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Wayne Brady hosts this game show in which contestants are given a microphone, put on the spot and challenged to remember the lyrics to popular songs. The contestants must correctly fill in the missing lyrics for a chance to win money. There are 10 types of music and 10 different songs. If the contestant correct fills in all of the missing lyrics to the 10 songs they will take home one million dollars. There are 3 helps that are available to the contestant during the game. 2 Words which is where the contestant can check the correctness of 2 of the words they have chosen as the lyrics. 3 Lines gives the contestant three multiple choices for the missing lyrics. Back Up Singers, which are family and friends of the contestant that can help them with the lyrics. The back up singers will also have to take the microphone and sing the lyrics. Contestants can choose to go home at any time and take the money they have earned so far with them. If they answer incorrectly, then they could go home with nothing.moreless

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    • Wayne is a great host!

      identifying lyrics is not easy. This is great stuff! Have a chill time with this show!
    • great

      contestants sing songs and need to fill in blanks in certain areas of the songs for chances to win money. it gets harder the longer the contestant lasts.

      it was pretty good i thought. it's mostly only fun to watch if you yourself like the genres they have on the show. I didn't really, so I never watched this show a lot. But when I did, I was almost always entertained. Wayne Brady as host was genius! He seems to be a nice, funny guy, who I respect as an actor and comedian. Overall grade for this, a B- or somoreless
    • The show is good at times, but the boring, slow parts far out way it.

      I find this show mildly interesting. Its formatted after Who Wants to be a Millionaire, with the helps and the money pyramid. The problem with the show it that they higher the contestant gets money wise, the slower the show seems to move. One contestant can make it through 3, maybe 4 songs in an hour. They make you totally second guess yourself and then go to a commercial. It would be a little bit more interesting if they sped it up and didn't go to a commercial without making it through a song. One song can go on for 2 commercial breaks. Hopefully the series will improve.moreless
    • Love the show and going to miss it!

      I absolutely loved this show! I was very sad to hear that it had been cancelled. I'm hoping, as well as many other American's, that someday soon it will be brought back on the air. I'd love to see some new contestants on the show...and to see them walk away with a million dollars! It was a great show! I couldn't wait for it to come on every week. My family and I would sit in front of the television and, while watching the show, we'd all play along to see if we would have won or not. More times than not, we would have won, even without the "lifelines". As a matter of fact, one night I would have walked away with a million dollars and all my lifelines in tact had I been a contestant. That's when my family started telling me I needed to be a contestant on the show. I was seriously considering it when I'd heard it was being cancelled. Oh, well. You can't win 'em all. :)moreless
    • Still one of the finest shows ever made.

      Well,it's one of the best music singing show ever and it's one of the best game shows ever made.I seen it some times and it's one of the shows that I think is fine.Well,I seen it some times and it is pretty much one of the best game shows ever made.I can say that of how they put the singing idea is like the awesomest idea ever made on a game show like this one.It's very awesome and it's very cool for a guy like me to ever see.I can say that it's a very cool so and whoever made it,he or she had a good idea for this show.moreless
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