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Don't Tell the Bride

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Three Premiered May 15, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Let it Snow!
      Let it Snow!
      Episode 11
      A couple who are madly in love but can't afford to marry are given £12,000 for the wedding of their dreams. But there's a catch - they must be wed within three weeks and the groom has to arrange the wedding alone, even down to choosing her dress. They have absolutely no contact until the big day. In this Christmas Special, a loving couple from Rotherham switch roles as the groom takes on all wedding planning responsibility. Steve has just three weeks to plan a wedding with an icy twist, but with Emma wanting an upmarket wedding to impress her family and her groom theming it around their kids' favourite animated movie, will it be a nightmare before Christmas?moreless
    • Jack and James
      Jack and James
      Episode 10
      In the year same-sex marriage became legal in England, former drama student Jack is hoping to impress his husband-to-be James by putting on the performance of a lifetime, as well as a wedding. James longs for a traditional big day, so how will he react when his groom-turned-theatre director books two donkeys and a cast of actors to perform his own version of a Shakespeare classic at their wedding. Will it be A Midsummer Night's Dream or A Midsummer Nightmare?moreless
    • Ellie and Craig
      Ellie and Craig
      Episode 9
      Thrill-seeker Craig plans an adrenaline-fuelled big day for his country girl bride-to-be Ellie. But with Ellie and her protective mum Ceri set on a church wedding in their village, what will they make of a skydiving entrance and a bungee-jumping wedding ceremony at an airfield which is a two-hour drive away? Will a bride-to-be who hates flying go along with her groom's heart-stopping ideas? Or has he stretched himself too far?moreless
    • Rena and Wesley
      Rena and Wesley
      Episode 8
      Wesley, a 22-year-old from London, takes to the driving seat as he attempts to organise the most important day of his life. Living at home with his mum and three sisters, he is left to his own devices for the first time. With his bride-to-be Rena dreaming of a small, elegant wedding, what happens when his passion for cars takes over their wedding day? With two larger-than-life best men at the helm, Wesley's ambitious plans involve a convoy of cars becoming the star attraction for the big day.moreless
    • Alex and Mark
      Alex and Mark
      Episode 7
      Another brave bride leaves the most important day of her life in the hands of the man she loves. Wedding-obsessed bride-to-be Alex dreams of an elegant Downton Abbey-style wedding, but her groom Mark is planning a West Country farm shindig. So what will the bride who loves the pomp and grandeur of Pride and Prejudice make of pig racing and a Wurzels tribute act for entertainment, a tractor ride for transport and her groom in dungarees and wellies on their big day?moreless
    • Elle & David
      Elle & David
      Episode 6
      Romantic groom David met the woman of his dreams, Elle, just over a year ago. Now he wants to quite literally sweep Elle off her feet, with an ambitious wedding in a hot air balloon and his bride wearing a dress he's designed himself. But with balloon flights being notoriously weather-dependent and a feisty fiancee and her eight bridesmaids to please, will David's airbound nuptials take off or will the young lovebirds' sky-high wedding come crashing down?moreless
    • Dani and Adam
      Dani and Adam
      Episode 5
      Self-confessed tattoo addict Adam is on a mission to give his bride-to-be Dani an unconventional wedding at a London tattoo convention in front of 10,000 inked-up strangers, but all she wants is an intimate day with friends and family in the grounds of a beautiful castle near their home in Devon. Can Adam fulfil Dani's dream of getting her dad to walk her down the aisle and, with the best part of the day spent travelling from Devon to London in a minibus, will she even make it in time to get married?moreless
    • Nicole and Sean
      Nicole and Sean
      Episode 4
      Harry Potter fan Sean needs all the help he can get planning a spooky witches and wizards-themed wedding in a forest for his demanding bride-to-be Nicole. But with a fiancee set on a church for her big day and a best man who'd rather watch football than plan a wedding, will Sean be able to work his magic to pull off a spellbinding day to remember or will it all be just an illusion?moreless
    • Rosie and David
      Rosie and David
      Episode 3
      Sea-loving groom Dave wants to whisk his waterphobic bride-to-be Rosie off to a remote island wedding. But it's not just any island, it's windswept Lundy Island off the coast of Devon, where Rosie once nearly drowned and had to be rescued. After three weeks battling the elements, in a last-ditch attempt to win over his bride's close-knit family, will Dave's risky wedding plan be plain sailing or run aground?moreless
    • Verity and Scott
      Verity and Scott
      Episode 2
      Another brave bride leaves the most important day of her life in the hands of the man she loves. Rock star-turned-zookeeper Scott spends under £100 on ebay for a wedding dress for his paramedic bride-to-be Verity, leaving him £1,800 to spend on life-sized plastic animals to decorate the reception for his jungle-themed wedding. So will he be fed to the lions when the bride, who just wants to feel special on her big day, discovers his wild wedding plans?moreless
    • Jay & Ian
      Jay & Ian
      Episode 1
      Another brave bride leaves the most important day of her life in the hands of the man she loves. In a bid to actually save money to put on a show-stopping wedding for Jay, his down-to-earth bride, Jack-the-lad Ian flies himself and his two best men 12,000 miles away to Thailand. But will travelling halfway around the world and back in just four days to get three suits made, buy a cut-price wedding dress and have an unforgettable stag do, pay off for this cheeky chappie?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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