Don't Be Tardy... - Season 2

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  • The Biermann Bunch
    Episode 12
    The Biermanns head to court, but this time it's for a happy occasion -- the girls' adoption is ready to be finalized, and with the near completion of their new house, the family is looking forward to finally getting settled. But settling into a routine may be far from reality when Kim and Kroy start thinking that their dream of having a little girl may come true sooner than they expected.\moreless
  • Bittersweet 16
    Episode 11
    It's the end of a long football season, and since The Falcons didn't make the Super Bowl, the Biermanns are free to go to Turks and Caicos on a much-needed family vacation. Kim works on reconnecting with her daughters who have been feeling shoved aside since the two new kids came along, and Kroy takes the opportunity to smooth things over with Brielle before the family goes to court to finalize the girls' adoption.moreless
    Episode 10
    Kim is busy. Between having a husband in the playoffs, scheduling court dates with Mom, and taking care of two baby boys, who has time for anything else, let alone her two daughters, Brielle and Ariana. In two more years Brielle will be out of the house, but with the limited amount of face time she's getting from Mom, she might as well already be gone. Tensions rise as Kim discusses adding another baby to the family and it all comes to a head when Brielle confronts Kim about the new family dynamic and Brielle's place in it.moreless
  • 6/4/13
    It's another holiday in the Biermann household and Kim can't wait to celebrate Christmas with her husband who is home for the holiday for the first time in years. Kim plans on decorating to the gills and putting out her designer, fake Christmas trees. But Kroy's idea of Christmas centers more on family, tradition and a real tree. Can Kim let go of some control and be willing to make compromises for her husband or will this Christmas be a tinsel covered disaster?moreless
  • 5/28/13
    Kim's parenting skills are put to the test when Brielle brings home a bum report card. Kim thinks after months of grounding Brielle, un-grounding her will get her out of her rut and pull up her grades. Kroy is skeptical but is willing to give it a try. Brielle takes advantage of her new freedom by heading off to Homecoming on her first real date but Kim has a hard time letting go of her little girl and spies on Brielle to make sure there's no funny business! Will all play and no work help Brielle bring in the grades that Kim and Kroy can be satisfied with?moreless
  • It's been less than a year since Kim and Kroy had their youngest child but they're ready to expand the family. This time, however, they're gonna plan and there's a lot to consider - conceiving around Kroy's football schedule, finding the right form of birth control till the time is right, and ensuring a baby girl. But as Kim plans on becoming a mom for the 5th time, she still has to deal with her own Mom who's suing her for visitation of Kim's daughters. First step - mediation, and with Kroy working that day, Kim has no choice but to deal with her parents on her own!moreless
  • Frozen Turkey
    Episode 6
    While the Biermanns are still dealing with Karen's Tell-All book and lawsuit, the ultimate betrayal comes from an unexpected source, just days before Thanksgiving. Trying to salvage what's left of the holiday, Kim and the girls make a Thanksgiving feast...fresh out of the box!
  • Offensive Play
    Episode 5
    The Biermanns start the process of Kroy adopting Brielle and Ariana, and the timing couldn't be better - Brielle is doing poorly at school and needs a parent who can dole out more discipline than Kim is able to impart on her daughters. Brielle gets a tutor to try to get her grades up, but when Kim announces that she wants to buy her a car, Kroy intervenes - Brielle still hasn't done enough to deserve one. Kim realizes that giving her daughters a father comes at a price - she has to give up some of the decision-making power she's had as a single parent.moreless
  • The Blonde Side
    Episode 4
    Kim and Kroy visit Psychic Rose, who predicts that the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl! Kim knows next to nothing about football and as a footballer's wife, it's time she step it up. Kim decides to learn the game from the ladies football league, which is not exactly like Kim expected. Armed with her new appreciation and understanding of the game, Kim invites Brielle and her friend to one of Kroy's games but before she can show off her newfound knowledge, she needs to figure out how to get out of the house and actually make it to the game before it's over.moreless
  • Plan-iversary
    Episode 3
    It's Kim and Kroy's one-year anniversary and Kim's got a plan - she wants to surprise Kroy with a romantic but elaborate celebration and in Kim Zolciak style, she waits till 5 days before the anniversary to start all the planning. Even though Kroy is playing an away game the day of the anniversary, he's not too happy about his wife planning the celebration without him and is even less than pleased about it being a surprise. Can Kim pull off all the details in five days? And will Kroy even enjoy it if she does?moreless
  • 4/16/13
    Kim finds out that her mom is suing her for court-ordered visitation of the girls. Not wanting her daughters to stress about adult legal issues, Kim does her best to distract them and throws an elaborate birthday party for Ariana. But the information ultimately becomes public forcing Kim to tell her daughters the ugly truth about their grandmother.moreless
  • 4/16/13
    All is well with Kim & Kroy as they welcome new baby Kash into the world but squeezing another baby into the townhouse alongside baby KJ, a teen, a tween, two nannies, and god knows how many wigs is a little tight! A visit to Kim's new "dream home" only makes things worse when she realizes buying an unfinished foreclosure may not have been the best idea. With so much construction left to be done and a mold issue to remediate, she won't be moving anytime soon.moreless
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