Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

ABC (ended 2013)





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  • Bitchin'

    This show was a big surprise to me. The comedic timing and content made me laugh. The cast seems great and in my opinion this was a great start for what is potentially a great long running show.

    The Beek does well in this turn around roll so far. I look forward to seeing a more warped version of Barney Stinson. Also funny seeing Beek going from the good guy dawson creek role to this much like NPH went from lil Doogie Howser to Barney (Harold and Kumar being the kick start). I can see much love being thrown towards Beek in the future if he pulls this role off, much like NPH.

    Walker did a decent job in her role. I am sure that further episodes will make her character better, but I do like the way she takes abuse so far. The neighbor intro was a great scene.

    Ritter did an amazing job being the bitch. Over the top with a casual way of doing so. I also love the chemistry between her and Beek. They work well off each other.

    I really hope this show keeps doing what it did in its first episode. If so then I know I will be keeping up with this show for sure. In saying all this I wonder what direction will be taken. The first episode has potential to be a near one off.

    This first episode could have been stretched out and made into a movie with ease. The whole premise and story and characters would have been a great comedy movie for summer.


    So since its been established that the bitch is now friends with the new room mate, then how will they evolve the next episodes. The character introductions in one episode really did well in fleshing out the characters in such a short time. So will the rest of the shows be a search of who this bitch can a bitch to?