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  • Wayne is a great host!

    identifying lyrics is not easy. This is great stuff! Have a chill time with this show!
  • great

    contestants sing songs and need to fill in blanks in certain areas of the songs for chances to win money. it gets harder the longer the contestant lasts.

    it was pretty good i thought. it's mostly only fun to watch if you yourself like the genres they have on the show. I didn't really, so I never watched this show a lot. But when I did, I was almost always entertained. Wayne Brady as host was genius! He seems to be a nice, funny guy, who I respect as an actor and comedian. Overall grade for this, a B- or so
  • The show is good at times, but the boring, slow parts far out way it.

    I find this show mildly interesting. Its formatted after Who Wants to be a Millionaire, with the helps and the money pyramid. The problem with the show it that they higher the contestant gets money wise, the slower the show seems to move. One contestant can make it through 3, maybe 4 songs in an hour. They make you totally second guess yourself and then go to a commercial. It would be a little bit more interesting if they sped it up and didn't go to a commercial without making it through a song. One song can go on for 2 commercial breaks. Hopefully the series will improve.
  • Love the show and going to miss it!

    I absolutely loved this show! I was very sad to hear that it had been cancelled. I'm hoping, as well as many other American's, that someday soon it will be brought back on the air. I'd love to see some new contestants on the show...and to see them walk away with a million dollars! It was a great show! I couldn't wait for it to come on every week. My family and I would sit in front of the television and, while watching the show, we'd all play along to see if we would have won or not. More times than not, we would have won, even without the "lifelines". As a matter of fact, one night I would have walked away with a million dollars and all my lifelines in tact had I been a contestant. That's when my family started telling me I needed to be a contestant on the show. I was seriously considering it when I'd heard it was being cancelled. Oh, well. You can't win 'em all. :)
  • Still one of the finest shows ever made.

    Well,it's one of the best music singing show ever and it's one of the best game shows ever made.I seen it some times and it's one of the shows that I think is fine.Well,I seen it some times and it is pretty much one of the best game shows ever made.I can say that of how they put the singing idea is like the awesomest idea ever made on a game show like this one.It's very awesome and it's very cool for a guy like me to ever see.I can say that it's a very cool so and whoever made it,he or she had a good idea for this show.
  • Lovin it lovin it lovin it, we're lovin it like that, gr8 show,

    Please bring the show to AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just 1 thing... Please Please Please Bring it to AUSTRALIA!!! thnx.. & keep the show running.
    I believe i would be a good contender on the show, friends of mine call me the juke box and tell me i should go on the show, but me? i think i'd do ok (well little better than ok :)
    either that or i'll have to travel all the way to america to TRY and make it on the show.. which as you can imagine would be expensive, especially if i dont make it on the show.. so all i ask is to bring it to australia.. i'll try to make it on the show if doesn't happen, least i've tried and my friends can shut up.. Thanks Nathan Clarke.
  • I love it!

    This is a great show as it os funny as at the same time fun and interesting and just all around a great show! I love how you have to sing the lyrics into place and it just funny to see what will happen and if the words are correct! This is one of the shows for the whole family to watch as its a great show to have fun with the family and it can be a game for the family to play when they get home or when they are watching TV at night! Its just a really great show for everyone!
  • I love this show. I love Karoke and it is very fun to watch!

    I love this show. What an awesome idea! It keeps you on the edge, it is fun to watch. I love watching the various people from around the world take the song challenges and differnet generes of music. I personally love Karoke and it is very fun to watch! I think that it looks like a fun challenge and that it is an excitng show to watch. I imagine it would be eve more fun and exciting in person. I hope this show lasts and lasts. And I want more than anything than the chance for myself to appear on it as soon as possible!
  • Don't Forget the Lyrics is a very entertaining show.

    This has been one of my favorite Reality type shows since it has started. It's very entertaining & amusing. I remember this one time where this girl was a really bad singer but she got the right lyrics. The opposite or that happened some other episode, where this lady was a really good singer but lost before the 25, 000. That would suck. Anyway, I enjoy watching this show every Thursday, it makes me laugh. Wayne Brady is great, he seems like such a nice & relaxed person. It would be cool to meet him someday. So, this show's one of my favorites and I really like it, a lot.
  • Dude...change your clothes!

    I really am a fan of the show, I usually store a few in my DVR and then watch them back to back. The format is great and they couldn't have picked a better host for it! Wayne is funny, cute and he can sing! The one burning question I have is how many episodes do they shoot at a time - it seems like he NEVER changes his clothes! I mean for like 12 shows he had that tan jacket and the cream colored pants and then he recently switched to the black jeans and jacket but dude, come on, you're delivering a great show with lots of fun contestents, just like no one would want to watch the same contestant compete your fans would like to see you change up your wardrobe a bit!
  • I always since along!

    Wow I love this show, it always manages to get me to sing and play along.
    Wayne Brady is a excellent host and I love how he jokes around and plays along.
    The contestents they choose are always entertaining and they really get into it. Some are so funny to watch!
    I love the concept of the game being like Who want to be a Millionaire with you having to reach levels and the fact that you get a chance to have a guess before locking in your answer.
    It is amazing to think you know how a song goes but really you have always been singing the wrong words.
  • This show will make you feel good!!

    Thank you Wayne!! You rock and so does your are entertainment personified..agreed, this is similar to the Singing Bee concept but Wayne knows enough to get people who can actually sing so it is really entertaining, not hard on the ears. Plus there is no need for skimpy-clad bumble bees to attract attention. Mix this with a host who is super-talented himself, and a really cool atmosphere and the show is a true winner. It is pure entertainment; the real deal. The contestant who sang tonite, Steve Hoss, is amazing. This show is guaranteed to get me in a good mood no matter how 'down' I am. Love you Wayne Brady!!
  • This is an awesome show. It is funny to see how little you know songs you think you know.

    My family thinks this show is awesome. It is funny to see how little you really know songs you think you know. We like how you give people the three chances for help when they get stuck. I also think it is good for the show that it follows American Idol. Maybe some of your contestants should try out for American Idol as well. We especially liked the Celebrity edition last night with Boyz II Men. They sing really great. If you have another Celebrity edition, my daughter would love to see the Jonas Brothers on it or one of their songs.
  • this show is pretty freaking awesome!

    I personaly looove this show! I think its kinda like american idol but better.i mean come on you can get a lot of money for doing this show! and having Wayne Brady host the show makes it even better! I love this show because people who want to show off there music skills or just to sing can have fun doing it.and then having wayne brady by you side when you do this is great!! Hes a funny guy and i beet one of these days on the show...hes gonna be doing it instead of some random person going on the show
  • They did copy the same idea of the show "Singing Bee" but this show is way better.

    I like the host of the show wayne and people say that my dad sorta looks like him. This show is about random people who have a crazy personallity or can sing or just know words to songs really well. By knowing the lyrics raises the amount of money you could win on the show. I think its one of those shows that isn't going to last that long. I wish i could get on that show but i don't know the age limit and probably is flimed far away where i live. Hope they have more people on the show who can hold a tune.
  • Would be much better if there weren't so many commercials.

    The idea of remembering song lyrics is of course similar to "The Singing Bee" on NBC. However, here, one contestant is on center stage and they climb up the money ladder like on "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire."

    While I love the premise and Wayne Brady is a cool customer as host, there are FAR too many commercials for a half hour show. I mean, you sing the song and they go to commercial only to come back and reveal if those lyrics were right? Seems like they can do that without the advertisements.

    I will continue to watch the show; however, I'll probably tape it every week so I can skip over all of those annoying commercials.
  • This is one of the most annoying shows that i can't stop watching. Fine-tuning is a pun.

    I love to sing. I sing all the time and beleived that I know a lot of songs. While watching this show I have noticed that none of the contestants have ever picked the songs that I want them to. I am also a little annoyed at how long they take to get to the next song. They just like to stall all the time and make it so they only have one person an hour. Wayne brady is on this show becuase of who's line is it anyway where he made up songs all the time. And did it really well. The show is a little too "most this" preview stuff though so I hate watching any of the commercials.
  • I love Wayne Brady in this show. He is funny and he keeps things moving. The music is awesome. Love to see if I can guess the lyrics.

    My husband and I love to watch this show. We are music lovers and we really enjoy the music. We love to see which one of us can get the lyrics right. Wayne Brady is great. He has a wonderful sense of humor and he keeps things flowing on the show. The contestants range from those who can really sing to those who can't carry a tune. No one seems to care whether they can or not. All the contestants seem to have a lot of fun. I would recommend this show to anyone who has a love for music. GREAT SHOW!!!!!
  • I tevo this show!When I see it has recorded I am always very excited!!! My husband loves it too and he's 11 years younger than I! What's the schedule??? Wayne Brady is AWESOME and we LOVE the show!

    I tevo this show! I can't figure out the exact schedule that it's on but, when I see it has recorded I am always very excited!!! My husband loves it too and he's 11 years younger than I am! Where is it? When is on? What's the schedule??? Wayne Brady is AWESOME and we LOVE the show! It truly is one of my very favorite shows and, I'm very particular about what I watch! Please don't take it off the air or shorten it's seasons.....I wish it were a 2 hour show every week! We both want to be on the show...we can't sing but, it is so much fun we just want to get up there and do it!!!!
  • Overall good show that can really be much better. It desires something to make it stand out! Mr. Brady is a great host who knows how to have fun which helps the contestants relax and have a good time. So the question is - what will make the show great?

    Good show that lacks just a little more pizazz. A few things that I have observed are: great contestant choices; superb host; excellent song variety; and rewarding anticipation. However, there something is missing. There needs to be some drama incorporated into the show. Bring some elating closure to the competition by allow the top 4 to 6 lyricists to compete for top honor and provide the show with a bit of stamina. This could possibly take place at a set time-frame, maybe quarterly, as a "rap-up" show bringing with the top dollar winners or those who took home at least $25K. Allow them to compete against one another and then not only reward the winner of that competition with the grand prize but also with a chance to sing with a well-known singer as a finale singing a song of the contestants choosing.
  • I really enjoyed the show..I am an avid Karaoke fan.It would be sooooo much fun to be on the show,even if I didnt win any money.My entire family are karaoke nuts.We all have some kind of karaoke machine of some kind at our homes.My 9 year old sings too.

    I really hope the show is a hit.It is much better than most of the reality shows on these days,I think anyway. I have only seen the show once, a friend of mine told me to watch because I love karaoke and she thought I would enjoy it. She was right. I am going to tell my whole family to watch, if they havnt already that is.Keep up the good work. I am sure once my sisters (I have four) see the show they will want to try to get on. Please send me information on how to go about trying out for the show... I would LOVE to give it a go.
  • I gave it a ten because I like the show but it could be better so it's A decent show.

    Could be better with the songs that they are currently using I haven't seen one rap song on this show and I might never ever see a rap song on this show and I know what some might say to rap songs that they have too many curses in them can be too sexual and too complicated but you know what I say to that I say that there are songs out there that are clean rap songs and aren't complicated at all so I would love to see them once and bring out something different and show more of a variety of choices and maybe they will bring in more viewers but it's ok to watch when there ain't nothing else on TV and maybe you will catch one or two songs that you can sing along to.
  • Review

    The problem with this show is something that seems to be the big problem on all reality shows - the concept of the show almost never determines what kind fo rating you get its the people that play. Survivor is a great concept for a show but if you get a bad batch of 16 Survivors that simply dont do anything that there really is nothing you could do about it. The same goes for this show. This show has to pick who gets to play and who doesnt and Ive seen them drop the ball one to many times so far with who comes up to sing.

    I think the lifelines are stolen straight from millionaire for the most part and dont really help the people that are singing all that much. I think the show also targets a much older crowd, with many songs not hitting the era of me (19 years old)

    Overall, I like the concept but its not a show I turn on to watch, its something Ill stop by when I see it on. Two huge differences...
  • ...VERY fine-tuning.

    This show is horrible! The only reason it's watchable is the host...Wayne Brady! But anyway, after the contestant sings, there is about 2 minutes of filler where Wayne & said contestant stand and take long dramatic pauses to see if they got the lyrics correct. After that, it's about 6 minutes of commercials! It's ridiculous. Plus, 80 percent of the time, the songs are ancient or just plain boring... and some of the time the contestant sings the song TWICE (once by themself and once with a family member or something?!) It's mad boring. If you want a fun, upbeat karaoke show with songs you'll actually know, watch The Singing Bee!
  • Contestants complete the lyrics of the most popular songs in a karaoke style game.

    There are a lot of problems with this show it needs a lot of work.

    There are too many commercials. There is a break like every 5 minutes I think there is about 10-15 minutes of actual programming during an hour edition of the show. It makes the show seem even more boring and drag on. The contestants are forgettable and overly enthusiastic. I know they are suppose to be excited because they are on a game show but they are ridiculously overplaying it. The one good aspect of the show is the host Wayne Brady. He's a great fun and personable host. I prefer him over Joey Fatone.
  • another pointless reality game show

    dont forget the lyrics isnt a show worth wating if your not much of a fan of reality game shows. its kinda pointless in its concept and its just not all that interesting. alittle silly and at times alittle ridiclouse. wayne brady is ok as a talk show host but so much as a game show host. he gets alittle annoying at times. thay should come up with another kareoky show or something alittle interesting. my opinion is if you like this kinda show then it is for you. otherwise keep changing the channle because its not worth the time, belive me.
  • Blah. TiVo it and fast forward through the plethora of commercials and idle prattle to find the 5 minutes of actually watchable television.

    Lamest episode yet, found the weirdest, most tone deaf guy on the planet and then made his ineptitude stretch out for a half an hour, whereas other people manage to win $300,000 dollars in the same amount of time, Fox used the extra time to....add even more commercials! As if this show wasn't suffering from complete lack of substance enough on its own. I'm about done with this crap. You've got one more week Fox, figure it out or I'm turning the TV off after SYTYCD. Sincerely, The Lame Detector.
  • I now I would do a great job as a contestant on this show. I KNOW the words to every song out there! "Music is in my soul"!!!

    I absolutly love this show! I hope it comes back next season and I hope to be a contestant. The music selection for this show is amazing. I haven't heard some of these songs since I was a kid and yet interestingly enough I still remember the words. Mr. Brady truly makes the show fun with his outstanding talents and humor. He seems to have the power to help the contestants relax which I'm sure is greatly appreciated during the intense pressure. It is evident to me that the producers of this show have created an exciting and well thought out show which in my oppinion ranks up there with "Name that tune". PLEASE don't cancel this show! Sincerely,
  • I'm a big music fan. So I fell in love with this show.

    When I first heard of this show, I was excited to see that something like this was going to be on the air. Mainly because of the music aspect. I love music, of all different kinds, so this show is right there for me. I think that some of the contestants are a little too strange (like the first girl, Katie). But I guess in order to get on a game show, you have to be crazy (it's true of the Price Is Right at least). If I were to go on a game show, this is absolutely the one I would go on!
  • Unlike it's competition, The Singing Bee, Don't Forget the Lyrics is set on more of a game show format. I would recommend watching this show at least once.

    Similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, this show has a contestant climbing a money ladder. The contestant has many genres to pick from, and must choose one song given in that genre to compete. The contestant is given three "lifelines" to use whenever he/she is stuck.

    Wayne Brady is an entertaining host, who interacts with the contestant very well. Another great thing about this show is that the audience can participate, and for you karaoke freaks out there, it's nice to see how well you know music. If you're anything like me, you want to go out and audition for the show. Like any other new game show, however, this one definitely has it's negatives. Having to wait another night for a contestant to finish out the round was something I didn't like Millionaire for, and I was disappointed to see that this show does the same thing. Also, this show only has one contestant at a time. Listening to the same person's voice (especially if it's screechy) for an extended period of time can grate on your nerves. All in all, I would recommend Don't Forget the Lyrics as a piece of summer fluff, harmless in accomplishing anything but entertaining you for a half hour.
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