Don't Scare the Hare

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Don't Scare the Hare

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This family game show, hosted by The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury, pits two teams again one another in a series of physical and mental challenges. Set in an underground forest, the teams must try not to scare a 4ft animatronic robot hare (voiced by Sue Perkins). In the finale, £15,000 is up for grabs. Planned as the start of BBC One's Saturday night schedule, the series failed in the ratings and was put on hold after six episodes with the final three being shown five months later in a Saturday afternoon slot. Clips from the series can still be watched via the official BBC website and Youtube.

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  • the worst game show of all time.

    Oh dear me, not this show, I think this is the WORST game show i have ever seen in my life, it seems good when you turn it on, but you find out how cheap and nasty this garbage is, the show is presented by Jason Bradbury, the same person who co hosts The Gadget Show, and his assistant? a Hare, Contestants must try to scare the hare via Pyro and extremely dangerous stunts, but that does not stand to its horribleness, and worse of all, its made by Endemol UK, the company who also makes 2 better shows, Pointless and Deal Or No Deal, One critic mentioned this is more of a Cbeebies show, and i agree, Cbeebies already has a Game Show, And thats Swashbuckle, which is much, much better than this, DO NOT SEE THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE! and gets a 1 out of 1/ wait? this is my review and gets a nothing out of 10 really, but TV,com rating will be listed as 1.moreless
  • Very possibly the worst game show ever made by the BBC. Makes Hole in the wall look like high art.

    When the BBC gets it wrong, they get it horribly wrong. In order to not miss a second of my precious Doctor Who return tonight, I tuned into BBC One a bit early. I did so with a great deal of trepidation. Don't scare the hare.....Game show in which two teams are invited into the underground forest of a 4ft robotic hare, voiced by Sue Perkins, where they face a series of physical and mental challenges. The contestants must avoid scaring the animal as they make their way through several rounds of games in a bid to win £15,000. Hosted by The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury. .... the lead in show sounded bad, but not nearly as bad as the finished product. The only redeeming features of this turkey was that it had an end and that mercifully Sue Perkins wasn't voicing the hare, merely being Graham Norton like when at Eurovision. The low point was when we were told the contestants had to get past the "alarm frogs" to give Gazza the Hare his bait, which he'd forgotten. I was picturing killer frogs on duty holding pointy rifles or some such. As it happens, like all the other lame consequences of scaring the hare, it consisted of card board cut outs of frogs on lit raised pods going awooga really loud. It only got worse as the hapless victims had to hover in a sort of cherry picker balloon type thing over a garden of carrots to steal the hare's crop protected by laser beams. Sounds chilling, but was laughably bad. Blue Peter set up better challenges for young people than this nightmare scenario dreamed up by drug addled children's telly producers. How were the questions you ask? Easy enough if you've grown up in the Harry Potter era and paid the slightest bit of attention in school, but not this lot. Contestants quite possibly stupider than the programme itself. Full review here

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