Don't Tell the Bride

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Three Premiered May 15, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 12
    • Chris & Charlotte
      Competitive PE teacher Chris wants his bride to literally jump through hoops to become his wife, as he plans to turn his wedding into the ultimate obstacle course. But tomboy Charlotte wants to feel girly on her special day and dreams of a wedding filled with family tradition. Chris shuns lace for Lycra as he chooses Charlotte's dress. Will their wedding be a total wipe-out?moreless
    • Andy & Bobby
      Andy & Bobby
      Episode 7
      Andy wants to wow his bride Bobby with a skater-themed wedding, not only learning some tricks himself, but also wanting her to ride down the aisle on her very own board. The problem is that this alternative bride has always dreamt of being a princess, just for a day. Can Andy pull off the biggest skate stunt of his life, or will there be broken bones as well as hearts on the big day?moreless
    • Jai & Leanna
      Jai & Leanna
      Episode 6
      The sky's the limit for adrenaline junkie Jai as he plans on having a wedding in the sky, neglecting the fact that his bride-to-be Leanne is terrified of heights. Will she face her fears and rise to the occasion?
    • Sonny & Jazmin
      Sonny & Jazmin
      Episode 5
      Sonny is a party fanatic. Jazmin, on the other hand, has left all that behind and wants a sophisticated and timeless wedding. How will she react when she finds out the love of her life plans a zoo-themed Ibizan beach party wedding with everyone covered in animal-print body paint? Not too well, probably.moreless
    • Jack & Becca
      Jack & Becca
      Episode 4
      Jack plans a haunting, horror-themed wedding, while his bride-to-be Becka dreams of a traditional Scottish affair. As Jack recruits the Grim Reaper and covers Becka's wedding dress in fake blood, will his eerie marital concept prove a screaming success? Or will this terrifying wedding be a fright night disaster?
    • Adam & Rachel
      Adam & Rachel
      Episode 3
      Aussie-born Adam is going back to his roots, as he plans an '80s Aussie soap' wedding in South Shields. With only three weeks to get things done, will Adam and his best man be able to pull it off? How will no-nonsense bride-to-be Rachel react when she doesn't get the classy, sophisticated wedding she's been dreaming of? Will this up-market girl be happy Down Under?moreless
    • Billy and Steph
      Billy and Steph
      Episode 2
    • Carl and Rebecca
      Carl and Rebecca
      Episode 1
      In this episode, Carl hopes to make a splash in Spain as he plans to marry Rebecca on the Med. But Rebecca has big expectations for a high class affair.
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