Don't Be Tardy...

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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Life Goes On
      Episode 12
      Kim receives a diagnosis about her heart in the Season 5 finale. Also: The family anticipates the call for Kroy to sign with a new team away from home.
    • Launch Party
      Episode 11
      Kim celebrates her birthday and the launch of her skin-care line. Also, Brielle receives a promising call from her publicist. This development solidifies Brielle's plans to move to Los Angeles, but Kim struggles with her daughter's looming relocation.
    • 11/30/16
      Kroy plans a family fun day to distract from stresses and impending change, but the games turn into sibling rivalry when a $1000 prize is put in the mix. Meanwhile, Brielle and Zach go on a double date with Chef Tracey and her latest online girlfriend.
    • 11/16/16
      Mother-daughter bonding finds Kim and 14-year-old Ariana taking in a day of pampering, chimichangas and, as Kim discovers, quite a bit of teen angst. Meanwhile, Brielle prepares for a cross-country move, yet some key components are forgotten.
    • Lights, Camera, Action
      Brielle and KJ chase their dreams in Tinseltown. Here, "Access Hollywood" tests Brielle's improv and kitchen-cleaning skills, and KJ has an acting audition. Back in Atlanta, Chef Tracey cooks up a fancy new menu, served with a twist.
    • Hollywood or Bust
      Brielle chases her dreams of becoming a celebrity news reporter and journeys to a meeting with "Access Hollywood" in a bid to land a position. Joining her are Kim, who also has a meeting with her skincare company, and a hyper KJ.
    • 10/26/16
      Kim seeks an adults-only break following a Montana trip by heading to the casino, where she plans to bet big in the hopes of winning big. Elsewhere, Brielle goes out on her first date since breaking up with Slade.
    • Home on the Range Part 2
      Conclusion. A visit to Kroy's Montana hometown continues with a visit to Kroy's high school and a ranch from his past, yet Kim misses the joys of Atlanta. As the family vacation comes to a close, Kroy receives a potentially game-changing call.
    • 10/5/16
      Part 1 of 2. Kim and Kroy pack up the Biermann contingent, including six children, two dogs, two nannies, one personal chef and 25 pieces of designer luggage, and journey to Kroy's Montana hometown. However, Kim soon misses the comforts of her own home.
    • Animal House
      Episode 3
      The family joins Tracey on an outing to the Humane Society. Kim's baby fever hits a high when she meets the available puppies, yet Kroy strongly resists bringing a dog home. Also: Brielle receives a teacup piglet as a birthday gift.
    • Free Ballin'
      Episode 2
      Kroy enters NFL free agency, which could mean a big move is in the family's future. Also, Ariana dreads beginning high school in a new city, and Brielle serves as Kim's assistant, but she struggles to meet Kim's demands.
    • Eggs on Ice
      Episode 1
      Kim has a new lease on life after a brush with death in the Season 5 premiere. Here, the mother of six takes on new challenges and hopes to add another baby to the family mix.
  • Season 4
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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