Don't Eat the Neighbours

ABC1 (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • Rabbit's Greatest Hits
    • Simon Acts Up
      Simon Acts Up
      Episode 25
    • Lucy Faces the Music
    • Terrapin out of His Shell
    • Wolf's Grave Fears
      Wolf's Grave Fears
      Episode 22
    • Lucy Blows Her Top
      Lucy Blows Her Top
      Episode 21
    • Super Terrapin
      Super Terrapin
      Episode 20
      Rabbit becomes jealous of Terrapin, when he rescues a drowning sheep and it appears on the front page of newspapers. Rabbit lies to the sheep, and says it was him who did so, but ends up having to prove his bravery. But there is one problem: RABBIT CAN'T SWIM!
    • Terrapin on the Rocks
      Today is so hot that it causes the lake Terrapin lives in to dry up. Terrapin moves into Rabbit's house (well bathroom anyway), and both go on a search for water...with Wolf, Fox and some sheep sneaking behind them.
    • Happy Birthday Mr. Rabbit
      While Rabbit proves to Lucy and Terrapin that although he maybe getting old he's still got what it takes to outsmart Wolf, Wolf himself tries to spend more time with Simon + Barry to get along with them better...only to fail.
    • Terrapin's Hot Date
    • Barry's Close Encounter
    • Dave Eats the Grass
      When Wolf Weekly arrives late, Wolf consoles himself with the latest copy of Ewe, and becomes entranced with the world of relationship analysis, women's magazine style. After taking a "Will your relationship last?" quiz, he begins to diagnose every disturbing aspect of his less-than-equal relationship friendship with Fox.

      Rabbit and Terrapin are going through a rather difficult patch themselves, triggered by Terrapin getting in the way of Rabbit's cabbage fetish. After a hilarious tennis match in which Rabbit's temper battles with Terrapin's passive-aggression, they announce their intention of splitting up. Horrified, Lucy sets them to watching old videos of their shared childhood, leading to even more bitter recriminations and a complete break.

      Rabbit rebounds towards a sheep named Dave, while Terrapin quietly falls apart. Lucy, torn between the two, becomes rather tired of being the child of a broken home. Luckily, she has one weapon left at her disposal... blatant emotional blackmail.

      Wolf has his own weapons to ensure he and Fox stay together forever - roleplaying, discussion and workshopping.moreless
    • Lucy the Adventurer
    • Old Father Rabbit
      Old Father Rabbit
      Episode 13
    • Colin Pays a Visit
      Colin Pays a Visit
      Episode 12
    • Fox Comes to Stay
      Fox Comes to Stay
      Episode 11
    • Dances with Terrapin
    • Wolves in from the Cold
    • Vote for Lucy
      Vote for Lucy
      Episode 8
      Fox and Rabbit revive yet another of their ancient, bitter grudges, this time over Rabbit's campaign for school president being derailed when a charismatic rival candidate entered the field, causing them to split the vote and lose to an earthworm. This time, Lucy is running against Simon and Barry, and Fox interests himself in the wolf cub's campaign in the hopes of subjecting Rabbit to a crushing defeat. Rabbit, for his part, is taking Lucy's campaign very, very seriously indeed. When Wolf's paternal pride cuts in, the result is a "friendly" wager. If Simon and Barry win, Rabbit will spend the day in wolf fan club merchandise. If Lucy wins, Wolf will spend the day dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. While Fox and Wolf use the time-honoured political strategies of false promises, corruption and intimidation to ensure the cub's success, Lucy and Rabbit compete fairly and honourably, guaranteeing their failure. As the pressure Rabbit is piling up on her begins to make Lucy more and more stressed and depressed, the prospect of cheating begins to look more and more tempting… But can she live with the guilt of beating her best friends by cheating? And how will Wolf react, if he finds out he spent the day as Little Red Riding Hood for no reason – and after Fox stayed up all night altering the dress to fit him?moreless
    • Lucy & Woodland Massive
      Every year at the Family Fun Day, Fox and Rabbit revive their bitter rivalry over the jam-making competition. Every year, Rabbit humiliates Fox. That is, until Terrapin uses the back of the secret, ancient jam recipe of the rabbits and the map to the secret rabbit raspberry patch to write out his shopping list. When Terrapin's groceries become confused with those of the Wolf family, Fox sees his chance.

      Terrapin's emergency substitute recipe is less than a raving success.

      While his father is distracted helping Fox to make jam, Simon decides to become a Big Bad Wolf and join a gang of rebel sheep. When Rabbit is too obsessed with jam-making to help Lucy with her entry into the village hall design competition, she just might be enough of an angry young rabbit to join them.

      Barry, meanwhile, is desperate enough to be accepted by his brother's gang that he might do something genuinely bad to impress them...moreless
    • Trust Rabbit
      Trust Rabbit
      Episode 6
      Rabbit is proving exceptionally accurate both at predicting Fox's brilliant plans and at anticipating Lucy's every desire. While Wolf suspects that Rabbit is developing incredible psychic powers on route to becoming a super villain – obviously that's where Barry gets it from - Fox is probably more accurate in deducing that they are becoming a little too predictable. As for Lucy, Rabbit is secretly reading her diary in order to earn fatherhood points. How else would he know that her dream is to see sheep boyband Woolly Bully in concert? To his horror, however, Rabbit reads an entry in which Lucy declares her undying love for S., despite cherishing some feelings for his brother B., and announces her wish to kiss S. at the concert. He jumps to the obvious conclusion and, appalled that his daughter is capable of falling in love with wolves, confiscates the concert tickets in favour of holding a separate birthday party for Peter that night, in order that he develop a separate personality from Emily. Lucy, whose crush was on Shanks and Barney from Woolly Bully, guesses her private diary is not so private, and throws a tantrum, until Bear asks her if she's sure Rabbit has been reading her diary. She sets a trap and, when Rabbit passes it, she decides she was wrong to accuse him. She apologises, and both rabbits are thrown into the depths of guilt… On the predator side of the fence, Fox and Wolf have decided on a new policy of good neighbourliness, in order to catch Rabbit off his guard. Simon and Barry, for their part, have become obsessed with a competition in the village shop, in which one chocolate bar will hide a golden key to treasure. The obvious course is to buy and eat every single chocolate bar in the shop.moreless
    • Walk Like a Rabbit
      Wolf's rather asthmatic pursuit of Rabbit is interrupted by the unwelcome revelation that their children are building a tree house together. Putting aside their own life-and-death struggle for the moment, the devoted fathers decide to focus on teaching the kids the error of their ways. The children react characteristically. Lucy argues eloquently, if uselessly, in favour of tolerance and friendship, while Barry and Simon have a little difficulty following the conversation. Barry, rather spectacularly missing or forgetting the point, actually asks if Lucy can come over for supper. Both parents end up categorically forbidding their children to associate in any way… even playing Monopoly. When the very next day Wolf and Rabbit catch their children playing (well, arguing) together again, they decide to take drastic measures. With the help of Terrapin disguised as Bear and Fox dressed as a rabbit, each respective parent decides to give their children a lesson in the true meaning of their own culture. (Cabbage raids and attack techniques.) In desperation, Rabbit and Wolf find themselves working together – to teach their children entirely the wrong lesson.moreless
    • Simon the Werewolf
      The wolf cubs terrify themselves into fits watching forbidden horror movies - about werewolves. When Simon wakes slightly more hairy than the night before, he's convinced that he's becoming a werewolf. After all, he's all hairy and snarly, with teeth and claws… Wolf interprets the situation a little differently, and decides it's time for Simon's Rite of Passage into adulthood, going into the wilderness for secret mystic rituals and his first ceremonial hunt. Luckily, Simon manages to sneak along his walkman. Barry is left to fend for himself for the night, with only his wolf instincts to track down the freezer and microwave. After he locks himself outside, he flees to his only friend and refuge. Rabbit, understandably enough, is not exactly overjoyed to find out his daughter has invited a hungry wolf into the house.moreless
    • Barry Loves Lucy
      Barry Loves Lucy
      Episode 3
      The moving film Timmy Finds a New Mother leaves Lucy with a few questions about what happened to her own mother, while convincing Barry he has fallen in love with his new friend. Unfortunately, when Rabbit finally admits Lucy's mother was eaten by a wolf in Canada, Lucy is not in the mood to be courted by a Canadian wolf cub. Inspired by the movie, Lucy formulates a cunning plan of her own - advertise for a Nanny, then stand back and wait as her father falls in love and provides her with a new mother. Unfortunately for Lucy, Fox has an outfit at the back of his extensive wardrobe that he's just been dying to give a good airing, while lending a hand to Rabbit and his poor, tender young children. By the time Lucy figures out just why Nanny Lavinia Hutch-Warren is so keen on getting her to inspect the back of the oven, it may be too late...moreless
    • Action Rabbit
      Action Rabbit
      Episode 2
      Rabbit's eldest daughter Lucy has been saving up for a new Belinda Bunny. However, when she and her new friends Simon and Barry reach the shops, she discovers the joys of Major Snowy, rabbit action figures and portable tanks with ground-to-air missiles you can fire at your friends. Rabbit becomes convinced the lack of a female role model has meant Lucy's grown up without knowing how to behave like a little girl. He's sure he can re-educate her, though - it's only wearing dresses and cooking, after all. His friend Terrapin can deal with the leaking pipe that's flooding the cottage, surely... Meanwhile, the young wolves bring home a computer game about Wolftron, Megafox and the evil Space Bunnies. To their horror, Wolf becomes addicted, completely hogging the game. Maybe Fox can help... or maybe he, too, will fall to the lure of ultraviolent electronic entertainment.moreless
    • A Rabbit for All Seasons
      Single parent Wolf finds himself having to leave Canada before sundown, when the Grand Lodge of Wolves finds fault with his less than aggressive hunting style. Along with his over-indulged sons Simon and Barry, Wolf moves somewhat hurriedly to an idyllic English forest. He is delighted to discover that his nearest neighbours are another single father family... of rabbits. Perhaps this is the chance for Wolf and his pack to reclaim their glorious heritage as hunters, especially after allying himself with the local predator, the extremely well-groomed Fox. Meanwhile, Rabbit lives a peaceful existence, contending with nothing more terrifying than dodging Fox and being viciously offered cucumber sandwiches by Bear. Rabbit is afraid of nothing in this world but wolves... And everybody knows there are no wolves in England.moreless