bluster, and other Donkey Kong-related characters. Although it has ended and is no longer airing on TeleTOON, many fans still remember this show and always will. This show was a show enjoyed by all viewers and if you never watched it, you don't know what you were missing!
  • Entertaining, Unique, And It Still Stays Close To It's Video Game Roots!

    In my opinion this show is quite entertaining. The writers switched up the plot for every episode to keep it entertaining and they still managed to stay close to its good old DK video game roots.

    My only complaint is the 3d graphics. At the time it was a nice touch but now they just seem mediocre.

    Overall a good show, it brought back alot of memories :)